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April 23, 2009

POST 10:Leadership Transparency-Accountability National Services and Electioneering Documents

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Leadership Transparency-Accountability National Services and Electioneering Documents


National Services & Electioneering  Presentation    Document/ Representation National Services Document  2D:      Provide to the People, detailed time bound  proposals, especially after consulting State Legislatures as also obtaining their full hearted intention and Backing with strong determination ,to speed up Judicial System, to rectify and rid it of its    massive oppressive  defects, unnecessary  technicalities, cumbersome procedures and  all that it takes, to make it poor friendly and encouraging the  common man, the poor man to easily  fearlessly  plead  his own case and get done with, in a short time, say, within a month. Let the  Candidate /Member Parliament prove his/her Competence and Worth as one who is really a true well wisher and friend  of People.  To stop it  being  People-inimical ,Money-friendly  Criminal–friendly chaos rendition   of  Justice. 

National Services & Electioneering  Presentation    Document/ Representation National Services Document  2E:   Provide to the People, an account of how, where, when  and to whom the benefits of expenditures of Budget(read Taxes taken from People  directly and indirectly, through whatever they purchase  or spend) are reaching ,at the end of each  Month ,especially  for those unemployed, unable  to meet life’s necessities because of inadequate, uncertain, poorly  paying and unsatisfactory Employment; those distressed by disease, litigation, calamities, the disadvantaged section of Society especially in slums and villages.

National Services & Electioneering  Presentation    Document/ Representation National Services Document   2 F:  In order to put into force  a Suo Motu   (omnipresent) Law and Order Machinery ,in place of waiting for the  frightened complainant and confused witness,  with  the  Blindfolded Law presiding over, remembering    Justice  to  be   pivotal requirement of the Preamble of  Constitution of India, provide to   People  Plan  of Action( with Schedule  of Implementation), to deliver Justice , to  pre-empt  the  Vice of its bite and the Unlawfulness  the joy of  prohibited gains, to  nip  Unlawfulness in the bud. Provide to the People Nation  Building Action Plan to obtain distributed Surveillance Measures at the level of Family Neighbourhoods and Polling Booth Locality.

National Services & Electioneering  Presentation    Document/ Representation National Services Document  2G:

 To provide to the People, a detailed List of Targets of  creating reserves, specifying amounts and attendant quality,  computed for the Constituency/State, in particular  and Nation in general, for every   requirement for coming 5 years  (duration of Lok Sabha tenure——for both Lok Sabha and  Rajya  Sabha members)     and then for longer durations  minimally up to 75 years(for example minerals, natural resources, treasuries, Assets, Wealth, survival needs ( Food Grains, essential requirements for life) for prolonged periods of calamity/deprivation from host of causations etc. etc. When the tenure of  member expires ,he/she need leave with  reserves for minimal 5 years for  subsequent  tenure  of Lok Sabha, intact, so that his/her successor  starts working  right  from Day One  of  his  current tenure for   the reserves  meant  for  his/her next tenure . The  Candidate /Member Parliament need work on Nation  Building Action Plans  for pre-calculated production quanta as also putting in place mechanisms of conserving  the vast National resources.   In other words ,to accelerate Productivity, Savings, Secure Storages— like  building and saving for progeny (that  is,  People of Constituency/State in particular and Nation in general).

National Services & Electioneering  Presentation    Document/ Representation National Services Document   2H: 

