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April 23, 2009


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Jobs of the Lok Sabha candidate: acquainting, befriending each Polling Booth Locality :mobilizing, galvanizing, enthusing individuals and their families and thereafter  its local family neighbourhoods  onto neighbourhood clusters so as to unify locals, to work together for upliftment of family neighbourhood and composing individuals, using the composing individuals’  spare times for extra  income, self improvement, improvement of  standard of living  of family  and the Neighbourhood by resource sharing,especially  the  mental  resources .And thus ushering individual and cooperative projects to increase employment, wealth ,knowledge and   skills and obtain fraternity and harmony for each individual, cluster of  family neighbourhoods  and from hereon integrate  surrounding Family Neighourhoods until a whole  State legislative assembly Constituency  has been covered from whereon, the integration should be obtained for a whole Lok Sabha Constituency. The aforesaid process is to  be duplicated for still enlarging domains covering  a Lok Sabha a Constituency Neighbourhood and on and on to the State. The process of linking, grouping, mutuality of transactions amongst as many participant State Neighbourhoods, state interest  (like minded, complementing, supplementing…..) groups to obtain a comprehensive and lasting National unification and Integration ,all based on elemental  bondings   that while eliminating individual deficits ,enhance united strengths—-a  must for this Nation of ours ( never forgetting  to  apply belated rectifications   to the chequered portions of  History).

During  his/her interactions  with  People,  the  Candidate /Member Parliament need to  become a formidable organizational force for initiating Cooperatives, Self Help Groups, other varied organized collectivities   for  upliftment of     Parliamentary Constituency/Territorial Constituency   towards higher outputs , mobilisation and being continuously busy in excelling all spheres of endeavours and life activities to obtain an enviable welfare society and state.  Engaging everyone’s spare time for development of constituency/state  in particular  and Nation in general . To become a   tireless  organizer, Initiator ,welder of people’s wills and possessions and talents. This  is possible only by continuously living with and amongst all  people and all types of  collectivities, for deriving  the  common good  by  reality testing, by living, operating, transacting amongst all sections of collectivities(  Family  Neighbourhoods ), individual citizens voters  in order to have first hand ongoing  ‘in situ’ in-depth experience, assimilation of feelings, sentiments ,life condition, life situations, ethos, conflicts, social vices and virtues ( of collectivities and individuals) ,to arrive at realistic assessments and ground  reality data,  with  a  view to formulate Program  of action   as  candidate    and especially, for oncoming tenure as MP, to attain all the tasks of a practically  realizing  a welfare state, decent standard of living, and all the targets of Constitution of India, ancient noble Indian ideals and cherished human values.

Part I :INTERACTIONS  with  People  : How to reach out  to  People:

Ongoing  Connectivity (read touch,….of father, mother, brother, sister, friend….) with People. Reports, that is , Earning People’s Approval And Confidence-Validating The Ballot-Periodic Presentation/Representation Reports———-Reporting the  difference  the Candidate/ Member Parliament is making in Lives of People- like  a sincere well wisher,  writing   home   regularly  about his/her exertions and  their results. 

How he/she( Candidate /Member Parliament )   presents before people, to prepare( fill in himself/ herself with) for tasks of representation  of People in the Parliament, by providing to the people a window to his intents and  present exertions     to     educate, prepare the     designs, plans ,Architecture, pilot studies, explorations and discovery of Constituency /State , to master Demography, the  warp and woof the  life patterns ,hardships, struggles, weaknesses, negativities, vulnerabilities, threats, strengths, resources , positivities, opportunities, the possibilities , the Potentials, the hidden and latent energies and powers , the  untapped  genius, gifts, talent, the buried rare knowledge and other treasures of the  heritage . TO ACTIVATE THE GIGANTIC  MIGHT OF THE UNITED PEOPLE , THE UNIFIED PSYCHE , the complemented resources of Neighbourhoods , Interest linked  Groups ,  to  awaken the  Spirit  ,  to prepare  for the  mega  task  of inhabiting in  his/her Mind space and spirit Expanse    the 21 lakh People ,live and active, upon each Lok Sabha Seat and 45.6 lakh People for each Rajya Sabha  seat. Thus the  tasks in front  of Candidate/member Lok Sabha are enormous; and a great personage need be built,  to do  Justice to the demands made  by Constitution of India, pledged to look after  114 crore Indian citizens ,21 lakh People  in custody of he/she who will seat them in his/her Person, upon  the Lok Sabha Seat  and like wise 45.6  lakh People  he/she who will seat them in his/her person on the  Rajya Sabha seat.  Hence Interaction is to  be  made  the process of gathering Life of Constituency /State into the Being of Lok Sabha/ Rajya Sabha  candidate/member. Actually just saying 21 lakh People /Lok Sabha Seat  or  45.6 lakh People/ Rajya Sabha Seat  or 114 crore People /250 Rajya Sabha Seats or 114 crore People/543  Lok Sabha seats  is an understatement, considering the richness ,vastness and holiness of Life beyond the  human species of our benevolent  Motherland. On each of aforesaid  counts ,parameters , reasons , the Candidate /Member Parliament  must reach People ,one  by one ,collectivity   by collectivity. 

