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May 14, 2010

POST 5:- CHAPTER II Amendment I No candidate found suitable etc., CHAPTER III :Part B Amendment II : III A: i) ATTRACTIVE PAY , ii) LIFELONG FINANCIAL SECURITY (PENSION) AND WELL BEING FOR FULL TIME JOB OF OFFICE OF MEMBER PARLIAMENT ,SUBJECT TO MP’S FULFILLING THE FOLLOWING CONDITIONS : RESPONSIBILITIES & DUTIES ( PART E), Requirements for Candidacy of Lok Sabha(Part F: Amendment VII) ,Requirements for Candidacy of Rajya Sabha,(Part G, Amendment VIII) and Performance requirements for Member of Parliament (Part H, Amendment IX).Amendment II is inserted as component amendments and consequent repeals in THE SALARY, ALLOWANCES AND PENSION OF MEMBERS OF PARLIAMENT ACT, 1954 (No. 30 of 1954)(As Amended by Acts Nos. 9 of 1955, 55 of 1958, 26 of 1964, 25 of 1969, 29 of 1972, 65 of 1974, 48 of 1975, 105 of 1976, 33 of 1977, 27 of 1979, 21 of 1981, 35 of 1982, 61 of 1982, 22 of 1983, 74 of 1985, 60 of 1988, 30 of 1989, 3 of 1993, 48 of 1993, 18 of 1995, 28 of 1998, 16 of 1999, 17 of 2000, 46 of 2001, 34 of 2002, 9 of 2004 and 40 of 2006)thereby being further amended and repealed in relevant clauses to obtain the net increases in pay ,pension ,plus other benefits , besides incorporating the following:III B: Provision of facilities applicable to MP, for Vice President and President, after retirement, & III C: STIPEND AND OTHER FACILITIES FOR CANDIDATES OF PARLIAMENT constituting new addendum amendments 2009 , besides those of part III a above.

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POST 5                                                               


    AMENDMENT I                 CHAPTER II


‘No candidate  found suitable’, or  ‘Not satisfied with any Candidate’

Objects and Reasons for Part A    Amendment I  : 

The  Political System  thrusts  candidates on People, that they  don’t like. The existing system of  not voting for any candidate is discriminatory. It singles out  one   Individual  who  can   dare, not to vote for any of the  candidates. This individual   is  isolated from the  rest  of lot . He is  singled out   to go through special  procedure   which     violates the very  spirit of  the secrecy of Ballot. It discourages an already disinterested voter from approaching a Polling Booth. No wonder   at the most, on the average, around 60% voters at the best  score, come to a  Polling Booth,  with   the  rest  being  dismayed with   all   available candidates. This  Amendment  encourages  the huge 40 % + ( very frequently50%,60% even70%)  of unwilling electorate, to at least get up, and come down to a Polling Booth, and exercise  their  franchise.

  Part A,: The  right of any  citizen  to express  his/her choice/ decision/judgment  that, ‘no candidate   is  up to the mark,  of   candidates contesting for  the  Parliamentary seat’ and to be counted for  amongst   those who exercised their ballot (of the  40 to 60 % ,70% voters  who abstain from voting).                                                                        

    Part A      Amendment I:   is inserted as  Section 59 A after section 59:  Manner of voting at elections of CHAPTER IV.—The Poll on page 59,the   index of  The Representation of the People Act,1951(ROPA,1951) or alternatively, better still as  Section 62: Right to vote, clause(7).

 *Section 59 A:  A last line option  stating: ‘No candidate  found suitable’ ,or  ‘Not satisfied with any Candidate’, to be followed by  spacing for Ballot stamp , expressing Voter’s disapproval of all available Candidates listed above on the  Ballot paper  sheet, to be inserted into the  Ballot Box/ inscribed so ,in the EVM  having  corresponding slot for electronically registering the voter’s  disapproval of all  available  candidates.

The Section59 A need  be   seen in  conjunction with  Section  62: Right to vote (page90) ,CHAPTER IV.— The Poll , wherein  too,  as  new  clause (7) aforesaid   option,  can  be   alternatively    affixed.

—————————————-end of  chapter II——————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————

       POST 5 CONTINUES                                                      

                                                                                                                             CHAPTER III 

Part B   Amendment II   :     Chapter III A:   i)   ATTRACTIVE PAY , ii)   LIFELONG FINANCIAL SECURITY (PENSION)  AND WELL BEING FOR  FULL TIME  JOB OF  OFFICE  OF MEMBER PARLIAMENT ,SUBJECT TO  MP’S FULFILLING THE FOLLOWING  CONDITIONS/REQUIREMENTS : SHOULDERING RESPONSIBILITIES & DISCHARGING DUTIES  ( PART E,Amendment V ), Common Requirements for Candidates and Members Parliament( Part FGH, Amendment VI),  Requirements for  Candidacy  of Lok Sabha(Part F: Amendment  VII) ,Requirements for Candidacy of Rajya Sabha,(Part G, Amendment  VIII) and  Performance  requirements for Member of Parliament  (Part H,  Amendment  IX).

  Amendment II  is inserted along with the    consequent repeals   in  ‘The Salary, Allowances and Pension of members of Parliament Act, 1954’

                                                                                                  (No. 30 of 1954)

 (As Amended by Acts Nos. 9 of 1955, 55 of 1958, 26 of 1964, 25 of 1969, 29 of 1972, 65 of 1974, 48 of 1975, 105 of 1976, 33 of 1977, 27 of 1979, 21 of 1981, 35 of 1982, 61 of 1982, 22 of 1983, 74 of 1985, 60 of 1988, 30 of 1989, 3 of 1993, 48 of 1993, 18 of 1995, 28 of 1998, 16 of 1999, 17 of 2000, 46 of 2001, 34 of 2002, 9 of 2004 and 40 of 2006)



thereby    amending  and  repealing  in relevant  clauses  to  obtain  the  net  increases  in  pay  ,pension  ,plus  other  benefits ,   besides  incorporating  the following:

III B: Provision  of  facilities applicable to MP, for Vice President  and  President, after retirement, &

 III C:  STIPEND AND OTHER FACILITIES FOR  CANDIDATES OF PARLIAMENT constituting new addendum  amendments  2009 ,                      besides  those  of part  III A above.                                   ]]

