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August 11, 2010

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SEE TABLE OF CONTENTS  BELOW. SCROLL TO THE POST  OF  INTEREST.  The posts somehow    don’t replicate original page numbers and line numbers. Hence, location has been rendered by numbering of  Posts

POST Number                                             CONTENTS
POST  1  

Help Japan rehabilitate after the 11march 2011 Quake-Tsunami-Nuclear Crisis. —HAS BEEN MOVED TOWARDS THE  END  OF POST 20. 


POST   2 Table of contents for each Post.




POST   3


Bill Proposed: ‘Letting Poor Man attain Seat of Parliament and related Laws ( Amendment) Bill 2009’. BILL  FIRST POSTED ON INTERNET IN  APRIL  2009 




CHAPTER I                                                            


Definitions ,Terms , Explanations, Abbreviations and Interpretations………

POST   4 Blank

AMENDMENT I:‘No candidate  found suitable’, or  ‘Not satisfied with any Candidate’


Part B   AMENDMENT II   :     Chapter III A:   i)   ATTRACTIVE PAY , ii)   LIFELONG FINANCIAL SECURITY (PENSION)  AND WELL BEING FOR THE  FULL TIME  JOB OF  OFFICE  OF MEMBER PARLIAMENT ,SUBJECT TO  MP’S FULFILLING THE FOLLOWING  CONDITIONS/REQUIREMENTSSHOULDERING RESPONSIBILITIES & DISCHARGING DUTIES  ( PART E, Amendment V ), Common Requirements for Candidates and Members Parliament( Part FGH, Amendment VI),  Requirements for  Candidacy  of Lok Sabha (Part F: Amendment  VII) ,Requirements for Candidacy of Rajya Sabha, (Part G, Amendment  VIII) and  Performance  requirements for Member of Parliament  (Part H,  Amendment  IX).

  Amendment II  is inserted along with the    consequent repeals   in  ‘The Salary, Allowances and Pension of members of Parliament Act, 1954’………………


III B:  …..    …… AND III A :STIPEND AND OTHER FACILITIES FOR  CANDIDATES OF PARLIAMENT constituting new addendum  amendments  2009 ,                     


 AMENDMENT III: :   REPEAL OF OFFICE OF PROFIT ACT 2006 and previously( before 2006) permitted      Offices  of  Profit,  in force  from past  .The Amendment outlaws the whole concept of Office of Profit.


 AMENDMENT IV:    Prohibition of Citizenship  of , immigration to , or taking jobs of any other Nationality for Life, whatsoever for life,  once having taken oath  as Member of Parliament of India . Resigning  next  day within  24  hours of taking the Oath as MP ,would not  alter the status  of  aforesaid consequential  requirements upon the MP .


POST  6 To get to Chapter VI on RESPONSIBILITIES AND DUTIES OF CANDIDATE/MEMBER PARLIAMENT, skip the section titled Selection of MP for the 15th Lok Sabha.

Selection of MP for the 15th Lok Sabha  April 21st, 2009:

 After 16th May 2009, Candidate is a bird that has flown out , having captured the fruit that it was after. Try and catch it? If he/she decides not to be MP for 16th Lok Sabha, then voter’s chance of catching his/her MP in ………..    Find the material of above excerpt in POST 20. How is your MP performing?  Discover now  the mistakes you made in selecting your MP. Are you regretting?

POST  7  CHAPTER VI           Part E         AMENDMENT     V:     Responsibilities  and  Duties  of  Member of Parliament    is inserted as section  3AA,  Chapter  I AB, Part II AB on  ’PRE-REQUISITES, PERFORMANCE  REQUIREMENTS’   ,   in parallel to  the already  existing  PART II3     [QUALIFICATIONS AND DISQUALIFICATIONS] CHAPTER I.—Qualifications for Membership of Parliament, page57 ,The Representation  of  the People Act,1951.