To pilot the Nation, MP while as  candidate , must thoroughly learn  all about Constituency, State, Nation, and keep telling People through his/her Earning People’s Approval And Confidence–Validating The Ballot—Periodic Presentation/Representation Reports, as he learns, how much  command  he has  acquired  over the problems, and how much capability and Performability , step by step, he  has been gaining to meet the Presentation Requirements for a  Rajya Sabha Candidate and similarly  all the  related Requirements   on being an  MP. It goes without saying that theCandidate/ Member Parliament is  fluent and articulate in the language(s) of his/her Constituency  and  state . In the event , he/she is not, he/she make it a point to learn the local language, to be able to converse   with    the unlettered People of the  soil, as per  their  convenience and terms.

  To render Interactions comprehensive, and provide them with  the Multiplier Effect, each  Candidate /Member Parliament is required to host a Web Site (provided , supervised and  approved  by Election Commission of India ), giving following information: (1) Map of the Parliamentary Constituency along with it Neighbourhood  Parliamentary Constituencies (whether in or out of the State),Map of Parliamentary Neighbour Cluster(s) and Interest Linked Groups of Parliamentary Constituencies formulated by  candidate/ member Lok Sabha for initiating/initiated Joint Ventures ,Programs etc., (2)   Map of Parliamentary Constituency with Polling Booth Localities as approximate sketches( oblivious of regular maps until they become available, whenever that be, with  boundaries and important landmarks etc. , Maps ( for Rajya Sabha candidate/member Rajya Sabha) of the State ,State. Neighbourhood, State.Neighbourhood Cluster(s),Interest Linked Group(s) of States –all complete with component Territorial Constituencies.(3)    The Web Site  is to  provide all the Leadership Accountability- Transparency National Services and  Electioneering Documents submitted to Election  Commission  of  India  till   date, in  order  to help explore  and knit  neighbourhood Clusters,  Interest Linked  Group(s)  of  Polling Booth Localities, Territorial Constituencies, Parliamentary Constituencies and States by concerned Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha members and candidates ; especially, for Industry, Trade, Enterprise and consequent increased Productivity, Employment and Per Capita Income of each  Polling Booth Locality, Territorial Constituency , Parliamentary Constituency  and State , (4)      Till date ,minimally Week by Week ( if not daily and hourly ,especially  in case of Ministers expending Lakhs of crores of Rupees, with  lakhs of Staff  on rolls , affecting crores of Indian Lives……..) List of  outputs ,Numbers of ( as  also  %  age  realised ) of Promises ,Commitments, as per National  Services and  Electioneering Presentation Documents, Representation National Services Documents, Earning People’sApprovalAnd Confidence-Validating The Ballot –Periodic Presentation /Representation  Reports , Nation Building Action Plans   and concomitant Work Schedules, Interaction Itinerary  outputs of Bharat Darshan, State Darshan ,Constituency Darshan etc.,(5) Communication  to and from the People, ^^^^Questionnaire to and from the People ,(6) Upcoming activities, events, engagements,(7 )Nation Building Action Plans ,Past lessons  and Future projections, (8) outputs in respect of Democracy Centres at  Polling Booth Locality,  Polling Booth Locality.Neighbourhood , Parliamentary Constituency , State and National Expertise(Democracy ) Centres in terms of People’s Participation and Partnership in Democratic processes of Parliament, Governance towards Nation Building [[[[   substitute the  word  Nation with the  following  in  turn one  after  another :State, Parliamentary Constituency , Territorial Constituency , Polling Booth Locality, especially   Rural  Polling Booth Locality (Chaupals, Community Convergence Places,..over 70% of  Polling Booth  Localities)  ]]]]

^^^^The Candidate /Member Parliament is  to provide  a  Performa  minimally to each Polling Booth Locality of  a Lok Sabha Constituency and each  Territorial Constituency of the State to be presented/ represented     eliciting the status ,required status, needed  changes, inputs  for bringing about these changes in 1. Law and Order,2  Litigation and  prelitigative emerging  scenario for future cases,3   Livelihood,  4  Income increments and GDP of the area , 5 Wastages  by Government, Private Institutions, People ,6. Education and its outputs ,especially the Enlightenment of individual and the local Society  particularly,      7 Roti-Kapda-Makan as per BELOW POVERTY LINE , Just adequate  and  decent standards of Living and preferably as per standard of living of top 10 developed nations,       8.      Need  of  new  laws ,   amendments ,  Government  regulations, procedures  etc.  ensuring  inputs  from opposing  sections   of  society ,especially   consumers  of  the  Law ,  the seekers of  relief ,  the opponents  of  such relief  ,seeking  inputs  from  Senior  Citizens, Moral  authorities, typical Individual,   Family ,  Family Neighbourhood, Polling  Booth  Locality, lobby  groups  for  and  against, media ,  debating   fora ,  collectivities  etc      picked   up  in truly  random fashion, and fully  informed  and  briefed ,9.  outputs  obtainable  from individuals,  families  and  various  groups thereof.

