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April 23, 2009

POST 15:Letting Poor Man attain Seat of Lok Sabha and related contextual Laws Bill(2009).(proposed)

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AMENDMENT VII                     CHAPTER  VIII

Amendment VII   REPRESENTATIONAL  REQUIREMENTS FOR CANDIDACY OF LOK  SABHA    is inserted as section 4A of   CHAPTER I A of PART II A-page 57,The Representation of  the People’s Act,1951. 

 Candidacy is period( read  process ) of   accommodating, by seating  People  of  Constituency,  in  the  Personage of  Candidate to  take  them [ ‘We the People of  Constituency] ] to  their  Seat,  waiting  for them,  in   Lok  Sabha .

 I…Getting connected to Lok Sabha:  To have feeling  of his/her coming  tenure in Lok Sabha , the Candidate for  Lok Sabha   from day One of being the candidate,   need to   start studying  the proceedings of Lok Sabha. Since Lok Sabha works in concert with the Rajya Sabha, for correlative functions ,the candidate need also study Rajya Sabha proceedings    He/she can watch    Lok Sabha proceedings  on   LSDDTV and Rajya Sabha proceedings  on RSDDTV , besides availing relevant information concerning    Lok Sabha  and Rajya Sabha  from  Library , Election Commission of India ,Internet, Media,past   and  present, all  categories  of  Leadership Accountability- Transparency National Services and  Electioneering Documents,  Itineraries , for  example,  Bharat  Darshan, State  Darshan ,  Constituency  Darshan  Reports etc.) Earning People’s Approval And ConfidenceEAAAC-VTBValidatingThe Ballot-PeridicPresentation / Representation  Reports , National  Services and  Electioneering Presentation Document  , Nation Building Action Plans , subjectwise Master Plans  of the  MPs ,previous candidates and MPs  of  Constituency in particular  and rest  of Nation  in  general.  He/she, need study ,examine    and assess the proceedings   of Lok Sabha, especially vis-à-vis   the current scenario of his/her Constituency in particular  and those of remaining Constituencies of nation in  general ,  making written  weekly   Reports  thereof  sessionwise  ; with  view to   offer corrections   for   avoiding   errors ,oversights  ,misjudgement creeping into the   Parliamentary  proceedings  and  steering  of Governance   and its  outputs  reaching the People  of  his/her  Constituency. The Candidate  need fortify  her/his knowledge  by interactive communications  with Lok Sabha members , Secretariat ,websites  etc.. He/she, thus must  get  a good feel  of the Job  of Lok Sabha  member in order to prepare  for a  distinguished role,  getting  adequately  ready  for  all pre-requisite  inputs, starting  with  the question  hour  ,preparing  necessary data  collection of  important  problems  already  surfacing  in  the Parliament  .

II. Period of Candidacy  To prepare  himself/herself & the People of Constituency  for the challenges of  next tenure  of Parliament.  To  provide  to the People:

Accessibility,  Bilaterality, Participatability, Team-making  Partnership, Organisability, Leadership,    Connectability,  Answerability-Transparency, Interactability, Continuously interactive Representability, Responsibility, Honesty-Truthfulness, Discipline, Dutifulness , Competence, Meritoriousness,  Accountability,          Rapportability,   Entrustability, Creditability, Generatability, Performability, Deliverability  to  shoulder his/her Responsibilities     to  Constitution  of  India     by    discharging   all his/her  consequent  Duties . 

To   serve  Constituency ,to   gather People for the  tasks awaiting the  candidate  for Nation Building , Nation  Upliftment , National Rejuvenation  especially  in  context  of  shouldering  his/her Responsibilities  and  discharging  his/her  Duties  vis-à-vis      Constituency  in  particular  and Nation in general.   To restore ancient  glories of Nation,  its sublime Civilization  ,to reclaim its place in the  Globe . To ready the Youth  for  their  role as Prime Movers of   Productivity and Progress in every sphere of National life . To get started on his/her journey, to be  Embodiment of his/her Constituency . To examine the problems of  Constituency ,to understand  their causations , to Doctor to the  ills  coming in the way of uninterrupted Progress in Living Conditions of People to  root  out  all their  causations [[[refer  to  Negativities,  National  Services and  Electioneering Presentation Document   and all  rest of Leadership  Accountability-Transparency National Services  and  Electioneering   Documents  and Reports of earlier and current MP(s)   and   Media]]].    

To  start  working  in earnest  ,preparing   grounds  to  arrange  for each    Citizen’s    needs round the  year  , as per his/her requirements as per his/her age, economic status……….his/her givens, placement  in Society. To bring him/her  [ VOTER,CITIZEN]    on par with the best Standards of Living in developed Nations  .  He/she  need  tabulate detailed  lists,  in  respect  of  net  quantity        [[[(refer  Part  Rolls  vis-à-vis      his/her interactions and  consequent  inferences.)]]]  ,   qualitative  attributes/designs vis-à-vis       standards of  life, adjunct specific  time  bound  requirements and  necessary estimated budget and  supportive  means  to provide    for:      each family,  for each Family Neighbourhood , for each Polling Booth Locality, Polling Booth Neighbourhood,   Polling Booth Neighbourhood Cluster(s)  ,  Parliamentary  Constituency, Parliamentary Constituency Neighbourhood, Neighbourhood Cluster(s)  and Interest Linked Group(s) ,  for minimum 75 years . The candidate need be concretely specific ,leaving  nothing  to  nondescript  words and  taking  shelter  in  ambiguity  and  excuse  making. He /she  need  prescribe  practically possible  and implementable  1.      per capita income,2.       Per household standard of living,   that is  for example, facilities such as  that  he/she   deems  fit  for  a slum jhopri,village cottage,kachhahouse, migrant homeless labour ??? To be specified as per the  existing  status  and  the resolve, determination and  drive  of the Candidate…..For  example : TV, refrigerator/no refrigerator,pitcher, Computer  or  no  computer only  a note book?, water supply, sewerage, in-house latrine ( what type especially in rural settings/slums) ,……………..3.    Food( with detailed diet items and  Budget needed for that ,per person ,for example…………     milk in litres /person, fruit in  gms / person,4.      Clothing  , bedding, drapery  furniture  5.    Housing, living space  square feet  built and open space/person………..etc remaining requirements,  and similarly  for Collectivities  starting with Family, Family  Neighbourhood, Polling  Booth Locality……Parliamentary Constituency……..  . Upon broadly enlisting   itemwise   needs  of Individual, Family……..Parliamentary Constituency,  the Candidate Parliament is required to compute  Total requirements of each item….with projections extended minimally  to 75 years hence.  Next  he need to determine the existing status of these.       Next  to determine  the difference that need be supplied. This now  need be part of Targets of his/her   respective Agenda. He/she need assure  highest of quality for  outputs  of his/her  agenda in keeping with  requirements  of Constitution of India  for Excellence. He need compute detailed actual factual practical requirements  of   Individual, Family  ,Family Neighbourhood and Polling  Booth Locality. These need be for  different  economic  strata  inhabiting    his/her  Constituency. Overall computations can be  made from  distribution  of   population  into different  economic  strata. The  candidate  can take help  of Census  of India  ,Ministry of  Statistics  and Program Implementation, Local Administration etc. also. But he/she  is required  to  make  own  computations,  through  her/his  detailed  Interactions  with  Individuals  and Collectivities.    The Candidate  is to   invoke  total  involvement and participation  of the Citizens ,to form teaming partnerships in his/her   aforesaid endeavours . The Candidate Parliament  need   consult  the ambit  of each Ministry and Institution of Government  as also the  Seventh Schedule,  Constitution of India  , to  define his/her   Agenda for its smooth  implementability, whilst  gathering all needful adjuncts  during  his  Candidacy, accessing  all sources of Governance and the People of Constituency.

BUDGET   FOR     REQUIREMENTS  OF  PEOPLE. All the efforts   of  the  Candidate Lok Sabha will come   to a  naught , without  money  and  means . The Lok Sabha   Candidate  in  order   to  run  Household  Bharat,  must arrange  money ,expend money  for  sustenance,   invest  money  for  future ,   generate  additional  money  for evolutionary    growth and  furthering  standards and values   of  Indian   contemporary  Civilisation , as  he   goes noting  and  taking  stock  of  Money requirements  during  his/her  interactions  with  the real  People  of  the  Soil ,in  every  Family  Neighbourhood  and  every Polling  Booth  Locality. The  Lok  Sabha   Candidate   like  the  Lady  of  the  house,  need  arrange  for  life  requirements and  thence  make   her  estimates  of    the  requirements  of  money  ,other  money  equivalent  inputs  to  tide  over  daily  and  emergency  needs  of  life. His/her  first  Budget  component need be centred   on  typical  Family: To   provide  for  kitchen  needs,    then  needs  for   baithak/drawing  room – to  interface with   society ,  then wash  room  for clothes, sanitation ,initialising  for  daily  life, then other rooms especially  for  reserves(store  room ,purse-the  home bank ,…wheat  rice for the  year, and  the  big storage Box   direly  needed   and  reserved  for  accumulating  the dowry  for daughter(s) and  gifts  for  daughter(s)-in-law,  outside  the  house/home)  . To give  or   not  to  give/gift/borrow/Take-now-pay-later……  toy with the  idea  of  giving    a small  saving  account of   Rs.500? fixed  non-withdrawable  amount  especially  for  over  4o  crore  unorganized  labour to  get  them accumulating  money and  running  to banks   in place  of  the  liquor  shops. Or  toy  with  the  idea   of ,say,    gifting/allotting     , say ,Rs 5000/ per  girl  child?, fixed  deposit  till  age  of  18 , interest shifting  3 monthly  to  reimburse  for  health/education into   the    Saving  Bank  Account  of  every  one  of   female  newborns    of  Parliamentary  Constituency [[ in  which  2.75  crore  newborns  each    year/543 LS  members= 50,463 newborns or  say  50 % female per  Constituency  per  year   arrive .... , may  be to do  full justice,  also  to  give  some  amount  to  male  new-borns???]].  Thus,       to  ready  the  Governance  for   its  future  expenses compounded  by  these new  arrivals , streaming  in  continuously ,  to  save the government   huge  sums  to  be  expended  later for this  new  citizen  of  India in  so  many  ways  simply  by  making  People  think of  future  oncoming  expenditures,  and  to  make  Government  focussed  on  Population: 180  crore  by 2050,  25o  crore  by  2084  at  present  rate of ( 2.75 crore  newborns – about 1crore  yearly  mortality)=1.7 crore net increase/year))), From   Budget of Family,  the candidate need  to  build the integrated  composite Budgets,  by   focussing  on    concentrically developing  larger households  of Family   Neighbourhood,   Polling  Booth Locality ,  Territorial  Constituency ,  Parliamentary   Constituency,  Parliamentary Constituency   Neighbourhood ………………. Nation, providing  for  them,  like  for    a  household, for  their  physical  and  mental  security , preservation  and  perpetuation; consistent  to  the  Designs  and Ideals  he/she  enshrines , envisages  and  propagates     for  Indian  Civilisation  of  Tomorrows, delinked  from  its negativities of  the  yesterdays.   Planning  and arranging  for  the  needs  of   today,  and  oncoming  demands  of  tomorrow’s  journey ,through  future  weeks ,months,  years  ,minimally  for  75 years ;  taking    every one  along with  ,in  his/her  Budgetary  Endeavour, to  arrange  for  blossoming  blooming  tomorrows ….  for  a population  of 250  crores in  2084 , when  he/she  in most  likelihood    will  be  no more,  but  reduced  to  the      Legacy   Heritage  Democracy  Centre(see  Amendment X ,ChapterXI  ,   Democracy   Centres commemorating  his/her  Legacy  to the  Nation).  These  Budget  rough work  notes  shall  be  there for  posterity  to  learn,  take  a  leaf  from. Budgeting  need  be detailed as  for  the  total number of bricks, Kilograms  of cement, wood, net labour  with break up down to  daily  wages, architects Bills, transportations——-leave   nothing  to  the  imagination  and  discretions  of  a  corrupt Bureaucracy and  its  outsourcings ;  like  a  housewife  bogged  down  by  expenses  of  children’s oncoming   educational  fees,  needs  of  expenses for  marriages  of  children  and her worries  to  keep  faces  in the  society, not  to  be  left out ,not  to  mortgage   her jewellery to  pay  for  operation of  husband or …….  . The candidate  , need make Budget  like  a  penny pinching  wise  housewife on  one hand,  and  a    responsible  entrepreneur  husband ,  who  multiplies  money  and    accumulates wealth  as  household  head  for  now,  and future  of  his   children ,  leaving  them  bequeathment  and  legacy for   perpetuation  of  his  Ideals  of   Life (read   perpetuation   of  an  Ideal Indian  Civilisation, Constitution  of  India). In  nutshell, it is  candidate ,who as  an  MP need direct the  Bureaucracy; the  mason to be directed  for  National  Household  Building .  Not  to  build  house   ,as  of  now , in many  times  longer   time  than  they  do   in  developed  countries.  To  have  (Nation) Building   Well  designed, well planned ,well executed , well lived.    Candidate , in  no  case   is  to depend  on  Bureaucracy, he  must  depend  in  ground  realities of  People  and  myriad  bounties  of Mother   India.   He  need  come  up with   fractional  amount  of Budget, which  they  make  these  days,  with  yet  manifold  neat  and  efficient  outputs  of  Bureaucracy ( read net Governance)  of  yesteryears.    This  is an  immense  job, if  done sincerely .  Budget   is most important  job  of  candidate/member Parliament , ((who  upon   going  to  bed,  after a  good dinner  with  a  sweet  dish ,  thinks  of the  children  and  families  who  are  going  to their  beds  hungry(  47  crore  empty  bellies). Fooling  themselves   with  a glass of  water at  night.To BE DELETED IN FINAL TEXT))

From  the  observations  and  inferences  of  Interactions, the candidate need  to  enlist the  Law order  problems  of  the Parliamentary  Constituency  vis-à-vis   component  Polling  Booth  Localities ,  Parliamentary Constituency  Combinations  [[[( Constituency,  Neighbourhood, Constituency  Neighbourhood  Cluster(s) ,  Interest Linked Group(s)   of  Constituency)]]] and  the  State, For  example need  to deliberate  on, SAY, :1.Liquor, smoking, gambling Law regulation  to  curb  domestic  violence,  youth   squabbles  leading  to  injury  etc. ,  jeopardizing  financial  security  of  Below  Poverty Line   families,2.       Law   requiring  Saving  bank  Account  /  Post  Office Account  of   Unorganized  Labour  to   promote  saving  money  for near  50  to  75  % unemployment  period  ,for  self-financing  for  self-employment  needs  etc.,for tiding  over rainy days, hungry days,   making  it  mandatory  for  Nationalised  Banks  to  work  out  arrangements   of  identification of  Bona-fides  of  migratory Labour and  thence  providing  Account  Books , to  hold  Camps, to make  drives ,campaigns   to   recruit  Unorganized  labour   into   Saving    Schemes ,  and    not  refuse  them Saving  Bank  accounts  because  they are migrants  , they  stay  in  a  verandah  ,  under  a  tree  , on  foot path  ,  that     the Bank  does  not  have  their  regular  address. To   usher  in  small-time  riches  revolution   in  the  poorest  of  the  poor.

Also, the  Candidate Lok Sabha  is  to get  from  internet  /correspondence /libraries/Ministries of Parliamentary affairs and Law, a  List  of   existing   Bills,  List  of  Long  pending  Bills   ,  List  of  BIlls  that were  defeated ,  List  of  Amendments ,  List  of  Laws   since  1858 (even  earlier  then  and  now  in  vogue)  or  earlier  till 1947,(  can be  had  from  Books  also).  From  this  as  a base  data ,  he/she   need  dig  further  into  Laws  /  Acts   in  context  of  his/her  Constituency  interactions  ,  state  of  Governance, state  of  Judiciary  to  create new  bills  ,amendments to  the  old ones ,  and  thence  move  on  Laws  for  prevention,  pre-emption  of  unlawful  activities. Laws that  operationalise Welfare State.     

