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April 23, 2009


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AMENDMENT CONTD                                Chapter VII C



                     LISTENING TO and  *ATTENDING THE  VOTER-III

 AMMENDMENT VI contd.           COMMON REQUIREMENTS OF CANDIDACY FOR LOK SABHA  AND RAJYA SABHA (including  ^^^MP,  applying  as     Candidate     for   next  tenure

*Attending here  stands  for  understanding People’s problems   and aspirations  in  consonance  to  objectives  of Constitution  of  India to  provide  them  commensurate outputs.


  Attending  and  transacting  with the Voter, Information Exchange Requirements .


Information to be provided by Candidate for Parliament and Member of Parliament for Voters and  Under 18 Nonvoters. Ongoing  preparation   of  Leadership  Accountancy-Transparency National    Services  Documents:  National Services & Electioneering Presentation Documents by  candidates , Representation National  Services  Documents by  MPs   , EARNING PEOPLE’S CONFIDENCE AND APPROVAL-VALIDATING THE BALLOT- PERIODIC PRESENTATION/REPRESENTATION REPORTS,  Interactional  Programmes etc. AND NATION BUILDING ACTION PLANS(FOR MORE THAN 5/6 YEARS, submitted to People of Constituency/State in particular and those of Nation in                        general .

Candidacy is period( read  process ) of   accommodating seating  People  of  State/Constituency,  in  the  Personage of  Candidate to  take  them  [[[[[    ‘We the People of  State(UT,NCT)/Constituency        ]]]]]    to  their  Seat,  waiting  for them,  in  Rajya Sabha/ Lok  Sabha .


0.) Candidacy  is time  to  discover  ,demonstrate and  prove  the  power  and  outputs  of     Candidate’s Leadership .To prepare  grounds for tenure  as MP, so  as to  swiftly  complete  jobs  initiated  as  Candidate  using his/her  direct  access to  power   and  resources   of  Parliament and its  consequential  Governance. Since  Election  is  Examination  time  of  Candidates  by  the  People  for  the Job  of   Looking   after  them, during   candidacy, it  behooves  the  Candidate  to   demonstrate   his/her  Best, to  get  most  of  their  Votes. As  the  Lok  Sabha  candidate ,  as  Rajya  Sabha  Candidate ,it is  time  to  input  all  abilities, qualities ,capacities and  concomitant  knowledge, judgement, activism , ability  to  transform  People’s  Life  scenario ,its  contents  and  intents ,  ability  to  transform People’s  Spirit,  Work Culture,  Work  Outputs, Productivity—indeed  their  Lives.  Lok  Sabha  Candidate  need  to  groom  as  Parliamentary Chief  of  Constituency,  in particular to  be  able  to  guide  its  destiny to  the  satisfaction of  the People in consonance to  objectives  of  Constitution of India  and similarly the  Rajya  Sabha candidate  to  groom    as  conjoint  Parliamentary  Chief  of  the  State( UT,  NCT)    to  maximize  its  outputs  in  synergy   with  remaining  States( UTs, NCT)  of Nation,  so  as materialise  objectives  of  Constitution  of  India  ,together(  LS and  RS  candidates) schooling  and  preparing  in  unison  and  making   concerted  efforts for  the well being and future   welfare  of  the  People,  in the  ground  realities  of  People’s  life.  The candidate  for  Parliament   need to do  every  thing,  that  is  required  to  become  substitute of  21  lakh  People  of    Constituency   to  sit  on  their  allocated  Seat  in  the  Lok Sabha and  similarly    on  the   average,  to become   substitute  of  45.6 lakh  People   of  the  Rajya  Sabha.   

1.)^^^MP being a candidate for next tenure ,is required to fulfil all requirements of a candidate. Being busy  with Parliamentary sessions,  duties of  Governance ,or and any duties assigned by  Lok Sabha Speaker /and Rajya Sabha Chairman, he/she    need  use his/her  consequent   out puts during these periods, to prove  his/her credentials  as a  productive and promising candidate, working  for the welfare of the People. Rest of the time , the MP  need also work towards maturing  of his National  Services  and Electioneering  Presentation Documents ,Nation Building Action Plans and concomitant  Work Schedules ,updated for 5 more years from his current ones  as MP   ,for presenting  his /her candidacy for next tenure of  Lok Sabha  and next batch of  Rajya Sabha 6years hence, from the current batch. 

2)At the very outset ,this need be made amply clear  ,for this being at  the  base, the very spring  source  of all interactions  with People , the candidate has   to take  note  of Preamble  of Constitution of India,——-wherein ‘ We the People of India (114 +1crore in 2009) ’  having solemnly   constituted   the  Sovereign Democratic  Republic , created        Constitution of   India ,    putting  in place  a Parliament and its  actualising  Instrumentation, that is,  its Member (  of Parliament) ,putting upon him  the consequential  onus  of  bringing   alive,   the Presence  of   The  People  ( of  ‘We the  People   of India’ ), into  the  Halls  of Parliament. Thus ,  requiring  the member  of  Parliament,  to   be the summated   resultant    of the People. Being the 1/250th portion  of Rajya  Sabha,   and  being  the  1/543th portion  of  Lok Sabha  respectively ,each member (of Rajya Sabha  and of  Lok Sabha , is   thence   required   to   become the  true ,genuine ,actual ,factual practical Replacement, Replica, Transferred Self,  of each and every  Indian/Bhartiya .  It is through   his/her ( Citizen’s) Representation  in  Parliament ,each Citizen  of Indian Democratic Republic       can   govern: i)  himself/herself , ii) the Parliamentary Constituency(through Lok Sabha member) ,iii) State ( through  Rajya Sabha member ) ,iv) Nation ( collectively  through  each Lok Sabha  and each Rajya  Sabha member in   the  Parliament ).   Hence   it  becomes  the   paramount  requirement  for  the     MP-to-be,    to  interface  with  each and  every citizen/voter.  Being Oath bound   to the Constitution of India,    the  MP-to-be( the Candidate)  is   to   install  in  his Mind and Spirit  , the  21Lakh( on the average) People  of  his/her Constituency   for  Lok Sabha  Seat    and      the **45.6 lakh . It is ,thus , his/her  whole  sole  Mission,  to   justify  his/her allegiance  to  COI   ( Constitution of India), to    be in presence of its ( COI’s) authors, ‘We  the People’,    one  by one  ,    collectivity  by  collectivity(( read  Family  Neighbourhood  by  Family  Neighbourhood, Polling  Booth Locality  by  Polling  Booth Locality)) ,   as  MP-to-be  ,that  is , as a Candidate  for  Parliament.  To  accomplish  his/her  Mission  of  becoming  Embodiment  of People , the heart  beat  of   each one’s  life  ,  the  thoughts  and impulses  of  each  Mind, he/she   is   required    to     assemble  ground-reality  inputs from the People all by himself /herself , listening to People              (against just delivering   speeches) penetrating  and peering ,into their miseries, joys and sorrows , hardships, struggles, their yearnings, interests, concerns  requirements ,aspirations ———  for actualising   the objectives of   National  Services and  Electioneering Presentation Documents   , Nation  Building  Action Plans and concomitant  Work  Schedules aimed at    Welfare  of the People. He  is  duty-bound to  Constitution of  India  by  the Indians  for the Indians , to   complete  provisions of Representation of  each citizen,   by  endeavouring to  complete   his/her knowledge and obtain first hand  direct  ‘in situ’  experiences of Life conditions  of each citizen, for sake  of   making  his   forthcoming  tenure   with Parliament  action packed , momentous  and  fruitful . He  alone is to be in Parliament, as there is no space stipulated  for  his  campaigners   ,assistants, upon  any of the Parliamentary  Seats.  Thence,  like  a Self–Reliant  , Self–Supporting, Honourable   Candidate , he/she  must  face  People  alone, unaided , dependent  on his/her own strengths of Personality, Character, Conscience   and above  all,  a genuine  true  and  ardent  desire  to  serve  People , Motherland  and  Humanity .  He/she  must, face People on his own strength  sans  money power , hirelings   ,  the  mercenary  campaigners, the sniffers of Power and Money of People —— together   infringing upon  the rightful private dialogue  between candidate and his would-be-voter and citizen under eighteen/family/small section of a Family Neighbourhood , as  sacred as privacy (read Secrecy) of Ballot.  The  tasks confronting an  MP  are  easier  said,  than  done . MP’s job is multitasking  job     requiring Know-all Knowledge and a penetrating mind into problems of the People.  Service  to People   for  putting  in place  a Welfare  State  , the   avowed  purpose  of  MP-to-be  .  The  burden of his/her real  jobs   is  as  large  as of 21lakh People of each Constituency  Seat  in Lok Sabha  ,45.6 lakh People of  State(UT,NCT) coming  in share  of each Seat  of  Rajya Sabha   and  114 crore  People     of India  swarming  their interests,  concerns and aspirations  into  each House of Parliament

**[[[  ( on the average),People of  his/her State(UT,NCT)  for  Rajya Sabha  Seat[ the actual number varies for Lok Sabha seat, similarly for Rajya Sabha , this number is =  Population of State(UT,NCT)/ Total number of Rajya Sabha Seats allocated as per  Fourth schedule of  Constitution of India and does not figure  for  Rajya Sabha elections wherein the  elected members of  Legislative  Assembly  of State  are electors, not  the People-----Yet, People are indirectly the eventual  electors ,being  the  electors/voters  of  the members of  Legislative Assembly of State( UT,NCT),that  is the entry   to   the route to Rajya Sabha  lies in the power  of Ballot  of People. The Rajya Sabha member are created for the purpose of serving   the  People, thence there  has arisen the  need   for the  aforesaid,  on the average  computation  of  45.6lakh People per Rajya Sabha Seat ,also  for  the  Rajya Sabha candidate/ member  ]]] 