INTERACTION  DOCUMENTATION: has to be prepared with care, devotion to People, scripted systematically and meticulously, on  daily   basis, preferably  on  the  spot or  immediately  after,  to capture all details ,never forgetting that these constitute pages of Indian History to  be peered over by future generations, visiting the Legacy  Democracy(Heritage*) Houses/Centres of the Constituency, State and  Legacy Democracy( Heritage*) Houses/Centres of Expertises (of Nominated Members of  Parliament).  It need to dwell on inputs for  Nation Building Action Plans  and concomitant Work Schedules ,National  Services  and Electioneering  Presentation Documents   as Candidate and Representation National  Services   Documents  as  Member    Parliament.

 Legacy Democracy( Heritage)Centre, is the term meaning the Residential House of MP  gifted by the People  to live after retirement from the Parliament, to eventually  become a museum  housing the life and times memorabilia of the MP, to showcase his/her Legacy, especially  his outputs  vis-à-vis  those  of his/her contemporaries  and predecessors , as  an MP for the Constituency, State  and  Nation,  for all to take lessons from, especially ,young  people of the  day and those of the Posterity. The original handwritten scripts etc.  tell tale pictures/photographs/audio, video records, of PBLs, Institutions, People before and after his/her interventions exertions, outputs  vis-à-vis their previous  status. Heritage House, is to pass on the legacy of the MP.

Daily  Diary account of interaction, Advance monthly Calendar of appointments with different Collectivity representational bodies  like  Residents  Welfare  Associations.

Interaction Agenda of 9 ,6-Monthly Schedules  with last 10th Schedule for only 5 months for Lok Sabha candidate and 11 ,  6-Monthly Schedules with  last 12th Schedule for only 5months  for  Rajya Sabha Candidate. This last one month is meant for zero electioneering by Candidate, a time to rest ,      after 4years and 11 moths of  Electioneering   by the Lok Sabha member ,similarly     after  5yers and 11 months of Electioneering  by the Rajya Sabha  member.

Interaction Agenda of Intersession periods betwixt Budget and Monsoon sessions, Monsoon  session and  Winter session, Winter session  and Budget session  with People of Constituency as Lok Sabha  member/with  People of  the   State as  Rajya  Sabha member , in particular and  rest of Nation in general.  These  are  required  to  be   communicated  in the   Monthly Earning  People’s Approval And Confidence-Validating The Ballot- Periodic Presentation/Representation  Reports prior  to  start  of  aforesaid  non session  period. 

Interaction with rest of India ( read MPs)  assembled in Parliament during  Session periods in and out of precincts of Parliament in Delhi, especially with  a view  to   coordinate, network the following for  common  purpose, cooperative ,joint  programs, ventures, projects,  initiatives, activities ,events:  as  Lok Sabha member  :P arliamentary Constituency Neighbourhoods ,  along borders of the container State, Parliamentary Constituency Neighbourhood Cluster(s), especially Interest Linked Groups formed with other Parliamentary Constituencies  all over the Nation and as as  Rajya Sabha member:  , State(UTs, NCT) Neighbourhoods ,  State (UTs, NCT) Neighbourhood Cluster(s), especially Interest Linked Groups formed with other   States( UTs, NCT)  from rest of   Nation.

MP(,Messenger of People,…..) being the Mouth Piece(MP) of the People ,Majesty of People, Might of People      1) he/she must hear the People directly, assimilate what is it that they want him to get done , and as he cannot be  with all the  People, all the time  ,2) he must correspond with them ,and thence, he/she must have different  Forms  designed ,  slanted to intake correspondence/feedback/suggestions/facts and figures/opinions  etc. in respect of  different kinds  of  jobs ,he intends  to transact, on their behalf, in and out of the Parliament, as per his declared Schedules, as per his  Leadership  Accountability- Transparency National  Services  and  Electioneering Documents  and EARNING PEOPLE’S APPROVAL AND CONFIDENCE-VALIDATING THE BALLOT-PERIODIC PRESENTATION/REPRESENTATION NATIONAL SERVICES REPORTS,  submitted earlier to the People. Especially,  he/she  need to  design  Forms for each  Polling  Booth  Locality  and  constituent Family  Neighbourhoods  to  elicit  Agenda  to become  part  of  Composite  agenda  of  Parliamentary Constituency.  The feedbacks need be in   the  following  order : Individuals –1 to14 years, 14 -18 years, 18-50,50-   , males, females,  *Destitution level/*Bottom of  Poverty level onwards to , Below Poverty Level, *Inadequate  income level, *Adequate level(*  as defined  in  context of Candidate’s Constituency/State), rich , elite, unorganized labour  & Collectivities {{{{{( for example Resident Welfare associations, clusters  of hutments, slums, market associations, Professional bodies  as of Doctors, Lawyers, Accountants, Traders, Skilled People like mechanics, unorganized labour collectivities/grouped as of Rickshawpullers,  Coolies, vendors, cobblers, Washermen,farmers,village  daily  wagerswith discontinuous  empyment ……………)}}}}}   from Family Neighbourhoods,  Polling Booth Locality, Polling Booth Locality . Neighbourhood Cluster(s),Territorial Constituency falling in the Parliamentary Constituency, Parliamentary constituency and Combinations  [[( that is , with Neighbourhood, Neighbourhood Cluster(s) ,Interest Linked Group(s) )]] , State  and Combinations and remaining Constituencies and States, UTs , NCT  of Nation.     The Candidate /Member Parliament  is advised  to use his own exertions to  inquire into welfare needs, as per his/her written communication sent out to People ,  and  is  forbidden  to use Media and  alike  crutches  to do what are  basically his/her  Personal  Jobs,  because he  is  to  represent,  not  anyone  else  is allowed  to  sit  in his/her  Seat   in  the  Parliament .He/She  and  People  He /she must have direct ,one to one, link without occasioning any intermediaries . Thence he/she must get started  at earliest, after oath  taking by Lok Sabha/ latest batch of Rajya Sabha ,at time of his joining as Candidate /Member Parliament . 