Preface : A backgrounder:

RIGHT TO INFORMATION REQUEST TO MINISTRY OF PARLIAMENTARY AFFAIRS to tell responsibilities and duties of Member Parliament towards individual citizen, individual voter.



7c1) Duty to conserve Indian resources, depletion of Natural wealth especially Mineral resources and Forest resources. To put halt on export of all ores in interest of upcoming Posterity in next: 25 years, 50 years,75 years, 100 years ,125………. years……,200years,…..300 years. In the same vein , not to burden the posterity with Loans of Past, let the Posterity start [...]


POST  9 Getting Ready for Parliament , To meet expectations of People.

Chapter VII ,  Part FGH ,   AMENDMENT VI        COMMON REQUIREMENTS  for Candidates  of Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha and Member of Parliament.  

COMMON REQUIREMENTS  for Candidates  of Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha and Member of Parliament        chapters: VIII , IX  &   X.   of present Act 2009  are collectively   inserted as   chapter IA    of PART II A  titled  [...]


POST  10 Leadership Transparency-Accountability National Services and Electioneering Documents

These tell People how their will is  being executed by their  entrusted representative in the Parliament and its  consequential  Government? What are their directions? What action has been taken, is to be taken…???? When  and  what  results?

For example:

National Services & Electioneering  Presentation    Document/ Representation National Services Document 2D:     Provide to the People, detailed time bound  proposals, especially after consulting State Legislatures as also obtaining their full hearted intention and Backing with strong determination ,to speed up Judicial System, to rectify and rid it of all its    massive oppressive  defects, unnecessary  technicalities, cumbersome procedures [...]


POST  11     Chapter VII B                                                 AMENDMENT VICONTD.             COMMON REPRESENTATIONAL REQUIREMENTS-II                       LISTENING TO and  *ATTENDING THE  VOTER-II Amendment VICONTD.: *Attending here  stands  for  understanding People’s problems   and aspirations  in  consonance  to  objectives  of Constitution  of  India to  provide  them  commensurate outputs.   Systematic  Bilateral  Interaction INTERACTIONS– OXYGEN OF DEMOCRACY Information to be provided by [...]
POST  12 Jobs of the Lok Sabha candidate: acquainting, befriending each Polling Booth Locality :  mobilizing, galvanizing, enthusing individuals and their families and thereafter  its local Family Neighbourhoods  onto Neighbourhood Clusters so as to unify locals, to work together for upliftment of Family Neighbourhood and composing Individuals, using the composing individuals’  spare times for extra  income, self improvement, [...]
POST  13 ITINERARY OF INTERACTIONS: 6 Monthly, finalised    Itinerary of Interactions with People and Calendar of addresses, debates ,  Meet-the-Press, Public-Candidate /Member Parliament,   Question- Answer  Sessions etc. for  minimum  two  half-years,  that is, imminent 6  months  and  the  next  6  months  by  Candidate***** Lok Sabha/Rajya Sabha   to be submitted  within 60 days of  filing candidature for Lok [...]



AMENDMENT CONTD                                                  Chapter VII C                                                                                                          COMMON REPRESENTATIONAL REQUIREMENTS-III                      LISTENING TO and  *ATTENDING THE  VOTER-III  AMMENDMENT VI contd.           COMMON REQUIREMENTS OF CANDIDACY FOR LOK SABHA  AND RAJYA SABHA (including  ^^^MP,  applying  as     Candidate     for   next  tenure *Attending here  stands  for  understanding People’s problems   and aspirations  in  consonance  to  objectives  of Constitution  of  India [...]


POST  15 Letting Poor Man attain Seat of Lok Sabha and related contextual Laws Bill(2009).(proposed)

AMENDMENT VII                     CHAPTER  VIII Amendment VII   REPRESENTATIONAL  REQUIREMENTS FOR CANDIDACY OF LOK  SABHA    is inserted as section 4A of   CHAPTER I A of PART II A-page 57,The Representation of  the People’s Act,1951.   Candidacy is period( read  process ) of   accommodating, by seating  People  of  Constituency,  in  the  Personage of  Candidate to  take  them [ ‘We [...]