  .   This is  in  sharp   contrast  to the fictional  MP   of  the  misplaced  present day candidacy  period , lasting  a  few  weeks  ( say up to 7-8 weeks, at highest  stretch of candidacy period, normally  for  2 to 5 weeks).  To do  even a paltry  Justice to the Preamble to COI,  presenting candidature for  earning  Representation, even  for ,say, paltry   *****10 minutes  per citizen,   sums up to   a   following smallest computational   period  of  candidacy  .On average ,21lakhPeople× 10 minutes /Person=  ***2crore and 10 lakh minutes  for Lok  Sabha  Seat  and  similarly 4crore and  56 lakh minutes  for  Rajya Sabha Seat.   This   works   out  to about ***119.86 years ( while working 8 solid hours each  day,no Sundays, Saturdays, holidays,—just non-stop) for Lok Sabha   candidate   and   ****260.27 years  for  Rajya Sabha candidate , each year  of round  the  clock of non stop 8 hours/day.   This is  the  time   slot    only   for  people  of One (average population ) Constituency  of  Lok Sabha   and  for  1  seat of Rajya Sabha.   For  a   country  of such an enormous diversity   and   population ,  having  a     huge  backload  of  Problems ,  characteristic   liabilities   ,   declining   standards  of all things, institutions    important  for  a Welfare   State   envisaged   by the COI   ,  ARE 10 minutes per Person  sufficient?,…….   given  the  extent   and  quanta  of   problems  and  dire need  of   solutions  confronting  the  People   , for  the Member-to-be ( that is, the candidate  for  Parliament )???    With such  a   minimal actual demand of time, and extreme paucity  of time , such a requirement  of Hundreds of years is untenable . Thence to do    ,  next  to no , just  a  negligible  token  JUSTICE , to  each  Citizen/Voter  ,may be give simply 1 minute  each  citizen  . Even then time required reduced 10 times, would  be  about 12 years needed  by  Lok Sabha Candidate/Member and 26 years  needed  by Rajya Sabha  Candidate/Member.  May be  10-15 years  of candidacy  is  required??? No???   Since in the present  frame of mind  of typical MP ,( who  has  to pass this  Bill) even this may   not  be tenable ???  Then  as  a  last  desperate  resort,  is    to be  mooting    the  requirement  of   5 years  of  candidacy  for Lok Sabha  member-to-be  and 6 years  of candidacy  for  Rajya Sabha member-to-be  . Just  to prick the  eye, to  meet  the token  minimum demands  of COI. This 5/6years requirement for candidacy   is  just the smallest  requirement  that  can  be, for the greatest sized  Democracy with correspondingly gigantic  requirements, to meet  the calls of Constitution  of India.

Every minute of Candidacy ,then must count ,to make up for  minimal courtesies  a voter, a citizen deserves from MP-to-be and later from  MP.

All on the average:

  *114crore People /543 LS Seats=20,992444,   **114crore People/250 Rajya Sabha Seats=45.6LakhPeople/Seat , ***2crore 10 lakh minutes/60minutes/hour= 35,0000 hours/8hours/day= 43750 days/365 days/year=119.86 years,  ****45.6lakhPeople×10minutes/citizen=4crore56lakhminutes=260.27 years.

*****10 minutes per Citizen  or 2minutes per Year per Citizen.

 Even giving only 1 minute per Citizen per 5  years  by Lok Sabha Candidate /Member Parliament  and per 6 years by Rajya Sabha   Candidate /Member Parliament,  implies devoting 11.98 years for Lok Sabha  Citizens  20.99 Lakh People   and giving  26 years of  interaction  with  People for Rajya Sabha  member

3.)To make up  for paucity of time  for candidacy ,above computations  signify the immense need to  coordinate  and synergise  in unison:  the Central ,State and local Legislature wings, as also corresponding levels of Governance , by the Member-to-be of Parliament ( also to be  later as MP)  to obtain one integrated united output, for each citizen  and each concentrically  expanding  collectivity around  him/her( that is , consider the citizen being surrounded by  first Collectivity of Family,  and concentrically moving out of his  household onto higher sized collectivities, of Family neighbourhood, Polling Booth Locality, Territorial Constituency, Parliamentary Constituency, State(UT,NCT), Nation, Nation vis-à-vis    Globe. The Candidate Parliament is ,thence, to make it his/her mission to  search the gaps  of  isolation, mutual sharing of information, inputs and outputs , synchronising and synergising various channels of activity as the tasks of his agenda, to unite legislatures and concomitant Governances  top-down  vertically , left to right laterally  that is horizontally, into one pulsating and  robust  united  system of Legislature cum Governance ,  all working in concert, for avowed  purpose of     achieving  Multiplied Efficiency ,Outputs ,  minimal expenditures and zero wastages, as a result of his/her exertions  as a candidate for Parliament. To  aim at serving Individual ,all united  putting one  front, to reach  the  doorsteps of Individual   in his/her Family , to assure and  ensure Well Being, Welfare.

To make every minute of Candidacy period   count   and use it     fully     to  prepare for  each  corresponding minute    of  the  oncoming tenure  as MP . To initiate founding tasks  and jobs of 25 Yearly Nation Building Action Plans , and  25 Yearly Master Plans during tenure. In event of being Minister ,  to give full push to 5 year portion  of Action Agenda for    aforesaid 25 yearly Nation Building Action Plans, 25 Yearly Master Plans  to be executed in subsequent 5-Yearly Plans. These  shall be entirely an intellectual and exclusive preoccupation of  MP. No relegation of this exercise to National and State Planning Commissions. Only data and other  details of  previous 5 year Plans to be sought by  MPs .MP is driver of  Executive, that is  Bureaucracy,  not its  pupil.

4)  To  Prepare for giving instructions in details, and knowing  far more than the Bureaucracy , in  contrast to passing one’s  job to Bureaucracy, relegating one’s  duties to  officials ,never being Superior  to them  in job capabilities To  get knowledge of nitty  gritty, dynamics  of Governance,  from  one  file  to  another  ,one  desk  to  another, one  department  to another. Not  to be  a guest, but an Owner  who  knows each  and  every  thing  ,without  having  to learn the job   from  dealing hands . To prepare to be master of every Ministry ,Institution, Department of  Governance. To  prepare  for  Office  of Member  of Parliament as  the   Subject authority, not  a signature  authority, well versed  in inside outs  of the job  as MP , as Minister, as PM……..   .Never to be a stranger . Never to be Boss cum less than a trainee , absenting  on days ,months  from  Ministry ,leaving  job  to hired  public  servants . The Candidate Parliament need prepare  to take  over the day he/she becomes MP, Minister  without  having to  school himself  and  herself  there. He/she need make  himself/herself  far more knowledgeable  and competent  than all civil service   officials operating  Governance  at centre. To obtain mastery over every aspect of Ministries, Parliamentary  functioning, rest  of wings  of  Governance. 

5.)To   assess the quantum and extent of Responsibilities , Duties  of the Candidate/Member Parliament. 1b To translate the Duties of Candidate/ Member Parliament into the lives of People of the Constituency/State(UT,NCT) in particular   and  Nation  in general.

The Candidate is required to tour his/her Parliamentary Constituency/ State Territorial Constituencies ,in a programmed manner   for  taking  stock  of ground  realities, making assessments  for designing future course of his /her  initiatives  ,  future pursuits, campaigns,  reforms jobs, tasks, activities ,program ,contemplations, deliberations……….   etc  that need  fall  in the  ambit  of   his/her Responsibilities and  Duties ( refer Part E of this Bill 2009)  arising   out of  his/her oath  as Candidate of Parliament . During sojourns in different Polling Booth Localities/Territorial Constituencies,  to fill in the blanks of his/her  National  Services  and  Electioneering Presentation  Documents/Representation  National Services  Documents  l, National Building Action Plans, Future Agenda  for Parliamentary  proceedings for his/her forthcoming tenure as MP in Lok Sabha/Rajya Sabha  and tentative Calendar of activities, projects  as MP. As per  his/her oath to  bear true faith  and  allegiance to the  Constitution of India ,as by  law  established and  to  uphold the  Sovereignty and  integrity  of  India, it is of paramount importance   that the Candidate comprehends  Constitution  of India ,knows it inside  out, in  order to translate its objectives  into lives of People he /she is to represent  in the Parliament . In  case he does not have mastery  over  Constitution of  India , the  Candidacy  is  the  high  time ,that  he  does   possess that now  ,Keeping a  copy of Constitution always handy,  and  running  parallel  practical  field  work  in his/her  Constituency  /State  in particular   and  Nation  in   general.  