( To be enforced ,from the date the  Bill is signed into Act,  by the President, back dated  benefits to the sitting Parliament members from the date of announcement of  Sixth Pay Commission*)

III a : Preamble:   Referral to the Sixth Pay Commission ,is outside the ambit of this Bill  henceforth to be an  Act, yet , its reference does  betoken the newly donned  styling of MP’s Job   to  be  deemed  as  a   full  time job—  a job of     Highest Service    to  Nation,  ( a class by itself ,a job  superintending  over all  Services in the Nation);  wherein the present day MP no longer  would   be   a part timer MP  , tied  to   means of his/her livelihood, sapping his/her energies  and  attention. It is to assure, to give a clear message to Young People, that a most secure,    honoured   and sought after full time job  is theirs, for competing and capturing, by now having become possible through the  simple but sustained efforts stipulated in Parts  E (Responsibilities and Duties), FGH,  F,  G and  H (requirements for candidate for Lok Sabah, for Rajya Sabha  and for  MP  respectively)   of this Bill 2009, a clarion call to the  young brilliant generation of India.

RETURNS OF BALLOT   FOR MP : on Pay and  Pension ,to provide life-long financial security and sense of well being to  MP, even in event  of  one  day’s tenure:

III b  Preface: This part of Bill intends to set   the  MP free, free from  the   worries of  sustenance  and  Future, to put  him/her  at ease, to leave him/her  free  for the    Mission  of serving  People  systematically ,day  in  and day out—for  his/her entire   lifeThe concept  is: render service to People, as one’s  sustained  personal effort ( not through hired electioneering force, not viewing  it  as an investment ,not to pursue  it   as  a Venture  of   Money making, a  pursuit  of Power,  and the kind) .   But as an  effort   of  someone  dear, someone  who    loves  them( People), cares  for them ,shares in  their  lives’  joys and sorrows  ,becoming  one  with  them,  never  keeping  them out  of sight.  Never separating from them ( contrasted   to as of the now  MPs, who  wheedles ballot out of   People ,then vanishes for 5 years , returns  only  at  Election time   to repeat  the old  tricks ). But feeling  for them ,thinking  of them, constantly – like  an elder brother, like a sister, like a parent,  like  a grand parent, a  friend in deed– available  in  times  of need, working continuously for their wellbeing  and welfare, without  expecting any  returns  of  money ,or  returns  of   power, as  wages –as an  interest over  investments (of his/her labours/services to the People) .  Simply,     embracing    them in  the  pursuit  of satisfying    fraternal instinct  ,needs of Love   of    a Divine  Personage.    Present    Act-to-be    shall    remove lacunae  of present day electioneering  that   force  a  candidate to  seek money bags  for winning   Elections ,maintaining  life  style  commensurate  for socialising  as MP, for  winning  next  election ,paying  back  favours  through powers of Office of MP ( read  Mine of Profit, Minding  People’s   moneys…possessions,for those  who  know the art  of mining-that is the  act  of   being  an MP).

==================This  Bill intends  MP-to-be   to substitute , in sustained   daily interactions with  People( for 5/6 years on stretch   , little  by little as it suits the common man  having  become  a candidate ,    and   ,  like  a Tortoise( common  man)vis-à-vis    Rabbit( opportunistic  uncommon  man)  in the  race  for  elections to  Parliament   ,to  be  able    to arrange  far    more  sincere    inputs to   the People   , than  those that can be  had  by  superficial     few  weeks’      pretentious   interactions ( read   Electioneering   Blitz )  making  more noise and nonsense,  than sense  and substance  possible  to personal efforts  of  a candidate  .

Highly increased Pay and Pension are  meant  to enable  an ongoing  comprehensive   electioneering by  the  MP-to-be for nearly 5/6 years, on a  day to day  basis  , as    a    compulsory   requirement  for  becoming  a  candidate  for Parliament.  The candidate with  this prospective  Pay-Pension package   coupled  to the  requirements  of candidacy , rids  a commom  man candidate  who is devoid  of  money,  means, connections,  family  background ,political  clout, social standing……..  ,  from  all   worries  of  sustenance, the  worries  of  competing with present day candidates  possessed of   extraordinary riches ,  resources and   backgrounds.  Above all,  it   restores  to the  Voter   his/her   right  to  fill  in   the   Candidate  with  stuff that  would  constitute  his/her representation -  actually,  factually  ,practically  in  the Parliament.  This  is  in  contrast to  the  present    representation  of  helplessly  cornered Voter who is constitutionally the rightful   shareholder,    stake holder,    participant and  the team partner  in  Democracy. A MP   spurred  by      freedom  struggle   mindset   would  live like an ascetic,  doing  SERVICE  TO  PEOPLE  AS  HIS/HER CREED, putting  himself/herself  in  the  end,   spending on himself/herself   like    an  ASCETIC   to live up  to the saffron  stripe of  Tricolour. The present  stress on  high Pay  is  to wean  away   Youth of  exceptional  merit and  brilliance  from the   materialism of top  grade  JOB MARKET.