  III. The  Candidate  need  realize  the   cost(s) and consequences   of  making  Commitments, Promise(s)  fulfilling  People’s aspirations ,dreams,   wishes  of all round development of  Constituency  .  And to know the meaning of making promises and commitments by   trying to work out  Pilot projects   during    period  of Candidacy  .In any case , Pilot  projects and connected assessments  don’t support the intended outcomes ,  Candidate need  be very  careful in Promising  only  that   which  he/she  can  deliver, to  the  satisfaction  of recipient population/People. it  will be in  interest of  Candidate    to realize  the gravity of life conditions confronting  about ecnomically lower 75 % of People.  To devise means of realising  the dreams  of Freedom Struggle.  And to  ensure that fruits of development reach poor People . To learn to serve People personally   in their humble  living conditions , like  the way  M. K. Gandhi , the   Father  of  Nation   did  in slums;   worked and lived  with the lower economic  strata of Society .With the  on the average of  over 1/3rd  of Population living in abject Poverty and Want,  there awaits the Candidate,  his/her  Mission of service  to  the Humanity , to infuse positivity in the lives of these People,  to raise level of their  Knowledge ,Employability and arrange Spare Time management, and bring  in the outputs  of Governance  to ease  and  uplift  their  Lives.

To  study and  make  list (written specific with  facts  and  figures )  of  promises   and   commitments  and  subsequent outputs  of each  previous   candidate and members  of Parliament for earlier  tenures of Parliament.  To  discover their   accomplishments, increment in *positivities , decrement of *negativities ,neglects, inaction, deficits,  declines,  deteriorations  ,   U-turns .To assess  sections of people ,individuals benefitted and those left out, in  short ,to    get actual factual picture  of  state of  Development  and Neglect, its  extent and magnitude. To  assess the  outputs  of  Laws, especially relevant  to  the Constituency  populace, its  litigation  pattern, unlawfulness statistics  vis-à-vis       the  efficacy of  law  , and      consequent fallout  on    security, peace ,growth   and  productivity  and  Human  Development  Index.  *Refer  for   meaning ,at  the beginning  of  National  Services and  Electioneering Presentation Document   Chapter VII.

IV.   Candidate to prepare as   Minister, whether  as  Cabinet  Minister  or  Minister  with independent  charge , or as Minister of  State  or  Deputy  Minister    of  each of the  4    selected Ministries ,  as  per   the   National  Services and  Electioneering Presentation Document,    submitted  to  the  People  for  attaining  the  Candidacy  for  Lok  Sabha.  The  candidate  is  to  use  the period  of  candidacy  to learn everything  that  is  there  to  each  of  these  Ministries,  their  structures,  functions  ,  budgets  from  1952  onwards  up to date  and then onto Master Plans  for  next  25  years  of each Ministry  ,  their   outputs reaching The  People  of the  Constituency  in  particular  and Nation  in general  And  to learn their  concomitant deficits, lapses ,  qualitative attributes,  durability   of  outputs  ,level of  courtesy ,civility  and  promptness of  services,  the  level  of  corruption  permeating  at  the  interface levels  with people  dealing  with  these  Ministries ,the Budget  savings  that   can  be  made  by  altered   algorithms / procedures/processes  of  various  operations  ,functions  of  the Ministry.  The  candidate  is  required  to   fully  comprehend  his/her  Representational Duties ,Parliamentary  Duties and  Governmental   Duties (  Clauses  5,6 and 7 respectively  of  Part E ,Amendment V,   Responsibilities and  Duties  in  Chapter VI of  this  Bill  )      in       a  concerted  manner  to  detail  the  changes  the  Candidate  will  implement  in   his/her  tenure  as  Minister , in the   event  , he/she  does  become  Minister in  next  Lok  Sabha.  The  Candidate  is  required  to  send  a Report  of his  preparations  and proposals,  Calendar  of  activities  etc.  as Minister for  5 year  tenure  as  Minister  in  different  capacities and concomitant  List  of  Ministry Outputs,  especially   their  monetary  contributions  to  Nation’s  Treasuries.  The   candidate to also detail out  the  measures  he/she will  take  to make the  Ministry  produce   outputs,  on  par  with those  of  10  best  developed  countries,  specially  the  Contributions  of   each  Ministry, directly/indirectly to  increment, say  minimally  by 10%,  or  more :  Standard  of  Governance  , Standard of  Living,    per capita  income,  per 100 People,1000People,10,000People Facilities,  GDP,  Human  Development   Index, Conveniences, encouragements  to  the  People , and  spur   to  small time  initialising enterprise(s) ,  entrepreneurship(s)  targeted at  unorganized  labour (  40  crore,97% of net labour ,meaning  bulk of overall number of  employed People )  and  a  enlarged  version  for Professional  students (  engineering,  Business administration, Commerce……), Students  from  other  disciplines, next  stage , to  pass outs  from  aforesaid  disciplines,  others  not mentioned  but  all the same  worthy  and very much  deserving  (((  especially  overall   estimated  about 20  crore or   more  graduates, postgraduates)))   especially  those with  informal/self training,  experience  etc. etc. The  candidate is to  provide Report  as  would-be Minister  of  next  Lok  Sabha for Ministries X,Y,Z, to be  updated each  Year,   reported  as  part  of  Consolidated  1Yearly,2 Yearly,3Yearly,4 yearly and 4 year11months Earning People’s Approval And Confidence-Validating The Ballot- 1Yearly/2 Yearly/3Yearly/4 yearly/ and 4 year11months  Presentation Report submitted  to  the  People.

V .        Preparing   as   i)       Prime  Minister;       as  ii)     Speaker   Lok  Sabha :     

 i) The  Candidate  is   required  ,   as  for previous  paragraphs  as  charge  of  4  Ministries,   to  similarly each  year, to  make  preparations  so  as to  create  inputs  for  Consolidated  1 Yearly,2 Yearly,3Yearly,4 yearly and 4 year 11months Earning People’s Approval And Confidence-Validating The Ballot- 1Yearly/2 Yearly/3Yearly/4 yearly/ and 4 year 11months  Presentation Report submitted  to  the  People ,  that  detail out  his  future inputs  as  PM  of    Nation, to   realize  the  immediate  goal  of  making  Nation  developed , on  par  with  the  10  best  developed  Nations  of  World, by 2020, 26 January , wherein  all the parameter ,indices  values  [[(that  is  per capita  income  of  BPL ,  rural  poor,  GDP,  HDI,  Price Index, Literacy  employment,  Litigation........)]]…,  shall  have  surpassed  those  describing 10  best  developed countries,  to  day,  and as  on  26th  January 2020(  especially  the  ones  noted  for  4 Ministries  of  above  paragraph).The  candidate need provide  measures  to  realize Nation  Building  Action  Plans   till 2084,  during  his/her  tenure as  Prime  Minister  in  next  Lok  Sabha   (  presently for 2014 inaugural) emphasizing his/her  intended  milestones  for  the  development history of  the  Nation.The  candidate  need  detail out  measures , for   changes  he/she  will  make,  to  depart  from  present  way  of  functioning. He/she   need to  spell  his/her   say , 10 to 100 detailed orders for  Bureaucracy( and  as  a  matter of  fact  prepare  these during  her/his/  candidacy), the  day   he/she  takes  over  as  Minister,  for  example.

 ii) The  candidate  need  detail  out  his/her  role  as Speaker for  next  tenure, providing Calendar,  Time  Table and  net  throughput/work  disposed  of by Lok Sabha in  its 15 sessions  2014  to 2019.


VI.  To conduct  comprehensive programmed in depth interactions  by  meeting  maximum  People, personally face to face , so that  when at the end of his/her Candidacy period ,    he/she  carries away  the   vote  of people ,he/she       also carries in his  Mind   all these People, that is ,the owners of Ballots in his/her hand , person by person, into the Parliament ,so that his representation   in fact  , is real ,  Live  and  pulsating .      With Candidate  concentrating on  every parameter of concern to Nation’s Development , in each  Polling Booth Locality of Parliamentary Constituency to be represented, the Candidate for Lok Sabha is  required  to  formulate  a  List of items(well defined  string  of  tasks/goals),  assigning  order of priority to each item,  and thence  in a systematic and orderly manner,   direct    his/her  attention , his/her  Parliamentary Constituency’s attention and  Nation’s Attention, to accomplish the listed Targets to deliver results in  a time bound  frame  .

To set 6 monthly ( his/her)  Leadership goals of obtaining outputs by mobilizing People   (their services ,donations, resources) voluntarily ,invoking their participation, partnership, involvement, contributions  for Nation Building .  By   systematically  building  each   Individual, his/her Family, Family Neighbourhood, Polling Booth Locality, Territorial Constituency, Parliamentary  Constituency, State(UT) summating  into eventually, the  Nation Building.  Candidacy is the period  of harnessing the Might of People, by in depth, synergistic, ongoing interaction with the People, for the development of : The Individual, Family, Family Neighbourhood, Polling Booth Locality, Polling  Booth Locality Neighbourhood, Polling Booth Locality Neighbourhood Cluster(s),Territorial Constituency, Parliamentary Constituency, State(UT) and the  Nation.

 Candidacy is period  : 

(1.)for Uniting People     ,for  fraternizing  People , as   the Patriarch-to-be  of the constituency, to achieve  Welfare State .  To root out inequality, injustice  from his/her Parliamentary constituency. Uniting the People: one by one, family by family, Family Neighbourhood  by Family Neighbourhood, Polling Booth Locality by Polling Booth Locality, especially, stressing Polling Booth Locality as a more conveniently manageable  Socioeconomic unit    [[(such as an elementary rural population, one out of any of the about 6,38,365 Indian villages)]]  , Territorial Constituency by Territorial Constituency: and  hereafter, starting from his Parliamentary  constituency, Parliamentary Constituency  by Parliamentary Constituency,  first unifying his Parliamentary Constituency Neighbourhood, Constituency Neighbourhood Cluster(s), Interest Linked Group of Constituencies, and thence ,remaining  Parliamentary Constituencies To Provide  unity   of   Purpose  to each Family Neighbourhood,Polling Booth Locality.………………..State, Nation…..  .  To unite People ,each pitching in his inputs for Nation Building ,Nation Uplifting, restoring it to its  glorious  heights . To spur the Youth of Nation to take the  lead.

(2)To search and groom future leaders in all walks of life ,paying extra attention to area of Productivity. His/her emphasis  need be on young People, especially under25,preferably under-18 , particularly   young students , for  giving them an opportunity of developing comprehensive leadership  by enthusing  them  to  work with him/her  in the ground realities of the local People of Family Neighbourhoods, Polling Both Localities  in  service  to  the  local  community and giving them  impetus  to  be  candidate-in-waiting  for  Lok  Sabha  Candidacy .  To  create   groups  of Young People ,best suited for the  Constituency, to have  group of leaders–in-training,  in each Polling Booth Locality, to look after Service-to-the-People and Development  work at times when  the Candidates for Parliament  and the MP ,look after Nation Building activities ,elsewhere in Constituency ,in particular and Nation in general, 

 (3.) To  generate Opportunity in every sphere of  Productivity in the Parliamentary Constituency, for seeding and strengthening Enterprise and Entrepreneurship (( that starts with  Polling Booth Locality and limited resources ,for individual, for group(s) like Self Help Group(s), Cooperative(s) etc and builds from strength to strength   )) suited for  poverty-stricken ignorant populations, so as to make them self-supporting Individuals contributing to Individual Wealth  ,Polling Booth Locality-Constituency-State-National GDPs &  PER CAPITA INCOME OF BELOW POVERTY LINE AND LOWER 70% RURAL AND SLUM POPULATIONS  &  Per 100 People  Facilities     [[ ( Dispensaries, Parks, Street Lights, Law and Order arrangements  etc.)]] . To fire the imagination of the People to realize the objectives of the Constitution of India. To make the  Nation truly, truly 100% Independent      by      making     each and  every Individual Independent, Secular, Just, Equal, bursting  and glowing with fruits of Freedom, a generator of  Wealth ,  of  Capitals of Intellect, of  Morality and Ceaseless Constructive Activity and Creative Activity, to realize his highest Potential    under  the Parental mentoring  of   Candidate Parliament /***Candidate-in-waiting for  Parliament.  The  candidate  need  enthuse at   least 4 People  in  each  Family Neighbourhood for service  to Family  Neighbourhood  community to  further his/her  various  projects ,programs, initiatives  etc. especially    in  context  of  community services  of  local  Democracy  Centre  ( refer Part  I  of  this  Bill)     feeding  the  Family Neighbourhood.  

 ***Candidate-in–waiting  is a    Citizen,   planning/decided  on  filing  for the  candidature  for  the  next  Lok  Sabha  tenure ,  and  is  gathering  knowledge, experience, data etc.  for  preparing distinguished Leadership Accountability-Transparency National Services and Electioneering Documents, for  gaining  exposure to  leadership   requisites, insights  into  problems  of  country, besides  in  the  bonus,  broadening  their   knowledge, communication  skills by the opportunity  of   studying  in  the  School  of  life.  Candidate-in-waiting  is  an  informal ,non-official term  coined for People  who  will dedicate  themselves  to Family  Neighbourhood  Building,  Polling  Booth  Locality Building,  Polling  Booth Locality Neighbourhood  Building,  Polling  Booth  Locality  Neighbourhood Cluster(s)  Building,  Interest Linked Group  of  Polling Booth  Locality Building. People   who  are  15  and  above can  attempt  the  jobs of   candidate informally  at  their  ownto  develop leadership  abilities  necessary  as   a  candidate    for  Parliament.  Certainly ,if  young  People  in  schools  get  started early,   they  shall make  one  day  fine  Parliamentarians. It  is  a  great  opportunity in  community  services, social  management  and  developing  organizational    skills. The  candidates  -in-waiting  can  ,for  a  start,  organize activities of  benefit to local  residents ,  can  start  with  matches  ,say,  cricket  matches, between  different  Family  Neighbourhoods, to  produce  rankings   of  all  Family  Neighbourhoods  of  a  Polling  Booth  Locality  to  eventually  produce  a  Polling Booth Locality  Cricket  Team , to hold  ladder up  matches  between  different  Polling  Booth  Localities to  zero  on the  best  composite  team   for  Polling Booth  Locality Neighbourhood/Neighbourhood Cluster(s)  Interest Linked  Group(s).  They  can  thus  keep  on  moving  up ,building   knowledge  and  experience, for formulating stronger  and better  teams,  by  enlarging  the population  combed ,say  onto  Territorial Constituency  onto  Parliamentary Constituency  onto the State(UT,NCT)  etc.  They  can  work on  large  number  of    activities awaiting  them  in  the  Local  Democracy  Centre(  Part  I  of  this  Bill)   for  their  self development, self –Culture and  growth of their  leadership and  management  skills.

( 4.)  for   assessing the life status of People first hand ,in person; as of now, despite the inputs of bygone MPs ,to determine  inputs remaining to  be  providedto obtain objectives of Constitution of India.   Sensing, exploring, feeling People and  overall resources, to formulate and execute plans for the purpose.

(5.) to search for permanent / enduring  solutions to problems (transient, chronic and steady state)  of  the  Common(  Individual , Family, Family Neighbourhood, Polling Booth Locality, Territorial Constituency ,Parliamentary Constituency, State, Nation and Nation vis-à-vis the Globe. 