To  determine the  quantum  and extent of his/her responsibilities, the candidate  need fix his/her  targets, taking the help of his/her   National  Services  and  Electioneering Presentation  Documents/Representation  National Services  Documents   in first priority,  and Nation Building Action Plans and  concomitant Work Schedules ,  in second priority  ,delineating  typical problems  and requirements  of Nation , but  particularly in view of his/her  Parliamentary Constituency  as Lok Sabha Candidate  and   of the Territorial Constituencies of the  State( UT, NCT)  as Rajya  Sabha  Candidate.  The aforesaid targets ,set  by the candidate   are required  to     meet    the    expectations  of  Constitution of India    for  sake of      the People of Constituency/State in particular   and   Nation in general,   for   realising ,say, a stipulated  %age of[ say, a definite list of  tasks, in descending order of importance  to  realise ]  Welfare Parliamentary  Constituency (vis-à-vis   Welfare  State)  as Lok Sabha candidate   and    Welfare State(UT,NCT)       (( vis-à-vis    Welfare Nation[ read State  in consonance to  ‘Welfare State’ of Constitution of India ,  implying Nation ] ))  

To         practically determine the magnitude and extent of  jobs that await thaCandidate/ Member Parliament                         as Leader  of People, as executor of contents and intents of Constitution of India ,in spirit of Freedom Struggle, to establish an Ideal State rid of Nation’s past Historical negativities,   and to  restore  the Nation to its ancient  standards of excellence, in all spheres of activities:

To determine /estimate    quantum and quality of (regardless , whether the  earlier Candidate /Member Parliament  did not  go about  their job  this  way) Work Outputs in view of ground realities ,independent of Government versions, purely  as  the  Candidate/Member Parliament personal  version , on which he/she is to base  his/her  performance  as MP, Minister ….  .  To go into as complete details ,as Candidate/ Member Parliament can  manage . He/she certainly can take help from    Family  Neighbourhood -Polling Booth Locality Social workers ,Senior Citizens, Volunteers , welfare associations and others that his/her leadership  successfully  mobilizes for  the National cause.  He ought to be responsible  for the veracity of all that he renders  as part of Earning People’s Approval And Confidence-ValidatingTheBallot-PeriodicPresentation/Representation Reports

I. Law and order ( Refer Duty 1 ,Part E of this Bill)  To determine  how  much safe ,in his/her Constituency/State in each polling Booth Locality ,in each Territorial Constituency, how  much   safe a   young child  is , a young lady is, a old lady is, a physically  weak person is , a person possessed of cash  in a  see-through   ……bag visible to any one  or  possessed of  other assets ,vulnerabilities —  really  is ……..  etc. How freely  and fearlessly  he/she can  be or live  anywhere in Constituency State and elsewhere in nation, but most  of all in CANDIDATE/MEMBER  PARLIAMENT’s Constituency/State       What level of safety he /she (CANDIDATE/MEMBER  PARLIAMENT)prescribes for each aforesaid  precincts. Thence what is the gap, as evinced in registered statistics, as per media  and  real statistics that she/he the Candidate/ Member Parliament  assessed as vis-à-vis   total safety safeguards desired at all times ,at all places , in all types  of situations for Citizen-the Sovereign.

Note: At the outset ,  the  Candidate /Member Parliament  make  it  amply  clear: this  ,that he/she  is being  required to  make  exact computation of requirements of an  Individual, integrating  onto Family  ,and  concentrically   larger,  and  yet  larger  containing collectivities, onto  the requirements  of  Nation, as per  his/her  experiential and   personal perceptions   data collection   and  verification , first  hand. This  is  in order  ,that  in the  same  token he/she  delivers his/her OUTPUTS measured  quantified, qualitatively specified   outputs  to  People.  The Promises , Commitments, Obligations  ,too ,  in  the  same  vein, need be  time bound  similarly  quantified ,qualitatively  specified  for  each   attribute of  theirs.

II. A Food-Clothing –Housing  SECURITY( refer Duty 3 ,Part C of this Bill) . A) To take measure of all food inputs, all meals    through seasons of year. Particularly assess  gap with  respect  to the requirements of  Calories,  proteins, fats….,vitamins, minerals etc. food contents .To consult a Nutritionist/Book on Nutrition…..   . Find what actually need be provided to every child , every man ,woman….in sickness and health , to obtain a  diseaseless Polling Booth Locality and Territorial Constituency   having  robust health of all constituents. To pay especial  attention to girl child, slum dwellers , beggars ,the  destitute, daily wagers -Unorganized Labour in his/her  precincts. To assess what is supposed to be desired amount and quality of   required food items for precincts, he/she  is looking  after as CANDIDATE/MEMBER  PARLIAMENT. Especially he/she, need find in  litres of Milk ,Kgs. of  Fruit   for a   Polling  Booth  Locality that fall short of what he/she prescribes  as  requirements, considering overall ground  realities  of the precincts  he/she has the obligation under COI to provide for, to render  Welfare  State  outputs. The computations need start from a) below  destitution level, b)  ½ way between rock bottom destitution grounds and Government prescribed Poverty Line ( think of $10.000 per year per person ,$20,000 per nuclear family of 4  members advanced nation Poverty Line, while making   local arrangements),c) below Poverty Line  ,d) Below Line where People find it difficult  to provide ½ kg milk,1/4kg milk daily  to growing  children , the Line below which 1 apple /equivalent food a day can not be provided etc.  ,e )below the line where 5 Star food is daily  thrown  in dustbins/destroyed.

From  these data for his/her Constituency/State , the  Candidate/ Member Parliament need compute requirements of Agriculture, Livestock, Horticulture,  Square kilometres of  agricultural land  requirements    ( remembering  Nandigram land -Nano  approach ) for 5 years , for Nation Building Action Plans minimally up to next 75 years  and component Master Plans  for Food for Constituency/State  in  particular and Nation  in general (see abbreviations). And thence his/her  Agenda for forthcoming  Parliamentary Sessions  ,Ministries  ,Departments and Institutions   of Government at Centre ( and directions/guidelines/ suggestions etc.  for those at state and local levels).  

B) Likewise as  clause 2A above,  to compute   requirements  for  clothing— dress, bedding ,drapery……per Family Neighbourhood ,per Polling  Booth  Locality, per Territorial  Constituency through    heat ,cold and rains.

C.) To determine  shelter requirements ,in the manner food requirements determined as per clause 2B. To determine minimum space( built  space  and open space) per person for health, hygiene, privacy , growth  and   aesthetics ,especially for spare time management and income. And to figure out  ways of providing  Shelter/Dwelling   units  in current 5 years and for 25,50 ,75 year Nation Building Action Plans(estimated population about 180 crore in 2050, 250 crore in 2009+75=2084) for the Homeless , for those living  on  rent  to possess own  dwelling  unit.

III.  To determine the needs of concentrically expanding   families( :per 100 People as for  Family Neighbourhood  Family ,per 1000 as for Polling Booth Locality Family , per Territorial Constituency Family(say,  on the average2,76lakhPeople*) ,Parliamentary Constituency Family (21 lakh People**) ,State Family ,National Family.  To  devise  productivity generating   environment concomitant motivation ,thought  culture  and  work culture  to  trigger  enterprise, entrepreneurship especial  in  groups.

 For example , for Polling Booth Locality considered as one  Big local Family, the needs  per day ,week ,biweek, month ,quarter,6 months, year,5 years, 25 years ,50 years ,75 years  and  above,  in  Megawatts of Electricity,  Kilometers  of  Roads ,Kilolitres of pure drinking water and agricultural water,  Kgs of fuel, kgs of cooking  gas , Litres of Petrol , transportation needs in number of buses and other vehicles, Marketing of essential and supporting  commodities , educational  institutes/1000 people, dispensaries, hospitals/1000 people, Medicines etc /1000 people  Number of electronic/technological  goods required that is Computers ,TVs, Telephones, Radios…….etc…….,Parks, Community activities etc. For more details ,Candidate/ Member Parliament need also refer to  his/her  varied  National  Services  and  Electioneering Presentation  Documents/Representation  National Services  Documents  , Nation Building Action Plans.*114 crore People/4122 State Assembly States. ** On the average.

IV…..The Candidate/ Member Parliament  need also determine requirements of  activities events, programs, projects, ventures, initiatives   etc  he/she  envisages for the Democracy centre(s)[refer Part I  of Bill]  falling in the ambit of  his/her Constituency/State for democratizing  the individual  vis-à-vis   surrounding  Collectivity  to achieve a Welfare Society.

The Candidate, need , all the time remind himself /herself ,  that  on the average, 21 lakh People  of Constituency  as Lok Sabha Candidate   and 45.6 lakh People of  State( UT ,NCT )  as Rajya Sabha Candidate,  in particular; and 114 crore People of India, too, in general , are depending on his/her thoughts  actions  and consequent decisions , that in turn   effect  their  very  thoughts ,hopes, dreams, actions ,their  Lives. The Candidate, need , all the time remind himself /herself ,  that  on the average, 21 lakh People  of Constituency  as Lok Sabha Candidate   and 45.6 lakh People of  State( UT ,NCT )  as Rajya Sabha Candidate,  in particular; and 114 crore People of India are his/her Responsibility ,as   a candidate for Parliament ,as Member of Parliament  later; and even  in  retirement, once  he/she has held the Office  of Member  of  Parliament ,thereby, effecting the course  of People’s Lives  and Journey  of History.  ( read Part B   : Financial security  and wellbeing  of MP, present Bill2009)

The  other important area of burdens is pending tasks from past , the unfinished, untouched jobs, problems, the neglected problems that are becoming serious and likely to become alarming  in  Future ,  from a negative  legacy of inaction and casualness of past. The Candidate need in the matter,  gather necessary inputs  from the past Lok Sabha  members ,also from the current Lok Sabha member, besides  from the People,   as Lok Sabha candidate . Similarly , for the Candidate for  Rajya Sabha. To collect  inputs from   past Rajya Sabha members ,  current Rajya Sabha members and  for more detailed inputs  from respective members of Legislative Assembly  from all Territorial Constituencies of the State( UT,NCT).Next source of ascertaining the spectrum of problems of past and present is , Media  and  most reliable, the People and the Constituency/State  itself.