To  provide to  the People Nation  Building Action Plans for coming /current tenure in Parliament plus  future 75 years as part of Nation Building Action Plans  and concomitant Work implementation Schedules: 1)**     Food-Clothing-Shelter,2)          Education for Employment, Civil Society ,Intellectual Development and Self-Culture,3)        Security : Internal,external,4)        Health,        5)           Employment ,professions and Productivity, 6)          Entrepreneurship(that starts with  Polling Booth Locality and limited resources ,for individual, for group like Self Help Group, Cooperative etc and builds from strength to strength), Enterprise, Self Employment, Industry, Science ,Technology, 7)               Actualization of each Individual’s Potential to its Peak, Building of each Individual into a Generator of Wealth, Knowledge and Order,       Social Security , Free Medical check-up and  treatment, Free Education up to any level with a flexible  Individual oriented curricula for 21 Lakh citizens per Lok Sabha member, 45.6 Lakh citizens per Rajya Sabha member and 114 crore People as a whole  for whole of Parliament.** Tell the People what  possessions, facilities  he/she expects   for ,including the bottom-most——  that is ,  for  the poorest of the poor, for Individual, for  family,  for  each  household,  for  family neighbourhood,  for  Polling Booth Locality 1)     as must,2)           as he/she sees, giving list ,for example ,as for Household items, car, bicycle, tap, TV, Books,1Newspaper a day(because law says ‘Ignorance of law is no excuse), an apple/person(because ,doctor/they say ‘an apple a day keeps Doctor away)…………. When he will get them these/help  them to have/or  whatever  he/she prescribes……      .

National Services & Electioneering  Presentation    Document/ Representation National Services Document  2I:

To provide to the People ,with the purpose of  nipping the Negativities  and blooming  the  Positivities of Individual and his/her composing collectivities at all levels, that is ,  Family, Family Neighbourhood, Polling Booth Locality ;  means and facilities   for  utilizing Spare Time; whether after regular job  or part-time  jobs ,as of vast 97% unorganized  labour of  Nation, especially 70 %  Agricultural India with paltry work for 60-70% of time in the  Year,       1)      to  provide    avenues of generating  income   for  the    Spare  time for  partially and marginally  employed People,         2)       to use this time  for  Self development ,Self  improvement, Self-Culture, Realising the Potential  of every Individual and his encompassing Collectivity,3)        and nipping  in the bud ,preventing ,pre-empting the Negativities of Individual and Collectivity, especially strife and consequent  litigation/anti-fraternity activities,4)          to  Create a Civil Society  of the  highest Order. These need be manifested  in each Family Neighbourhood,  Polling Booth Locality and its various Combinations ,that is ,   Polling Booth Locality.Neighbourhood,   Polling Booth Locality.Neighbourhood Cluster(s)  and Interest Linked  Group(s)  of Polling  Booth Locality , and above all,  5)    as  Means of Recreation  and rebuilding  Human Energies. Seemingly, of low  profile , nevertheless, this Document is  one of the most important for growth  and progress of  Nation.  

National Services & Electioneering  Presentation    Document/ Representation National Services Document   2J:  To provide detailed system of Checks, Inspections, Supervisions, deterrents, Controls at  birth stage  and bud stage  of all Negativities, and their diseases, deficits and ramifications affecting the Individual and  Collectivity ; especially, to be  operationalised at the levels of Individual, Family, Family neighbourhood and Polling Booth locality. This Document ,thence , is to control Problems at pre-inception ,pre-conception stages, in first priority and initial stages in the second priority. To pave for  a Crises-less Civilization,….National Life.

 National Services & Electioneering  Presentation    Document/ Representation National Services Document 2K:  Tell the People, in respect of the Constituency/State of the Candidate/Member of Parliament and the rest of Nation,  the status  envisaged  by him/her ,for successive quarters of his/her period of candidacy / tenure as MP, whilst giving justification for envisaging such status, for each of the following: Treasury, Employment, Unemployment, Entrepreneurship (that starts with  Polling Booth Locality and limited resources ,for individual, for group like Self Help Group , Cooperative etc. and builds from strength to strength) , number of enterprises, Manufacturing of import substitutes,  Per Capita Income of below poverty line and lower 70% rural and slum populations, Human Development Index , Tax collection, Tax Evasion, Population, Productivity in different sectors especially Industry, Food items………., infrastructures for Industry, Sciences, Technology; Roads, Electricity, Water ,Medical  facilities,  Conventional Education , Education for  Employment  and Productivity, Updating Professional  Expertises starting from skills of all descriptions: cobbling, repairing, tailoring,…..onto  Law, Doctoring,………,Education for civil Society citizenry, Number of  Dwelling Units, Public Utilities of all descriptions, Litigation: concluded, reconciled,    ongoingly erupting;……… The Candidate /Member Parliament  need add those missed in here. And  also inform the measures taken by him  and consequent   targeted  results to   obtain the status desired ,especially, in reference to Document No.2A.

