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April 23, 2009


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                                                                  Chapter VII B

                                                AMEDMENT VICONTD.


                      LISTENING TO and  *ATTENDING THE  VOTER-II

Amendment VICONTD.:

*Attending here  stands  for  understanding People’s problems   and aspirations  in  consonance  to  objectives  of Constitution  of  India to  provide  them  commensurate outputs.


Systematic  Bilateral  Interaction


Information to be provided by Candidate for Parliament and Member of Parliament for Voters and  Under 18 Nonvoters. Ongoing  preparation   of  Leadership  Accountancy-Transparency National    Services and Electioneering  Documents:  National Services & Electioneering Presentation Documents by  candidates , Representation National  Services  Documents by  MPs   , EARNING PEOPLE’S CONFIDENCE AND APPROVAL-VALIDATING THE BALLOT- PERIODIC PRESENTATION/REPRESENTATION REPORTS,  . NATION BUILDING ACTION PLANS(FOR MORE THAN 5/6 YEARS, Interactional  Programmes, Itineraries, Reports  etc, submitted to People of Constituency/State in particular and those of Nation in   general .

This  chapter  presumes whole  candidacy period  , as  the period  for  Electioneering  synonymous  with  invoking  involvement, contributions, participation  for  teamwork  partnership for  Nation  Building .      Nation  Building  is  meant   to  be  Individual  building(  read People/Citizen  building), Family  Neighbourhood Building ,  Polling  Booth  Locality Building—Territorial  %3

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