Thence the candidate ,first of all , explore ,discover,   locate,   assess   and   define the problems, needs,  resources  ,potentials   and delineate  their  up to date  status,  in view     of  aforesaid  considerations and  sources. Next, he/she   ,need  ascertain the magnitude of tasks awaiting to be done in view of the targets already delineated as also the  addendums  arising from lack of practical and comprehensive exposure to the Constituency/State ,   in the early periods of the candidacy period, especially in view of   overall Responsibilities and  Duties  of Part E of the present Bill. A brief review is provided in following text to accumulate  tasks  for   the    Agenda  and concomitant  work schedules of the  candidate . Thence a preliminary Reconnaissance of the Parliamentary Constituency  for Lok Sabha   candidate and  *State     Territorial  Constituencies  for the Rajya Sabha candidate , is instructive in taking stock of nature  of ground realities  ,to size  up work for the period  of candidacy . For this purpose the Candidate need  to  ascertain the requirements  of   Parliamentary Constituency  and State for   Duties of MP.  For purpose of conducting his/her Interactions  with the People, the Candidate for Parliament   need carry a Daily Diary , Part rolls  copy , Map of Constituency/State and Nation(especially for devising Constituency Combinations  and State Combinations),  ,Phone  numbers , and  to inform Election Commission of India and people of forthcoming  week and months  program of interaction, Questionnaire   for  interaction , provide   at least  week in advance  questionnaire to  People to  obtain status of Polling Booth Locality/Territorial Constituency and  corresponding  gaps needing to be filled to  achieve  Objectives  of Constitution of India. For the purpose, the Candidate/Member need  keep  copies of his/her Answers /solutions/queries/verifications  needed   etc   for National  Services  and Electioneering  Presentation Documents  ,Representation National  Services  Documents, Nation Building Action Plans and concomitant Work  Schedules , Expected  Consolidated 4 year 11monthly List  of  accomplishments  as Lok Sabah Candidate /Expected  Consolidated 5year 11monthly List  of  accomplishments  as Rajya Sabah  candidate, Calendar of Action and  component Time Tables, Interaction Itineraries , EPAAC-VTB-PP/RReports….etc. This is  to ensure, he/she  misses nothing on account  of  acute  paucity  of time  vis-à-vis    enormity  of Job  of Constituency Building , Polling Booth  by Polling Booth and  State Building  ,Territorial Constituency  by Territorial  Constituency and Nation Building contributions. All this need be done  properly ,  as per Oath  of Third Schedule  of  Constitution of India,  being duty-bound  , honour-bound to  the People of  Constituency/ State in particular and the Nation in general.

* for Minimum  Requirements, see chapter X  concentrating on requirements for Rajya Sabh  Candidates.

6.As the Candidate proceeds with aforesaid assessments , he/she is required  to frame    Questionnaire(s)  for inquiring into status of   Constituency/State vis-à-vis    Needs and Materials for Representation in Parliament and activation  of Governance  to  answer  the  aspirations  of  People..  This he/she can provide to the  Polling Booth Localities to be visited of the constituency  as Lok Sabha  Candidate and also to respective  Territorial  Constituencies  of the State to be visited  as Rajya  Sabha  Candidate , so as  to obtain  both a written response  as per detailed discussions  with local  constituents,  as also those from his/her direct  face  to  face interactions with  them. 

 During  his interactions  the   Candidate /Member Parliament  is to invoke  participation, team  making  partnership with citizens  and  thence productive involvement   and  resultant  contributions  from  citizens for  Constituency  Building  ,Nation  Building  tasks.  He/she  is to  start ongoing bilateral   dialogue  with  individuals and collectivities ( Basic three: Family , Family  Neighbourhood ,Polling  Booth  Locality) so as to  obtain  a Continuously   Interactive Representability    wherein   People     inhabit his/her Being  activating  his/her the Mental Space and Spirit  expanse   by their  Life  forces. For the purpose, the   Candidate /Member Parliament need provide to the  Citizen,  his  office/contact  address and times  for meeting , especially  the  Democracy Centre address  or   alternative  venue(s) address(es)  for accessibility. The Candidate  during   his/her Candidacy  need to school himself/herself    into the Dynamics  of Life  needs  of Constituency/State   so  as   to  become      competent  for MP’  job,  5/6 years hence , in the backdrop  of   Future,  and  its   challenges  in  a fast changing  ,narrowing and  interacting  World  with  day  by  day increasing  difficulties  of existence  vis-à-vis   the aspirations  of  Democracy and  ballooning Population  and  shrinking  resources. By his  work  and conduct  during Candidacy  , Candidate is to  prove  himself/herself  worthy  of People’s  Trust by  generating  significant  outputs  to demonstrate his/her generatability, creditability, performability, deliverability and creditability. His/her ability to shoulder  Responsibilities  to  discharge his/her Duties  need convince People  of  his/her Worthiness of  being their  Caretaker  in the Parliament.  As a MP,  the time is  come  to  deliver,   besides portraying  all aforesaid   characteristics,  rather  more  comprehensively, coherently  and  completely. Tenure of MP is  to  provide lasting  Outputs ( minimally  lasting 75  years ). With  complete  transparency, answerability and  above all  ,on the board Accountability. His/her     attributes  as  a  MP shouldering  all Responsibilities of Constituency/State in particular, and of  Nation in general;   portraying  his/her   Bilaterality, Participatability  and Team-making  Partnership  with  People. The MP has to provide to the People  complete Accessibility,     Connectability,  Answerability-Transparency, Interactability, Continuously interactive Representability, Discipline Dutifulness Competence, Mertorious Accountability, Rapportability,  Entrustability, Creditability, Generatability, Performability, Deliverability. All aforesaid  traits  of  MP need  clearly be  demonstrated   in his/her  submissions  to People  in  his/her   Earning People’s Approval And Confidence -  Validating The Ballot—Periodic Presentation / Representation  Reports ,  Revised improvised (every  6  months)National  Services  and Electioneering  Presentation Documents/ National  Services and  Electioneering Presentation Document  , Nation Building  Action Plans and concomitant Work Schedules , various Cumulative Quarterly Consolidated  Lists  of up to date  accomplishments ,  giving  Contributions  to  the  Constituency/State  and  Nation   .

To be equal to the  Duties ( refer duties, one by one ,in Part E of Bill) To work out each Duty as  Candidate /Member Parliament  vis-à-vis    his/her  Constituency/State in particular and Nation  in general:       

i)..Sovereignty a) to assess the status  of Security . If it is a border area then the candidate inquire into status of Territorial integrity ,in   case his/her  Constituency/state shares international borders .b)  to assess the internal security  in respect   of collectivities. c) to assess status of day to day law and order  for safety  of Individual ,his/her life and possessions…… onto Duty No.10 especially ,  National  Services  and  Electioneering Presentation  Documents/Representation  National Services  Documents   7q,r,s.

To unify  and  integrate  economically,  socially,  culturally……..everywise   all collectivities   starting  from  the Base, that  is,  Family,   especially , Family  Neighbourhood,  Polling  Booth  Locality ,….. Territorial  Constituencies  ,  Parliamentary Constituencies  as Lok Sabha Candidate/Member   and  States(  UTs ,NCT)  as  Rajya  Sabha  Candidate/Member.

ii)         To  make a general survey of  manifestation into ground reality, of each aspect of  required expected  outputs of each  Article ,each Institution of  Constitution of India. ( Refer Constitution, as reference Handbook, chapter by chapter) . He must assess the gaps and chart  out his/her future course of action to fill these gaps, through resources of People ,through  voluntary Citizen services and inputs , through his/her proposals of further legislation ,new acts  or amending of the  existing  acts.

iii)  To harness  resources, energies, powers of People  to multiply Productivity of Constituency/State, to help People achieve a good Standard of Living,  to pull  up those below destitution level, those below poverty line, and those below   inadequate level of living  to decent standard of living, leaving out none. To list all who are left out, one by one. To parent the Constituency/State as  Pitamah/Matamah.

iv)….To  control   and cultivate himself /herself, to become and to present ,in private  and in public , the Living Insignia  of Nation ((( Sarnath National Emblem; of   ‘Truth triumphs and prevails’  ….,  Tricolour significators  and ‘Jan Gan Mana’, Banyan Tree, Lotus, Human Values ………)))  so  as  to be pacesetter for rest of citizens of the Constituency/State. His/her conduct need establish  him/her as the towering  Moral authority. To  inspire  constituents and under eighteens to  transform themselves  to the role conducive to  realising  the Objectives  of Constitution of India .To initiate  and complete the  Mission of rendering every citizen       ( in consonance to clause 4 of Part C on Duties)       1.        Self Employed–Entrepreneur, 2.            Teacher–Guide, 3.                        Social Worker-everybody’s Helper and 4.         Security provider      for Sovereignty of India….To raise groups of volunteers for Nation Building Activities in each Family neighbourhood to put in place minimally             ((more the merrier,  for more refer Part I of Bill2009, for Democracy Centres))              following in-charges plus  a program of action((in elementary informal sense, even where People do not have formal education, say, an elderly person can act as ‘teacher’ etc.))                   to render rest of residents  as    ;a)    Teacher, b)     social worker           c) Enterprise Organizer  ,d)            Polling  Booth Locality Police-Security. To fix a place for gatherings (((   put a suitable sign  Board  at identified  venue    of Family neighbourhood   ))), for Nation Building activities and for his/her  future visits, interactions, addresses, exchanges with citizens residing there .    Spread this  movement  by chain  reaction. And similarly, for Polling Booth Locality, Polling Booth      Locality Neighbourhood Cluster(s), Nodal Polling Booth Locality in  the heart of  each  Territorial Constituency, A central place in each Parliamentary Constituency.      And likewise in Capital of State/UT/NCT.          This minimal group shall help carry out local  programs activities etc.  for   Nation Building  activities.          To put in place, a society filled with Abundance, Surpluses , Help all  People  and Groups, Enterprise and Productivity, Humanity, Civility,  Dignity, Respect and  Grace. Expectedly, all during halfway journey through candidacy and  the rest   half  through   the tenure as Member  of  Parliament.