POST  16 Democracy Centres not far away from where the citizen/voter resides, are to become extensions of Parliament , connecting People to Legislator ,People to Government officials and People  to People , to make life easy, full and a succession of victories for People, One and All. A Democracy Centre unites all of a locality to immediately formulate the the Locality Family. Most basic fraternizing family in Indian Democracy being the Polling Booth Locality Family.

Chapter XI    Amendment X      Democracy Centres April 22, 2009 [[[DELETE IN TEXT OF BILL:   Democracy Centres exist not far away from where you the citizen/voter resides.  These are extensions of Parliament , connecting People to Legislator , People to Government officials and People to rest of  People , to make life easy, full and a succession of [...]


POST  17  QUESTIONNAIRE TO MAKE PARLIAMENT  A FORUM  BEGINNING TO   TAKE NOTICE  OF THE 77% pEOPLE WHO AS PER ARJUN SENGUTA   COMMISSION   REPORT   EARN   RS. 20   PER DAY.   Questionnaire 1: Parliamentary Constituency…………………., Name  of  MP………………………………………., Tenure 2009-2014,  Percentage  of  total  votes  polled  by MP in April-May2009……………………….., Remaining  percentage  of  Voters  that  MP  need   to  collect  Agenda  [...]


POST  18 Blank
POST  19 Blank
POST  20










































































































































































































































































































































April 23rd, 2009

Selection of MP for the 15th Lok Sabha:

Make Mistake  of Selecting unworthy MP now,   Repent   from June  2009 to

June 2014.


Once Sold ,        are not Returnable

Selection of MP for the 15th Lok Sabha

Make Mistake  of Selecting unworthy MP now, Repent June 2009 to June 2014. Things  Once Sold are not Returnable

April 21st, 2009

After 16th May 2009, Candidate is a bird that has flown out , having captured the fruit that it was after. Try and catch it? If he/she decides not to be MP for 16th Lok Sabha, then voter’s chance of catching his/her MP in the Constituency is next to nil. Else it is no earlier than April –May(that too ,  for 30 days maximally) of  2014.

‘SELECTION OF MP FOR 15TH LOK SABHA’ ,operative from 2nd June2009 to 1st June   2014 , for next 5 years.


Voter is about to part with his/her most precious possession. HIS  VOTE …………………

And as a result:…………………………………….

……………………………. …………………………………………………………………………………

Detailed ***List of Promises and Commitments tailored for the People of Constituency in particular and rest of Nation in general, regardless of and in spite of ,Manifestos etc etc of Political Party I belong to at the present . The MP-to–be  (Candidate)  need be very specific  Placewise   (that is ,Polling Booth Localitywise ) , as also date-month-yearwise regarding the recipients of his/her Promises ,Commitments .I Shree/Ms.  ………………of address ………. ,assure you ,the Voter ,of my most sincere, honest and truthful intentions and of accompanied solid tirelessly put in efforts, in coming days 2nd June2009 to 2014 1st June ,the expected tenure of 15th Lok Sabha.

I Shree/Ms.    .………………..of address…………………, shall maintain full daily contact with People of this Constituency and rest of India through minimal 1lakh50 thousand free telephone calls permitted to each MP each Year   ,besides   regular  personal interactions  in    programmed manner  detailed out in Itinerary ( to be  provided to Voters well in advance of upcoming  interactions).  Since Parliament also permits a MP to make 32 Air travels per year with companion, I shall reach you fast as the airplane flies for as many times to be amongst you to complete my obligations as your true, concerned and caring MP .