 III c:      1)Rationale/ Yardstick of    Pay & Pension: I )To attract talent—– highly qualified  People who are quite often able to have pays 45 ,000  to 70.000Rs p.m. for (the mediocre professionals) at  age of 21 -22 -23( 2008  July),   while brighter ones, easily get over  1 lakh  Rs. pm.  To attract legislators who have more  love for People  rather  than their  love for money ,      II) To make  the job of MP,  market competitive for those trained to work 12- 14 hrs daily as a rule, with no Saturdays , no  Sundays , no  off days,    III)   To make the office of MP a ***full-time life-Job in  National  Service accompanied    by   full time security assured for rest of  life,  IV) To  make the job,– incentive and disincentive oriented–   (correlated  to 6 monthly respective assessments of Governmental Outputs, especially Financial outputs) , making the  total emoluments  of MP   linked to his/her Outputs , to his/her performance of MP & rewarding him/her for  extraordinary contributions,  whilst  deterring him/her  from neglects, inaction  and dereliction of duties towards  the People . Incrementing/decrementing  Pay  for corresponding Appreciable-extraordinary Increases/Decreases        in :   *** a)    the  Productivity,         b) Incomes of  BELOW POVERTY LINE and deprived households,     c) Increments effected  in the  Total Moneys   (Net comprehensive Monetary Status of Nation)   in all its  forms and extents,  under the Parliament’s scrutiny and control , at the point of assuming  office of MP;         d ) in  net worth  of Treasury of Centre and State(s),         e)  FOREX – totally  self dependent stable  and solid portion    (( entirely that earned  by sale of processed outputs, prohibitive  of export  of  raw  materials  and  natural  resources  including  minerals  of  all descriptions, excluding  FDI   that  caused plummeting  of    Sensex in late 2008)),        f)  generation of Wealth and outputs equitable to money saved/earned.  Linking pay increases/decreases  to   appreciably incrementing/decrementing the following:       1. Gross Development Product(GDP),                2. Per Capita Income (OF BELOW POVERTY LINE AND LOWER 70% RURAL AND SLUM POPULATIONS),Human Development Index (HDI),     3 Per Capita /& Per 100/ & Per 1000 Facilities (PC/&100/&1000 FACILITIES  ,for  example,…….)[3.1,3.2,3.3....... for example 3.1=   xxx    Megawatts  of  electricity, 3.2         yyyy Kilometers  of  Railways, 3.3       nn  Schools..........etc.],       g)  decrementing powerful negatives  like    xy%ages    in/of :    1.Corruption,    2. Black money,     3. Wastages of Nation ,for  example, time, money , energies, wealth  say, by reorganizing   functional aspects  of  Governance ( without affecting intents and    contents    of Constitution of India) ,say, by audit of Governmental work outputs/throughputs,     control  of  flow of money,     investments etc.,         4.a) by  decrementing litigation generation rate say by 5-10% every 6months/ 12 months etc.,    b) decrementing mn%  of  unemployment  rate,     c) decrementing    population increase rate by xy% pa,      5.  Incrementing/initiating manufacturing sector High tech  outputs ( for example , aircrafts, defence needs   a to z,  sea ships, technological items needed by Nation ),initiating  production of hitherto imported  items  especially technological items…etc. 6   Creating records approaching  or surpassing those of developed Nations for incrementing Economic Status, Governance outputs  in  service  of  People.

***The increases/decreases , while computing  the  amounts of increases/decreases in pay , are to be correlated with the status of work outputs of  each  Lok Sabha  member/  Rajya Sabha member,  as on the day of oath taking by the MP   vis-à-vis that on the day of granting the aforesaid consequential amount. For national level/state level outputs taken as a whole, aforesaid criterion of correlating the status  on the date of taking oath for Office of Parliament of MP with that  for the time interval  for  which  the increase/decrease in the pay/bonus is to be computed. They  can  be  ,say,  above 10 % of Value in the  previous  Year , depending on what  will be statistically the normally expected  value,  and what would  amount  to an  extraordinary  achievement vis-à-vis    National  records ,International  records  of 10 best  developed  countries, for similar givens  and conditions.   The  increments in pay will be awarded as  bonus for those(MPs)  making  significant  contributions. These  increments are to be paid as   consolidated amounts  every 6 months. The list of  Achievers,  detailing  their   respective  contributions, giving   gains achieved  with corresponding  pay  incentives,   bonus  amounts  etc etc ……….  are to be  communicated  to people   through media ,internet………  , to thank , appreciate  and  felicitate concerned MPs  and Ministers.

III d:      *1 lakh Rs.  per month consolidated fixed salary , inclusive of *daily allowances of all kinds, whether in Delhi for attending  Parliament  and Parliamentary committees  working  in Delhi ( remaining intact  for Committee visits  etc. out  of  Delhi). And  out of Delhi in the ***Constituency                (((  Constituency Allowance and  expenses for setting  up office, stationery etc. being  diverted to  Democracy  Centres  in  the Constituencies /State(UT,NCT) Capitals ,the seat of Governance, hence not  permissible   ))). Following allowances/ facilities remaining  intact: medical  facilities, travelling by all modes  already   applicable, including 32 air travels /year, those permitted  to spouse and  other accompanying relatives, that which already exist,  besides, facilities  of residence, telephones, travelling ;also remaining untouched; facilities for car advance, computers   for the  office of Member of Parliament , as per this ‘Bill 2009 Discriminationless entry of common  man to Office of Member Parliament’ .  The appointment to the office of Member of Parliament     is  deemed to be  a full time appointment, far exceeding the demands of  the  ordinary  8 hours  a day , 40 hours a week, regular Governmental  jobs , and  has  to be  done in  true spirit of serving  People of India. The job of MP belongs  to     top   543( Lok Sabha.) + 250 (Rajya Sabha.) + 1(Vice President of India )+1 (President of  India) jobs of  Nation.    No daily allowances are  permissible  to  MP for attending  Parliament, as it is   no favour to the people of India to attend Parliament on their  behalf.  In fact  it is  the  most sacred duty of MP to be 100% present in each session, for full 100% stipulated  hours with 100%  seriousness of attendance; or alternatively to be  present in  all  Governmental duties or  duties assigned  by Speaker, Lok Sabha  / Chairman Council of  States  . [[[ The emoluments ,allowances, facilities  are  framed as per the conditions prevailing in 2004 April  ,that is when the basic ideas of these amendment parts were readied- this line not to be included in the Act]]] .In view of their  superior responsibilities, the  Rajya Sabha Elders are  entitled to additional  amount of  Rs.5000 per month. The  detailed    and   overall  amounts   are  to float with  various Pay Commissions of Future, in order to preserve their  buying capacity , as prevailing in the base year of 2004  (March –April months ).

*** See Part I, Amendment X , Chapter XI  of present Bill, wherein these amounts  are diverted  to setting  up and  maintaining   a regular full time  proper office of MP with  full-fledged facilities  for  Field  work in  Constituency( for  Lok Sabha member) , and in  State Capital( for Rajya  Sabha  member) in the Constituency Democracy  Centre  and  State Democracy  Centre  respectively,  during sessions and  intervening non session periods .