v)….To prepare for the jobs  piling  high      ,      since 1950 on the    Parliamentary desk of Parliamentary seat  meant for  the Constituency/State.              To Install,      People to be represented,  in this/her Mental  space and Spirit expanse .       To prepare for Representational duties, by using candidacy period for conducting reality fitting trials and tests , for  preprocessing of inputs required  to  be in final form, ready to  be translated  into reality .   To generate  Agenda of Constituency/State in particular and for Nation in general. To gather Agenda of oncoming 15 Parliament  Sessions. a)    To  assemble  agenda of each family Neighbourhood from each constituent Family ,of Polling Booth Locality from individual agenda of each constituent Family Neighbourhood, and of Territorial Constituency from summation of individual Agenda of constituent Polling Booth Localities, of Parliamentary Constituency from individual Agenda of respective constituent Territorial Constituencies, of State ,from Agenda of constituent Parliamentary Constituencies ,of Nation from summation of Agenda of constituent States, UTs and NCT. From aforesaid systematic process and data, to  assemble Agenda of  Parliamentary Constituency as Lok Sabha Candidate, and of State(UT,NCT) as Rajya Sabha Candidate, in particular  and overall Agenda of Nation in general.

vi)   To prepare for Parliamentary Duties as per clause 6 of Part E of Responsibilities and Duties of present Bill. His/her first endeavour is to  realise Preamble of Constitution of India  in every Polling  Booth locality of a Parliamentary Constituency  as Lok Sabha  candidate    and  in each Territorial constituency of each State ( UT,NCT)  as  Rajya Sabha  candidate. He need prepare   for  all roles ( that is , for example as ruling side MP ,opposition MP ,unattached MP , Leader of ruling side, of opposition ,as Speaker…, Minister……….etc.) that he may land in Lok Sabha as Lok Sabha member  and  as in Rajya Sabha  as Rajya Sabha member.

vii)…To prepare for his/her Governmental Duties. To start monitoring the outputs of Governance in the Constituency as Lok Sabha candidate/in State as Rajya Sabha candidate , in particular and Nation, in general. And to take needful action  as Citizen to obtain desired responses using all channels available to citizen. To get a feel of Governance in the life of a citizen from below destitution level,  below  Poverty line …..and better placed citizens. To initiate measures, to formulate further measures for oncoming tenure. To prepare for Duties as Minister for each Ministry of Centre. Also to study the    status  of State( UT,NCT) Governance in the Life of Citizens in Territorial Constituencies   as Rajya Sabha  candidate.  To formulate Citizen Groups to report (written) on state  of Governance and corresponding  corrective  measures required and Citizen participation  and help , to obtained  desired  Governmental  responses in  each Polling  Booth Locality of Constituency  and each  Territorial  Constituency of the  State(UT,NCT).

viii)  To prepare for oncoming tenure in Parliament in respective House during Parliamentary   sessions , by watching the proceedings  on LSDDTV  and RSDDTV, using this as distance learning. To interact with members of Parliament by e-mail, correspondence etc, besides meeting  local past and present MPs in Constituency/State. The Rajya Sabha candidate in addition need also interact with legislators of State(UT,NCT) to prepare for the future role. To start preparing  for  Bharat  Darshan Tour by  corresponding  ,learning  of  all constituencies , State Capitals,  especially  with  a  view  to    explore, initiate , common  factor ,joint  ,  cooperative   programs ,projects , ventures, initiatives,  activities, events  of  mutual  benefit  and thence   to formulate Constituency  Neighbourhood ,Constituency  Neighbourhood Cluster(s), Interest Linked  Groups with  his/her Constituency

ix)….. Since the Candidate  is       going to join the top 1  (President of India)  +1( Vice President) +       250 (Rajya Sabha Members)  +  543 ( Lok Sabha Members)=    795  (nearly,  800) Top Citizens of Nation , at the outset, from Day 1 of  Candidacy , the MP-to-be , need start as an   Exemplar  of Fundamental Duties ( Article 51A,of Constitution of India)  for the People,  especially   the   Youth , in working out his/her Day to day life . He is to be the leader. This has to be his first job, to disseminate Fundamental Duties in the Life of Nation,  as one United National Family on Earth. Next, Candidate, is to be Exemplar of all that he/she Wants the Nation to be on the World Stage. The Candidate, is to be Exemplar of all that an Individual need to be ,by himself/herself ,in  Family ,in Family  Neighbourhood, in  Polling Booth Locality, in Combinations of Polling Booth Locality , in Territorial  Constituency and in its combinations, in Parliamentary Constituency and its   *Combinations                 *[[ Neighbourhood, Neighourhood  Cluster(s), Interest Linked group(s) ]],  in State and Combinations, in Nation, Nation vis-à-vis    Globe. Remember job of MP-to-be/MP are as  large as  India.

Last, above all,  Interaction is the Breath of Democracy . Representation in Parliament is the Heart(that is, immediate  concerns, every thing  under  the lens,  as  Lok Sabha C/M) and Mind       (that is, long term concerns governing  the short term  happenstance,  as Rajya  Sabha Candidate /Member)         of People  running  the Democracy .  Consequences of Parliamentary  functions actuated, by the MP ,eventually drive the Massive Engine of Democracy( the Governance and its sinews —-its departments and officials) serving the People( the cells in the Body of  Motherland Bharat).

———————————————–chapter  VII  C   ends—————————————————


——————————————————————————————————————————————-chapter VII  ends———————————

AMENDMENT VII                     CHAPTER  VIII

Amendment VII   REPRESENTATIONAL  REQUIREMENTS FOR CANDIDACY OF LOK  SABHA    is inserted as section 4A of   CHAPTER I A of PART II A-page 57,The Representation of  the People’s Act,1951. 

 Candidacy is period( read  process ) of   accommodating, by seating  People  of  Constituency,  in  the  Personage of  Candidate to  take  them [ ‘We the People of  Constituency] ] to  their  Seat,  waiting  for them,  in   Lok  Sabha .

 I…Getting connected to Lok Sabha:  To have feeling  of his/her coming  tenure in Lok Sabha , the Candidate for  Lok Sabha   from day One of being the candidate,   need to   start studying  the proceedings of Lok Sabha. Since Lok Sabha works in concert with the Rajya Sabha, for correlative functions ,the candidate need also study Rajya Sabha proceedings    He/she can watch    Lok Sabha proceedings  on   LSDDTV and Rajya Sabha proceedings  on RSDDTV , besides availing relevant information concerning    Lok Sabha  and Rajya Sabha  from  Library , Election Commission of India ,Internet, Media,past   and  present all  categories  of  Leadership Accountability- Transparency National Services and  Electioneering Documents:,  Itineraries  for  example  Bharat  Darshan, State  Darshan ,  Constituency  Darshan  Reports etc.) EPAAC-VTB-PP / R Reports , National  Services and  Electioneering Presentation Document  , Nation Building Action Plans , subjectwise Master Plans  of the  MPs ,previous candidates and MPs  of  Constituency in particular  and rest  of Nation  in  general.  He/she, need study ,examine    and assess the proceedings   of Lok Sabha, especially vis-à-vis   the current scenario of his/her Constituency in particular  and those of remaining Constituencies of nation in  general ,  making written  weekly   Reports  thereof  sessionwise  ; with  view to   offer corrections   for   avoiding   errors ,oversights  ,misjudgement creeping into the   Parliamentary  proceedings  and  steering  of Governance   and its  outputs  reaching the People  of  his/her  Constituency. The Candidate  need fortify  her/his knowledge  by interactive communications  with Lok Sabha members , Secretariat ,websites  etc.. He/she, thus must  get  a good feel  of the Job  of Lok Sabha  member in order to prepare  for a  distinguished role,  getting  adequately  ready  for  all pre-requisite  inputs, starting  with  the question  hour  ,preparing  necessary data  collection of  important  problems  already  surfacing  in  the Parliament  .

II. Period of Candidacy  To prepare  himself/herself & the People of Constituency  for the challenges of  next tenure  of Parliament.  To  provide  to the People:

Accessibility,  Bilaterality, Participatability, Team-making  Partnership, Organisability, Leadership,    Connectability,  Answerability-Transparency, Interactability, Continuously interactive Representability, Responsibility, Honesty, Discipline, Dutifulness , Competence, Meritoriousness,  Accountability,          Rapportability,   Entrustability, Creditability, Generatability, Performability, Deliverability  to  shoulder his/her Responsibilities     to  Constitution  of  India     by    discharging   all his/her  consequent  Duties . 

To   serve  Constituency ,to   gather People for the  tasks awaiting the  candidate  for Nation Building , Nation  Upliftment , National Rejuvenation  especially  in  context  of  shouldering  his/her Responsibilities  and  discharging  his/her  Duties  vis-à-vis      Constituency  in  particular  and Nation in general.   To restore ancient  glories of Nation,  its sublime Civilization  ,to reclaim its place in the  Globe . To ready the Youth  for  their  role as Prime Movers of   Productivity and Progress in every sphere of National life . To get started on his/her journey, to be  Embodiment of his/her Constituency . To examine the problems of  Constituency ,to understand  their causations , to Doctor to the  ills  coming in the way of uninterrupted Progress in Living Conditions of People to  root  out  all their  causations [[[refer  to  Negativities,  National  Services and  Electioneering Presentation Document   and all  rest of Leadership  Accountability-Transparency National Services  and  Electioneering   Documents  and Reports of earlier and current MP(s)   and   Media]]].    