(6.) for  becoming synonymous  to, in synergy  and unison with the People, to be able to house them in his Mental Space and  Spirit Expanse, to plead in  Parliament, as if the  Constituency were in full    attendance in the  Mega Personage of the MP.

 (7.) To cultivate the Constituency, Polling Booth Locality by Polling Booth Locality. To Grow Independence in every sphere of life. To grow abundance and surpluses of all  positivities . To annihilate negativities by  gradual process  of ongoing  minimization each coming day. Arrange to have all listed (make his own list) of negativities he/she  has brought under control  and those obdurately resistant.

(8.)To get into possession  all data, facts and figures on Constituency/State in particular and of  Nation in general, for obtaining Objectives of Constitution of India at all times .

(9.)To make   assessment of Governmental outputs reaching People  from   all levels of Governance Central, State and  Local, in respect of desired status and prevalent status,    through ongoing interactions and studies . To  provide necessary feedback to Centre, Parliament to obtain desired performance status of Governance. To devise and formulate in consultation with People, ways of economizing improving Governance.  To obtain objectives of Constitution of India. To   assess  in the Constituency, the grade of its Services  vis-à-vis       that could have been possible  elsewise. To  frame and implement measures using popular citizen Power to      tone up administration/Governance , to ensure that   requisite   outputs   do    reach  People.

(10.) In preparation of the Parliamentary Duties, to study first hand the status of Law implementation, need for modifying existing Laws and regulations, best suited  for the People of the Constituency in particular and Nation  in general. The candidate must arm himself /herself  with   detailed data, facts ,figures,  authentication to frame/modify Laws, to be  easily and smoothly implemented, keeping long term goals foremost, in formulating his materials for use during his tenure as Lok Sabha member.

(11.) Candidacy is the time to give demonstration  and proof of being an Exemplary Human Being worthy of leading   21 lakh (on the average ) People per Seat of the Lok Sabha, in particular and near 114 crore  People of India, in general

—————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————chapter VIII ends——————————————————————-                         



AMENDMENT  VIII                             CHAPTER IX   



Amendment VIII: REPRESENTATIONAL REQUIREMENTS FOR CANDIDACY OF RAJYA SABHA   is inserted as section 3A of  CHAPTER I A of PART II A-page 57,The Representation of  the People,1951,

Candidacy is period of   accommodating, seating  People  of  State,  in  the  Personage of  Candidate, to  take  them [[[ ‘We the People of  State(UT,NCT) ]]] to  their  Seat,  allotted to them   in the   Rajya Sabha .



Amendment VIII:                       REPRESENTATIONAL REQUIREMENTS FOR CANDIDACY OF RAJYA SABHA   is inserted as section 3A of  CHAPTER I A of PART II A-page 57,The Representation of  the People,1951,

Candidacy is period of   accommodating seating  People  of  State,  in  the  Personage of  Candidate to  take  them [ ‘We the People of  State(UT,NCT) ] to  their  Seat,  allotted  in  Rajya Sabha .

I.      Why requirements  at all for Rajya  Sabha  Candidate?

In nutshell :

  the question is:

 Is  Rajya Sabha  member representative of *16-17 MLAs , on  the  average ,   of  the State/UT/NCT 

* 4122 total  MLAs( total derived  from Penguin Year Book 2008)       


that   Is Rajya  Sabha member  effecting representation  of  the  People  of  The  State?UT/NCT

Is  it the  question  of                                         To  be    OR

                                                                                                     not  to be??                   

It is true that Rajya Sabha member is elected by  elected members of State Legislative Assembly.  As per   Article 80 clause(4) Constitution of India ‘ The  representatives of  each state in the Council of States shall be elected by the elected members of  the  Legislative  Assembly of the State  ,in accordance  with the system of  proportional representation by means of  the single transferable   vote.’     That is ,the  Rajya Sabha  member is to be elected not by People directly, but  by members  of State Legislative Assembly, who  are  directly elected by the  People of    respective  Territorial Constituencies.  That means , Rajya Sabha member owes his  Seat in  Parliament, indirectly to the People, People being at the base of his Seat in Rajya Sabha,  and at receiving end of his /her outputs  through Rajya Sabha.   Does this  imply/& permit the Rajya Sabha member to sever his/her ties , his/her day to day   direct connection with    People, and   transfer his connection, attention and loyalties  exclusively  to the  State Assembly legislators  who  send him/her   to Rajya Sabha?     Anyone from anywhere in India , can be  a candidate . All he need to have is, means to swing the majority of State legislators  into his/her favour, without even having to know  the map ,language  and life of the People  whose Lives he/she  controls in Parliament   ((( this  because  Constitution  will not  discriminate  any  citizen  from  anywhere  in a State/Constituency   becoming  representative of the  People  of  any other Constituency/State, to bring  out  the omnipresent ,omnipotent, omniscient  federality of Constitution  and  Right, thence of Individual , to  serve  his/her  brethren  regardless of his  belongingness, since Constitution  lets an Individual to  belong  to  anywhere  and  everywhere  in the  Nation, And    His/her   one vote in Rajya Sabha  can defeat a Bill, or pass a Bill.    That is the power of a Rajya Sabha member. He/She may not be directly responsible to the People, would that mean that without   being  in touch with mammoth Population of State( exceeding those of so many  advanced Nations)))  Rajya Sabha  is to control the  day to day lives of People.  To exclude connectivity of the Rajya Sabha member to the People of State and instead transfer his/her connectivity exclusively to State Assembly  members  would be contrary to the intent ,purpose and  function of Rajya Sabha   vis-à-vis    Lok Sabha , Rajya Sabha  vis-à-vis    Parliament and thence  Parliament vis-à-vis   People.  That  member  Rajya Sabha  , can  bypass People , and  get  elected  to Rajya Sabha,  to represent the State and need not know  the affairs of People,  the  areas needing representation. This becomes  very much possible, in a country  with    hundreds of languages spoken  and  such a profuse  diversity. This means , the Rajya Sabha  member need not Know directly the  state of affairs of People of State and yet effectively represent the  State. Can that be practically possible? An examination of  Rajya Sabha proceedings of RSDDTV shows ( can be verified from TV footages) that Rajya Sabha is scantily attended.  This is case of easy come , easy go.  Much has transpired on the matter in this regard in Parliament, and is part of proceedings of Parliament and Media. However, this  problem remaining unsolved, has seriously deteriorated the overall performance of Parliament .The  14th Governance ( read 14th Lok Sabha) has 322 days of overall attendance (till date) compared to 677 days by 1st Parliament [[(—India Today,19Jan,2009,p66)]] . When  The Upper  House  is wanting in providing prompt directions , how can one expect the Parliamentary system to act expeditiously . Since  the  members are not seized of the matters  of state, being not systematically connected to the People, how can they be expected to do justice  to the fast changing dynamics of People’s Lives?

 To  keep track of fast changing life conditions and requirements of development in an era of Globalization, when   downfall of economy of one economically strong Nation  upsets the economy of a Nation like ours ,it  becomes   imperative for Rajya  Sabha to  arrest the extreme dilution of its activities, on account of its  disconnection  with the People of Soil ,around whom the Parliament hinges, and whose(  People’s) creation the Parliament  itself  is. Thence, to activate dynamism of    Rajya Sabha member , it is in place ,that he/she  better go back to the roots of  State, not to get directly elected  by the People, but  to get  bilaterally  connected with  the  People.  To  establish   a dynamic connection with People ,with their fast changing   conditions  of life , their problems , development requirements ,their day to day  changing life needs ,thoughts and  aspiration, to secure them a Future  promised to them by Constitution of India. And  to provide  long term requirements and consequential Agenda  of the People to  Parliament .Being the  Elder ,member of  the  Upper  House  , being  the member of the permanent house  and thence required  to be  provider  of Perpetuity  to  the  Republic ,   being  required  to  be  Provider of   sustained  continuity   (( entering  Parliament  every two years, in  fractional  1/3rd  renewal and the   2/3rd of the older lot r continuing with  the   train of  democratic  journey  through life  and  times of the nation, and  in  the  process helping  maintain  the momentum  of  past , preserving  the information, thought ,feeling , ethos ,  heritage  and  inertia  of  past proceedings  of  the Parliament, since  its  inception, thereby maintaining link and  touch  with  the  causations,    conditions  of all matters of  State, consequently emerging  as the Permanent Witness of Nation’s  Governance,  History  and  Progress)) and   getting  itself  equipped   to provide  stability to the proceedings  of   Rajya  Sabha.  This is  at variance   with   emptying     of    the  whole  house  in  one  jolt,  like  the  Lok Sabha  does to  proceedings  of  Parliament   by     getting  en masse  dissolved.  Rajya Sabha being required  to be  preserving anchor  Power  of  Parliament,   being  of  6  year tenure, compared  to the  5   year  tenure  of  Lok Sabha  , further  making  the  entry   to  Rajya  Sabha  at  30 years of  age   vis-à-vis    25  years age for  Lok Sabha,  all the aforesaid  characteristics  presage   the Rajya Sabha   to  the requirement of  synchronising  its  processes ,proceedings to  those of  Lok  Sabha, to  take it along  the National Road  Map of  Progress,  it has   readied  after ongoing  deliberations  of  all these  years  . Rajya  Sabha need  chaperon  the Lok Sabha  in  unchartered territories  of  Future. Rajya Sabha  need  advise  as  also brief  Lok  Sabha  on  matters  of long time  constants, long  incubation  times , slow processes of  degradation especially. Rajya  Sabha  need enlighten Lok Sabha   being the in-house  Historian  of  Parliamentary  and National  saga.  Rajya  Sabha   not  being  tethered  to  the  Collective  Psyche  of  People, boggled  embroiled and baffled  by expediency, endangerment or aggressive base  instincts , being   selected  by  more mature  section ,rather the  seasoned  political  cream of the State , have  been  by  Constitutional  design,  set   free  from  compulsions of  baser  politics  and greed  of  Times. Thence it is requirement for  the Rajya  Sabha  candidate  to  prepare  for  his/her  tenure  in  Rajya Sabha from  this    afore- described  Perspective. Thence  it behooves   Rajya   Sabha candidate to  get  ready  during candidacy  period , to  get  prepared to   be  the guide,  mentor  , director- supervisor  , Conscience-keeper of Parliament  and  thence  the Charioteer  of   Lok  Sabha  steering  it  , thence   Parliament and  consequently   the Nation, through the    passageway  of  Righteousness and Progress, in Times  good ,bad  or  of  turmoil.  Thence  it stands  to reason, as   a  major  job  of  Rajya  Sabha  member,   to  learn  all that  is  to  Lok  Sabha.  So  that,  he/she  knows  what to  do  when the occasion  arises . Quite  suddenly  at  times. Hence,  while  combing  through  his/her Territorial Constituency for interactions  for  representation  in Rajya  Sabha,  he /she   need  treat his/her adopted  Territorial Constituency  , also,  as a   subsection  of  Parliamentary Constituency , in order  to   obtain  better  coordination  with  Lok Sabha candidate/member  on  one  hand  and  with the  MLAs  of the Territorial Constituencies  on  the  other hand .   Since  per  seat  of  Rajya  Sabha carries burdens  and  forces of (on the average) 45.6  lakh  People of   State vis-à-vis     the  near21 lakhh  People of the  Lok Sabha, he/she  in  order  to promote more comprehensive interaction as Guardian  of  Parliament , and  thence  of the  Constitution, whilst  standing   vertically  below the  President,  with  Vice President  heading  Rajya Sabha  as the Chairman,   he/she(  Rajya  Sabha  member)  need act  as  coordinator   for  Lok Sabha member and  State  legislator, compacting  the  State legislature as an  extension  of  Parliament,  working  in tandem, through auspices  of  Rajya Sabha to cover minimally  45.6 lakh  People  of the State ( preferably  more, say  3×LS seat strength , if  not  2×Rajya  seat strength, more the meritorious ) the  Rajya  Sabha  member then , need to  cover  all the Territorial Constituencies   in  a  Parliamentary  Constituency, to have  a  comprehensive   feel of the   Lok  Sabha Perspective   and    Problems. The Rajya Sabha  Candidate ,thus, need  to keep  in touch with Lok Sabha candidates, Lok Sabha members , especially  the retired  ones , to get  a window to  inside  knowledge   and   experience  of Lok Sabha. The function of Upper House as the permanent House imparting perpetuity, come what may, to Governance, requires that Rajya Sabha need to be very closely watchful of the People,  so as to be in  a position to  steer the  Lok Sabha  expertly in   challenging  times . That requires  a   good grasp and  grip over the  affairs of People of   State in particular   and those  of  rest of Nation ,in general.

The  design of Rajya Sabha , by Constitution  is well thought out,  to presage Stability and Perpetuity  of  Parliament and its consequent  Governance. Indirect selection of Rajya Sabha member through State representatives of the People   is  a device to put  in place  Rajya  Sabha as   the Permanent House  of Parliament , ever ready  to  swing into action , to take  reigns   of  unstable Times of  History of   Nation,   standing  on precipice   of  transience  and  rocking  instability ,  arising    out of  periods  of extraordinary  stresses and turmoil ,for reasons   external   or internal or both. It is in view of such  times ,that  when reason of masses is running  away  with     Insecure  Emotions, wild passions and compulsions  of Time , that  the Nation  stands  in  dire  need  of  someone who  would  nonetheless    remain   ever  so   unaffected ,  by the  Emotions of     Masses  driven berserk  with Extremes of uncontrolled  forces , that  the   thought of a wise  cool Counsel,  so desperately  needed in such times,  did  create the  idea  of a   Rajya Sabha member   being  selected  by  mature State Legislators,  rather  than by the  impassioned   men billowed  by  stormy    times. The idea  of Constitution  is  no  where to isolate  Rajya  Sabha  member from People, whose  highest  Well–wisher, Supreme Guardian and Ultimate  care taker  he/she   is designed  to be. To be available , cool  and  comforting as Tower  of  strength,  the  Beacon  Light ,  The  Encyclopaedia of  the People,  capable  of   directing  and  controlling the worst  of Times  , wildest of Human Passions  and  greediest of the allurements. Constituent Assembly deliberating      (2 years 11months  18  days  before 26th  November  1949)       in the dark, before the  twilight  of Freedom, was  well seized of  the long roll call of  turmoil turbulence and  subjugating  upheavals of  Indian History flowing  down   from ancient times, to have put in place the unique  design  of Rajya Sabha   vis-à-vis    the Parliament. The present requirement is  occasioned  by plummeting  standards of Rajya  Sabha performance, the abdication of seriousness by  custodians  of Democracy  in Parliament, for  reason of its separation (  better  alienation)  from  People ,remaining out of touch  with  them,  unknown to Common  man. That is not   what the Rajya Sabha  and its very  wise  and worship-worthy  Members    were  supposed to be, and required  to  be . The present  requirements  of  re-establishing  contact  of Rajya Sabha  with  People( without  Rajya Sabha member  having  to be   elected   directly  by  People) shall  put  Rajya  Sabha   back to were  it  belongs .   In  knowledge  of  People  ,  in a  position   to  monitor  and   help  Lok Sabha  with  its  business of  helping  People  govern  themselves.