  DEBATES and similar Public interactions:   No present day huge gatherings, expending money like water, only the 1. Pre-scheduled debates, 2. Meet-the-Press, 3  Candidate /Member Parliament  and Public  ,Question–Answer Sessions in Polling Booth Locality.Neighbourhood Cluster  venues, Constituency Venues etc ( all easily  accessible  to common man )  without  Media 4.  With  Media.  Say, 1 Debate /Quarter ,minimally, ( or as many more as they{ People and local Candidates for  Parliament} want) , the  debates  being  a week or more apart, say in popular venues in the   Constituency /& State Territorial  Constituencies/& other places                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  in:  for example, in the Polling Booth Locality, Polling Booth Locality Neighbourhood Cluster / Agreed upon venue(s), preferably by mutual consent of all candidates  or as second choice, by majority agreement. The candidates (including the sitting MP, if he /she had registered at the beginning of Lok Sabha/Rajya Sabha tenure, for candidacy of  Lok Sabha or Rajya Sabha, or for both Lok Sabha & Rajya Sabha)  are also required to keep revising and updating all the  Leadership Accountability- Transparency National Services and  Electioneering Documents  ,that were required to be submitted within first three months  (90 days for  first  batch  immediately  after   passing  of present  Bill ) of registering for either or both Houses of the Parliament, and make the material  therein ,a part of their various Earning People’s Approval And  Confidence-Validating The Ballot-Periodic Presentation/Representation Reports , besides their interactions with the citizens of Constituency/State ,in particular and of the  Nation, in general.

Interstate &  Inter-constituency Unification and  Fraternizing Bharat Darshan(Discovery of India)  Tour by all MPs: The MPs are required to go for 2-3 months (preferably) on an  Interstate & Inter-constituency Fraternizing and Unifying  Bharat Darshan  Tour* via all State Capitals and UT Capitals, for interacting with legislators, local Body representatives, citizens; for visiting places and people, that characterise their respective resources, GDP, deficits and surpluses, so as to understand their problems ,needs, opportunities,  abilities to contribute, with a view  to put together joint ventures,   (eg trade, tourism, resource sharing, complementing one another; solving inter state disputes, problems of Law and order and of cross migrations, transportation, cultural exchange, employment creation and imparting skills and practical trainings, expertise exchanges, joint schemes /collaborations etc. for Industry, Business, interlinked/joint legislation etc. etc.…………)  highlighting and forging the Interest Linked State Groups, State Neighbourhood Clusters , Interest Linked Constituency Groups, Constituency Neighbourhood Clusters, to devise common factor  activities, events, initiatives, projects , ventures  to promote  Productivity ,Employment and  fraternity, unification and integration of People all over the nation ,besides helping one another  ,in first place ,economically  and then  everywise, and in every sphere of mutual and collective activities   for Nation Building .The Daily Diary, Weekly, Biweekly, Monthly Reports, during this period need to  melt down into a  Bharat Building Report, to be submitted within 15 days of last day of Tour. The Report is required to  forge solid proposals for interstate(s), Inter-constituency Ventures, tie-ups, to  formulate groups for  transactions leading to National fraternity, unity and productivity. From this angle, each MP  need to start communications with  his  counterparts, that is MPs of various States & UTs ,legislators and citizens devoted to aforesaid purposes, from different States & UTs; well in advance, say 3 to 6 months before the tour  is to start, so as to permit arranging of needed modalities and other requisites for fructification of aforesaid objectives, when  the MPs do arrive at various tour destinations in the Nation.