III e: Repeals, and  Not effected  chapters  ,  clauses— latest  status *Aforesaid III e  clause 2) spells Repeal  of Clause 3. Salaries and Daily Allowances Chapter 1 , THE SALARY, ALLOWANCES AND PENSION OF MEMBERS OF PARLIAMENT ACT,1954(No. 30 of 1954), No 3. 


Not affected: Chapter 3:(1956)The HOUSING AND Telephone Facilities (Members of Parliament) Rules, 1956




Repealed: Chapter 6 (1986)THE MEMBERS OF PARLIAMENT                       (CONSTITUENCY          ALLOWANCE) RULES, 1986. This allowance  is redundant ,as Democracy Centres are to  provide all requisite facilities.  Rather  far  more  facilities. On permanent  basis. Thence, this amount ,is herewith  diverted with immediate  effect to  Constituency Democracy Centres of the respective Lok Sabha Members at place of Administrative  Headquarters of particular Parliamentary Constituency. To start with a Sign Post is to  be put at any Place allocated by Local Government operative there, to set up Camp  Office( even using canopy, tarpaulin cover, tent structures, where a temporary rest house, circuit house or other  accommodation is not immediately available) till   a  regular structure                       comes up. The amounts allocated for Rajya Sabha members  shall likewise  be  diverted to  their respective State( UT) Democracy Centre(s).


Repealed: Chapter 8 (1988)         THE MEMBERS OF PARLIAMENT (OFFICE EXPENSE ALLOWANCE) RULES, 1988  1986. This allowance  is redundant as Democracy Centres shall provide all requisite facilities, This amount ,is herewith  diverted ,with immediate  effect,  to the   Constituency Democracy Centres of the respective Lok Sabah Members at place of Administrative  Headquarters of particular Parliamentary Constituency. To start with a Sign Post is to  be put at any Place allocated by Local Government operative there, to set up Camp  Office  until   a  regular structure                       comes up. The amounts      allocated for the  Rajya Sabha members  shall likewise  be  diverted to their   respective State( UT) Democracy Centre(s).

Repealed  clause 2 of   the  THE SALARY, ALLOWANCES AND PENSION OF MEMBERS                OF      PARLIAMENT (AMENDMENT) BILL, 2002

  and  instead  inserted amendments III f, III g  III h  of  present  Bill2009





further to amend the Salary, Allowances and Pension of Members of Parliament Act, 1954.

Be it enacted by Parliament in the Fifty-third Year of the Republic of  India as follows:—

1. Short title and commencement.-(1) This Act may be called the Salary, Allowances and Pension of Members of Parliament (Amendment) Act, 2002.

(2) It shall be deemed to have come into force on the 14th day of September, 2001.

2.      Amendment of section 8A of Act 30 of 1954.-In section 8A of the Salary, Allowances and Pension of Members of Parliament Act, 1954, in sub-section (1),—

(a) in the opening portion, for the figures “1993”, the figures “2001” shall be substituted;

(b)  in the second  and third provisos, for the figures and words “1993,  be entitled to a pension of two thousand and five hundred rupees per mensem” at both the places where they occur, the figures and words “2002, be entitled to a pension of three thousand rupees per mensem” shall be substituted.**



 III f:         After completion of the  full  tenure, the following:**Pension:      Life long similarly consolidated fixed amount of Rs25,000  per month   [[[(vis-à-vis   present affixed  amount of Rs,3000/- per month)]]],  that is, to float   in coming years, to preserve its buying capacity, as in the base year of 2004 —even if MP was in office for one day only, and the  Parliament got dissolved the next day. Plus: A 500 square yard house to be built by Ministry( Centre) of Housing /State / Constituency Housing Boards in the *****Parliamentary Constituency represented/ *****Territorial Constituency adopted during Candidacy for Rajya Sabha   ( One near full floor sized Hall, preferably on  ground floor, nearly of 500 square yards, shall be the( particular MPs’)Legacy Heritage Democracy Centre, commemorating the  life and times of MP , a place of tourist visit, a place for   MP to plan and write   his/her   Nation Building  manuscripts  of Reports and Projects for local and  for  constituents of  State/ Nation to let People draw inspiration from. Legacy  Heritage  Democracy Centre   shall have audio video records of MP’s speeches, addresses in the Parliament, Constituency, State and other places that he/she visits, his/her writings, his/her various contributions, memorabilia etc. etc… all that commemorate   life and  times and great deeds of MP; especially, the snippets, that would  exhort and inspire future generations, the young children  who   will emulate his/her Example of being the Living  Emblem of Nation, to eventually     grow into    future  MPs, legislators.  This Democracy (Heritage) House shall not be opened to Public until his/her(MP’s) demise and the demise of his/her spouse or unless she/he( spouse) forsakes this house on account of personal reasons or wishes  ,say. In the event MP has a mentally or and  physically challenged dependent son/and daughter  , in that event  too, as for the case of his/her spouse, the MP House will not be inaugurated as  Democracy(Heritage House) until the demise of such offspring or  else arrangements otherwise have been authorized by MP/spouse whosoever lives longer. Only in such an event the Legacy   Heritage Democracy  Centre   ( in this  Democracy House-to- be)  shall be opened to Public – which will be entirely  a prerogative of the Spouse at that juncture. During period of retirement, this Hall  is to be used  for Public  interactions ,holding  meetings  with constituents. The House shall remain same, that is there isn’t provision for a new House  every  time MP  gets re-elected to Parliamentary Seat and  then retires for reason of not getting re-elected for  next tenure.The MP  shall be  provided   a simple Maruti Car or equivalent  petrol/diesel/electrically driven, to carry flag of MP with tenure inscribed. within 3 lakhs price as in 2008. In case MP opts for ‘Nano’  or alike priced (  1 lakh) Car , he can get 2 more replacements ,every 10 years or more, price of  car being  adjusted  within amount of up to 3lakhs.Rest of balance shall be paid  by Ex-MP.  Th MP  shall  be  provided   a Lap Top ( same specifications, as during the tenure). Internet connection , TV cable connection for life from BSNL along with one Landline phone and a  cell phone ,1000 calls free per month (same  duration  as   those permitted as MP). The MP shall be kept on Invitation List of  functions by Government/Administration of    local Constituency,   State and Centre .No TA, DA  for  these functions shall be permitted.