To  start  working  in earnest  ,preparing   grounds  to  arrange  for each    Citizen’s    needs round the  year  , as per his/her requirements as per his/her age, economic status……….his/her givens, placement  in Society. To bring him/her on par with the best Standards of Living in developed Nations  .  He/she  need  tabulate detailed  lists,  in  respect  of  net  quantity        [[[(refer  Part  Rolls  vis-à-vis      his/her interactions and  consequent  inferences.)]]]  ,   qualitative  attributes/designs vis-à-vis       standards of  life, adjunct specific  time  bound  requirements and  necessary estimated budget and  supportive  means  to provide    for:      each family,  for each Family Neighbourhood , for each Polling Booth Locality, Polling Booth Neighbourhood,   Polling Booth Neighbourhood Cluster(s)  ,  Parliamentary  Constituency, Parliamentary Constituency Neighbourhood, Neighbourhood Cluster(s)  and Interest Linked Group(s) ,  for minimum 75 years . The candidate need be concretely specific ,leaving  nothing  to  nondescript  words and  taking  shelter  in  ambiguity  and  excuse  making. He /she  need  prescribe  practically possible  and implementable  1.   per capita income,2.. Per household standard of living,   that is  for example, facilities such as  that  he/she   deems  fit??? To be specified as per the  existing  status  and  the resolve, determination and  drive  of the Candidate…..For  example : TV, refrigerator/no refrigerator, Computer  or  no  computer only  a note book?, water supply, sewerage, in-house latrine ( what type especially in rural settings/slums) ,……………..3.    Food( with detailed diet items and  Budget needed for that ,per person ,for example…………     milk in litres /person, fruit in  gms / person,4.      Clothing  , bedding, drapery  furniture  5. Housing, living space………..etc remaining requirements, as for Collectivities  starting with Family  Neighbourhood, Polling  Booth Locality……Parliamentary Constituency……..  . Upon broadly enlisting   itemwise   needs  of Individual, Family……..Parliamentary Constituency, the Candidate Parliament is required to compute  Total requirements of each item….with projections extended minimally  to 75 years hence.  Next  he need to determine the existing status of these.       Next  to determine  the difference that need be supplied. This now  need be part of Targets of his/her   respective Agenda. He/she need assure  highest of quality for  outputs  of his/her  agenda in keeping with  requirements  of Constitution of India  for Excellence. He need compute detailed actual factual practical requirements  of   Individual, Family  ,Family Neighbourhood and Polling  Booth Locality. These need be for  different  economic  strata  inhabiting    his/her  Constituency. Overall computations can be  made from  distribution  of   population  into different  economic  strata. The  candidate  can take help  of census  of India  ,Ministry of  Statistics  and Program Implementation, Local Administration etc. also. But he/she  is required  to  make  own  computations,  through  her/his  detailed  Interactions  with  Individuals  and Collectivities.    The Candidate  is to   invoke  total  involvement and participation  of the Citizens ,to form teaming partnerships in his/her   aforesaid endeavours . The Candidate Parliament  need   consult  the ambit  of each Ministry and Institution of Government  as also the  Seventh Schedule,  Constitution of India  , to  define his/her   Agenda for its smooth  implementability, whilst  gathering all needful adjuncts  during  his  Candidacy, accessing  all sources of Governance and the People of Constituency.

BUDGET   FOR     REQUIREMENTS  OF  PEOPLE. All the efforts   of  the  Candidate Lok Sabha will come   to a  naught , without  money  and  means . The Lok Sabha   Candidate  in  order   to  run  Household  Bharat,  must arrange  money ,expend money  for  sustenance,   invest  money  for  future ,   generate  additional  money  for evolutionary    growth and  furthering  standards and values   of  Indian   contemporary  Civilisation , as  he   goes noting  and  taking  stock  of  Money requirements  during  his/her  interactions  with  the real  People  of  the  Soil ,in  every  Family  Neighbourhood  and  every Polling  Booth  Locality. The  Lok  Sabha   Candidate   like  the  Lady  of  the  house,  need  arrange  for  life  requirements and  thence  make   her  estimates  of    the  requirements  of  money  ,other  money  equivalent  inputs  to  tide  over  daily  and  emergency  needs  of  life. His/her  first  Budget  component need be centred   on  typical  Family: To   provide  for  kitchen  needs,    then  needs  for   baithak/drawing  room – to  interface with   society ,  then wash  room  for clothes, sanitation ,initialising  for  daily  life, then other rooms especially  for  reserves(store  room ,purse-the  home bank ,…wheat  rice for the  year, and  the  big storage Box   direly  needed   and  reserved  for  accumulating  the dowry  for daughter(s) and  gifts  for  daughter(s)-in-law,  outside  the  house/home  . To give  or   not  to  give/gift/borrow/Take-now-pay-later……  toy with the  idea  of  giving    a small  saving  account of   Rs.500? fixed  non-withdrawable  amount  especially  for  over  4o  crore  unorganized  labour to  get  them accumulating  money and  running  to banks   in place  of  the  liquor  shops. Or  toy  with  the  idea   of ,say,    gifting/allotting     , say ,Rs 5000/ per  girl  child?, fixed  deposit  till  age  of  18 , interest shifting  3 monthly  to  reimburse  for  health/education into   the    Saving  Bank  Account  of  every  one  of   female  newborns    of  Parliamentary  Constituency [[ in  which  2.75  crore  newborns  each    year/543 LS  members= 50,463 newborns or  say  50 % female per  Constituency  per  year   arrive .... , may  be to do  full justice  also  to  give  some  amount  to  male  new-borns???]].  Thus,       to  ready  the  Governance  for   its  future  expenses compounded  by  these new  arrivals , streaming  in  continuously ,  to  save the government   huge  sums  to  be  expended  later for this  new  citizen  of  India in  so  many  ways  simply  by  making  People  think of  future  oncoming  expenditures,  and  to  make  Government  focussed  on  Population: 180  crore  by 2050,  25o  crore  by  2084  at  present  rate of ( 2.75 crore  newborns – about 1crore  yearly  mortality)1.7 crore net increase/year))), From   Budget of Family,  the candidate need  to  build the integrated  composite Budgets,  by   focussing  on    concentrically developing  larger households  of Family   Neighbourhood,   Polling  Booth Locality ,  Territorial  Constituency ,  Parliamentary   Constituency,  Parliamentary Constituency   Neighbourhood ………………. Nation, providing  for  them,  like  for    a  household, for  their  physical  and  mental  security , preservation  and  perpetuation; consistent  to  the  Designs  and Ideals  he/she  enshrines , envisages  and  propagates     for  Indian  Civilisation  of  Tomorrows, delinked  from  its negativities of  the  yesterdays.   Planning  and arranging  for  the  needs  of   today,  and  oncoming  demands  of  tomorrow’s  journey ,through  future  weeks ,months,  years  ,minimally  for  75 years ;  taking    every one  along with  ,in  his/her  Budgetary  Endeavour, to  arrange  for  blossoming  blooming  tomorrows ….  for  a population  of 250  crores in  2084 , when  he/she  in most  likelihood    will  be  no more,  but  reduced  to  the      Legacy   Heritage  Democracy  Centre(see  Amendment   ,   Democracy   Centres commemorating  his/her  Legacy  to the  Nation).  These  Budget  rough work  notes  shall  be  there for  posterity  to  learn,  take  a  leaf  from. Budgeting  need  be detailed as  for  the  total number of bricks, Kilograms  of cement, wood, net labour  with break up down to  daily  wages, architects Bills, transportations——-leave   nothing  to  the  imagination  and  discretions  of  a  corrupt Bureaucracy and  its  outsourcings,  like  a  housewife  bogged  down  by  expenses  of  children’s oncoming   educational  fees,  needs  of  expenses for  marriages  of  children  and her worries  to  keep  faces  in the  society, not  to  be  left out ,not  to  mortgage   her jewellery to  pay  for  operation of  husband or …….  . The candidate  , need make Budget  like  a  penny pinching  wise  housewife on  one hand  and  a    responsible  entrepreneur  husband ,  who  multiplies  money  and    accumulates wealth  as  household  head  for  now,  and future  of  his   children ,  leaving  them  bequeathment  and  legacy for   perpetuation  of  his  Ideals  of   Life(read   perpetuation   of  an  Ideal Indian  Civilisation, Constitution  of  India). In  nutshell, it is  candidate ,who as  an  MP need direct the  Bureaucracy, the  mason ,  to  do  National  Household  Building .  Not  to  build  house   ,as  of  now , in many  times  longer   time  than  they  do   in  developed  countries.  To  have  (Nation) Building   Well  designed, well planned ,well executed , well lived.    Candidate , in  no  case   is  to depend  on  Bureaucracy, he  must  depend  in  ground  realities of  People  and  myriad  bounties  of Mother   India.   He  need  come  up with   fractional  amount  of Budget, which  they  make  these  days,  with  yet  manifold  neat  and  efficient  outputs  of  Bureaucracy ( read net Governance)  of  yesteryears.    This  is an  immense  job, if  done sincerely .  Budget   is most important  job  of  candidate  who  upon   going  to  bed,  after a  good dinner  with  a  sweet  dish ,  thinks  of the  children  and  families  who  are  going  to their  beds  hungry(  47  crore  empty  bellies). Fooling  themselves   with  a glass of  water at  night.

From  the  observations  and  inferences  of  Interactions, the candidate need  to  enlist the  Law order  problems  of  the Parliamentary  Constituency  vis-à-vis   component  Polling  Booth  Localities ,  Parliamentary Constituency  Combinations  [[[( Constituency,  Neighbourhood, Constituency  Neighbourhood  Cluster(s) ,  Interest Linked Group(s)   of  Constituency)]]] and  the  State, For  example need  to deliberate  on :1.Liquor, smoking, gambling Law regulation  to  curb  domestic  violence,  youth   squabbles  leading  to  injury  etc. ,  jeopardizing  financial  security  of  Below  Poverty Line   families,2.       Law   requiring  Saving  bank  Account  /  Post  Office Account  of   Unorganized  Labour  to   promote  saving  money  for near  50  to  75  % unemployment  period  ,for  self-financing  for  self-employment  needs  etc.,for tiding  over rainy days, hungry days,   making  it  mandatory  for  Nationalised  Banks  to  work  out  arrangements   of  identification of  Bona-fides  of  migratory Labour and  thence  providing  Account  Books , to  hold  Camps, to make  drives ,campaigns   to   recruit  Unorganized  labour   into   Saving    Schemes ,  and    not  refuse  them Saving  Bank  accounts  because  they are migrants  , they  stay  in  a  verandah  ,  under  a  tree  , on  foot path  ,  that     the Bank  does  not  have  their  regular  address. To   usher  in  small-time  riches  revolution in  the  poorest  of  the  poor.