*The tour is to be organized jointly by   the  Ministries   of Parliamentary Affairs ,Election  Commission  of India , Railways, Tourism and other departments and Ministries( of Culture, of Surface transport, Civil Aviation) if and when required. The  tour need  be conducted  during Nonsession periods (preferably in between Monsoon and winter session ,in a number of batches, starting from the  2nd Year of Lok Sabha/Rajya Sabha  tenure. The Ministers ,the MPs who are office bearers of Parliament( for  example ,  Speaker,  Deputy Speakers, Chairman, Deputy Chairman , others   listed for specific assignments )being tied to unavoidable and unpostponeable  duties during this time, shall have to be exempted, of course to their disadvantage ( but can arrange to go in  next batch). The tour is  to  promote better understanding of problems of  rest  of Constituencies  and  States, thence improving  attention and attendance in Parliamentary proceedings, and shall result in  greater productivity  of the members, during Sessions of the Parliament, for obvious reasons, after the Tour.

  The People are requested  to  send  their  reasons  and  concomitant Itinerary proposals to Parliament  Secretariat, Ministry of Parliamentary affairs and  above  all  the  Election  Commission  of  India ,  for inclusion  of sites in their  Family  Neighbourhood,  Polling  Booth  Locality,  Polling  Booth Locality Neighbourhood  Cluster(s), Territorial Constituency, Territorial Constituency  Neighbourhood  Cluster(s), Parliamentary Constituency,  Parliamentary Constituency Neighbourhood Cluster(s).

State and Neighbourhood Unification and Fraternizing Tour((Discovery of State(UT,NCT) ))   ,for Rajya Sabha members and  candidates:     This tour is compulsory for the Rajya Sabha member  and Rajya Sabha Candidate. The Lok Sabha member  is urged to join this ,provided his time budget permits so, though it is recommended at least once  for  each Lok Sabha member ,for wholesome development of state and  comprehensive coordination with  Rajya  Sabha, at field level.  In the event, the Lok Sabha member has filed for candidacy of Rajya Sabha ,then this tour is a compulsory requirement.  The Rajya Sabha  members of  a particular State, UT  or  NCT together shall go on this tour, minimally two times( preferably  3 times,3rd Tour at  end  of  5th   Year ) during  their   tenure of 6 years, first time, preferably between Summer Session and the Winter session ,  within  the  first year of Oath taking by Rajya Sabha members representing the State. The second tour is  to be conducted 2 years  after the first tour, within 4th year . The tour(s) shall be conducted by Ministry of tourism at Centre with collaboration of State Governments ,by Ministries responsible for transportation ( by air, sea and roads);Hospitality, Information and Broadcasting, Culture  and  , of course Ministry of Parliament Affairs and  Election Commission of India, as  major organizers  at the helms  of  affairs. There shall be arrangement for video contacting of parent  State, UT, NCT MLAs and Ministers  for formulating State Neighbourhood,State Neighbourhood Cluster(s)and Interest linked Groups. The visited States, UTs, NCT shall be informed in advance, for facilitating interactions with counterpart MPs and their MLAs for arriving at comprehensive joint thinking and activity for augmenting joint positivities and decrementing (for  eliminating ) existing negativities, especially conflicts of various  kinds , particularly those having  deteriorated to  varied levels of interstate litigation ,to detriment of People’s interests. This tour is designed to acquaint the Rajya Sabha member(s) and candidate(s) with 1.) all  the  Territorial Constituencies of the State ,2.) and  those encircling its borders,3.)   the capitals of  adjoining States(UTs) ,  their  Legislators and Governance.      Depending on the size  of the State (UT) and of its  neighbourhood , as also  the volume of prevalent  mutual transactions  and the ones  planned, the duration of this tour, shall be about 1 month to 3 months, after accounting for adequate interaction. The  Rajya Sabha members of the State  are required also  to include in their Itinerary, States  with which they already have or  plan to form interest linked groups  and  State Neighbourhood  clusters for mooting joint ventures ,activities and events for mutual benefit ;   besides, above   every  thing , creating unification, integration and  fraternity bonds . The  tour is meant to a)          obtain first hand knowledge of the Places, People, Opportunities, Resources,  Positivities, Problems, Poverty, Unemployment, Potential for new Enterprises ,  growth for various parameters of development in State(s), Outputs of Governance( Centre, State and Local)   reaching the grass root People, especially, the Rural populations, BELOW POVERTY LINE People, neglected areas, low productivity and low income areas,  and from the interactions with people of these areas,  to formulate  joint ventures ,cooperatives, interlinked Territorial Constituencies in and out of State(UT),b)          to  introduce the candidate and the MP to the  functionaries of various collectivities,  especially, those involved in Productivity, Development, diverse Voluntary  Services to Society ,workers in BELOW POVERTY LINE areas, particularly the Slums, c)       to  revise, side by side, as the tour proceeds  , all the  Leadership Accountability- Transparency National Services and  Electioneering Documents, in view of the new inputs , insights  gained of the ground realities.