To  relieve the hunger  of 47*** crore hungry People in Nation starving each  night, to meet the queue of day by day worsening  challenges  confronting the Nation, to get out of this monstrous rut of 58 years , getting connected  to the People by just 238+12 members  of Rajya Sabha, to put few morsels in the  plates of 47  crore Indians,  who  do not  get two meals  a day, is a small price, if the Rajya Sabha agrees ,if the Lok Sabha  agrees , if the Polity  agrees  .  Because  in  the  Parliament , People  do not  exist , do not  matter  ,therefore.  Part G Chapter IX  of the Bill  framing requirements of connecting   Rajya  Sabha  member   to  People , remedies this chronic problem  by requiring Rajya Sabha to get  connected to People , to become knowledgeable of their Lives, performance of    Legislatures( Central ,State, Local) at all levels, and of the outputs reaching  People  from  the  corresponding Governments and administrations , so as  to   input  effective directions  to Parliament,  being   its Supervisor , Director ,Permanent  Owner, Conductor , Charioteer.  For  Lok Sabha , like  a tenant  comes and  goes ,the  Rajya Sabha ,  the  Permanent Manager-  Caretaker   goes on forever; streaming through   every State ,Territorial Constituency  , running its currents  through  every   Family Neighbourhood  and Individual    of the    Country , flowing  on forever. How can Rajya Sabha be not correlated and synergised with Lok  Sabha , and yet  be playing  the conductor to  Lok Sabha  driving  the Engine of Governance  carrying  People to  the  destinations created  by  Constitution  of  India. Being the Collective Mind and Distilled Wisdom  of the People, it must  dig into thoughts of People .  It must remain ongoingly connected with the  People, face to face , to provide    meaningful counsel  to Parliament , Governance and People, at  all times.  The requirements  of going  to People, brings  to  an end  the  era  of  separation and  isolation   of Rajya Sabha from the People, restoring  the Rajya Sabha member back  to the People. People are  at the base , inside and outside  of the Parliament. The  Rajya  Sabha  member  ,then ,is  required  to  bear   the  aforesaid  perspective  and the  consequential  transactions  required  of    Rajya  Sabha. ***[[[About 47 crores go without two meals  a day, 100crores do not have pure drinking water, about 99% population  does not have the capacity to go to courts( HT Punjab Sept. 29,2008 p2 quote from Justice GAS Singhvi  , Supreme  Court]]].  

II.   Grooming to be one of Elders of Parliament: 

Getting connected to Rajya Sabha:    First thing first, regarding  donning on the  supervisory and elderly role of Rajya Sabha member in the Parliament ,the Rajya Sabha candidate need prepare  for the onerous Responsibility of  perpetually steering the Parliament  and its consequent  Governance Outputs  commensurate to every objective of Constitution of India, getting  started  right as the Candidate for Rajya Sabha .  And thence ,from day One of being the candidate,  to   start studying  the proceedings of Lok Sabha   vis-à-vis   those  of Rajya Sabha   ,for   each session’s proceedings,         (((using  LSDDTV, RSDDTV , Library, Parliamentary proceedings, Local State Assembly proceedings, outputs of Central Government  and of the State ( UT,NCT)  Government ,especially those reaching the People, particularly the common man, Election Commission of India ,Internet, Media, Earning People’s Approval And Confidence-Validating The Ballot-Periodic Presentation / Representation Reports ,National Services & Electioneering  Presentation    Documents/ Representation National Services Documents , Nation Building Action Plans etc.))) ,          in order to find all the deficits  which need to  be  corrected  . He/she, need to  study ,examine    and assess the proceedings,  making written personal weekly   Notes/Reports session-wise( for self instruction, preferably for consumption  of  Parliament  )         ; with  view to   offer observations , suggestions, feedback  from  State pertinent  to  the  proceedings  of  the  Parliament, corrections  so as to  avoid   errors ,oversights  ,misjudgements,  pitfalls   creeping   into      Parliamentary  proceedings ,for  the   desired steering  of Governance and the  eventual outputs  reaching the People.

   To make every minute of Candidacy period   count,   and  to use it  to prepare for  each  corresponding minute    of  the  oncoming tenure  as MP . For  that,  the   candidate need  definitely  ascertain  what  Results  he/she  will/must have  in  place , at  the  end  of  his /her  candidacy ,   on the  day one of  6  years  of tenure,  as   member of  Rajya Sabha .Thence  the   candidate on  the  day  one  of   his/her  Candidacy  ,   need  to be  knowing and      be  determined  ,be  clear and  100%  SURE  ,    of  what   Results  he/she  would   100%  without  fail would  have   i)  Secured  for   the  People  ,ii)   and  what  Knowledge,  experience and  realisation  of  People’s  requirements,  state  of  existence he/she  would  have put  in  place  , Territorial  Constituency  to  Territorial  Constituency,     at  the  end  of  6  years   of  his /her   Period  of  Candidacy of  Raya  Sabha  Seat.   Otherwise  he/she will waste  People’s  precious  Time,  Money  and  Energies. An uncertain  charioteer (  Rajya   Sabha  member) will not  lead   People  to  either their  destination  or  any  Victory  in  realisation  of  Objectives  of  the  Constitution  of  India.    

 To conduct  comprehensive programmed in-depth interactions  by  meeting  maximum number of  People, personally face to face , so that  when at the end of his/her Candidacy period     he/she  carries away  the   vote  of people ,he/she       also carries in his  Mind,   all these People  [[[( that is ,the owners of Ballots in his/her hand)]]] , person by person, into the Parliament ,so that his/her representation   in fact  , is real ,  Live  and  pulsating .      With Candidate  concentrating on  every parameter (  Monetary and  life needs,  Intellectual,  sociological, Cultural……….)of concern to Nation’s Development , in each  Polling Booth Locality of Parliamentary Constituency to be represented, the Candidate for Lok Sabha is  required  to  formulate  a  List of items    (well defined  string  of  tasks/goals),  assigning  order of priority to each item,  and thence  in a systematic and orderly manner,   direct    his/her  attention , his/her  Parliamentary Constituency’s attention and  Nation’s Attention, to accomplish the listed Targets to deliver results   week  by  week ,  month  by  month  ,  carrying  out  the  tasks    systematically  with  enviable  grades and  durability.

  Candidate to groom  himself/herself for quality leadership, by comprehensive schooling and  training in ground  realities of People of soil ,in heat, cold, sweat, struggle  and toil of  life conditions,  in the State ( UT).        To install People’s partnership and participation in Democratic processes for Nation Building and effecting a Welfare State .To  obtain  a Democracy ,wherein ,People ,are the Individuals. Specific  locatable real Individuals,        not  statistics, not  indefinite  anonymous     barely visible specks  of  a  jumbo  crowd. Not   this hitherto  uncertain, unspecific, unlocatable,  unheard, unseen,  unfelt—unknown  People    and   their  stranger  Representative— [[[MAY BE  DELETED:  amounting  to    travesty  of  reason  and  sensibility-  giving   way  to  a  fictitious  representation  in  the  Parliament .   Things  so  far have    meant   an   impersonation  of  Democracy]]]

 III. Keeping People Connected to Candidate:      To  requisition  a Web Site from Election Commission of India and  make Daily(optional) Weekly…..Yearly, Consolidated 2,3,4,5Yearly,5year and 11monthly Earning People’s Approval And Confidence- Validating The Ballot-Periodic( Daily, Weekly…..,Yearly)Presentation/Representation Reports  to People. ( Formal signed authentic  hard copy to reach Election Commission of India designated Officer by  appointed time sharp.)   To  let  following   Ministries of  Parliamentary  affairs, Information and  Broadcasting,  Communications besides  Public  Relation  Departments  ,directorates of  Publicity  besides Media  to  post  his/her  communications  to  and  from People,  especially  by  local  Post  Offices,  Panchayats  etc.

To integrate, starting with  Collectivities  from grass root levels of Family Neighbourhood- Polling Booth Locality  ,building through Territorial Constituency  level to its  various combinations      [[(  Territorial Constituency.Neighbourhood,  Territorial Constituency.Neighbourhood  Cluster(s), Interest Linked Group of  Territorial Constituencies  within the State, and with  the  Territorial  Constituencies out  of the  State)]]    and thence coordinating all Territorial  Constituencies within the precincts   of the Parliamentary Constituency, onto  remaining Territorial  Constituencies  of   State(UT,NCT).  To provide  one  united  purpose   to the grass root associations/& Collectivities for sake of unification, integration   ,for  enriching  lives of  specific  identifiable Individuals  and  families in each  Polling  Booth Locality.    To  integrate    Resident Welfare Associations.                With special emphasis on livelihood  to  coordinate Employment oriented, Productivity oriented Associations  ,Committees, Organizations, Councils,  Trade Unions,  Industrial Associations, Market Associations.  To  coordinate  to  act to  synergise    all   types  of  collectivities  ( for example ,   concerning Knowledge,  Education, Practical trainings Skills/Crafts, Materials, Labour ,transportation, Finances, Management etc .)  at  various  levels  in  the  State,  starting  from Polling Booth  Locality  onto  Territorial  Constituency onto State. And, thence, moving on  to the  next  stage  of  coordination, unification  and   integration at  the  inter-state level, especially State  Combinations,  with  a view  to  render  Nation, as One Integrated National  Family.

III. Electioneering begins on the  day of taking Oath ,of  the  latest batch of Rajya Sabha members,  taking their seats  in the   Rajya Sabha  of Parliament.  The candidate can file his nomination application for next tenure 6 years ahead, within 24 hours of the Oath taking of Rajya Sabha member(s) from a particular State. This nomination is open for one month (3months for the first batch of Candidates, upon coming in force  of the Present bill , as an Act of Parliament ) .  This Electioneering ( read continuously ongoing, uniformly distributed and evenly  concentrated Interactions, conducted in a planned  and  organized   manner ,every where in the represented State in particular, and the  Nation in general)      is to end 30×24 hours before, the ballot for Election to  Rajya Sabha  Seat , is to be cast.

Candidacy  period is a Period of comprehensively Electioneering with grass root People,  by being with them, in all colours of their   Lives, in all circumstances – good and bad ,in all situations  and  moods, in place of superficial    contact  with  unidentifiable  non-descript  anonymous  crowds  of  this  day. Candidate is to interact with People, to appreciate the  struggles, hardships ,challenges of ordinary people, sons of soil toiling in fields ,in scalding heat of May, and watering plants  in the icy cold chilling  December nights. This is essential  for the Candidate/Member  Parliament to be in touch,  to become  one  with them , 

them , to  be  in  midst  of  their pleasures and  pains,   their miseries and helplessness, their  potentials and powers, to be synonymous with them, to be  their Embodiment in Rajya Sabha. To be one of them . To be the Commonest Man/Woman, to  be  the  highest  Common  Factor  Man/Woman,  to  be  the  distilled  Best , the  peak  of  their   Virtues  ,Abilities, Highest  of  their  Ideals,that is  to  be  their  Leader. In  fact to be  the   Centre and  Repository   of  their   Hopes  ,Dreams  and  Trust. The candidate is to accommodate them all in his Mental Space and Spirit Expanse, like the Matriarch/Patriarch, constantly  in touch with  his/her brood  ,  charged, motivated   and activated  by  their   Lives.

IV.       To render Nation totally    independent,  in Global community of Nations , to make Nation rid of all its negativities, to reinforce all its  positivities, to make  Nation Global Power , to  claim  Nation’s  share of   minimally  1/6th      (Every sixth Human on earth is  an  Indian,therefore……..) of all Prizes ,Honours , Top Rankings  in competitions of all spheres of  shared Global activities ,for example  Noble Prizes , Olympics medals, top  rankings and ratings of  UNO, IMF ,WB, ADB, International Standardising Agencies  ( including National  ones)  as   of    GDP, per capita income , per 1000 People/Polling  Booth  Locality  facilities, Standard of Living, Standard of Governance , Standards of Civility and Civilization, Human Development Index;  Employment vis-à-vis    wages, emoluments ;  Literacy rate,  ……., the  Rajya  Sabha  candidates  particularly, are  required  to  create  25 Yearly Nation Building Action Plans  and concomitant Work  Schedules ,25 Yearly Master Plans ( to be implemented in 5 yearly modules ) by comprehensive  deliberations involving every citizen.   To utilise  pilot    projects,   to  gather  practical inputs for rendering these Action Plans  totally practical  and implementable,  in the ground realities  of  Constituency and State Life. To use inputs from State Legislatures & Government, from Local Bodies  (especially, from  Panchayats,  in most comprehensive  details) and concurrent administration,  for obtaining acceptable and   enduring outputs.  

 V. How  Candidate goes  about  in Period of Candidacy?:  Period of  Candidacy   is to become one  with the People, whether  the People  are good or bad, lovely or ugly, stupid or intelligent, rich or poor, high caste or low caste, able bodied or physically challenged, truthful or liars, penniless  or  kingly   rich, high or low, Candidate likes or not , of Candidate’s party or not ,of Candidate’s constituency or not , of Candidate’s State or not….. in  whatever shape, form ,circumstance ……. Candidate owns them ,own them like Candidate   owns his/her   father, mother, brother ,sister, son ,daughter;       and when Candidate gets elected by them, Candidate amounts to be like their  Father ,Mother everything,  And  in  that correlation, the People’s  Responsibilities are now Candidate’s  responsibilities, their  duties are Candidate’s duties.    …And  surely vice-versa  , as in  a family , whatever is actually , factually, practically  true for   the Head of Family ,same is to  be true for   the  Candidate , as   he/she  would  be  Joint  Head  of  State(UT,NCT) Family . If candidate feels otherwise, then he/she   need   think of preamble to the Constitution of India: We the People…………..  secure to  all its citizens………..Fraternity……. That is the Spirit for the would be Head of Family  with 45.6 Lakh People , about half crore—almost the size of, half  of  or  more of , many  a  advanced  *Nation ,drawn from adopted/represented State, to rear, to grow, to build, to shape them  ( children of the Land) into Excellence in all its forms ,to show a good face to The Maker            [[( read People of India ,for the Candidate who does not believe in the   Ultimate ‘Maker’    in the end ,who keeps all Candidate’s records …..moment by moment)]]      . After all        ,the Rajya Sabha member represents PEOPLE OF THE Nation statewise, thence  in the natural scheme of things , the Candidate for Rajya Sabha is to do electioneering for 5 years and 11 months , not  just with the  MLAs , whom the    Constitution  of India assigns the job of electing him, to the Council of States      (read Rajya Sabha)   on behalf of the People,   by  their( MLA’s)  Ballot        (( courtesy the  People of the  State Constituency ,that  is   the  Territorial Constituency)) ,    but  rather with the  very  People of the  Territorial Constituency       (State Legislative Assembly Constituency)         who  in the  first  place  elected them  (MLAs)   to the office of the  member of Legislative Assembly  so  as  to elect  him/her .* India pci 3700$(  in  fact  for   Below Poverty Line   earning 1.25$ per  day= 456$pa   and  yet  others  earning Rs.20 per   day= 152 $ per annum  for  over 70% People),        Belgium     103Lakh,pci-31800$,Austria      82Lakh,pci35000$,Denmark- 54.7lakh pci-37000$,Finland   52.3 lakh,32800$,        Iceland 3lakh,pci381000$,Israel 64.2lakh,pci 26,2000$,Norway  46 Lakh,46,300$,,Sweden, 90lakh,32,200$,Switzerland 75.5lakh,34000$)—Population,Per Capita Income ,Source Manorma Year Book, 2008 )


To network  (financially, socially, politically, culturally, fraternally,  especially  productivitywise   and   employmentwise, ……….everywise) Territorial Constituencies  of the  State(UT),similarly State networked into State Neighbourhood, State Neighbourhood Clusters, Interest linked Group of States  and eventually network all States, UTs, NCT  into one  financially, socially, politically, culturally, fraternally, productivitywise,  employmentwise ……….everywise networked  Robust Nation. To   formulate   Agreements, Memoranda  of  Understanding ( MoU), Joint  Communique   etc. to  put  on solid  footing, the joining of  forces   by  different  States,  UTs, NCT  with  the  State(UT,NCT)   ,  to formulate    various    State Combinations  of State Neighbourhod,  State Neighbourhood  Cluster(s) , Interest linked  Group(s)  of  State . To  establish  interconnectivity   amongst   Territorial Constituencies of State, amongst states and UTs. To take  stock of  State Legislature, Local Bodies, Panchayats…. affecting the lives of People of the State, down to each Polling Booth Locality of the State( mostly synonymous with  Polling Booth Locality of the Parliamentary Constituency).