Also, the  Candidate Lok Sabha  is  to get  from  internet  /correspondence  a  List  of   existing   Bills,  List  of  Long  pending  Bills   ,  List  of  BIlls  that were  defeated ,  List  of  amendments ,  List  of  Laws   since  1858 (even  earlier  then  and  now  in  vogue)  or  earlier  till 1947,(  can be  had  from  Books  also)  From  this  as  a base  data ,  he/she   need  dig  further  into  Laws  /  Acts   in  context  of  his/her  Constituency  interactions  ,  state  of  Governance, state  of  Judiciary  to  create new  bills  ,amendments to  the  old ones ,  and  thence  move  on  Laws  for  prevention,  pre-emption  of  unlawful  activities.      

  III. The  Candidate  need  realise  the   cost(s) and consequences   of  making  Commitments, Promise(s)  fulfilling  People’s aspirations ,dreams,   wishes  of all round development of  Constituency  .  And to know the meaning of making promises and commitments by   trying to work out  Pilot projects   during    period  of Candidacy  .In any case , Pilot  projects and connected assessments  don’t support the intended outcomes ,  Candidate need  be very  careful in Promising  only  that   which  he/she  can  deliver, to  the  satisfaction  of recipient population/People. it  will be in  interest of  Candidate    to realise  the gravity of life conditions confronting  about 75 % of People.  To devise means of realising  the dreams  of Freedom Struggle.  And to  ensure that fruits of development reach poor People . To learn to serve People personally   in their humble  living conditions , like M. K. Gandhi ,  Father  of  Nation   did  in slums and worked and lived  with the lower economic  strata of Society .With the  on the average of  over 1/3rd  of Population living in abject Poverty and Want,  there awaits the Candidate,  his/her  Mission of service  to  the Humanity , to infuse positivity in the lives of these People,  to raise level of their  Knowledge ,Employability and arrange Spare Time management, and bring  in the outputs  of Governance  to ease  and  uplift  their  Lives.

To  study and  make  list (written specific with  facts  and  figures )  of  promises   and   commitments  and  subsequent outputs  of each  previous   candidate and members  of Parliament for earlier  tenures of Parliament.  To  discover their   accomplishments, increment in *positivities , decrement of *negativities ,neglects, inaction, deficits,  declines,  deteriorations  ,   U-turns .To assess  sections of people ,individuals benefitted and those left out, in  short ,to    get actual factual picture  of  state of  Development  and Neglect, its  extent and magnitude. To  assess the  outputs  of  Laws, especially relevant  to  the Constituency  populace, its  litigation  pattern, unlawfulness statistics  vis-à-vis       the  efficacy of  law  , and      consequent fallout  on    security, peace ,growth   and  productivity  and  Human  Development  Index.  *Refer  for   meaning ,at  the beginning  of  National  Services and  Electioneering Presentation Document   Chapter VII.

IV. Preparing  as  candidate  for  Minister, whether  as  Cabinet  Minister  or  Minister  with independent  charge  or  Minister of  State  or  Deputy  Minister    of   4  Ministries  selected   as  per   the   National  Services and  Electioneering Presentation Document    submitted  to  the  People  for  attaining  the  Candidacy  for  Lok  Sabha.  The  candidate  is  to  use  the period  of  candidacy  to learn everything  that  is  there  to  each  of  these  Ministries,  their  structures,  functions  ,  budgets  from  1952  onwards  up to date  and then onto Master Plans  for  next  25  years  of each Ministry  ,  their   outputs reaching The  People  of the  Constituency  in  particular  and Nation  in general  and  concomitant deficits, lapses ,  qualitative attributes,  durability   of  outputs  ,level of  courtesy ,civility  and  promptness of  services,  the  level  of  corruption  permeating  at  the  interface levels  with people  dealing  with  these  Ministries ,the Budget  savings  that   can  be  made  by  altered   algorithms / procedures/processes  of  various  operations  ,functions  of  the Ministry.  The  candidate  is  required  to   fully  comprehend  his/her  Representational Duties ,Parliamentary  Duties and  Governmental   Duties (  Clauses  5,6 and 7 respectively  of  Part E ,Amendment V,  Responsibilities and  Duties  in  Chapter VI of  this  Bill  )      in       a  concerted  manner  to  detail  the  changes  the  candidate  will  implement  in   his/her  tenure  as  Minister , in the   event  , he/she  does  become  Minister in  next  Lok  Sabha.  The  Candidate  is  required  to  send  a Report  of his  preparations  and proposals,  Calendar  of  activities  etc.  as Minister for  5 year  tenure  as  Minister  in  different  capacities and concomitant  List  of  Ministry Outputs,  especially   their  monetary  contributions  to  Nation’s  Treasuries.  The   candidate to also detail out  the  measures  he/she will  take  to make the  Ministry  produce   outputs,  on  par  with those  of  10  best  developed  countries,  specially  the  Contributions  of   each  Ministry directly/indirectly to  increment, say  minimally  by 10%,  or  more :  Standard  of  Governance  , Standard of  Living,    per capita  income,  per 100 People,1000People,10,000People Facilities,  GDP,  Human  Development   Index, Conveniences, encouragements  to  the  People , and  spur   to  small time  initialising enterprise(s) ,  entrepreneurship(s)  targeted at  unorganized  labour (  40  crore,97% of net labour ,meaning  bulk of overall number of  employed People )  and  a  enlarged  version  for Professional  students (  engineering,  Business administration, Commerce……), Students  from  other  disciplines, next  stage , to  pass outs  from  aforesaid  disciplines,  others  not mentioned  but  all the same  worthy  and very much  deserving  (((  especially  overall   estimated  about 20  crore or   more  graduates, postgraduates)))   especially  those with  informal/self training,  experience  etc. etc. The  candidate is to  provide Report  as  would-be Minister  of  next  Lok  Sabha for Ministries X,Y,Z, to be  updated each  Year   reported  as  part  of  Consolidated  1Yearly,2 Yearly,3Yearly,4 yearly and 4 year11months Earning People’s Approval And Confidence-Validating The Ballot- 1Yearly/2 Yearly/3Yearly/4 yearly/ and 4 year11months  Presentation Report submitted  to  the  People

V .        Preparing   as   i)       Prime  Minister;       as  ii)     Speaker   Lok  Sabha :

 i) The  Candidate  is   required  ,   as  for previous  paragraphs  as  charge  of  4  Ministries,   to  similarly each  year, to  make  preparations  so  as to  create  inputs  for  Consolidated  1 Yearly,2 Yearly,3Yearly,4 yearly and 4 year 11months Earning People’s Approval And Confidence-Validating The Ballot- 1Yearly/2 Yearly/3Yearly/4 yearly/ and 4 year 11months  Presentation Report submitted  to  the  People ,  that  detail out  his  future inputs  as  PM  of    Nation, to   realise  the  immediate  goal  of  making  Nation  developed , on  par  with  the  10  best  developed  Nations  of  World, by 2020, 26 January , wherein  all the parameter ,indices  values  [[(that  is  per capita  income  of  BPL ,  rural  poor,  GDP,  HDI,  Price Index, Literacy  employment,  Litigation........)]]…,  shall  have  surpassed  those  describing 10  best  developed countries,  to  day,  and as  on  26th  January 2020(  especially  the  ones  noted  for  4 Ministries  of  above  paragraph).The  candidate need provide  measures  to  realise Nation  Building  Action  Plans   till 2084,  during  his/her  tenure as  Prime  Minister  in  next  Lok  Sabha   (  presently for 2014 inaugural) emphasizing his/her  intended  milestones  for  the  development history of  the  Nation.The  candidate  need  detail out  measures , for   changes  he/she  will  make,  to  depart  from  present  way  of  functioning. He/she   can  give  his/her   say , 10 to 100 detailed orders for  Bureaucracy( and  as  a  matter of  fact  prepare  these during  her/his/  candidacy, the  day   he/she  takes  over  as  Minister,  for  example.

 ii) The  candidate  need  detail  out  his/her  role  as Speaker for  next  tenure, providing Calendar,  Time  Table and  net  throughput/work  disposed  of by Lok Sabha in  its 15 sessions  2014  to 2019.


VI.  To conduct  comprehensive programmed in depth interactions  by  meeting  maximum  People, personally face to face , so that  when at the end of his/her Candidacy period ,    he/she  carries away  the   vote  of people ,he/she       also carries in his  Mind   all these People, that is ,the owners of Ballots in his/her hand , person by person, into the Parliament ,so that his representation   in fact  , is real ,  Live  and  pulsating .      With Candidate  concentrating on  every parameter of concern to Nation’s Development , in each  Polling Booth Locality of Parliamentary Constituency to be represented, the Candidate for Lok Sabha is  required  to  formulate  a  List of items(well defined  string  of  tasks/goals),  assigning  order of priority to each item,  and thence  in a systematic and orderly manner,   direct    his/her  attention , his/her  Parliamentary Constituency’s attention and  Nation’s Attention, to accomplish the listed Targets to deliver results in  a time bound  frame  .