***** The MP  can  have House only once. Not a  new house with each  re-entry   to  Parliament  as MP.   All benefits of  present  Bill shall be  for  the life times of MP.  New  ones cannot  be  availed as part of  any  other  appointment ,re-entry into  Parliament  for  subsequent  tenures. Of course, during  new tenures  with Parliament , pension and concomitant pay benefits will  stand   in  suspended animation.  He  will retain  the  car provided,  the Lap Top  provided , intact.  Supposing MP loses /decides to declare retirement after  tenure   with Lok Sabha/Rajya  Sabha, and  gets  a House as  part  of  above  Pension  Package, and then in  future again  files   in  as  candidate ,and  in time  gets  another/more tenures in Parliament  and  re-retires, he/she will not  be  eligible  for further  benefits, in addition  to  those  already he/she  has. These  are  one  time  gifts. Unless Parliament,  re-amends present amendments.

III g:   Further  Benefits   in   addition   to **Pension consolidated amount of  of Rs25000/-per month  only  ( vis-à-vis   current amount of 3,000Rs. Per  month) ,keeping  intact all existing medical  benefits, travelling  facilities are to remain  intact  ,as existing already  etc etc.  aforesaid  clause is applicable only to current MPs  on roll of  Parliament .The spouse(widow/widower  dependent  on the MP) /dependent shall be paid Rs. 20 thousands per month . Plus,  For all ex- Ministers( whatever be their  rank)  Rs 5000/ – per month  shall be  given  for their inputs  for  the  monthly ,quarterly 6monthly and yearly ……. extrapolation of past errors and  corrections for  current  Governance /diagnosis/& treatment/& and prognostic Reports for  Problems confronting their earlier Ministries, Departments, etc. ,for  formulation of  Nation Building Action Plans  and  concomitant  work  schedules , and  for component  Master Plans for specific  negativities  and positivities, especially  to attain status{{{{  implying  minimum  30,000$  pci   with  minimum   15    lakh    Rs per capita income  for  present  Below Poverty Line population }}}}   of  being  among   the  top  10 Developed Nations  of  Globe, Ongoing  solutions  to National  Services Representation Documents  ,especially  as part  of  25 yearly, 50 yearly , 75  yearly  or  more,  Nation  Building  Action  Plans, Future Projections-Scenarios, measures, managements, suggestions and solutions for the Ministries they served or other areas /Ministries that might have  captured  their  interest  (((the Government in seat is  required  to provide all Secretarial and research assistances,  and access to  Government  facts and figures,  needed  by  the    esteemed ex-Ministers, whatever be their affiliations ,whether they  sympathize/rhyme with the   ruling  side or  with the Opposition  or remain  unattached/neutral etc. ))). Also  ,similarly, Rs *3000/per month, additionally, for MPs ,especially those  as members /chairmen of various Parliamentary Committees, Special duties in respect of various Ministries , Public and Private institutions of diverse descriptions for likewise contributions ((( as aforementioned  Rs.*5000/- per month to Ministers  for maintaining ongoing  contributions to the Nation  as part of National Wisdom-Knowledge-Experience Bank  formed by ex-MPs and managed  by  Ministry   of  Parliamentary  Affairs–Parliament  Secretariat)))   to Ministries  ,Public and Private Institutions of public interest.*  These  amounts shall  depend  on quantum  and  quality of  inputs  from MPs and  Ministers. More  amounts   can  be  paid   for  additional  inputs.

III g1: Case of MP resigning in between the  tenure:    Pay  and  other  benefits  shall be  proportionately   reduced    vis-à-vis    the stipulated  benefits  for the  full tenure.    For  half  tenure  half  pension , similarly for  half  the  amount  of  rest  of  facilities the  candidate  shall pay  from  his/her pocket , similarly for two third  tenure  two  third  pension etc. Principle of  proportions  shall  decide pay,  benefits, facilities for  tenures  less than  100% time  of the  stipulated  tenures. No  Car , No  House for  a  candidate  who  does  not  cover  full  tenure. In  case  of  demise  of  MP during   tenure ,  full  benefits  shall  accrue to  dependent  spouse.  Dependent spouse  shall be  expected,( not  binding)  to  help   provide  inputs, memorabilia, gallery  for  the  Legacy Heritage  Democracy House  Hall open  to People, if   spouse  feels  like  permitting.  It  can  remain  closed  if  spouse so  desires, giving  highest  considerations, respect  and  assistance  to  the spouse  after  demise of  the esteemed MP.

III h : Pensioned  Ex- Members of Parliament constitute  embedded resources of Parliament’s Mind ,its Spirit ,the core of its  life, the beacon Light for the Posterity, in and out of  Parliament.  In fact , the pensioned Member of Parliament  is the Grand Patriarch(Parent) of  Nation. His/Her  blessings, advices, foresights and forecasts  are inestimable to sustain and perpetuate the  Noble traditions  of  the Republic. These  amounts are just tokens, and cannot ,in  any way to be  construed as  returns or remunerations  for  their interest  in  and devotion to the People. * Postage expenses, stationery expenses are to be reimbursed, or allowed free by decree  of Communication Ministry to permit non stamp Ex- Minister ID No. Ex-MP  is  entitled to Free mail to all Government Offices in the Nation, especially when  mailing  to Central Ministries for purpose of rendering his/her  contributions  to National Building  Plans, Projects, Ventures, Initiatives….etc..

The**Pension of ex- MPs  of Rajya Sabha  and  Lok Sabha  , of  all  those  retiring prior to inauguration date of 14th Lok Sabha shall be  15 thousand Rupees per month,   retaining only earlier benefits of Medical facilities, Travel   as existing  prior to this Bill. Spouse/Dependent shall be entitled   to a pension of    10 thousand Rupees per month after  demise of  the  ex–MP ,other conditions and facilities existing earlier remaining  same . Also, all ex-MPs desirous of following  suit  to present MPs  Minister’s  aforesaid contributions as stipulated  in this  Bill,  can send their Schedule  of inputs  for next   quarter  to  Ministry  of  Parliamentary  Affairs and  ,likewise provide regular inputs to Ministries, Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha addressed to respective Ministers, Speaker and  Chairman. Similar  Token Honorariums  of   Rs.3,000   for ex-MP  and Rs. 5,000/-  pm  for the ex–Minister shall be applicable  to the ex-MPs  ,ex-Ministers who  make  contributions  to  the Governance in  the  manner of   clause IIIg applicable  to  the  sitting   MPs  and Ministers,  upon  the  receipt of these inputs. The concerned  Departments ,Ministries, Government Institutions  are to  post  on internet the problems  confronting them  needing   inputs   of ex-MPs.  ,ex- Ministers.  