TO UNITE, INTEGRATE  in consonance to  oath as candidate to Parliament. To unite Territorial  Constituencies . To  unite   thereafter   the  States. To unite legislators within the State(UT), legislators across the state ,People of Territorial Constituency , People of Parliamentary Constituency, People of State, People of India  by cohesive  bonding them   with  common  factor ,  joint,   cooperative activities, programs, projects, ventures, Initiatives, programs  devoted   to  mutually  increase  outputs  of  each  state,  to  obtain objectives  of  Constitution  of  India. To  create  and  set  in   motion ,  groups/ Individuals to monitor the specific  enlisted  outputs of Local Governance, State Governance and Central Governance, in order to coordinate all into one  united front ,serving the  common man ,in any and every Polling Booth Locality. Thus, to act as coordinator and Unifier of Governance, at all levels in the Nation.

VI. The  candidate Rajya  Sabha , is  required  to  select  the  following  for  *adopting as  his populations  for  special  inputs    for  consequential  targeted  outputs  as  per  his/ her  Leadership  Accountancy-Transparency National  Services  and  Electioneering   Documents: i) As  many   Parliamentary  Constituencies  as =  Total  Number  of  Parliamentary  Constituencies  in  the  State( UT,NCT) divided by  the  number  of  Rajya  Sabha  members  allocated  to  the   concerned  State(UT,NCT) as per the Fourth Schedule,  Constitution of India. If it is a  fractional  number which is  quite likely ,he/she  then  take this  fraction=1( for example  one and half  to be taken for two,not one).  That is  the  number  of Parliamentary Constituencies to be  selected, shall be  1  more than the  whole   number gotten  by   division. ii) Thence the  Candidate Rajya  Sabha  is  required  to minimally, adopt all the  Territorial  Constituencies therein. He/she  is  to  declare  after  due  consideration ,the iii) 2 Territorial Constituencies  each;  as specific, certain, targeted field  work areas    for  his  preparation,     for each of  the  four(minimum) Central Ministries  he/she  at the  time  of  filing  candidature for Rajya  Sabha ,had  chosen   as   the  areas  of  expertise,  as  per  the   Leadership Accountancy-Transparency National  Services and  Electioneering  Documents ; especially   the   National Services & Electioneering  Presentation    Documents,  particularly   5A to 5H,  leaving  out   none of  the  remaining   ones, for needful  referral  in  the    present  context. After   naming  the  2 Territorial Constituencies within  the  selected  Parliamentary  Constituencies for   getting  ready  for  every  kind  of  business transacted  relating  to  these  Ministries  in  the Parliament ,  in  the  Central  Ministries  and    the related  Ministries  of  the   State(UT,NCT) ,   that  is  accounting  for  8  Territorial  Constituencies ,thus,  the candidate is  required  to  similarly   ,iv)   adopt  likewise  two  constituencies  for each  of 3( minimum) chosen  Ministries  of  his/her  State(UT,NCT) as  per his/her  Leadership Accountancy-Transparency National  Services  Documents. That  is  ,   6  Territorial Constituencies  to     specialize  in  matters  of  State ,in  respect  of  three state Ministries with  counterpart or strongly  related  Ministries  of  Centre,  to  get   a   comprehensive  feel  and  grip  over   the   matters  of    State(UT,NCT), carried  over to  the Central  Government. The  candidate  is  to  prepare  with  a view  to be  an expert over  every  matter  related  to  afore  mentioned  4+3 Ministries   chosen  by  him whether as  member  of  Rajya  Sabha     or  as  Minister  at  Centre. The     candidate , is  to understand each  desk  of  Executive( read  Bureaucracy)     related  to  these  Ministries  ,in order  to  provide ,expert  instructions  and  guidance to  the  Governance ,getting  started ,  right  as  a Candidate. Thence  the  immense stretch  of  work  that  awaits  Rajya  Sabha  member.

Regarding  v)     the  rest  of   Territorial  Constituencies  adopted  by  the  candidate,  she/he is  free  to  specialise,  as  per  his/her   ascribed priorities of   importance  of  Problems  faced  by  the  State(UT,NCT) as    per   his/her National Services & Electioneering  Presentation    Documents.

*Allotment of Parliamentary  Constituencies in  first  place and  Territorial  Constituencies  ,in the second   place: The candidates  shall be  allotted the Parliamentary Constituencies as  per  their  choice  in as  far  as,  it  is  possible .  In the  event  two   or  more  candidates  opt to  adopt  same  Parliamentary  Constituency and  Territorial  Constituency,  then,  the  Election Commission of India  shall   allot    first   preference to  the candidates  who  have residence and vote in  a  given  Parliamentary  Constituency  and  Territorial  Constituency. However , in  case   more  than   two  candidates  are  fulfilling  this  criteria,  and  total  number  of  candidates, divided  by  number  of  Parliamentary  Constituencies shall  be  the  whole  number( fra ction to be taken equal to one),  giving  the number  of  people  to be  allowed  same  parliamentary  Constituency.  In a   event  the  applicants  for   a  Parliamentary  Constituency  exceeds  this  whole  number,  then  lottery  shall be  resorted  to  allocate the  choice.  The  next  round  of  allocation  being  over  in  equally  distributing  the  candidates  across all  Parliamentary  Constituencies,  next  phase  of   allocation  by  lottery  shall be  carried  out  to  exhaust  all  the  candidates .  Effort  shall be  made  to give  every  candidate  Parliamentary Constituency  and  the  Territorial  Constituency  of  his/her  choice.   The  lottery  is   being  preferred  over  the  age  criteria or  the  alphabetical  basis  for  name  of  the  candidate  etc.,  to  give  a  feeling  of  unbiased  equal  random  number  opportunity  to  each  candidate.  



VII. To   develop  Expertise, in minimally, three Ministries of State and four Ministries at the Centre[[[[[with Ministry ensuring adequate Employment/Livelihood commensurate to  standard of Living on par  with that of 10 best developed countries as compulsory Ministry for all  MPs ,including those of Lok Sabha]]]]] . With the Territorial Constituencies of clause VI  above, as the  focus  of  his/her  efforts,  to  elicit  desired  outputs    from three State Ministries   and four Central Ministries. To  gain mastery  in  the  working  of  these  Ministries  and  set  Pilot projects /& targets for transacting with  these  Ministries  and   accomplishing the  declared targets during Candidacy.  And later  during   tenure   as   the Member of Rajya Sabha /Minister,  to  focus  at   National  level, in  concordance to  varied  Nation  Building  Action  Plans.  For the oncoming period of tenure as Rajya Sabha member , the Candidate need declare minimally  One State Neighbourhood, one State Neighbourhood Cluster, one  Interest Linked  Group of  States(UT,NCT)  of  and  Nation as    focus  of the outputs  of  four Ministries, declared as areas of expertise in Central Government to  carry forward the  Projects ,Ventures ,Programs, activities as  per his/her  varied Leadership Accountability- Transparency National Services  and  Electioneering   Documents especially National Services & Electioneering  Presentation    Document/ Representation National Services Document s,  particularly   5A to 5H,  leaving  out   none of  the  remaining. The seed work  in this respect is to be started during the period of  Candidacy for Rajya Sabha . Generating   an agenda  separately for each ministry  , the  candidate is  to  select Ministries as per his/her  National Services and  Electioneering  Presentation  Documents.  He/she need   study , to  thoroughly   master  Part H  of  present     Bill, bearing  on  the   requirements from  Ministers in  Chapter X       bearing  on  requirements  for  Member  of  Parliament. Thence  candidate need  prepare  accordingly to use the  period of  Candidacy , to  learn  intensively  and  extensively   of the  required   outputs  of  that  Ministry , and  its  returns  to the   People,  in  the  stark  ground  realities  of  their  Lives  in  the  nick  of  time , when  they  need    these  outputs  most.  The Candidate need to  prepare the List(s)  of  inputs, outputs including  the  Budget of  each  Ministry .

 Preparing  as  candidate  for being Minister  in  next  batch entering Rajya  Sabha 6 years  hence, whether  as  Cabinet  Minister  or  Minister  with independent  charge  or  Minister of  State  or  Deputy  Minister    of   4 Ministries  selected   as  per   the  National  Services and  Electioneering Presentation Document    submitted  to  the  People  for  attaining  the  Candidacy  for  Lok  Sabha. 

The  candidate  is  to  use  the period  of  candidacy  to learn everything  that  is  there  to  each  of  these  Ministries,  their  structures,  functions  ,  budgets  from  1952  onwards  up to date  and then onto Master Plans  for  next  25  years  of each Ministry  ,  their   outputs reaching the  People  of the  Constituency  in  particular  and Nation  in general;  and  concomitant deficits, lapses ,  qualitative attributes,  durability   of  outputs  ,level of  courtesy ,civility  and  promptness of  services,  the  level  of  corruption  permeating  at  the  interface levels  with people  dealing  with  these  Ministries ,the Budget  savings  that   can  be  made  by  altered   algorithms / procedures/processes  of  various  operations  ,functions  of  the Ministry.  The  candidate  is  required  to   fully  comprehend  his/her  Representational Duties ,Parliamentary  Duties and  Governmental   Duties (  Clauses  5,6 and 7 respectively  of  Part E , Amendment V : Responsibilities and  Duties  in  Chapter VI of  this  Bill  )      in       a  concerted  manner  to  detail  the  changes  the  candidate  will  implement  in   his/her  tenure  as  Minister , in the   event  , he/she  does  become  Minister on  becoming  the  Rajya  sabha member.   The  Candidate  is  required  to  send  a Report  of his  preparations  and proposals,  Calendar  of  activities  etc.  as would-be-Minister for  5 year  tenure  and concomitant  List  of  Ministry Outputs,  especially   their  monetary  contributions  to  Nation’s  Treasuries.  The   candidate  is  to also detail out  the  measures  he/she will  take,  to make the  Ministry  produce   outputs,  on  par  with those  of  10  best  developed  countries,  specially  the  Contributions  of   each  Ministry directly/indirectly to  increment, say  minimally  by 10%,  or  more :  Standard  of  Governance  , Standard of  Living,    per capita  income,  per 100 People,1000People( Poliing Booth  Locality),10,000 People Facilites,  GDP,  Human  Development   Index, Conveniences, encouragements  to  the  People , and  spur   to  small time   enterprise(s) ,  entrepreneurship(s)  targeted at  unorganized  labour (  40  crore,97% of net labour ,meaning  bulk of overall number of  employed People )  and  a  enlarged  version  for Professional  students (  engineering,  Business administration, Commerce……), Students  from  other  disciplines, next  stage  to  pass outs  from  aforesaid  disciplines,  others  not mentioned  but  all the same  worthy  and very much  deserving  (((  especially  overall   estimated  about 20  crore or   more  graduates, postgraduates)))   especially  those with  informal/self training,  experience  etc. etc. The  candidate is to  provide Report  as  would-be Minister  from  Rajya Sabha  for Ministries X,Y,Z, to be  updated each  Year  , to be  reported  as  part  of  Consolidated  1Yearly,2 Yearly,3Yearly,4 yearly and 4 year11months Earning People’s Approval And Confidence-Validating The Ballot- 1Yearly/2 Yearly/3Yearly/4 yearly/ and 4 year11months  Presentation Report submitted  to  the  People.

VIII .Preparing   as i) Prime  Minister;  as  ii)  Vice  Chairman Rajya  Sabha :

 i) The  Candidate  is   required  ,   as  for previous  paragraphs,  as  charge  of  4  Ministries,   to  similarly each  year, to  make  preparations,  so  as to  create  inputs  for  Consolidated  1 Yearly,2 Yearly,3Yearly,4 yearly and 4 year 11months Earning People’s Approval And Confidence-Validating The Ballot- 1Yearly/2 Yearly/3Yearly/4 yearly/5years/ and 5 year11months  Presentation National Services and Electioneering Report submitted  to  the  People ,  that  detail out  his  future inputs  as  PM  of    Nation, to   realize  the  immediate  goal  of  making  Nation  developed , on  par  with  the  10  best  developed  Nations  of  World,by2020,26 January , wherein  all the parameter ,indices  values(  that  is  per capita  income  of  Below Poverty Line  ,  rural  poor,  GDP,  HDI,  Price Index, Literacy  employment,  Litigation……..)…,  shall  have  surpassed  those  describing 10  best  developed countries,  to  day,  and as  on  26th  January 2020(  especially  the  ones  noted  for  4 Ministries  of  above  paragraph).The  candidate need provide  measures  to  realize Nation  Building  Action  Plans   till 2084,  during  his/her  tenure as  Prime  Minister  in  next  Lok  Sabha   (  presently for 2014 inaugural) .The  candidate  need  detail  measures  for   changes  he/she  will  make  to  depart  from  present  way  of  functioning. He/she   can  give  his/her   say , 10 to 100 detailed orders for  Bureaucracy, the  day   he/she  takes  over  as  Minister,  for  example.

 ii) The  candidate  need  detail  out  his/her  role  as Vice- Chairman  Rajya  Sabha for  next  tenure, providing Calendar,  Time  Table and  net  throughput/work  disposed  of by  Rajya  Sabha in  its 15 sessions  2014  to 2019.

———————————————————————————————————————————————————————————-chapter IX ends———————————————————————-

 AMENDMENT IX:                                                     CHAPTER  X


Preamble: MP MP for Majesty of People, Might of People, Messenger of  People. Medium  of  People, More Progress, Multiplier of Productivity, Music of People,  My Person , Mission Prosperity, Mission Peace

 Part H: REPRESENTATIONAL   REQUIREMENTS  FOR   MEMBER   OF    PARLIAMENT  Performance  requirements for Member of Parliament( Lok Sabha, Rajya Sabha) is inserted as section 3AB    Chapter I AB  PART II AB on  PERFORMANCE REQUIREMENTS -page 57, The Representation of   The People Act,1951.


1…To  file National  Services and  Electioneering Representation Document     as  Member Parliament    within  60 days  of  Oath  taking  ( latest, but preferably ,on day one, PLUS   30 more  days allowed  for  the  first  batch  of candidates, filing  immediately within  3 months  of  coming  into   force   of  present  Bill to  be  an  Act   )  by  majority/installing  of  new Lok Sabha.   The Representation  National  Services  Documents,   are  to     be  re-casted   from  the National Services & Electioneering  Presentation    Document .  Further, Nation  Building Action Plans  and concomitant   Work  schedules , Earning people’s Approval And  Confidence-Validating  The  Ballot- Periodic Presentation Reports and other  Leadership Accountability-Transparency National Services  and  Electioneering Documents too  are required to be   submitted  to the People,     in    light  of   newly  crystallized  position of MP  ( whether   in Opposition, or in Ruling   side, or additional  role , assignment as Leader of Opposition/Ruling  side ,or as Speaker/Deputy speaker/ Vice  Chairman, or Minister  with / without Portfolio , or any other tasks /assignments  by Lok Sabha/Rajya Sabha/Ministry).  The  finalised  National  Services  Representation  Documents  and concomitant  Work schedules,  need  to  provide  work  output  details  ,Week by Week , Day  by Day, hour  by  hour  ,for  the whole  upcoming  tenure , as per the new-found set  of specific Responsibilities  and Duties (refer   Part E, Chapter V  of Bill), especially as  Minister or   as   other Office bearer of Lok Sabha/Rajya Sabha/both . These newly     finalised  National  Services and   Representation Documents   are required    to   take  into  account , the full stock   of the future  role  of MP  ( in whatever capacity) in Lok Sabha/ Rajya  Sabha,   in addition  to  Commitments ,Promises etc. etc. materials of National Services & Electioneering  Presentation    Document     etc. . In view     of  modified  roles of each   Rajya Sabha member    vis-à-vis    the   new  Lok Sabha  with a  consequent   new  Government  in  place, the Rajya  Sabha members   are required  to  turn in    freshly  revised  National  Services and  Electioneering Presentation Document   , in order to team up  with  new Lok Sabha, especially  in  view of   the   newly  installed    Ministries,  and  consequent  changes  in all activities  of Parliament  and  the  coupled  Governance  therewith.