 National Services & Electioneering  Presentation    Document/ Representation National Services Document 2L :  To  prepare Budget for needs of: Individual, Family ,Family Neighbourhood, Polling Booth Locality, Territorial Constituency, Parliamentary Constituency, State( UT, NCT),  Nation for   1day,1week,1month,1Quarter, 6 Months,1year,2years,3 years,4 years,5 years,10 years,15 years ,20 years,25 years,50 years,75 years ,more(optional) ,say,100years……… .     For  composing the Budget amounts , as per price indices vis-à-vis     purchasing power  vis-à-vis    requirements  of  the  constituents,  today and those estimated  for different times  in future , in view of previous  backward spans of times into the past ,plus the reasoning and arguments of the Candidate/Member Parliament,  to  make Budget for  following  Standards of Living (specifying all items of  Budget) individual and collective life ( that is Family, Family Neighbourhood………..     …,Nation) :a

)         Below Poverty Line ***standard of Living, for example  : Food-kitchen, Clothing, Dwelling Unit/Shelter  etc., Water, electricity, transportation to place of work, education of children, Beedi-paan-tea,  social expenses on guests, functions( shaguns),marriages of children, medical bills ,incidental expenses as paying challans for  vending vehicles ,litigation , Governmental transactions etc.etc.,……b)    Poor Daily wager’s Standard of Living (from Village), c)       Inadequate Household Standard of Living (Candidates/Member Parliament to describe as per his/her perceptions  of  his/her  Constituency/ State)..,d)        Decent Standard of Living ..,e)           Rich  Standard of Living, f)        Elitist (affluent )Standard of Living       g)      Standards of Living on par with those of 10 best developed Nations  as today ***{{{{(whenever  Candidate /Member Parliament happens to provide to the People these National Services & Electioneering  Presentation    Document/ Representation National Services Document—-and  in  the  passing  ,  he/ she  need not  go  on  a  tour  of  aforesaid   advanced  nations  to  get  materials for  his/  her National  Services and  Electioneering Presentation Document  –or  for that  matter  send  his/  her    favourite  Bureaucrats  for  the  same.)}}}} The Candidate /Member Parliament to describe  his/her assessment of Standards as prevalent in his/her Constituency/State in particular  and Nation in general.

 National Services & Electioneering  Presentation    Document/ Representation National Services Document  3A: Considering each of the aforementioned  Documents (1A to H,2A to F), to  provide corresponding Solutions  to the People , accompanied by   practically implementable ,step by step ,comprehensive Agenda  for  each  document ; detailing clear cut ,time bound  Targets, with hierarchy of  sub-targets further  decomposable into clear-cut well detailed  component tasks, capable of being executed meticulously within the ground realities of Polling booth Localities, Constituencies States and the Nation;  along  with  concomitant Work Schedules, for the period of Candidacy /tenure as MP. Thus, the  Work Schedules of 5 years, for the Lok Sabha member/ of 6 years for the Rajya Sabha member, have to be built  from meticulously planned smaller interval schedules: daily ( optional), weekly, biweekly, monthly,  quarterly,6monthly,Budget Session, Monsoon Session, Winter Session, Non Session Periods between Budget and Monsoon sessions, Monsoon and Winter sessions, Winter and Budget sessions, yearly, 2yearly,3yearly,4yearly,4years and 11 monthly for Lok Sabha Candidate/Member, plus 5yearly and 5years and 11 monthly for Rajya Sabha Candidate/Member ) . The activities and outputs  so executed have to become part of  the Earning People’s Approval And Confidence (EPAAC)- Validating The Ballot(VTB)- Periodic (of aforementioned periods)Presentation(for the Candidate)/Representation (for the MP) Reports to be  regularly  submitted to the People(PP/RR)  as per instructions  there along. Above said  reports are to include the initiation  of Nation Building Action Plans and concomitant Work Schedules for next four   Parliamentary tenures, implying  using the current 5 year tenure of existing  Lok Sabha to  initiate these25 yearly Nation Building Action Plans  and concomitant Work  Schedules as the take off period for  a Quarter Century(25 yearly) Targets for the Constituency/State represented in particular and Nation in general. The overall Agenda for Future need be minimally for 75 years , the Life  expectancy of 75 Thousand  newborns becoming citizens of India,  each  new day  of  the  Calendar . Thence the Candidate /Member Parliament ,need  formulate ,two more 25 yearly Action Plans for survival, growth and sunset period of children today, of the Constituency, State…… Nation, that they  (Children)   could  take  a leaf from the acts of  his/her Wisdom and foresight for growing, nurturing and  progress of  their generation. What ranking  the  Candidate /Member Parliament envisages for his/her Constituency vis-à-vis rest of the Constituencies, State vis-à-vis rest of States ,and India vis-à-vis rest of nations  at end of 5th year of tenure as MP,  after 10,15,20,25,50,75,100…. Years  with the rate of  progress that he /she envisages, at the end of his /her 5 year tenure,  he/she  need  inform  People  at the  entry  point of  his/her  candidacy/tenure.