 The State and the Neighbourhood  Tour  Itinerary shall be formulated from the inputs provided by the MLAs , present and past , representing/having represented,  each  Territorial Constituency. Also,  the Election Commission of India, offices in the State, shall invite information on Problems  , Resources  and Volunteer services  of People through Internet and  Newspapers   from People and Institutions, including  Governmental offices.     This shall be done, minimally  ( IF  NOT  MORE)  60 days  before this tour commences, to help MPs form their Agenda of Interactions, as also their  Questionnaires for the People,Institutions  and  Governmental  Authorities.

The People are requested  to  send  their  reasons  and  concomitant Itinerary proposals to Parliament  Secretariat, Ministry of Parliamentary Affairs and  above  all  the  Election  Commission  of  India ,  for inclusion  of sites in their  Family  Neighbourhood,  Polling  Booth  Locality,  Polling  Booth Locality Neighbourhood  Cluster(s), Territorial Constituency, Territorial Constituency  Neighbourhood  Cluster(s), Parliamentary Constituency,  Parliamentary Constituency Neighbourhood Cluster(s).

Parliamentary Constituency and Neighbourhood Fraternizing and Unification Tour ( Discovery of  Constituency) & Report by Lok Sabha members and candidates:   The Lok Sabha  Candidate has to start his first Electioneering tour of his Parliamentary Constituency, within 90 days of being accepted as Candidate, upon  clearing  the scrutiny of  various   Leadership   Accountability- Transparency National Services and  Electioneering  Documents ,for example, Nation Building  Action Plans and Concomitant Work  Schedules, National  Services  and Electioneering Presentation Documents   etc requirements for gaining candidature of Lok Sabha  and Rajya Sabha respectively , being found  in order. This tour has  to  start with a preliminary survey  tour of the Parliamentary Constituency with  the view to  size up the status of different Polling Booth Localities  in their current   state  of existence, and prepare the Itinerary for future  dated  comprehensive interactions and visits,  to determine   the distribution  of  his/her time ,energies and the amount and intensity of attention to be provided for  different Polling Booth Localities, as also  prerequisite inputs , studies and arrangements needed for the purpose .  The candidate can take first round,  as per detailed  map of Constituency on a bus/car/scooter/even a bicycle. The Candidate shall be provided Bus Pass  by Election Commission of  India for  Government Transportation System for the Public, operative in the Parliamentary Constituency . The Candidate need also cover Polling Booth Localities  of Parliamentary Constituencies   lining  the  Border  of  Constituency with a view to get an idea of Neighbourhood Constituencies  to generate  common  factor transactions ,activities, events, projects ,ventures, initiatives, programs ,Cooperatives, Self Help Groups ,Enterprises  etc with   Parliamentary  Constituencies of     immediate Neighbourhood, Neighbourhood  Cluster(s), Interest linked Group(s) for  boosting Economics, Productivity, Employment, Cultural ties ,Competitions……..and  to unify ,integrate and fraternize the People  under his/her dynamic  Leadership and Catalytic Activism. This he/she need accomplish within a month, so as to create  detailed  Itinerary   for   balanced, comprehensive,  and above all fruitful Interactions for Parliamentary proceedings  ,especially    for   the  Question hour.  

The People are to  be requested  to  send  their  reasons  and  concomitant Itinerary proposals ,  for inclusion  of  their  Family  Neighbourhood, Family Neighbourhood  Cluster(s), Interest Linked Group(s) of  Family  Neighbourhoods, Polling  Booth  Locality,  Polling  Booth Locality Neighbourhood  Cluster(s), Interest  Linked  Group(s) of Polling Booth  Locality ,to  the Parliament  Secretariat, Ministry of Parliamentary affairs and  above  all  the  Election  Commission  of  India. 

Instructions for tendering Interaction Progress Report

CONSOLIDATED INTERACTION REPORTS OF Interstate &  Inter-constituency Unification and  Fraternizing Bharat Darshan(Discovery of India) Tour by MPs organized  by   Ministry of Parliamentary  Affairs  & Election Commission of India  and  others requested) ,to be submitted within  7 days  of  last  day  of  the  Tour,  to People by    i)  CANDIDATES FOR PARLIAMENT  IN THIRD-FOURTH YEAR OF CANDIDACY , ii)  BY MPS IN SECOND-THIRD YEAR OF TENURE,  STATE  (TERRITORIAL CONSTITUENCY TO TERRITORIAL CONSTITUENCY)/UT–NEIGHBOURHOOD STATES-NEIGHBOURHOOD CLUSTERS.