Having  finalised the   National Services and  Electioneering Representation  Documents  applicable  for  the oncoming  tenure  as  MP, the MP whether  of Lok  Sabha  or  of  Rajya  Sabha,  the  next that  MP  is  to  straight away  in  final  cut  and  dried  form  is  to provide  are   the Documents 7 E, F and  G  detailing   accomplishments ,outputs for  the  oncoming  tenure  of  MP. Documents  7A,7B,7C,7D  were in fact the  precursors of  present  Documents    to  be  provided   by  MP.  

 In the event, Rajya Sabha member or  Lok Sabha member  files for candidacy     of  Lok Sabha or Rajya Sabha for next  tenure, which he is entitled to, he shall abide by  all requirements  of Candidacy, and    that whatever he currently  transacts,   as Rajya Sabha member or as Lok Sabha   member , it will be counted for as his/her  inputs,  as a candidate as well. He  is, thus, permitted the formality of resubmitting contents of  his Representation National  Services   Documents  adapted  for next  tenure, re-slanted   as National Services & Electioneering  Presentation    Documents   ,for  his  forthcoming  tenure  5 years   hence , as possible next  turn Lok Sabha   member.  He/she  is at  full liberty  to provide  all/chosen ,separately recast, reframed Representation National Services     Documents as National  Services and  Electioneering Presentation Documents    to People ,in anticipation  of next  Election . Similarly, for  Rajya Sabha member  filing for his candidacy 6 years  hence . The Rajya Sabha member has also the obligation to send   the aforesaid Representation National Services Documents   along with  the  Earning People’s Approval and Confidence- Validating The Ballot- Periodic Presentation /Representation Reports , Interaction Reports  etc. ….  to their  electors  ,that is Legislators of the State/UT/NCT , slanted for People of  individual Territorial Constituencies and respective MLAs.  

The Lok Sabha member and Rajya Sabha member ,are to interact with People in  non session  period  unless  formally  put on duties , assignments   by    the  Speaker Lok Sabha, Chairman Rajya Sabha ,  Prime Minister  after permission  of Speaker  Lok Sabha /& Chairman Rajya Sabha. However, the burden of conducting ongoing electioneering remains on MP/Minister/MP on   assigned  Parliamentary  and Governmental Duties ,throughout   his/her tenure in Parliament . MP,  thence need  release his 5 yearly Calendar of broad activities  as  Lok Sabha member/ similarly, 6 yearly  Calendar, as  Rajya Sabha member,  to discharge  his/her functions  in Parliament and  his activities  by personally  being   amongst the People,  to accomplish ongoing  full term electioneering  evenly distributed over tenure of 5/6 years.

To use minimally 25%  of non-session time and even  more time during session,  for unification of Constituency with rest of Constituencies of Nation as Lok Sabha Member   . Likewise 25% time to  be  used  for unification of State(UT,NCT) with rest of States(UT,NCT) of Nation as Rajya Sabha Member. Unification need spell out ,all types of endurable  bond growing and strengthening activities, events, programs,  Service Projects, initiatives  to obtain family like   real  , sensitive  and proactive  Fraternity.  

To make every minute of membership of Parliament  count. To prepare for  each  corresponding minute of next tenure. To initiate founding  and initialising tasks  and jobs of 25 Yearly Nation Building Action Plans , and the  component  25 Yearly Master Plans thereof during the  tenure. In event of being Minister ,  to give full push to 5 year portion  of Action Agenda for    aforesaid 25 yearly Nation Building Action Plans, 25 Yearly Master Plans  to be executed in subsequent 5-Yearly Plans. These  shall be entirely an intellectual and exclusive preoccupation of  MP. No relegation of this exercise to anyone else, whether it be    National    or  State Planning Commissions  or Bureaucracy or  someone else  . Only data and other  details of  previous 5 year Plans to be sought by  MPs.  To  finalize  requirements of Constituency/State  in particular Nation in general, in light of those taken stock of as candidate.

MP  is required to bring on video record ,the status of  his/her Constituency,  Polling Booth Locality by  Polling Booth Locality, as    Lok Sabha member  ,and his/her  State ,  Territorial Constituency  by Territorial Constituency, as  Rajya  Sabha member during  his/her interactions ( a copy of the CD/DVD need be submitted to the Election Commission of India,    Ministry of  Parliamentary Affairs  ,   Ministry of Information and  Broadcasting & Ministry of Communications ). The Candidate Parliament can append his interactions  accounts to the same. These Videos need be updated with  Changes , coming in for better or  worse,  minimally every 6 months ,  or  seasonwise or in times of distress, especially  Disaster-Crisis, natural and man made, for example during floods, draught, hurricane, cloud burst, Tsunami, volcano,  Insecurity–internal or external, especially 26 January Independence Day parade/procession/Carnival/get together(s)  etc.     showcasing progress and attainments of   Constituency/State, so as to bring out step by step changes  brought on the face  and interiors of Constituency/State during the period of Candidacy/ tenure of MP ,    because of their respective  efforts.

Before the MP embarks on his/her Job, he/she  must realize   that,  if the Parliament housing ‘We the People’- all  the 114 crore of them– in the guise of its MPs,   is  a  Chariot carrying the  People through the struggles and aspirations of  their  Lives and Times, wherein  the MPs are definitely the  Charioteers,543 keeping eye on the road,250 on   the   Road Map,      for the journey of years ,decades……century…….  headed for perpetuity.   Thence, MP need remember ,he  is the  essential 1/543th  part  of  Lok Sabha Body as LSmember and the  1/250th part  of the  Rajya  Sabha Body,  as  RS member, LOK  SABHA being the twin half of Parliament, RAJYA SABHA   being  the  superior twin half of  parliamen,  the halves constituting the Heart and Intellect  of  Parliament.  Thence,  whatever, LSm or RSm  does, it is to  be  in  unison ,  synergy  ,  synchrony  ,and above  all,  in  concert with   rhyme  and  reasons  of   Constitution  of  India. Thence, every member ( of  either LS/RS)  shall have  distinct  individual  task  and  role  to  provide hefty  output  to   the  already  struturally and  functionally , very  dilute  representation  of  People   since 26Jan 1950  up to date (2009 Delete in final script).

 Hence, let no  two  members  have identical  load and  tasks.  As  a  group ,  the net  outputs  of  individuals( MPs)  need  far  exceed the  algebraic sum  of  individuals ,that is,   to  be   generating  a  multiplier  effect of organization as a generative  System,  thence  to  effect a  net   systemic  gain.  Thence, to obtain  reasonable  output  from Lok Sabha    (and  likewise  from   Rajya  Sabha) Speaker (Chairman in RS) need  allocate  a   minimal  load  to each member without overlap and  without   repetition (A  Committee  need  be  devised  to assist Speaker/Chairman). For instance , for  review  of  Acts    since 1858  onwards say  to   25th January 1950, the  Speaker/Chairman ,  ensure,  each  Lok  Sabha/Rajya sabha  member has a distinctly  different  task. However,  Speaker/Chairman,  may upon his/her discretion   form  groups  for  different objectives of  Legislations ,needs  of  revision  and update,  to  help  screen    and  multiply  outputs  of  individual MPs. Same thinking  to  be  used  for  various  Nation  Building  Action  Plans ( As a  candidate ,such  division is  not  allowed ,  each  candidate has  to have  full knowledge  of  the  whole  ,  ready  to  replace anyone at  any time at an  instance’s  notice.  Upon  becoming  an  MP, this  arrangement is  to  elicit  a  detailed and  finalised version  ready  to  flow  into lives  of  115 crore citizens , to fit in the   ground reality of   sweat , struggle  and  toil  of  the  under-dog masses)

Working out Oath as MP:  Third  Schedule  III B ( Constitution of India), Oath of affirmation  to be made  by a member of  Parliament.     that     ‘  ……………………………………that I  will bear  true faith   and  allegiance to Constitution  of  India   as  by law   established ,   that  I  will  uphold the  Sovereignty and  Integrity  of  India.’ To  achieve    all   requirements     of Constitution of India in the  patriotic spirit of  Freedom struggle. Thence ,  the MP  is oath–bound  to  work out  all his/her  Responsibilities  and Duties   in  fulfilling  the  objectives  of  Constitution  of  India.

 The MP  is required to actualise  all  the  Leadership Accountancy-Transparency National Services  and  Electioneering  Documents ,especially  the Representation National Services Documents,  with the powers available to MP, through the Parliament, and the coupled Governance .He is required to come up to  expectations of People of the Constituency ,in particular and  of  the  Nation in general.