 National Services & Electioneering  Presentation    Document/ Representation National Services Document  3B: This Document is optional. Future minded, ambitious and dedicated Candidate/Member    Parliament is welcome to put before the Parliamentary Constituency    /  State (UT, NCT)          ,in particular and the Nation in general, a feasible ,practical and above all, an implementable Master Vision for a century  or more (say into2100,2200——-,say Millennium if  candidate/member Parliament  dares  ,as far as he can  deduce, compute and  infer). Cues, inferences can be drawn from flow of our History , especially ,last 61 years, the way we handled things  vis-à-vis rest of  Global  nations, given their own challenges. To make the  Vision,  Candidate /Member Parliament has to provide to the People, a corresponding Agenda of Action, to be initialized right in the present period of Candidacy/Membership of Parliament. The Vision would help give better directions to present activities.

National Services & Electioneering  Presentation    Document/ Representation National Services Document 3C 1: (for Lok Sabha candidates and members—see relevant Amendments VI VII  and IX for providing information to People)   To provide to the People, rescue measures for Disaster-Crisis, man made and natural ,in light of Nation’s   (not to  ,either, loose  sight  of Global) record of minimally  last 75 years(  more, the better), for next 5years, 10 years, 25 years , 50 years  and  75 years. Similarly  , provide to the People, measures for preventing pre-empting the Financial crises, Unemployment, price rises, insecurities internal and external of Future years.

National Services & Electioneering  Presentation    Document/ Representation National Services Document   3C 2: (for  Rajya   Sabha  candidates and members—see  also relevant Amendments VI,VIII and IX  for providing information to People )     To provide to the People, rescue measures for Disasters-Crisis, manmade and natural, in light of  record of minimally  last 75 years, for next 5years, 10 years, 25 years , 50 years  and  75 years  for  Rajya Sabha member’s/candidate’s State ( UT,NCT). Similarly  , provide to the People, measures for preventing pre-empting the Financial crises, Unemployment, price rises  of Future years.

National Services & Electioneering  Presentation    Document/ Representation National Services Document 4A: Provide to the People, Detailed List, each in descending order of Priority,  his/her  A) Moral Code of Conduct ,B) Obligations  towards Lok Sabha Voters, who did not vote for him/her  as MP and may not or certainly  not vote for him/her in future as Candidate for Lok Sabha,  similarly,  C)  Obligations towards MLAs, who never voted for him/her to be Rajya Sabha member or  that may not ,certainly not vote as  Rajya Sabha Candidate  in future, D)  Obligations as Candidate/Member Parliament, towards under-18 non-voters, visitors, commuters, tourists,  in transit/temporary stay or prolonged stay such as migrants , etc. with  their  votes  elsewhere.

 National Services & Electioneering  Presentation    Document/ Representation National Services Document  4B: Provide to the People ,prescription of self imposed deterrents of  fines, penalties, censure, reprimand,  scolding, apology, suspension from Parliament, resignation from Parliament, self corrections etc. for all possible events, extents, degrees of  failure, trespasses, occasions of Shame, Censure neglects of Responsibilities and derelictions of Duties outlined in  Part E of present  Bill, besides  Moral Code of Conduct and Obligations as listed in Document No. 4A.                    