To set 6 monthly ( his/her)  Leadership goals of obtaining outputs by mobilizing People   (their services ,donations, resources) voluntarily ,invoking their participation, partnership, involvement, contributions  for Nation Building .  By   systematically  building  each   Individual, his/her Family, Family Neighbourhood, Polling Booth Locality, Territorial Constituency, Parliamentary  Constituency, State(UT) summating  into eventually, the  Nation Building.  Candidacy is the period  of harnessing the Might of People, by in depth, synergistic, ongoing interaction with the People, for the development of : The Individual, Family, Family Neighbourhood, Polling Booth Locality, Polling  Booth Locality Neighbourhood, Polling Booth Locality Neighbourhood Cluster(s),Territorial Constituency, Parliamentary Constituency, State(UT) and the  Nation.

 Candidacy is period  : 

(1.)for Uniting People     ,for  fraternizing  People , as   the Patriarch-to-be  of the constituency, to achieve  Welfare State .  To root out inequality, injustice  from his/her Parliamentary constituency. Uniting the People: one by one, family by family, Family Neighbourhood  by Family Neighbourhood, Polling Booth Locality by Polling Booth Locality, especially, stressing Polling Booth Locality as a more conveniently manageable  Socioeconomic unit    [[(such as an elementary rural population, one out of any of the about 6,38,365 Indian villages)]]  , Territorial Constituency by Territorial Constituency: and  hereafter, starting from his Parliamentary  constituency, Parliamentary Constituency  by Parliamentary Constituency,  first unifying his Parliamentary Constituency Neighbourhood, Constituency Neighbourhood Cluster(s), Interest Linked Group of Constituencies, and thence ,remaining  Parliamentary Constituencies To Provide  unity   of   Purpose  to each Family Neighbourhood,Polling Booth Locality.………………..State, Nation…..  .  To unite People ,each pitching in his inputs for Nation Building ,Nation Uplifting, restoring it to its  glorious  heights . To spur the Youth of Nation to take the  lead.

(2)To search and groom future leaders in all walks of life ,paying extra attention to area of Productivity. His/her emphasis  need be on young People, especially under25,preferably under-18 , particularly   young students , for  giving them an opportunity of developing comprehensive leadership  by enthusing  them  to  work with him/her  in the ground realities of the local People of Family Neighbourhoods, Polling Both Localities  in  service  to  the  local  community and giving them  impetus  to  be  candidate-in-waiting  for  Lok  Sabha  Candidacy .  To  create   groups  of Young People ,best suited for the  Constituency, to have  group of leaders–in-training,  in each Polling Booth Locality, to look after Service-to-the-People and Development  work at times when  the Candidates for Parliament  and the MP ,look after Nation Building activities ,elsewhere in Constituency ,in particular and Nation in general, 

 (3.) To  generate Opportunity in every sphere of  Productivity in the Parliamentary Constituency, for seeding and strengthening Enterprise and Entrepreneurship (( that starts with  Polling Booth Locality and limited resources ,for individual, for group(s) like Self Help Group(s), Cooperative(s) etc and builds from strength to strength   )) suited for  poverty-stricken ignorant populations, so as to make them self-supporting Individuals contributing to Individual Wealth  ,Polling Booth Locality-Constituency-State-National GDPs &  PER CAPITA INCOME OF BELOW POVERTY LINE AND LOWER 70% RURAL AND SLUM POPULATIONS  &  Per 100 People  Facilities     [[ ( Dispensaries, Parks, Street Lights, Law and Order arrangements  etc.)]] . To fire the imagination of the People to realize the objectives of the Constitution of India. To make the  Nation truly, truly 100% Independent      by      making     each and  every Individual Independent, Secular, Just, Equal, bursting  and glowing with fruits of Freedom, a generator of  Wealth ,  of  Capitals of Intellect, of  Morality and Ceaseless Constructive Activity and Creative Activity, to realize his highest Potential    under  the Parental mentoring  of   Candidate Parliament /***Candidate-in-waiting for  Parliament.  The  candidate  need  enthuse at   least 4 People  in  each  Family Neighbourhood for service  to Family  Neighbourhood  community to  further his/her  various  projects ,programs, initiatives  etc. especially    in  context  of  community services  of  local  Democracy  Centre  ( refer Part  I  of  this  Bill)     feeding  the  Family Neighbourhood.  

 ***Candidate-in–waiting  is a    Citizen,   planning/decided  on  filing  for the  candidature  for  the  next  Lok  Sabha  tenure ,  and  is  gathering  knowledge, experience, data etc.  for  preparing distinguished Leadership Accountability-Transparency National Services and Electioneering Documents, for  gaining  exposure to  leadership   requisites, insights  into  problems  of  country, besides  in  the  bonus  broadening  their   knowledge, communication  skills by the opportunity  of   studying  in  the  School  of  life.  Candidate-in-waiting  is  an  informal ,non-official term  coined for People  who  will dedicate  themselves  to Family  Neighbourhood  Building,  Polling  Booth  Locality Building,  Polling  Booth Locality Neighbourhood  Building,  Polling  Booth  Locality  Neighbourhood Cluster(s)  Building,  Interest Linked Group  of  Polling Booth  Locality Building. People   who  are  15  and  above can  attempt  the  jobs of   candidate informally  at  their  own,  to  develop leadership  abilities  necessary  as   a  candidate    for  Parliament.  Certainly ,if  young  People  in  schools  get  started early,   they  shall make  one  day  fine  Parliamentarians. It  is  a  great  opportunity in  community  services, social  management  and  developing  organizational    skills. The  candidates  -in-waiting  can  ,for  a  start,  organize activities of  benefit to local  residents ,  can  start  with  matches  ,say,  cricket  matches, between  different  Family  Neighbourhoods, to  produce  rankings   of  all  Family  Neighbourhoods  of  a  Polling  Booth  Locality  to  eventually  produce  a  Polling Booth Locality  Cricket  Team , to hold  ladder up  matches  between  different  Polling  Booth  Localities to  zero  on the  best  composite  team   for  Polling Booth  Locality Neighbourhood/Neighbourhood Cluster(s)  Interest Linked  Group(s).  They  can  thus  keep  on  moving  up ,building   knowledge  and  experience, for formulating stronger  and better  teams,  by  enlarging  the population  combed ,say  onto  Territorial Constituency  onto  Parliamentary Constituency  onto the State(UT,NCT)  etc.  They  can  work on  large  number  of    activities awaiting  them  in  the  Local  Democracy  Centre(  Part  I  of  this  Bill)   for  their  self development, self –Culture and  growth of their  leadership and  management  skills.

( 4.)  for   assessing the life status of People first hand ,in person; as of now, despite the inputs of bygone MPs ,to determine  inputs remaining to  be  provided,  to obtain objectives of Constitution of India.   Sensing, exploring, feeling People and  overall resources, to formulate and execute plans for the purpose.

(5.) to search for permanent/enduring  solutions to problems (transient, chronic and steady state)  of  the  Common(  Individual , Family, Family Neighbourhood, Polling Booth Locality, Territorial Constituency ,Parliamentary Constituency, State, Nation and Nation vis-à-vis the Globe. 

(6.) for  becoming synonymous  to, in synergy  and unison with the People, to be able to house them in his Mental Space and  Spirit Expanse, to plead in  Parliament, as if the  Constituency were in full    attendance in the  Mega Personage of the MP.

 (7.) To cultivate the Constituency, Polling Booth Locality by Polling Booth Locality. To Grow Independence in every sphere of life. To grow abundance and surpluses of all  positivities . To annihilate negativities by  gradual process  of ongoing  minimization each coming day. Arrange to have all listed (make his own list) of negativities he/she  has brought under control  and those obdurately resistant.

(8.)To get into possession  all data, facts and figures on Constituency/State in particular and of  Nation in general, for obtaining Objectives of Constitution of India at all times .

(9.)To make   assessment of Governmental outputs reaching People  from   all levels of Governance Central, State and  Local, in respect of desired status and prevalent status,    through ongoing interactions and studies . To  provide necessary feedback to Centre, Parliament to obtain desired performance status of Governance. To devise and formulate in consultation with People, ways of economizing improving Governance.  To obtain objectives of Constitution of India. To   assess  in the Constituency, the grade of its Services  vis-à-vis       that could have been possible  elsewise. To  frame and implement measures using popular citizen Power to      tone up administration/Governance , to ensure that   requisite   outputs   do    reach  People.

(10.) In preparation of the Parliamentary Duties, to study first hand the status of Law implementation, need for modifying existing Laws and regulations, best suited  for the People of the Constituency in particular and Nation  in general. The candidate must arm himself /herself  with   detailed data, facts ,figures,  authentication to frame/modify Laws, to be  easily and smoothly implemented, keeping long term goals foremost, in formulating his materials for use during his tenure as Lok Sabha member.

(11.) Candidacy is the time to give demonstration  and proof of being an Exemplary Human Being worthy of leading   21 lakh (on the average ) People per Seat of the Lok Sabha, in particular and near 114 crore  People of India, in general

—————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————chapter VIII ends——————————————————————-                         



AMENDMENT  VIII                             CHAPTER IX   



Amendment VIII: REPRESENTATIONAL REQUIREMENTS FOR CANDIDACY OF RAJYA SABHA   is inserted as section 3A of  CHAPTER I A of PART II A-page 57,The Representation of  the People,1951,

Candidacy is period of   accommodating seating  People  of  State,  in  the  Personage of  Candidate to  take  them [ ‘We the People of  State(UT,NCT) ] to  their  Seat,  allotted  in  Rajya Sabha .

To be continued to XI Chapter DEMOCRACY  CENTRE(S)  for Parliamentary Constituency, State ……and ultimately for Polling Booth Locality ,Village


Let the reader hand over an Agenda of Outputs required of Lok Sabha Candidate for 2nd June 2009 to 1st June 2014 Government to be run by 15th Lok Sabha  to Candidate and get copy agreed to and signed by MP-to-be.

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