The  Candidate/Member  are  to   Provide to the  People: Consolidated  Report culled  from  their  Daily  Diary  insertions  in  the Discovery of  India   Diary  , Discovery of  State  Diary ,  Discovery  of  Parliamentary Constituency Diary    provided to  them, at  the  start of  their  Candidacy/Membership  of Parliament    before  in  the  preparations  phase,   during  their  Tours , optional 7  days after  the tour. They need to clearly  spell out  the  Combinations they  initiated  as  Neighbourhood,  Neighbourhood  Cluster(s),  Interest  Linked  Group(s)   by bonding  them  with   forces   generated  by  Common factor(s), Joint, NO Profit – No Loss,  Simple Voluntary  Public   Service(s) , Cooperative(s)  ,  Self  Help  Group(s) ,      Projects , Caring-sharing  Based ,Security based,  Government based  ,  People based , Private- Public based  :Ventures, Programs,  Initiatives, Future Events, Fairs( for  Trade , Livestock, Social  purposes ……..)       ,Festivals ,Celebrations , Exhibitions( Local  Products, Industrial  Goods,  Culture ,Arts etc.etc.  Outputs…….       ) , Activities ,Parleys/Negotiations/Packages for Conflict  Reconciliations,  MoUs,  transactions , Help  each-other Schemes     etc. All this  would  be possible provided  Candidates/Members  beforehand      gain   pr-requisite    knowledge     and  make  adequate  needed      preparations for  aforesaid  tasks etc..

Similarly  CONSOLIDATED INTERACTION REPORTS OF State and Neighbourhood Unification and Fraternizing Tour                   ((Discovery of State(UT,NCT) ))   ,for Rajya Sabha members and candidates              and Parliamentary Constituency and Neighbourhood Fraternizing and unification Tour ( Discovery of  Constituency)   are to  be  submitted  within  7days of  completion of  Tours.


Interstate, interconstituency Unifying  &  Fraternizing Bharat Darshan Tour Report……………..1  from Lok Sabha member,1 from  Rajya  Sabha member.

State & Neighourhood Unifying and Fraternizing Darshan Tour Reports,……………..1  from Rajys Sabha member,1 from  Rajya  Sabha  Candidate.  compulsory for Rajya Sabha member and Candidate, optional for Lok Sabha member of that state or any other state.   To be submitted by MP minimally one every two years  7 days  before  the session.  The  candidate shall submit  2  Reports at interval of about 2 years and 4 years ,7 days before Budget Session.   The first submission either by the Candidate or by the Member Rajya Sabha can be  less than 2 years ,  for reason of date of joining the Rajya Sabha. 

Parliamentary Constituency & Neighbourhood Unifying and Fraternizing  Darshan Tour Reports, compulsory for the Lok  Sabha candidate/member, optional for Rajya Sabha member/candidate .One for each nonsession  period to be submitted separately along with the Earning People’sApproval And Confidence- Validating The Ballot –Periodic Presentation/Representation Reports for each non session  period  1week(7 days) before the start of session.


Part II: Common  Interaction requirements for Candidate for Lok  Sabha, Candidate for  Rajya  Sabha       and     Member of   Parliament:

(A)     INTERACTIONS*   of MP  WITH ALL  LEVELS   OF  LEGISLATURE: (i)Parliamentary legislators, (ii)  State Legislators    and  (iii)  Panchayats  and  Local  Bodies of all descriptions  working out  his  role  as  unifier ,integrator of all levels of Legislature,  to present  one Face and consolidated outputs , to the People  of India.  * Order of Interactions:   i)State(UT, NCT), ii) Surrounding State(UT,NCT) Neighbourhood, iii) State(UT,NCT) Neighbourhood Cluster(s), iv) Interest Linked  Group(s) of  particular State(UT,NCT). The MP is required to develop ongoing channels of  vertical and horizontal communications ,at all levels of Legislature, with  minimally one  get-together in each non-session period of Parliament .  By prior  arrangement  , formally ,as observers , they need  to  sit in proceedings of all Legislatures.

To render Nation totally    independent,  in Global community of Nations , to make Nation rid of all its negativities, to reinforce all its  positivities, to make  Nation a Global Power to   better Human Civilization, to  claim  Nation’s  share of 1/6th of all Prizes ,Honours , Top Rankings  in competitions of all spheres of  shared Global activities ,for example  Noble Prizes , Olympics medals, top  rankings and ratings of  UNO, IMF, WB ,ADB, International Standardising Agencies  ( including National  ones)  as   of    GDP ,  capita income , per 1000 facilities, Standard of Living, Standard of Governance , Standards of Civility and Civilization, Human Development Index;  Employment vis-à-vis    wages ,emoluments ;  Literacy rate,  ……., the MPs are  required  to  create  25 Yearly Nation Building Action Plans  and concomitant Work  Schedules ,25 Yearly Master Plans ( to be implemented in 5 yearly modules ) by comprehensive  deliberations involving every citizen.   To utilise  pilot    projects,   to  gather  practical inputs for rendering these Action Plans  totally practical  and implementable,  in the ground realities  of  Constituency and State Life. To use inputs from State Legislatures & Government, from Local Bodies  (,especially, Panchayats) and concurrent administration  for obtaining acceptable and   enduring outputs.  