III i. Increments of pay: The MP shall have a yearly consolidated increment of  Rs. 2000/; per year. Thus , an MP coming for second tenure after putting in 5 years in  parliament, whenever that be, shall be paid Rs.1 lakh 10 thousand per month  starting salary at the beginning of his subsequent   tenure( for Lok Sabh member ) and Rs 1 Lakh 12 thousand per month ( stipulated 6 years as  Rajya  Sabha  member) .This implies that if an MP has put in  N years prior to  current  tenure, his starting pay shall be 1 lakh+2000×N Rs. The accumulated incremental amount due to the MP shall get added to the pay fixed for the job that MP is required to discharge ( For example after 3 tenures in Lok Sabh MP assumes office of Minister, his consolidated pay shall be= 1 Lakh+ 10,000(1st Tenure=2000Rs/year×5years….similarly  for  other  tenures)+10,000(2nd Tenure)+10,000(3rd Tenure) + 15,000 ( for discharging Minister’s job)=1 Lakh 45 Thousand . In the event an MP of past  tenures gets elected after undergoing the requirements of  candidacy either for Lok Sabha/Rajya Sabha, only then he/she will be entitled to full benefits of Pay and also to  pension and further benefits reserved only for serving MPs .These amounts shall be applicable to currently(2010—15th Lok Sabha   MPs and  RS members  who vote  this  Bill into Act) serving MPs having had had multiple tenures in previous Parliaments ( either  in  Lok Sabha or in  Rajya Sabha)

The following office bearers shall be entitled to additional amounts (consolidated) per month, over and above Rs 100,000p.m ( 1 lakh)     for each MP; of Rs.30,000 to PM, Rs.20,000 to *Speaker of Lok Sabha, Rs13,000  for Lok Sabha regular  (elected )*Deputy Speaker,[[[Rs.25,000 for  *Chairman , 14,500/- fo *Vice Chairman of Rajya Sabha(elected)  and  Rs. 15,000 for Ministers,Rs18.000 for Leader of Opposition and leader of Ruling side in Council of States, Rs 17,000  for Leader of Opposition and Leader of Ruling side in Lok Sabha. Rs12,500 for  Deputy Ministers. Leaving out aforesaid offices, each Rajya Sabha member shall have Rs.5000pm additional amount ,bringing consolidated amount to Rs 105,000pm in token of higher demands expected  from  the office of Elders. * The  emoluments  can  be  augmented   vis-à-vis   in  event those  as  per   Article 97 : Salaries and  allowances  of  the  Chairman and  Deputy Chairman and  the  Speaker and  Deputy  Speaker   are  found  to  be  lesser  amounts. For  Chairman of  Rajya Sabha ,also refer  III B.

III j Penalities:1.There shall be deduction of Rs.500/- per hour from the monthly pay of MP for absentation   after first 10 hours of  absentation ( granted for miscellaneous reasons) from proceedings of the house, the  MP is member of  ( DDLSTV, DDRSTV footage  to  be consulted  for ascertaining the absentations plus  duty roster for  the day). For Earning People’s Approval And  Confidence-Validating The Ballot- Periodic Presentation/Representation Reports, Nation Building Action Plans etc.etc  Leadership Accountability–Transparency National  Services and  Electioneering Documents ( see text) submitted late to the People, but within 24 hours of appointed time , disciplinary deduction  of Rs100/-only to remind the MP the  inconvenience he/she has caused to 21 Lakh to 45.6 Lakh citizens(which, on the average,  that  the  Lok Sabha member  and   the  Rajya Sabha member   respectively represents). Rest of the Penalties for violating People’s trust and expectations imposed by Constitution of India ,as  self  prescribed by MP, as per his/her  National Services & Electioneering  Presentation    Document/ Representation National Services Document  ,7Ap.7Aq,7Ar  submitted in written to Election Commission of  India.*Absentation on  account  of  Health  is  permissible. Medical leave to be  permitted by AIIMS/approved  Government Hospitals in Delhi

III k: Disqualification: Member Parliament /Candidate Parliament   shall be disqualified from membership /candidature for submitting less than: 80% of all Leadership Accountability-Transparency National  Services and Electioneering  Documents, including  Earning People’s Approval And Confidence-Validating The Ballot–Periodic Presentation/Representation Report submitted to the People any Year.  Of  these,  6-Monthly  and  1-Yearly and   other  year end   Consolidated  Cumulative Documents  are  compulsory(100%  required).   Following   Documents  , in addition , are  compulsory  for  MP: Minimally one  terminal consolidated Report compulsory (100%MUST) for each of the following: Budget Session, Monsoon Session, Winter Session, and the  Intervening periods between aforesaid successive sessions every year.  Disqualification clauses already existing elsewhere  in variant  clauses  ,outside of the present Act-to-be  remain intact and  in  force in  addition  to  disqualification  occasioned by  present clause.