 As a Minister,  MP  is required to ensure: ,(1).      that  besides  him/her,    everyone constituting  his/her Ministry   is  fully accountable to the People , including  all     those running the affairs of   Ministry, with variable quanta of Responsibility ,falling into their  shares*. Thence , the ( MP as)  Minister, is required to precisely distribute the  quanta  of Responsibilities  and Duties ,  from top  to  bottom  of  his/her  Ministry,  and  examine  the  efficiency of  existing mode  of  its functioning, with concomitant ongoing testing ,evaluation, grading of its processes ,transactions and outputs ,hour by hour ,week by week,……., as also concomitant  rewards, appreciations  (((hitherto, so  sparse, as to  be  insignificant ,especially,  missing  or and  ignoring  the  real  load  bearers of  Governance))), penalties, warnings, to each and every  department, collaterals  and officials  therein. She/He need account  for all kinds of situations, those which arose in the past; and those anticipated,  taking cues from History of Nation    (back tracking as far as pertinent), as also  from  those arising elsewhere in the   Globe. Thence , he/she is required  to get a  detailed account of  performance of  Ministry, from officials, top to bottom, minimally, each week before noon of each Friday, so that all the Responsibilities and  Duties  of Parliament [( read of the MPs, refer Part E ,Chapter V  of present Act)], successfully translate in the spirit of Freedom Struggle, all  the contents  and intents of Constitution of India, into  materialisation of   the Welfare State possessing  excellent grade.*[[[( for example, to  include  all  those  who are working on Contract ,or are commissioned to do jobs on behalf of Government, expending money on projects of all sizes)]]]                   (2.).        The   performance  of  staff and  of minister are  of  no consequence  without   random  graded  assessment  by  each  category  of  People,  interfacing   with  the  inputs  and outputs  of  the  Ministry  outlets serving  the  People  of  Nation.    The Minister is required to create procedures, mechanisms , checks  for  non stop monitoring  of working of each and every  Department and official under  his/her purview . He/she  is required to  arrange  nonstop inspection, supervision, error tracking, detection, corrections in each and  every channel of input to,  and output from each of his/her Ministerial Departments . Every Public interfacing Department need to document continuously , reporting  ,minimally, each week , its reaction times , job  processing times, expenditures  incurred vis-à-vis      People’s inputs, complaints ,suggestions, unreported difficulties required to be monitored  suo motu [ [ [( in administrative sense, read self monitored, continuously  scanned, without  anyone  having  to   make  complaints, taking  the  onus  unto itself, that is making it the Department’s  sole responsibility,  rather  than  waiting  for  People to  make  complaints etc.)] ] ] by   the  concerned departments ,  and tested  ongoingly by,  on-the-spot- checking, and  providing time  bound responses —–on par with those  of the top 5/10 best  developed ( read Governments/administrations) Nations .   The  Minister  is  required  to make **  minimal  10 surprise checks  per  month,  across  the Nation , personally  in  all  offices  under  his/her  control, dispensing on  the  spot  ,instantaneous penalties,  awards  to  the  inspected offices /officials  / Institutions.  This  he/she  must  do with  a  lottery/random  number generator to  reach  out  to    any  of  all  offices ,officials  and  People served  by  his/her  Ministry to  declare  the  unbiased  nature  of  his  mission  of  attending  the  problems  of  Nation  as  per  his/her Leadership Accountability-Transparency National  Services and  Electioneering  Documents.** [[[ ( Surprise checks are to  be a surprise  also  to  the Minister,  since  these  are  to  be  generated  by  random  number  generator, under  the  care of a  Neutral  Central official  under PMO, possibly helped by Election  Commission  of  India) ]]]     The  same  he/she  need  require  each  higher  level  of  officers  working  on  running  the  work  of  People on his/her  behalf  in  specified  domains  to  ensure that  every  one  coming  under  their  charge,   gets  checked , gets due help/direction/  reprimand/penalty/appreciation/ promotion /reward on  the  spot  instantaneously  (3) The Minister  is required to  put in place mechanisms and algorithms, to train   ,to update , modernize and habituate  his/her staff for  vigilant preparedness and consequent competent discharge of respective  functions, under different conditions   ((simulated, mock, anticipated for near and distant future peak loads)) of routine and emergency requirements and challenges. He/she is to continuously  evaluate  his whole Ministerial Machinery (as one  Monolithic Being)  for how much effectively and rapidly it  responds and performs,   whilst   (** say 5 stars   vis-à-vis  5  unacceptable  levels ) instructing  it, reorienting  it , training  it , perfecting it  continuously, to  give a  fail-safe fool-proof performance.(4.) The Minister is to create mechanisms  by which the Official Machinery  is continuously updated for its prowess to combat the challenges of  People’s Agenda  being pursued by the Parliament .Minister is  required  to  have  agenda of  5years  of  his/her Ministry and specific defined detailed  requirements   to  be  made upon  every  official top  to bottom, on  each  desk  of Ministry, with  each  and  every  official, for prompt results  for  People,  in time  bound  manner, to  flow down the  Ministry for  5  year-260 weeks     Calendar onto  People’s  doorsteps.(5.)        The Minister  is required to get consolidated report   from each  department and Instotution under him/her for  each week, 2weeks,month, quarter,6months and year;  providing  %age of Total 5 yearly  required  work  quantum ,work  disposed  off with  concomitant  grade and    %age of targeted  tasks remaining  in  balance and  future  prognosis,  of each department;  delineating its inputs ,outputs, errors ,mock  trials, evaluations done at random and  surprise timings, especially by the consumers   (read ,People, the  Masters)     of its outputs  (6.) The Minister need  press into service, weekly evaluations of  its Departments  by  National  Evaluation Testing Grading & Work Audit  Expertise Democracy Centre.  He  need arrange  assessments  by random ,neutral  unbiased ,unapproachable  Public ,NGOs, Committees, Associations  of  the  concerned professionals ,such as Chartered Accountants, Business Management  Experts, Efficiency Experts, Financial Experts   to show to  Ballot–holder that his/her business is running honestly,  to the best of his/her (Voter’s)   expectations  and  that  his  money  is  not misused ,abused and  squandered.  Minister need make    his/her Ministry totally transparent  to the Public, so that long after he/she  has left  the seat , no one dare say ‘such and such problem started in his/her  time.’ The aforementioned exertions and outputs of Ministers  need become part  of Earning People’s Approval And Confidence-Validating The Ballot-Periodic Presentation /Representation Reports  to be submitted to the People. He/she need give pertinent account to the ,People, whilst maintaining the  detailed fullest account of every transaction of his/her  Ministry ,Departments and top to bottom personnel. Aforementioned  measures  are necessary, to increment  outputs  and transparency of his/her  Ministry. (7)           To create  Reserves, Mechanisms, Resources, Pre-emptive measures ,Mass awareness and preparedness, Preventive projects  Contingency Plans, Fail-safe Strategies ,mock Drills/ Exercises and  Moves, to handle all possible emergencies, exigencies, crises, long term tensions, Economic slowdowns ,breakdowns as Recession, Depression;– Food shortages, Pollution, Epidemics  threats, tragedies ,war situations around borders  or in neighbourhoods, internal disturbances and flares ,natural calamities and tragedies like earth quakes, tsunami, floods, Volcanic eruptions, Space Meteor crashes, draughts, fires ,accidents of all descriptions in all their massivity and long term repercussions   in view of past history of minimally 75 years to 100 years ( more the better) and resultant sufferings ,incompetence and unpreparedness. (8)      To reconfigure, reorient, overhaul, reinvent the               Ministry, its departments  by system of daily self evaluation for 5% time of 8×60=480 minutes /day=24minutes  or 2 hours /week to weed out time wastages ,unnecessary repetitious tasks ,chronic complaints, unnecessary tensions , use of obsolete procedures ,irrelevant unnecessary Forms, Performas , Cards ,Formats , Information filling, Verification procedures, Check of Bona fides etc.  dating back to colonial insecurities of alien masters, more interested in personal security and money collections; staff insecurity ,lack of vertically upward fast promotion of the competent and  genius lower staff, robbing it of all motivation ,vim and zeal, etc. etc. To introduce new /modified system, procedures, mechanisms , to lighten load, by invoking participation, contribution and partnership of People who consume Governmental outputs . To continuously improve system services and outputs by ongoing feedbacks from People (users, consumers) , staff (each one ) serving People directly  or indirectly through lakhs of pages of files and hierarchy  of  officialdom. To introduce 8 hours/month to  updating of skills ,knowledge, methodologies, also studying  and taking  cues from   those prevalent in most efficient managements of Globe. To   create a friendly , productive and pleasant work culture in Ministry work force,  to reward everyone with work satisfaction. To have cultural and social  life on weekdays, holidays to create atmosphere of a Work Place Family(Karm Sthal Parivar )   atmosphere to improve  efficiency ,well being, quality of outputs for People ,above all for Government staff,  as real     permanent   movers and shakers of Democracy. To eliminate     all  litigation of Government staff against  Government,  in all levels of courts, to permit time and attention that should run  the machinery servicing the People. In   short, continuously interact at all levels of Ministry in all organs, centralised in Delhi and spread out all over Nation , taking interest as strong as of own  family members. To coordinate Ministry,  internally amongst each and every section of a department, amongst departments ( think of Mumbai hostages  26/11/20008) and externally ,with all remaining Ministries at Centre ,then in states and paying even more attention to  the Local government which is nearest to the People ,(9)         Last ,but above all, to keep daily ,weekly, biweekly, monthly account of Money expenditures and Time expenditures, Balance  ,and outputs (measured, quantified)   generated in daily 8 hourly, hour by hour table to be filled towards the last part of 8th hour daily, 40 hour table concluded on 5/6th day of Week  , 80 hour table  concluded on 10/12th day of Biweek, 160 hour-172+8 hour table  on end of month, similarly  for 3 months,6 months and 1year  and year after year to keep 100% transparency, a clean and light Conscience of  Individual  staff member, section, department…..Ministry……Central Government. And   really of  the  honourable Minister.  Thus maintain ,full  ongoing side by side ,record of  its Financial transactions ,accounting for its all heads  of expenditures, and future projected accounts ,for the remaining part of 5 years of  current  Lok Sabha.   Under the Table  glass/on  wall etc  of   each  official of his/her  Ministry  need  have  list  of  tasks  to be  accomplished  and  concomitant  Time  Table/&  Calendar of  events along with thhe achievements ,accomplishments of last week,month…..,  and  above all  First  List  of positive  incentives( with terms  and  conditions), starting  from appreciations , rewards ,increments ,  promotion;  and  as  disincentives , deterrents,  reprimands, warnings ,  penalties ,  albeit  using  them  as   a  helplessness recourse ,  putting  faith  more  on  positivities  of official    that got  him/her  selected  to  his/her first  position  in  the  Ministry. Efficient Services  and  courteous  helpful  services  of  People with  frugal  expenses  and  simplicity ,need be  the  sole  aim  of  Minister .  Ballot  of  People  handed  to  him/her in  his/her  keeping now, need  be  generate its   due  returns  while under the management of    the    Minister.(10)               To  meet  the  fundamental  requirements  on  Minister/MP vis-à-vis  People of   a   comprehensive Answerability, Accountability-Transparency ,Accessibility,  Bilaterality, Participatability, Team-making  Partnership, Leadership,   Connectability,   Interactability, Continuously interactive Representability, Competence, ,Discipline, Honesty-Truthfulness ,Meritorious Worthiness , Rapportability,   Entrustability, Creditability, Generatability, Performability,  Contributability and above all Deliverability of the  Minister  is  required  to  direct  all his  staff  from  top  to  bottom    , to  provide  Telephone  Numbers  ,  E-mail  addresses  ,  Office  contact  addresses,  Designated  specific Persons  with  their  Names,  timings and  the   ambit  of their    services/troubleshooting —- to  the  People     on  the Internet ,  through  high circulation  local  language  newspapers ,  electronic    channels, on  notice  boards  of  Post  offices,  Democracy  Centres   (  refer  part  I  of  the  Bill)………..wherever People  are ,  in  order  to   discharge   their  responsibilities  towards  People,  on  behalf  of  Minister . He  need  arrange,  to  make  the  designated  officers  to  visit each  Polling  Booth  Locality ,  designating   a  meeting  place  for  public ,at  present  ( until   regular Democracy   Centres  for the  purpose  come up)  ,  for  example nearest shopping  Centre ,Park    etc.  whichever  is to  be  an  agreed  to  place of  confluence  of  Governance  and  the People where  People  live  in  a  locality/area, rather  than  so   many  littered  offices of  Government, any  ONE definite place and time, and  a easily and  clearly  proclaiming  Sign board  ,  to  meet  the People   weekly  ,  in worst  cases,  as  for  villages    not   conveniently  accessible,  as in hilly  regions,  minimally  each  month , to  troubleshoot  People’s  Problems ,difficulties,  to  take  stock (  written ,audio, video  records) of  their  needs, to  answer   their  needs.  This  is also  helpful  to   Minister  in    compensating  the  People  for  his  sustained  absence  from  people  as   necessitated by  his/her  Ministerial  Duties  . Besides  himself/herself  grading the  Outputs of Ministry, the Minister need also get his/her outputs  evaluated   by  People,especially by those  randomly selected by a random number generatr**( 5 star   = 5 star,4 star,…..1 star as acceptable  desired performance  and similarly on  the    unacceptable  side with growing levels  of  rejection…)   11.  Above all, the MP upon  gaining  charge  of a  Ministry, need  address all the  Bureaucracy, top to bottom (inclusive  of each  Peon) personally, face  to  face , to lay  down  his/her Agenda  that  he/she  readied as candidate  working   while    gaining  expertise  of  four (minimum ) Ministries.  The minister   in  clear  cut terms,  need  require every  official  under  his  /her  charge  to  deliver  Outputs, quantatively and qualitatively   to  the   People ,as  per  People’s    Agenda ( framed by him/her and reat of MPs).   And reqire his officials    to   provide inputs   for    r  his/her (Minister’s)  Earning People’s Approval And Confidence–Validating The Ballot – Periodic Presentation/ Representation  Reports,  to  be  submitted  to  Nation ,especially on account of Composite Agenda for Ministry formulated from allthe Constituencies/& States  of Nation  . To  reinforce  , the  MP as  Minister,  is  to decompose  this  Agenda  into  component  Agenda for  each  and  every  official under  his  charge, to  be  placed under  each official’s  working  glass on  Desktop complete  with  Time  Table , Weekly ,Monthly….. 5 yearly  Work  Schedule,  Calendar and  rest  of  instructions  as  deemed fit  by Minister  plus   separate inputs  of    supervising  Officer( s)  . Each  official  whether peon  and  overall  in-charge   Secretary  has  to  be very  clear  of net outputs expected of him/her, so  as  to  deliver  enduring  high  quality indestructible   outputs  and  consequent  effects and impacts.   Each  official is to  provide  a copy  of  his/her  feedback  on the  conduct ,returns  ,contaminations/corruptions, work tefts/shirks etc to  the  immediate  head  and  to  an  impartial  central scrutiny cell to  analyze  these  feedback  reports ( Weekly,biweekly, monthly,quarterly,6mnthly,yearly,……….))   and  to  protect  the  sender  from  the  united  wrath  of  non performers, contaminators , shirkers ,  corruptising  agents  within  the  Governance  .

In  the event Candidate to Parliament , on becoming MP ,gets appointed as Minister/and  as Member/Chairman of various  Parliamentary Committees  , in his  Earning  Peoples Approval And  Confidence-Validating The Ballot- Periodic Presentation/ Representation Reports, he/she  is to provide to the People, Priority of Agenda items  of  each Ministry, each week , each  month, each  quarter……. (that comes under his purview),its  outputs ,expense accounts, deficits, lapses,  and exertions  and balance agenda, that  yet remains to be achieved ,to be  provided as  %age of Promises, Commitments, Obligations that  are still to be achieved ,and  proposed dates of their delivery.

Formulation of combinations of  Parliamentary Constituency              ( that is ,Parliamentary Constituency. Neighbourhood, Parliamentary Constituency . Neighbourhood Clusters, Interest Linked Group of Parliamentary Constituencies  as Lok Sabha member and similarly, formulation of State combinations ( that is, State Neighbourhood,  State  Neighbourhood  Cluster(s),  Interest Linked  Group(s)——-) Linking in respect of bilateral trades, cultural exchanges. And exploring further avenues for joint projects, for  example , in commerce, industry, employment, resource sharing, cooperative ventures to boost economy, social well being, national  fraternization and Integration with rest of States and UTs of the Nation .    Identifying complemental  roles,  with respect to  remaining states and UTs. The unification and integrity strength arising from the aforesaid combinations ,the MP need compute in terms of various indicators: the most dominant being the  enduring economic bonds through Joint ventures, cooperatives, Self Help Groups……, followed by Constituency /State People Utility Building ventures   (Museums, Performing Arts Centres, Games Stadium, Career Games & Counselling Centres ,especially for students, never leaving out the  non-students etc.etc)……………… activities, events, customs, social transactions, procedures that shall reinforce Mutuality,  Fraternity, Unity and Integration of whole mass of Population into One United Being by the inspiring Life Activities  and Times of the  MP, the living  Emblem  of  Constitution Of India.

To provide the following :    CALENDARS   for the following    Projects , ventures, programs, events  etc.  for manifesting  Democracy  Centre  Requirements   of the MP having made beginnings whilst as a candidate, for current/ expected oncoming tenure as MP, and possibly (any)  projected expansions, that are designed to extend into future Years.         

 And for Lok Sabha/Rajya Sabha sessions, for minimally 5/6 years for Lok Sabha /Rajya Sabha  respectively. These are to be submitted  with  Consolidated EARNING PEOPLE’S APPROVAL AND CONFIDENCE-VALIDATING THE BALLOT- CONSOLIDATED YEARLY PRESENTATION/REPRESENTATION REPORTS.

As Rajya Sabha  member

Agenda  for  Rajya  Sabha:          As the  joint Chief  of the  National  Household, to  arrange  for its   Needs, Workings  and  Goals,  especially the  long  term Concerns, and  Achievements, in  spirit   of  Excellence ,Well Being and  Welfare  of  All.  To  restore  Indian Civilisation, minimally,  back  to  its  ancient  glories, if  not  surpass the  modernity. To  monitor the  watchwords: GDP, Per Capita  Income, Standards of Governance, Standards of  Living , Quality  of  Life,  Per 100/1000/10,000 People   Facilities ,Enlightenment, Knowledge, Facilities,  Opportunities ,Wealth, Order and  Construction and  Peace , distributed  equally  amongst  all  Individuals  and Polling  Booth  Localities.        To  frame and  finalise  the  Nation  Building  Action Plans  and  concomitant  Work   Schedule (  Think of  Great   Wall of  China, Indian  Dams-Power  Houses, other  international Structures…) To  build  infrastructures  for  boosting  Productivity,  For   plugging  in  import  of Hi-Tech extremely  costly items especially  defence  oriented items  guzzling  in,  lakhs  of  crores  in  each  yearly budget( always  supposedly  less than  desired). To   usher in  the  next stage  Revolutions:           a)               Industrial  Revolution  I( Low  level) :           for  Modernising   Skills, techniques and Products  made  by the  so  called  Unorganized  Labour (((97%  of  Total  Indian  Labour  of which3% is  in   modern(?)  day  manufacturing  Sector)))  ,presently, neglected untended,        b)      Industrial Revolution II (medium  level) ,     to modernise  the  existing   Industry to  cut  costs  and  introduce  quality  drive, c)  Industrial  revolution III  (Hi-tech  future oriented) .                      To  get   on par  with  international  standards and  product  Quality  vis-à-vis    Costs. To  produce  Technological  outputs on  par with   those being  produced  in  year 2009-  by  advanced  Global Economies  (  read  Technological  Powers). To  update  Metallurgy  of Nation  to  process all ore, minerals  to  final  form  , to   manufacture  all  Hi-Tech  Electronics  in  India  by thoroughly and completely indigenous  means and resources.  To  obtain  all these gradedly progressive  Industrial  Revolutions  with  Indian Know-how ,  in  Indian  Manufacturing cum  Research   Sector     ( two  in  one ), instead  of  present    theoretical academic  centres . d)  Green Revolution II  a        Besides the  usuals, with  emphasis  on  fruits of  abundance  for  180  crore  People  in  India, in 2050 ,  Green   Revolution  II b        for  creating  Forests ,Tree  groves      II c           for  Parks   Gardens  ,Indoor  Plants  , Roof and  street  side  Gardens,   III      White  Revolution  for  breeding  Livestock of all types  but  especially  for  milk and  milk  products, e).   Illiteracy  Eradication   National  program  f).  National  Civil  Society Cultivation  Program  ,especially  for    School  children and  college  going  Youth  and  rest  of  Citizenry   through   Democracy  Centres (  see part  I Amendment X,Chapter 11 of  this  Bill).  g)  National  Program for  Spare  Time  Utilization  of  Citizen  for i) Income   generation,  ii) Realizing  Individual’s  Full Potential,  iii)  Recreation, iv) Eradication  of  Individual  and National  Negativities. etc. h)  National Program for  creating    Individual  and   Group  Entrepreneurship  (providing  microfinancing ) especially  for the  unorganized   97%  Indian  Labour,  Higher Secondary Students ,  College  Students ,  University   Students,   Engineers,  Business Administrators/Managers   i)  Long  Term  Security and  Peace Projects  for  Nation  vis-à-vis     Globe j,  k, l,…..z  …..Refer  for sample  ideas  Leadership  Accountability-Transparency  National  Services and  Electioneering  Documents  of all descriptions (Chapter VII),  plus  records  of past and  present  proceedings  of Parliament  , besides  the  Constitution  of  India .To    make  Component  25  yearly  Master Plans  for all Nation  Building  Action   Plans ,especially  long  Term,  purely  on  Members’  initiatives  and  ideas , instead  of  passing  the buck  to  Bureaucracy, especially  to  the     Planning   Commission at  Centre and   those  of States.  To  review progress of  each  State,  UT  ,and  NCT,  since    Independence  and  assess  all  deficits  vis-à-vis     the   required  outputs  of  Constitution  of  India and  required  status  of  India   vis-à-vis    India  as  developed  Nation( number between 1 to 10/10-20 /??)  by  2020, 2050 ( population180  crore), 2084 ( 75  years ,hence with  Population   about 250  crore  at  rate  of  1.7%   net   increment and  base population  of 180  crore  Population in  2050).