In event, I Shree/Ms.  …so-and-so…..resident of ……………. ,on becoming your MP, do not fulfil my Promises and Commitments, in that case I myself prescribe for myself following self disciplinary action and penalties ,to assure you I am fully serious of  delivering  outputs required by you:

That I mean business, and that my Promises and Commitments are not hollow, I hereby purpose following self imposed discipline wherein I propose following disciplinary measures ranging onto my resignation/quitting of this Parliamentary seat , any time during my upcoming tenure from 2nd June 2009 to 1st June 2014. Try me. In the event I do not fulfill my following commitments , I propose the following :

1          Reprimands (as described  herein——-)  from each Polling Booth Locality of my Constituency in case……….

2.          Resigning and vacating Parliamentary Seat….in case ……

3            Pay fine of ……….to People of Constituency/Nation ,say by submitting the amount  for building Multistorey Houses for the footpath dwellers, homeless, Slum dwellers,………ii)……. iii) ……iv)

4.             Increase Interaction hours in BPL Populations of——-i) by….. ii).by….

5.              Clean New Delhi ( or XYZ  LOCATIONS)Railway Station/ Slum named……../ Pick street litter for hours in…….

6.               Resigning in case I change my Party.

7                  Resigning in case I change sides for sake of joining ruling side , or leaving ruling side to render it a minority.

8                  Shall accept penalties arising from composite of penalties prescribed by each Polling Booth Locality of Constituency

9                   Shall accept penalties arising from composite of penalties by rest of Constituencies of Nation.

10,11,12,,,,,    n,………etc.etc.


—————— ———…………………………………………………



Your Representative –to-be ,

Signed:………………………….., Signatures and Voter Card Identification, PAN/License/Official Identification of rest of Witnesses

Shree/Ms.     .…………..

House Number………, Street Number etc, City/Village….., Pin Code, Tel.Number…….,

Names ,addresses etc of minimum 20 Witnesses* including 3 Government Officers from Election Commission of India, 2 of them with Magisterial powers or and superior powers.* Witnesses to be derived from side of each of other candidates and each Polling Booth Locality of the Constituency.

Copies of Above Statement of the candidate duly authenticated are to be deposited with the following: 1 ELECTION COMMISSION OF INDIA, Ministries of Information Broadcasting, Communications, Ministry of law and justice, Local Directorate of Publicity-Public Relations Office of District hosting the Parliamentary Constituency, and one Voter from each Residential Welfare Association and each Panchayat serving each Polling Booth Locality of the Constituency and of course copy to the Press and electronic Media.

OPTIONAL: The Promises and Commitments need preferably on a Government  Stamp paper say of , 5 Rs , say 10 Rs etc

*** List of Promises and Commitments for Constituency abc of State ( UT,NCT)xy in particular and nation in general:

For each Polling Booth Locality of Constituency represented,especially villlages, slums,BPL areas:

100% full time Employability oriented education and training.

In the event I become MP , I promise far more fortified inputs as provided by Candidate for 16th Lok Sabha , as in the following clauses

1 to 5,

In the event, I do not get majority votes to be your MP:

I hereby declare in advance my Candidacy for 16th Lok Sabha Elections due March –April 2014, in normal course (unless it is a different date) and shall nonetheless, as if I were your MP-to-be continue as a candidate to :

1.Put minimal 20 hours a week for the Constituency to know what each citizen of each Polling Booth Locality wishes me to represent in 16th Lok Sabha 2nd June2014 to 1st June 2019 ( assuming normal course of events, to prepare for each Ministry at Centre to bring its outputs to Constituency in particular and Nation in general. That is, I shall get started gaining inputs for representing each Citizen and each Polling Booth Locality , right from Day One of Oath taking by 15th Lok Sabha MPs. In case I become MP, even then , I shall declare my Candidacy ,like rest of candidates start  providing inputs as Candidate ( concurrently as MP, as well) to People right from day one of my Oath-Taking as MP. To start Voluntary Development work with your participation and partnership in Nation Building projects, ventures, initiatives, cooperatives, enterprises, events, activities,…. . To frame Agenda for 16th Lok Sabha , and Agenda for the concomitant national Government. To execute Development Projects and Agenda of of 15th Lok Sabha and concomitant Governance.