III l :Incentive oriented pay and bonuses.  For every increment of 1 Billion$ GDP, above 1 Trillion $GDP(Existing as in 2008), the monthly pay shall be proportionately incremented by  Rs100/pm, implying the pay shall become  incremented  by  1 lakh Rs at each increment  of National GDP by another 1 Trillion Dollar by efforts of one/all MP( implying the MPs’ Pay shall be 10 Lakh Rs when Indian National GDP becomes 10Trillion $  [[( the value of Dollar and of Rupee (purchasing power)    remaining     everywise same as on 2nd October 2008)]] .     For every 20 Billion Dollar decrement in Foreign Debt, MP is to get a bonus of 50,000Rs.MP is to get a bonus of Rs.1 lakh for Manufacturing Productivity Receipts increase of 1 Billion Dollar in his/her Parliamentary Constituency for Lok Sabha Member/ State Territorial Constituencies adopted during Rajya Sabha Candidacy and retained as  member of the Rajya Sabha. The MP  shall also be given a bonus of 1 Lakh for increasing  prevalent per capita income by50% per month for every batch of 1000 People belonging to slabs  starting  from bottom of  BELOW POVERTY LINE  in his /her Parliamentary Constituency/ adopted Territorial Constituencies of his/her State.   The MP  shall be  commemorated in the Hall of Fame for Nation ( to be established in Delhi) for bringing Per Capita Income/& GDP of his Parliamentary Constituency as Lok Sabha member / of his adopted Territorial Constituencies in the State(UT,NCT) represented/of the State(UT,NCT) represented on par with any of the top 10 developed Nations of the Globe during interval of assessment of his/her outputs .The MP individually and MP in group Picture with those who formed team in attaining   every additional 1 Trillion Dollar GDP, shall be commemorated in minimal 1000 postal stamps,  and on currency  notes  worth 1 crore Rupees with these pictures titled Illustrious son of Nation, placed next to M. K. Gandhi, Father of Nation. And he/she  shall be gratefully awarded a bonus of 1crore Rupees(meaningRs 10,000  for  every  one  Billion increase in GDP of  Parliamentary Constituency/State and  varied Combinations-Neighbourhood, Neighbourhood Cluster, Interest Linked  Group). For deserving all above increments and Bonuses , each MP  shall have to prove the purported outputs to be result of  his singular initiatives, exertions and contributions. Hence during his/her Candidacy and tenure in the Parliament, supporting materials shall form part of Earning People’s Confidence and Approval- Validating The Ballot–Periodic Representation Reports submitted to the People ,besides authenticated facts ,figures certificates and communications in this regard.

III m : Facilities for MP:1) The MP can make  Telephone  calls ,minimally two times the number of connections  Landline, Mobiles owned in his Constituencies, free of charge, whatever be the number of such connections ascertained  and submitted by Ministry of Communications, distributed equally amongst all Polling Booth Localities of his Constituency as Lok Sabha member / Territorial constituencies of his State as Rajya Sabha member. Similarly, she/he can make Telephone  calls  as Lok Sabha member, 100 times the number of Constituencies in rest of India  as Lok Sabha member, and 20 times the number of Territorial Constituencies outside of her/his State ,each  year. She/He can make unlimited calls in any part of Nation at the time of proclaimed distress  ,for example, manmade  and natural calamities. She/He can  make,100 times as many calls as the number of  Joint ventures  initiated outside of his Parliamentary Constituency as Lok Sabha member and outside of his State as Rajya Sabha member. The Ministry of Communications is instructed to  provide help in this context. This  isin event, Telephone needed  to  be  made  are  in  excess of  1,50,000 and  plus,  permissible as  per The Housing &  Telephone Facilities(  Member of  Parliament) Rules,  1956

 III n:  1.The MPs net emoluments  shall be  exempt  from Income  Tax.

            2.  It is  at  the  discretion  of   MPs  to  draw  only fraction of net emoluments he/she  so  chooses  and  donates  the  remaining/partial  amount  to  DESTITUTES’  FUND   OF PARLIAMENT to be  used in times of  National  Calamities. 

            3.  It is  at  the  discretion  of   MPs  to  draw  only fraction of net emoluments he/she  so  chooses  and  donates  the  remaining/partial  amount  to  LEGACY  DEMOCRACY  CENTRE  commemorating the life  and  times of MP  for inspiring  Posterity.  The  funds of  this  Democracy Centre  are  for promoting  competitions  in Parliamentary Constituency, State, Nation  to  promote  Positivities specified   as per  instructions of  the  MP.


:III B: Provision  of  facilities applicable to MP,  extended to Vice President  and  President, after retirement. 

III n   Besides their stipulated  pension and  concomitant   facilities after  retirement, they  will be  eligible  to  all the  benefits provided  to  MP   after  retirement which  are  not  included for  President  and Vice President, especially the House ,which  is to  become  Heritage  Democracy( House) Centre to commemorate the  life times  putting  their  outputs  on display  for posterity  to  emulate.    With  due regard  to  status  of  vice President as   chairman of Rajya  Sabha  as  well and  President  heading  the  Nation , the House  area  shall be  1000 square  yards  and  1500square  yards  respectively ,  in City/Polling  Booth   Locality  any  where, though recommended  in  Delhi ,to permit  future  MPs and  visitors  to  Nation , an opportunity  to visit their President’s  and  Vice-President’s Legacy  Heritage  Democracy (  House)  Centres . 

IIIn1 The  clause  III n  shall be  applicable to  all  previous  Vice  Presidents  and  Presidents  of  Nation, presently  in  retirement, with  immediate  effect.                                          

III C:  Stipend and other facilities for  Candidates of Parliament  .

III o: Stipend for Candidacy to Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha: Rs 1000/- per

month (minimally*), subject to providing all the Periodic Reports  due for

the Month. For  each Report late by 24 hours  ,there shall be a deduction of 

Rs25/- ,per Report, maximal cumulative amount to have a ceiling of 100/- Rs

for one month . A candidate who fails to present  75 % Reports in the first

year shall have his candidature  cancelled and shall be required to return 

the amount given to him as stipend. It is a poor country and Exchequer

cannot be wasted on malingerers and non-serious candidates. Medical

reasons are not  to be entertained, except for vehicle accident/incapacitating

affliction, duly  certified  by prescribed Government  medical Authority(ies)

for each Constituency and State( UT).  [[[(TO BE  DELETED: Money for

stipends and contemplation of further facilities, especially dedicated

candidates  for Parliament, shouldn’t be grudged .  Think of the money saved

from extravagances of present day and past electioneering .Consider this : As

per Amar Ujala of 24Jan 2007: Election Commission of India directive :

Recognized Party’s candidate to be given 5 security personnel:3 Constable,1

Head Constable & 1 non Gazetted police personnel+ Police Patrol Vehicle + 3

Extra Policemen  for sensitive Polling Booth. Just think the stupendous

amounts necessitated by present day electioneering.     Advantages   of paying

stipend and having lots of  Candidates for Parliament: near free

Governmental feedbacks and savings of Governmental expenditures . Above 

all this  is to constitute training  Leaders  for Public  Service.)]]]