National Services & Electioneering  Presentation    Document/ Representation National Services Document  4C:       Frame for the People ,  detailed definitions, descriptions (vis-à-vis   those   of  Document  I A) followed by methods of  measuring testing and evaluation/grading and  determining  deficits of on  the  ground  state of  the  following  vis-à-vis    expected  levels,  for A) Standards of Governance, B) Standards of Civil Society , C) Standards of Living, D) Performance of  Candidate /Member Parliament within the Parliament/& Government,  for his/her Parliamentary Constituency/State, in particular and Nation in general, E) Standards of National Work Culture  and Individual Work Culture.

 National Services & Electioneering  Presentation    Document/ Representation National Services Document 5A:  Candidate/Member Parliament, to provide to the People, his/her Agenda, expected Achievements and  assured contributions to  the Constituency/State in particular and the Nation, in general, during his/her tenure as  A)           MP  on the ruling side, B)                 MP  in Opposition,  C)   MP unattached/neutral, D)                  Nominated member of Lok Sabha,  E)            Nominated member  of the Rajya Sabha, F)                Speaker of the Lok Sabha ,  G)                   Deputy Speaker of the Lok Sabha , H) Vice Chairman of the  Rajya Sabha,   I)                  Leader of  Ruling side in Lok Sabha/ Rajya Sabha, J)             Leader of Opposition in Lok Sabha/Rajya Sabha,  K)                       Member of   Parliamentary Committee(s) ( of  Lok Sabha/Rajya Sabha/ joint) he/she   shall be effective, preferably all committees,   L)    Chairman of   Parliamentary Committee(s)  (one by one of  Lok Sabha/Rajya Sabha/ joint) he/she   shall be effective, preferably all committees. The Candidate /Member Parliament  has to provide his/her personal  position in framing his/her outputs etc., regardless of her/his political and other affiliations,  whether in past or present or those projected in future. The  Candidate /Member Parliament   as  per  his/her  Oath  has  allegiance  to Constitution of  India ONLY.

National Services & Electioneering  Presentation    Document/ Representation National Services Document 5B: Provide to the People, come what may,   a MUST COMMON MINIMUM PROGRAM accompanied  by detailed  MUST AGENDA  and concomitant  DEADLINE BASED  ACTION SCHEDULE for the Parliamentary Constituency as Lok Sabha  candidate/member   and  for  State as Rajya Sabha candidate/member. This Common Minimum Program-Agenda-Action Schedule, the MP shall be Duty bound and Honour bound, to pursue in whatever position ,capacity, side(ruling/opposition/unattached),come what may.  This implies that Lok Sabha Ruling side, Opposition and neutrals/agenda based supporting members  whoever is in the Lok Sabha  have this one ,COMPULSORY NATIONAL COMMON MINIMUM PROGRAM  along with its  COMPULSORY NATIONAL AGENDA-ACTION SCHEDULE to be eventually shared unanimously by each and every member  of Parliament.  For sake of People, totally united members of  Lok Sabha are required for  performing their Responsibilities and Duties. Similarly for the Rajya Sabha member(s)  in consonance to the superior  supervisory role of Rajya Sabha.

The  Candidate /Member Parliament,  thus , is required to  stick  to order of priority allotted  to the List of  tasks required to be accomplished  under above  , whatever be the directions of the  forces in Lok Sabha/Rajya Sabha.

On obtaining  Office  of Member Parliament, within 1 month of Oath taking, and upon consulting rest of MPs ,especially those of  divergent thinking, the MP is required to declare to the People, on whose behalf he/she operates in the Parliament, of the eventual form of COMPULSORY  NATIONAL COMMON MINIMUM PROGRAM [[[[[  especially, on  Sovereignty( Internal and external security),PER CAPITA INCOME OF BELOW POVERTY LINE AND LOWER 70% RURAL AND SLUM POPULATIONS, GDP, Human Development Index,……vital long term   parameters of Welfare and Wellbeing effecting Nation physically, mentally, spiritually, Issues…effecting Nation—past, present and  future ]]]]]      informing them of any alterations needed for sake of reaching a consensus.