2. Send *******Earning People’s Approval And Confidence(EPAAC)-Validating The Ballot(VTB)- Periodic Presentation Reports(PPR) of my performance as candidate to make my contributions towards Nation Building.*******

3. Provide a detailed Master Itinerary of my Interactions for period of 2nd June 2009 to 31st March 2014((( I will not see you in April –May 2014,since I will take long deserved vacation after my exertions with you for near 4Years and 11 months, giving you all the time to pour over my accomplishments detailed in reports described in clause 2 above))) with each of you, of each of Polling Booth Localities going for elections now in April-May of 2009. My services to you during period of 4years 11months should be deemed to be my electioneering. I swear I won’t spend a paisa on electioneering. Instead I will  spend  all days of 4years and 11months before Elections with People  with a definitely programmed timetabled Itinerary of ***Public Interaction in spirit of Service to People of India, my Voters.

4. Create Nation Building Action Plans and concomitant work schedules for years 2009 to 2014. These need reflect   as  initial portion of 25 year Nation Building Action Plans    ( 2009 to  2034)  to be  submitted to  the People of  Constituency/State in particular  and of Nation  in  general

5. In nutshell: Nomination of Candidate for 16th Lok sabha ( Jun2014 TO Jun 2019) with Service-to-People electioneering from 2nd June 2009 to 2014. To justify carrying ,on the average 21 lakh People to their allotted Seat of the Constituency in the Lok Sabha.

***Imagine giving just 1 minute to Voter , who spends minimally half to one hour just only for casting Vote, means 21 lakh minutes of interaction with the People. Which is = 35,000hours=4375 days upon taking 1 day of 8 hours of interaction,=11 years 255days of interactions (with no Sunday, Saturdays ,Holidays, leaves… ) .Hence ,nothing to feel flabbergasted with above requirement of starting minimally 4years 11months before March-April elections for 16th Lok Sabha , right from 3rd June 2009 and go on till 1 month before election to first phase of Lok Sabha Elections for 16th Lok Sabha due March 2014 to April 2014.

Even providing 1 second of interaction to each citizen will mean 21 lakh seconds= 72 days ,with each day of 8 hours of interaction . And providing 10 seconds per Citizen will amount to 726 days of 8 hours each and one hour. Present requirements are suggesting 20 hours per week=12 hours on Saturday and Sunday + 8 hours on other Week days. Or the arrangement suited to each particular Candidate. For 4 year and 11 months of Electioneering, one has 52weeks/year × 4years+ 48 weeks for 11months=208+48=256 weeks= 256 weeks with interaction of ,say,20 hours /week= 5120 hours for 21 lakh People of the constituency =410 People/Hour( 411 Telephone calls free allowed to MP per day, nonstop for 5years/6years tenure)= about 7people/minute.

LIST OF PROMISES AND COMMITMENTS ( in pursuance of ambit of SEVENTH SCHEDULE ,CONSTITUTION OF INDIA): for 16th Lok sabha 2nd June 2009 to 1st June 2014.

1. To increment per capita income of BPL constituents( say,2lakh 10 thousand x hundred …. concentrated in Polling Booth Localities Numbers 122 to 1xy , 34x , to 39y etc , especially those inhabiting slums of the Constituency from Rs 60 per day to 50% increment , say,  every 10( or N) months of the previous amount. To minimally reach 300 Rs per day by 31st March2013 . And…

2. To increment GDP especially of local constituency product related to cotton, silkworm, high tech. defence products by 30 % every year as per Table below, reflecting specific Industrial Areas a b ,c d,………. of the Constituency. To increment manufacture 2 times (of Constituency)by31st March 2011, 4 times by 31st March 2013…..  To set Production  Areas in PBLS abc  etc.

3. Arrangements of   developing   skills, training , short term courses, workshops ,demonstrations that are Employment generating for processing local raw materials , agro and other outputs of the Constituency to finished products , for the seasonally employed , daily wagers, especially the unskilled and semi skilled farming labour. This has been designed for Polling Booth Localities ab to xy.