III p  :The Candidate is to be provided  following   (including the MP as Candidate for next tenure):   1. A Part Rolls of Election  Commission of  India for  Constituency and Territorial Constituencies to the Lok Sabha  Candidates and MPs   for identification of  Voters  and also List of MLAs with contact addresses and Phone Numbers, 2.     Maps of Constituency, Neighbourhood Constituencies, for Lok Sabha Candidate and similarly  Maps of State(UT,NCT) and Neighbourhood  States(UT,NCT) for Rajya Sabha Candidates and Members, Maps of India  and other states . 3.   Identity card by    Election Commission of  India  for  introduction of Candidate/Member in Constituency/State and rest of Nation . 4.   The  Candidates are to be invited   to  Government functions inviting distinguished Citizens ,especially to those relating  to  Development   activities, Awareness Campaigns,  mooting  of new programs ,ventures  etc. The Retired MPs too are to be likewise invited, without  fail.5. Candidates to  be  provided a)Umbrella, b) Diary,  c) I rim(500 pages) of  bond  sheets/quarter, d) 1  Government  Diary  issued  to  MPs  with Diary   adaptively designed  for Candidate  listing  the   reminders , requirements  in  brief of  candidacy  ,Copy of  present  Bill, important  addresses ,phone  numbers  of  avail , especially,  to  young men/women  age 19+  to23+  filing   for  candidacy at  the earliest  , to  enable them  to  fulfill requirements  as  candidate for  Lok  Sabha  (at 20 years )and  Rajya  Sabha (24  years), providing all sources  of  Governmental  assistance  in  discharging  their  responsibilities and  duties .e) The Candidate  Lok  Sabha shall be provided Bus Pass  by Election Commission of India for  Government Transportation System for the Public, operative in the Parliamentary Constituency   and  the Candidate Rajya  sabha  shall be   like wise provided  for covering his/her  Itinerary in  State  as  per  the Master  Itinerary  he/she  submitted  to  Election Commission of India  at  time  of  gaining  Candidature .f) The  candidate  Parliament  shall be  provided  : Discovery of  India   Diary  , Discovery of  State  Diary ,  Discovery  of  Parliamentary Constituency Diary.g)All the  expenses  including food  and  lodging(  mostly  in  the  Bharat  Darshan  Parliament  Express  specifically  designed  and   chartered  for  the  purpose)  will  be  borne  by  MPA( Ministry  of  Parliamentary Affairs.g)  Candidates in  hilly regions, forest infested regions are  alike  will be  provided  with  Torch, a suitableWalking stick to keep  away dogs etc and  aid  trekking  in  the  region.h) A  bag to carry items  of aforementioned  clauses.

 *The  facilities and  stipend  are  subject  to  review  towards  end  of  each  Budget  Session and Winter  session. Depending  on the seriousness / laxity/  casualness  , recommendations  of Election Commission of India ,as  also  Parliamentary  Committee  overseeing  the work  of  Candidacy,  besides  feedback  from People  of different  Polling Booth  Localities of  Constituency  and Territorial  Constituencies  of  State,  the  facilities  are required to  be  commensurate  to  performance  of   candidates——- candidates  being continuously  catalyzed   and  aided by  Government  and    Parliament  to further  Nation  Building  tasks-missions  being  pursued by them . All  courtesy and help by  Government ( of  State  and at Centre)  and People must be  extended to these future Charioteers  of  Nation, interning in the ground  realities of  Motherland and  the People. 

—————————————————end  of  chapter III————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————-



                                                  CHAPTER IV

 Amendment III: :   REPEAL OF OFFICE OF PROFIT ACT 2006 and previously( before2006) permitted      Offices  of  Profit,  in force  from past  .The Amendment outlaws the whole concept of Office of Profit.

In view of the  present  Pay–Pension  package and  concomitant service conditions  (((  refer requirements  for  candidacy  (Chapter VII, VIII,  IX, X)   and office of  member  of  Parliament))) make  Office of Member of Parliament , a full time, round the clock, round the  year  job, a hectic   National Service    supposed to  leave   no time  , no room for any other job  whatsoever; the Office of Profit  Act,2006  and all the  earlier   sanctioned   Offices of Profit  permitted earlier , become redundant ,and thence stand  repealed. 

The MP is required to give his full attention to the onerous job of MP steering the lives and fates of 115      crore Indians, in preference to concerns of  comparatively small fraction of few People. Part cannot  usurp  the Whole, that too   for  sake  of (  on  the average)  minimally 21 Lakh People  for Lok Sabha  MP  and  45.6 lakh  People for  Rajya Sabha MP  and  above all for 115     crore People of India. How  could  a small office of Profit become   bigger than office of Service,  service to  not  just  Millions  of People , but to  the 115 crore People of the  whole   Nation ?   The present pay-package  amending the erstwhile   The Salary, Allowances and Pension of members of parliament act, 1954 (amended consecutively many a time,  before    present pay-package) is designed  to  provide the much needed   lifelong security and wellbeing , to  a prospective  young   man /  woman  aspiring  to serve the Nation as a  MP,  shielding him from the temptations that   lurked   earlier,  in absence of the present amendments. Since these amendments  make the job of  MP, a full time  job , rather an opportunity for lifelong career ,to  keep serving the People, even when out of the Parliament, to be  and continue  ever   to  be, a  full time National Resource and Repository of Knowledge ,Experience and Wisdom, to let  Parliament  to continuously draw on. 

—————————————————end  of chapter IV———————————————————————————————————————————————————————————


                                                                   CHAPTER  V

 Amendment IV:

V: Prohibition of Citizenship  of , immigration to , or taking jobs of any other Nationality for Life, whatsoever for life,  once having taken oath  as Member of Parliament of India . Resigning  next  day within  24  hours of taking the Oath as MP ,would not  alter the status  of  aforesaid consequential  requirements upon the MP .

——————————————————-end of  chapter V————————————————————————————————————————————————————————


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