This Document is a MUST for Sovereignty, Unity and Integrity of Nation, as per Oath of Candidate/Member Parliament.  The  candidate/Member  Parliament need make  extensive  consultations  with People besides MPs, MLAs   past  and present , past Common  Minimum  Programs, deviations and  counter mode  Agenda  of Time  series of  subsequent  Governments  since   1951. Besides ,  he/she  need build  case  for  MUSTS  for  his/her Constituency/State with due  regard  for  National common  factor  needs   across  constituencies ,States  especially variant Combinations, that  is ,  Con

stituency  Neighbourhood, Constituency   Neighbourhood Cluster(s),  Interest  Linked group(s) of  Constituency  and  similar combinations  for  State( UT, NCT).

National Services & Electioneering  Presentation    Document/ Representation National Services Document  5C: The candidate for Parliament , is required to prepare  fully, rather exhaustively, for his/her oncoming responsibilities  due as  a Minister. Even ,if he/she has chosen  herein to declare, that  he/she would not take up  any Ministerial responsibility, on becoming  MP, he/she  still  shall have, the onerous responsibility of  monitoring , inspecting ,questioning, error tracking,  scrutinizing, evaluating, grading   and consequently, providing guidance, suggestions, corrections ;  and implementing Agenda,  stemming from the  Parliamentary Constituency  /State   chosen for Candidacy, besides  that ( Agenda) from rest of Country ,in respect  of every Ministry at  Centre. Thence, he is  bound  by the Trust of over 21 Lakh ( on the average)    People per  Lok Sabha seat, and of  on the average  near 45.6 Lakh  people per Rajya Sabha seat,  to  help  run( as an MP)   each and every Ministry  smoothly , productively ,proficiently and meticulously ,in a most people friendly, people-touching, people–inputting, in  truly serving-the-People  spirit with  his/her  timely, well planned  , thoroughly studied  and thought out  inputs(to these Ministries), drawn  from   the ground realities of the  Lok Sabha  Constituency or the State  from which he/she is the   Rajya Sabha  Candidate.  While as  Candidate,  he/she need assess the deficits of outputs of Government reaching  the  People, instead of demanded and fairly expected  outputs ,that they paid for ,through their Ballot. The Candidate has   to prepare from day one  of his/her  candidacy, for his/her  days in Parliament, when he/she shall correct the disorders, deficits, pathologies of Governance, causative corruption, indolence, wilful and unmindful   neglects, poor  supervision and above all;  ensure total accountability of Ballot’s inputs to the  governance and consequential outputs returning to the People through his/her exertions  as  People’s   Candidate ,later on  as their MP . The Candidate  is to declare 4 Ministries       ( more  the  better ,say declare  6 or  more ) as his/her areas of Specialization in  descending order of  Expertise and contributions he/she has decided to  make, choosing   four Ministries (whichever he/she deems fit) from each  one  of the following categories: I.Category *I: Ministries related to obtaining   Internal and external Security, making  country  Financial Power  in the Globe( say, amongst the Top 5 Nations),making country the Global  anchor,2) Category *II : Ministries for , that 114 crore Indians  have  adequate and decent household provisions; especially Food-clothing-housing and adjuncts, 3)***Category *III : Ministries generating  avenues for incrementing  jobs ,decently paying jobs( for decent standard of living),much greater in numbers ( man hours) than the 8hour a day working of every one        above-14, making a citizen Employment-worthy, to  be Self Employed in a self initiated Enterprise—to be an Entrepreneur producing Products  of Excellence, that are always in lesser supply, than  demands generated  worldwide , Category *IV: To build Assets, Wealth and Capital(s); To build Intellectual Capital, Cultural( read  Behavioural Civility )  Capital ,Spirit (read intentional and motivational) Capital, Services-to-Others Capital————– all Capitals ,  Wealth(s)  and  Assets need  to  be  inbuilt into  individual, Family, Family Neighbourhood, Polling Booth Locality, Territorial Constituency ,Parliamentary  Constituency, State and Nation, and Nation  vis-à-vis Globe.