To  prepare  5 year  road  map  of    action and  movement  for,  minimally,  next 5 Lok  Sabhas(  5×5 years). Complete  with  5  perfectly  implementable   agenda. In  fact,  to  define and  ready  jobs,   for  the  oncoming  5-year  tenure  of  each  Lok  Sabha .    And  ,thence,  to  hold  joint   finalising  meetings  with  each  exiting Lok  Sabha , minimally 6   months before  maturing  of  a  Lok  Sabha’s  tenure,  and  in  the  same  token  to  hold  the  very  first   meeting  with  each  newly  inaugurated  Lok   Sabha,    to   set  forth Agenda for  its  tenure,  as  a  continuity  of  pending  tasks  stemming  from  all  previous  bygone  Lok Sabhas,  while prescribing   the   futuristic  tasks  for  its  present  tenure,  to  realize  25  yearly   targets  for  Parliament  to   accomplish. This  is to  fulfil  its( Rajya  Sabha ) role   as   the  main  Caretaker, behind  the  scenes,  the  Overall  Custodian  of  Constitution  of  India  and  its  life  aspirations  ,  humanistic  ambitions and  soulful  strivings  for  Ultimate  Peace,  Harmony  and   Mastery  over  all  matters  earthly  and  those  charged  with  the  aspirations  of  the  Nation’s  Soul ,  Conscience  and  Character. In  fact  being  the  epitome  of Nation’s Soul,   Conscience and   Character   ,  Rajya  Sabha (read member) need  craft  future agenda  tasks   of  Parliament,  with  its  primal   emphasis  on  softwaring  the  Nation’s  Mind  ,Spirit  and  Soul  for  Enlightenment, in    ascendance    over   its   earthly  physical   creature needs  for  providing   a  mere  sustenance  of  one  generation,  recreating  on    new body  forms  for  each  of   the  next  ,  of  a  perpetuating  series  of  Physical  mass of  Humanity.  With such  a  perspective  as  guiding  light, to  evolve  Agenda  norms  ,measures  ,tests  and  grades  for  monitoring  outputs  of  Lok Sabha  and  consequential   Governance.  Similarly to evolve  Agenda  of   State( UT,NCT)  as  summation   of  Parliamentary  Constituencies  and also as  summation of  Territorial Constituencies.  To guide and  direct  State, UT, NCT  legislators   to   unify and integrate  economically,  socially,  culturally……..everywise    their   respective  Territorial  Constituencies   first  internally , starting  with  every  Family  Neighbourhood    thence to  Polling  Booth  Locality   and    Combinations thereof  and then, externally,  to   unify  and  integrate   each  Territorial  Constituency   with   rest of  Territorial  Constituencies    formulating  various  combination  for  joint activity,  events,  programs,  projects,  initiatives.  This  is to reinforce  and  compact  the  Rajya  Sabha  Candidate/   Member’s efforts  to  further  unify  and  integrate  States, UTs and  NCT  forming  various  combinations  to  further  objectives  of  Constitution  of  India.

To  examine  all Bills  of  Lok  Sabha  for  long  term  effects on  objectives   of  Constitution   of  India ,  for stability  ,  for well being and  security of  posterity ,  senior citizens   of tomorrow ( now   budding  young  people), for preserving   National  Identity  ,Ethos ,  Character  ,  Values ,  Civilization  Ideals. Thence,  it  is (  RAJYA  sabha is )  duty-  bound to   correct Bills  tempted  to  give  in  to  temptation  of  immediate  gains  and  gratifications.  Also  to  screen  each  new  Government  of   a  fresh Lok Sabha  for  its    activities, projects , programs ,ventures ,  initiatives   vis-à-vis      the  required  standards of  Governance  and  Parliamentary  conduct. The  Rajya   Sabha  need  conduct  itself , as  Lok   Sabha  lapses for  a  fresh  rebirth,  to  do  stock  taking  contemplation and  carving  future  course  of   Republic  until  a  new  Lok  Sabha  batch  gets  delivered. 

To    generate       consensus  in  full  attendance of the Rajya Sabha  members   and then rehash and arrive at final consensus ,  in joint sitting of every member of Parliament( that is both Rajya  Sabha     and Lok Sabha in complete strength, including every Minister)  of 75 year Nation Building Action Plans, its three component 25 Yearly  Nation Building Action Plans plus  supportive  detailed 25 Yearly Master Plans  for each of the Positivities [[[[[ (Per Capita  Income , GDP, etc. Employment, Literacy, Creation  of  Opportunities,  Creating Assets- Structures, Roadways, Railways, Ports, Power Stations, National River Water Connectivity   and Conservation.......;.....Population, Civility, Virtue, National Character and Conscience.................. )]]]]] and eradicating  Negativities              [[[[[( Corruption ,Black Money , Poverty-Hunger-Unemployment the three-in-one curse,  Unlawfulness-Injustices-Litigation, Population increase, Poor Governance, Depleting Reserves, Debts, Vice,  Poor  Enterprise, Initiative and  consequent  manufacturing ,productivity,    Education not  related  to Employment generation  and  Productivity,  that  Nation needs enslaving  the  Nation  to  outside  thought, culture and  technology, making  the  educated  person  instruction- driven  mind  ..................)]]]]]           and subsequently summated consolidated actually  practically implementable  5  five yearly  plans of the immediate 25 years Nation Building Action Plans, executable  in systematic ,meticulous excellent time-bound  manner . The Agenda of this task along with pertinent details of these Action Plans need be studied by each and every member of Parliament minimally for 6 months, with ongoing consultations with rest of MPs and all wings of Governance, at all its levels. All the Component 25 Yearly  Master Plans need be executed by groups of 3 to 10 Rajya Sabha MPs, say  in  25 to 50  Groups, with dedicated time frame of  a quarter ,to work before session and complete it during  Session, in concert with rest of MPs across the  party lines,  boundaries of  States and  other negativities , headed  for  Self  interest  over  National   interest.

Coordinating, compacting ,unifying and integrating, all the  three tiers of Legislature: past, present and future (that is, candidates registered on the rolls of Election Commission of India,  besides prospective Candidates of the younger generation in twenties, especially to be servers of the Republic):

Systematic Interactions of Rajya  Sabha Member(s) with Represented State Legislative members and related & linked State Legislative members to achieve objectives of Constitution of India:

To arrange systematic interactions of Rajya Sabha member  with MLAs in State Legislative Assembly, during sessions. The members of Rajya Sabha of a particular State(UT), are required to sit for 40 hours of active Legislative proceedings, involving all facets of its problems and solutions, ,especially,  matters pertaining to Centre-State coordination, interstate coordination etc. coming in the domain of Parliament, Central Government and Interstate Legislatures and Governments. During these sittings of Rajya Sabha members, the pertinent Legislators and helping Governmental officials  need  to  be included in such Conclaves, to be conducted every 4th State Legislative session  of the State Assembly, that is minimal 4 Legislative Sessions during 6 year tenure comprised by near 6×3=18  State Legislative sessions .Another about minimally  40 hours of conclaves with other  State Legislative Assemblies (especially parts of State.Neighbourhood, State.Neighbourhood Cluster(s),Interest Linked group of States),especially those deliberating on matters of Interstate interests  and importance, are required of  each set of Rajya Sabha  members of  a particular State.

Interaction with State Legislators, not leaving out those who elected the Legislators in the first place ,thence the Primal  indirect Electors ,that is the Voters( read People) who created the MLAs( Members  of Legislative Assembly )

To meet and connect for bilateral interactions with the Lok Sabha members of the State, and thereafter with 100% state legislators( MLAs and MLCs (if any)), to meet and interact with all available candidates (who lost, withdrew) for last Assembly Elections in the State, one by one  and in collectivities,  and of these , the elected members of the Legislative Assembly  that are to elect him/her to the Rajya Sabha in the oncoming Elections. To meet and connect with ,for bilateral interactions the  following: Local Bodies at all levels ,that  is  Panchayats, Gram Sabhas, Zila Parishads, Municipal Committees , Notified Area Committees, Municipal Corporations. These  bilateral interactions are required to be of ongoing nature, minimally, once every six months, conducted  with the purpose of compacting, coordinating all the three tiers of legislature, to provide concerted, smooth  united services to the overlapping common electorate. Thence , the Rajya Sabha  member being the most senior, is duty bound to generate   and  bring out a  Consensus  Common Minimum Program of Action by all  aforesaid  elected members of Legislatures ( Centre, State and Local) , with  a  clear cut distribution of tasks , for the Local Bodies, Territorial Constituencies, Parliamentary Constituencies and the State( containing these) ,as per a time bound Schedule. Similarly , the Rajya Sabha member is to arrange likewise Common minimum Programs (come what may type)  in respect of various combinations of his State with rest of the States of the Nation( that is , State Neighbourhood, State Neighbourhood Cluster, Interest Linked Group of States). These Common Minimum Programs are to be reported every two years as Common Minimum Program Reports to  be   inserted in  consolidated  2(&4,5years 11 months)  yearly Earning  People’s Approval And Confidence-Validating The  Ballot-  Consolidated  2( &4,5years 11months) yearly Presentation/Representation Reports  submitted to the People.


To act as Pacemaker, Visionary, director, facilitator , Catalyser, coordinator ,manager, adviser, Initiator ,Linker, Filter, Discriminator, Examiner, Connector, Unifier   and integrator,  Emulation Model   ,the Leader  of   People’s  Thinking ,Action,  Morals,  Goals and  Outputs.

To meet  for   bilateral interactions,individuallly and collectively with      1)          Rajya Sabha members of the Sate including all the  past Rajya Sabha members(besides,  those  who lost/withdrew); and    2) Lok Sabha members of the State Parliamentary  Constituencies, including all the  past Lok Sabha members (besides,  those  who lost/withdrew); and  3)  100% state legislators( MLAs and MLCs (if any)),  all available candidates (including  those who lost, withdrew;) for the last Assembly Elections  of the State, 4) members of Local Bodies at all levels ,that  is  Panchayats,  Gram Sabhas,  Zila Parishads, Municipal Committees , Notified Area Committees, Municipal Corporations  for  number of Parliamentary Constituencies= Total Number of Parliamentary Constituencies divided by number of Rajya Sabha members ( taking  fraction, howsoever, small=1). These  bilateral interactions are required to be of ongoing nature, minimally once every six months      ((( to be reported in the 6 monthly Earning People’s Approval And Confidence- Validating The Ballot-Consolidated Monthly Presentation/Representation  Reports))),     conducted  with the purpose of compacting, all the three tiers of legislature, to provide concerted smooth  united services, to their overlapping common electorate. Thence , the Rajya Sabha  member, being the most senior, is duty bound, to lead all  tiers of Legislature, manifested in the State, by  teaming them for common ventures , as  per objectives of  a Welfare State( as per nomemclature of Constitution of India)  , for generating  a comprehensive composite  Agenda , Natiaon building  Action Plans concomitant Schedules ,for distributing  different  Tasks, to achieve these objectives in unison ,synergy and coherence . The Rajya Sabha member ,thus       ,is required to be the Pacemaker directive nerve Centre,    for the rest of subjugate legislative matrix spread over the State down from the Parliamentary Constituencies, Territorial Constituencies, Local Bodies  descending from Municipal Corporations down to  elemental  Polling Booth Locality Panchayats  within the State  . He/she   is to be the Initiator , Linker ,coordinator, unifier and integrator,    to  formulate State Neighbourhood, State Neighbourhood Cluster(s),Interest Linked Groups of State with rest of States of Nation to obtain joint activities, events, Programs ,ventures,  Service Projects to complement ,supplement and boost one another  for resource sharing, Economy ,Employment in every sphere of National endeavours, to realize the objectives of the Constitution of India and build a Welfare State   ( read Nation, as per directive principles of State Policy). The Rajya Sabha member is to stress the formulation  of  aforesaid cooperative combinations for Parliamentary Constituencies and contained Territorial Constituencies along the border of State, to bond with those of adjoining States  (UTs), to formulate Territorial Constituency Neighbourhood, Territorial Constituency Neighbourhood Cluster(s),Interest Linked Group of Territorial Constituencies, Parliamentary Constituency Neighbourhood Cluster(s) , Interest Linked Group(s) of Parliamentary Constituencies; in a bid to have strongly bonded State Neighbourhood, State Neighbourhood Cluster(s), and Interest Linked Groups of States. For each Territorial Constituency, Parliamentary Constituency  within the State fanning out into  juxtaposed  Territorial Constituencies and Parliamentary Constituencies of the  border States ,in first instance  ,and  those of the remaining States,  to  initiate Inter-Territorial Constituency competitions, giving grades  and ranking for every participant, outputs, Indices of growth, decline, statistics of Positivities and Negativities, drawing  statistics for similar precincts elsewhere in Globe, especially from those  of  the   top 10 best developed  Nations  .For example, for   following: PER CAPITA INCOME OF BELOW POVERTY LINE AND LOWER 70% RURAL AND SLUM POPULATIONS, GDP, Per Capita Facilities, Per  Polling Booth Locality Facilities,  Per  Territorial  Constituency Facilities ,Free Helps, no-profit-no-loss-goods-services, Human Development Index,  Unemployment Rate, Per thousand Roads ,libraries, Doctors, Clinics, Hospitals, IT Outputs like Computers, Internet; Best    {{People, Performers like in athletics, academics, industries, Businesses, Trades, Professions, Shops, Companies, Citizens, bureaucracy( departments of all ministries starting from industries, science technology,…………}}         Judiciary etc , services   [[(of all kinds interfacing with Public ,Outputs: Agro Products, manufactured Products)]]  . Similar competitions for each Territorial Constituency.Neighbourhood, Territorial Constituency.Neighbourhood Cluster(s), Interest Linked Group(s) of  Territorial Constituencies. And similarly for  amongst States and UTs ,among State Neighbourhoods,  State.Neighbourhood Cluster, Interest Linked Group of States. This  is  to  continuously affirm  ongoing mixing and bonding ,for  unification, integration and  Productivity.


Categorical  Agenda:    Every 5th day of  Session:  Review of  last  5 days, to summarise  the  work   outputs  ,  %age  of expected  work  disposed  vis-à-vis   that  targeted for  the  Session  as  also  that  expected  for the  5  year  tenure  of  Lok  Sabha  and  consequent balance % age  of  work  to  be  disposed  in  following  respects:  Targets  of pci (of BPL ,inadequate  households  with  income  less than  90,000  Rs. pa  as  special  focus),  GDP   Parliamentary l  Constituencywise  and  Statewise( UT,NCT) and  consolidated nationally,  Financial  review FOREX, Liquidity,  Reserves, Sovereignty Review,  Food  security  Review ,  Litigation  susceptibility  Review ,  Unemploment Review,  Illiteracy   Rebview,  employability Review,  Self  Insufficiency  Review,Citizen Particiapation,Team-work Partnership for  an actual ,factual really real  operative Democracy.

Calendar of 15 sessions ( 3/year) of the  5 year tenure of Lok Sabha. The MP must submit his/her version of calendar ,grading all activities  as to their level of impotance and maximum time of disposal permitted( for instance within 7days, 28 days , 100days ,200days,2years….). Calendar of 15 nonsession periods of Lok sabha tenure. Extra duties that MP is willing to take  from Lok  Sabha Speaker. Calendar  must declare  deadlines of Tasks  acomplished, Results delivered at door steps of Voter/Citizen .  need devote  Calendar 30% of its time ,minimally, to pending tasks of  past, 20 % to tasks of future,especially those needing to be concluded in next Lok sabha tenure. A well disciplined  and  well accomplished Lok sabha  shall be one ,that  is working  more and more  for Future in its current session , with a  dominant preparatory mode of anticipatry functioning   (refer Responsibilities and Duties of MP, ChapterV)  with highly planned working  .

—————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————–chapter X ends————————————————————–

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