4. Arrangement of basic education for citizenry, financial management, Governmental transactions needed by common man, tapping of local opportunities for Citizen’s growth, expansion and realisation of his/her inherent natural gifts and possibilities . Also education training for spare time management for income and self growth , besides, recreation.

5 Incrementing National GDP by 2% , due to contributions from Constituency by 31st March 2010 , by 5% BY 31.3.2011 ………….XY% BY 31ST March 2014.

6 To establish Power Generation capability of wxyz Mega Watts by 31st March 2011 in the Constituency , of wwvv Mega Watts for Constituency Neighbourhood Cluster1.

7 To establish state-of-art latest  Multispeciality  Medical-Surgical Centre in the Constituency by 31st March 2012 complete in every respect.

8. To help every daily wager, BPL housewife, BPL population have a Saving Bank Account , Post Office Saving Cumulative Account. Target 30% Voters.

9. To mobilise Volunteer Citizen Defence Reserve Unit of 10, 000 Citizens, minimally by the end of 31st March 2010, and increment it by 10 %minimally each consecutive year. To start Volunteer Citizen Constituency Policing Reserve Unit to assist local administration. Projected strength of minimally 10 Citizens per Polling Booth Locality. To have up to date Database with relevent statistics(especially relevant to Promises, Commitments, Agenda……) of Constituency in particular and Nation in general by 31st March 2010.

Agenda: Additional RAILWAYS of 100 Kilometers connecting Constituency Railway Station xyz with Commercial Centre Station(s) uvw , rst etc. for marketing the produce of Constituency ,especially by the Goods Trains, as per requirements attached  ( Minimum time 2 years (2011)Maximum  3 years (2012) ),

Setting up Deemed University in the Constituency Educational Institution lmn to provide distance learning, mobile training-education units for upgrading People’s skills ,knowledge,  training, knowhow to establish new enterprises to process raw materials     (Agro, forestry, Constituency minerals cottage industries……  ) , to help utilise spare time of seasonally ,uncertainly employed villagers, houswives, daily wagers etc . See attached Project report

Constituency All Purpose Identity cum Services Cards for all citizens in 2years 2009 September to 30th September 2011.

creation of Mobile Education Services for BPL illiterates for Polling Booth Localities 1 to ……..xy.

Reduction…… Resolution of Court Cases , upcoming Conflicts, Discords ,Pending inter–Constituency/State  Litigation, Discords by MP’s Volunteers for Reconciliation and arbitration teams for every 10 Polling Booth Locality Groups as part of free social services and Civility Upliftment campaigns . Target resolution-reduction of 10% cases in Courts by out of Court Settlements by GoodWill- Brigades of Candidate/MP





I Shree/Ms.   ……………resident of………         the Candidate/Candidate-to-be for 16th Lok Sabha , for the xyz Constituency …….of State ……….., even if I lose April-May 2009  Elections to 15th Lok Sabha , yet, shall continue working on aforesaid projects in my capacity as candidate-to-be for 16th Lok Sabha , as enlightened and roused exemplary Citizen, as faithful MP-to-be of 16th Lok Sabha . I shall work for above Promises, Commitments, Agenda from 17th May 2009 to 31st March 2014 when next 16th Lok Sabha elections shall become due.

My contact address, phone number, E-mail address are as follows: I shall make myself available to constituents as per following Cyclic Itinerary at following Venues and following times . Citizens can make their appointment at aforesaid contact address etc. for furthering development of Constituency.

Signed : Candidate for your Lok Sabha Constituency,





In wake of twin disaster of Tsunami-EarthQuakes:

LOVE  SERVE   ALL IN  JAPAN.  prays  for safety of everyone in Japan  in its  present hour of  calamity    .                   

exhorts especially, every  school, college boy and  girl, and of course

everyone,  on every inch of  Earth ,  to 



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