 The Rajya Sabha candidate ,in addition ,has to likewise select one ministry from each of above 4 categories     for       State(UT,NCT)  Government   Ministries /Administration Departments for  UT.

The Member of Lok Sabha / Rajya Sabha has to submit   his/her final areas of specializations in descending order of importance , carried over from his/her National  Services  and  Electioneering Presentation Document,  while  as a  candidate ,now  modified  to the final form as Representation National  Service  Document, in consonance  to the role(s)    being served /to be served    by   him/her    in the Parliament as per  Document 5A.

*It is at the complete discretion and interpretation of the Candidate /Member Parliament , to name the Ministry he/she  feels  belongs to a particular category, having  total freedom to devise new Ministries, modify existing Ministries, albeit  keeping in mind ,the prevalent structure and function of each   Ministry in the present set up of Governance.  Each Candidate/Member Parliament  has in his/her power, to change the current pattern ,if not 100%,very well, to an appreciable   degree. Categorization ,  are  to  meet  People’s aspirations, which need be  the  major  objective of Candidate/Member  in the Parliament.

***It is  compulsory for each candidate/member Parliament  to give detailed 5 year  Action  Plan  with Work  Schedule ,  extending  into  4  more  consecutive  5 yearly Action  Plans  with  concomitant Work  Schedules for ensuring   a)  no  one  coming  in the share  of  21 lakh People for  the  lok  Sabha  seat  and 45.6 lakh  likewise  coming  in share  of  each  Rajya  Sabha  seat  minimally  is  without decently  paying (  and  correspondingly  work  extracting)  employment, preferably  in  nature  of  Self-employment, Enterprise ,Entrepreneurship .  Thence,  each  candidate /member of  Parliament  is  compulsorily   required  to  be  an  authority on  employment  for  the  Constituency/State  in  particular  and  the  Nation in  general.  That  is  each  C/MP need  vigorously  prepare  to head  the  Ministry  of  employment  making  it  Number  1Ministry of  Centre.  Also this  Ministry  is  to    cater  to  spare  time  management  especially  for  spare time  income  avenues, particularly  for those  with  part-time,  seasonal employment  avenues with special provision  for  housewives  with spare time . Thus  mastery of Employment Ministry  as the  activemost  Ministry is a Must for each candidate/member Parliament,  and is  over and  above getting prepared  for  3  Central  Ministries. When  everyone is fully employed, decently paid and    everyone’s  spare time  well  managed  and  well utilised,  good  deal of  negativities  shall  have  vanished  by  themselves. Hence  this  compulsory  requirement.


National Services & Electioneering  Presentation    Document/ Representation National Services Document  5D:  On joining Parliament, MP is required  to  revise and update Document  5C,  in the view of the  latest status of each of  the Ministries. In the  event, he/she  would like  to extend these  to include more Ministries, for similar treatment ,he/she is welcome and encouraged to do the same for contributing ideas for obtaining fortified  higher quality outputs from the Ministries by  his/her  methods  ,say, of  toning  up administration, modifying  the    Departmental structuring and functioning for efficiency,  of  expanding services,  of improving quality of outputs and remembering  burden of  song,  for Governance: Minimal  expenditures, thrift, frugality, yet  highest  quanta  of  outputs  and  best  quality  of  Outputs , on  par  with best  measures  of  top 10  best  developed  countries . For the purpose he/she  is to take latest data from the concerned Ministries. Obtaining  sizeable outputs of good quality  from  these Ministries shall be  the  responsibility  of  the MP , hence is duty-bound  during his tenure, to do all in his power to help the Ministry thrive ,in helping People solidly and maximally.

Upon gaining  charge of  a specific  Ministry, MP is required to take stock of Ministry and all its ramifications with respect to other Ministries , Institutions and the People; re-examine the existing Agenda ,if any.  And then ,  proceed to further update the Agenda cum Schedule  to minute details. He/she   is required to  consult  all departments and Institutions,  in the ambit of the Ministry ,to precisely rework out a practically implementable-widely applicable Agenda with deadline bound Weekly Schedules, for upcoming tenure in Ministry to deliver  highest quality outputs in service of the People, to reach  day to day lives of the People  promptly, specifically as per Promises, Commitment, Obligations and above all, as per Objectives of the Constitution committed to a welfare State .