Interactions of  MPs, while at Delhi,   during session periods  of Parliament, for the pursuit of unifying ,integrating, producing  common purpose projects ,ventures ,initiatives, programs, activities  for Productivity, Employment, Welfare State……,for achieving Objectives of Constitution of India, with remaining MPs : a) Rajya Sabha MP of a particular  State( UT,NCT)  interacting with Rajya Sabh MPs of (a1)same State(UT,NCT),(a2) surrounding State(UT,NCT)Neighbourhood ,(a3) State(UT,NCT) Neighbourhood cluster(s),(a4) Interest Linked Group(s) ,(a5) of remaining States  for Common interest pursuits , b)       Lok Sabha MP of a particular  State ( UT,NCT)  interacting with Lok Sabh MPs of (b1)       same State (UT,NCT),(b2) the  surrounding State (UT,NCT) Neighbourhood ,(b3)       State (UT,NCT) Neighbourhood cluster(s),  (b4)           Interest Linked Group(s) ,(b5)   Remaining States (UT,NCT) common interest pursuits .

(B) Interactions of MPs with State(UT,NCT)Legislators:    Organizing Get-together of  MPs   and MLAs of State ( UT,NCT),         21 days after    (excluding Gazetted Holidays of the  Constituency and State)     last  day   of the bygone Budget Session  of Parliament. All  MPs (of both Rajya Sabh(compulsory), Lok Sabha      ( highly recommended and desired for sake of Territorial Constituencies  composing the Parliamentary Constituency of each Lok Sabha member )  of the State (UT),    are  to   finalize an Agenda .  MPs of both Houses can very conveniently work this out during Session. Rajya Sabha Members being the conveners and prime movers  for interstate coordination and  cooperation for joint common factor activities etc ,need interact with Rajya Sabha members of States of Neighbourhood, Neighbourhood Cluster(s), Interest Linked Group(s) Within a week (168 hours) of the last date of Parliament Session, this agenda  is required to be circulated amongst the legislators of the State  . All  retired MPs ,MLAs  are  to  be    invited for  providing valuable inputs possible to experience and knowledge  possessed by them. The Agenda  of this meet is  to frame an agenda of  following   as per objectives  of Constitution  of India   :1.       State Building for Nation Building.  2.   Bills to be introduced in subsequent  sessions  of Parliament ,      3         Review of existing Acts ,  passed in last 10 years or past two Lok Sabha  tenures, plus those   passed   in current Lok Sabha . This   is   to  get(  written, signed ) feedback on their efficacy, and thence need for amendments, or needs to tone up administrative implementation  of these  acts.      4   To  obtain an assessment of   outputs  of  Local  governance ,State  governance   and   central governance   operative   in     the State. To devise measures, to upgrade each one of these by  administrative and legislative  measures.      5.  To obtain          inputs  for  Nation Building Action Plans  and concomitant  Work  Schedules   .  Visits of the Conclave  to Places in  State, UT, NCT  for joint, cooperative, common factor  ventures  projects ,ventures, programs, initiatives, activities, events,  as also for   parleys ,agreements ,Memoranda of Understanding  to resolve areas   of discord ,conflict of  past  ,of present  and  those with  potential for future   acrimony   and  discord .6  To  prepare  for  next stage  of  interaction with  other States, UTs, NCT    to  formulate   various combinations  for   joint, cooperative ,common  factor  mutually  reinforcing  and  helpful   activities, events, ventures,   programs, projects, initiatives  etc. To decide on Agenda and   information  to  remaining  States, UTs, NCT of Nation inviting  the  list  of  possible  helps  that  can  be  explored,   exchanged to  complement  and  supplement  one another and  each  other.

(C)     Interactions with Inter-State Legislators:  Organizing Interstate Get-together of  MPs   and MLAs  of   State ( UT,NCT) and of ***Combinations.

*** Combinations   : being  States( UTs,NCT) of  surrounding  Neighbourhood , States  of    each   of  the     Neighbourhood Clusters  ,Interest Linked Group(s) of  State,  that is other  states(UT,NCT)   linked  by  common   interest(s)   to  the  State(UT,NCT) of  Rajya  Sabhha  MP(s).

This next  stage  interactions  after  aforesaid interactions  within the  state after the  Parliamentary  Budget  session, are   to  start  within  15  days. After  arriving at an Agenda  of requirements    of the State( UT, NCT) vis-à-vis   Nation,  with a view   to     achieve   objectives  of  Constitution  of  India, an agenda  is to be framed  for   joint,  cooperative ,common  factor   projects ,ventures, programs, initiatives, activities, events  as also for   parleys ,agreements ,Memoranda of Understanding  to resolve areas   of discord ,conflict of  past  ,of present  and of  those with  potential for future   acrimony   and  discord  ,    with   State (UT,NCT) Neighbourhood , State ( UT,NCT ) Neighbourhood Cluster(s), Interest linked  group(s)  of State( UT,NCT).  This agenda including  detailed  Questionnaires   are   to be submitted to all   concerned States, UTs(NCT) inviting them  (their MPs and MLAs) to work  together  wit

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