National Services & Electioneering  Presentation    Document/ Representation National Services Document 5E:   is to provide to the People his/her Agenda and concomitant schedule of  configuring and unifying  LOCAL BODY, STATE LEGISLATURE AND PARLIAMENT so as TO SHOW ONE FACE OF GOVERNANCE TO THE COMMON MAN. [[[ CAN BE  DELETED IN  FINAL  TRANSCRIPTION     Common man finances Government so that it serves him. He/She doesn’t require  his/she harassment and wastages of his/her hard earned money.]]] The Candidate /Member Parliament is required to  organize his/her Agenda of trans-linking  their processes and functions ,especially  in the context of ground realities prevailing  in his/her Parliamentary Constituency/State. He/she is  to  delineate   his/her role vis-à-vis  that of legislators  from the State Legislature, and representatives  of    the  Local Governance ,  coordinating   and  directing all, to work in unison and synergy  ,  towards  Nation Building   goals  suited  for  the  Constituency/State  in  particular  and  the  Nation  in  general . From the emerging union , the Candidate /Member Parliament  is to evolve  the requisite draft of Legislation, ordinances, directives, instructions, notifications, regulations ,norms, measures, evaluations, standards etc. etc., the requisite course of Governmental outputs needed multilaterally in this context; so that remaining wings of Legislation under his/her leadership and  patronage, coordinate in synergy and unison ,to provide to the  People ,wholesome services, without letting them move in harassment and  hopelessness .  Candidate /Member Parliament, herein, need provide   a clear cut and concrete Nation Building  Action Plan  and  concomitant Schedule of implementation for  one welded Whole ,composed from  clear cut  and discrete roles of  local government, state government and  central  Government. The Document need work out modalities  for  obtaining united performance  of Composite  Governance ,that is, polite   and  ever ready ,in the service of the People ; especially  for the  poor, weak, children, women, old, disadvantaged, resourceless,  opportunityless  such  as unorganized labour, 2/3 rd – of- the- year unemployed villagers. To prevent wastage of time, effort, money and People’s energies,  by the  prevalent  uncoordinated Departments within  Ministries, across  the  ministries,  whether belonging to Centre, or the States  or the  Departments/wings/offices etc. of local Governance(s), especially those prevailing in  Polling Booth Localities  ( read, by and large ,the  Panchayats managing day to day life of 70% Indians  inhabiting    6,38,365 villages   in  India   of country). Let there  be no conflicts  over  resource sharing between different subdivisions of Nation , at any of the levels.

Besides coordinating, uniting in synergy,  different levels of legislatures, the Candidate/Member Parliament, need similarly also include in his/her  agenda   means to coordinate, unite, synergise  officials ,departments  of differing opinions, affiliations and ideologies ,to unite for sake of People.

   National Services & Electioneering  Presentation    Document/ Representation National Services Document 5F: to provide to People, his/her measures  for    interactions, coordination and  synergistic unison  amongst different Ministries, Departments (also, requisite Public and Private Institutions) and especially for Candidate/Member Rajya Sabha ,to  do likewise for State Ministries and Departments (besides requisite  Public and Private Institutions) vis-à-vis  those  of the Centre and  those of the State.Neighbourhood, State.Neighbourhood Cluster and Interest(s) Linked Group(s)of States. Further he/she  need  to   initiate ongoing connectivity amongst different organs  of Governance, to obtain prompt quality outputs   ,preferably  delivered at People’s   door steps ,especially  People of villages, slums, belonging to unorganized labour, Below Poverty Line. This is imperative,  to prevent  wastage of time ,effort, money ,People’s energies, ,avoidable harassments  and hardships to People, but above all, losses to treasuries(read Pockets of People) of Nation ,State, not to leave  out   the  money and resources of Private Institutions and Bodies.

National Services & Electioneering  Presentation    Document/ Representation National Services Document 5G:        Provide to the People, on being PM of Nation (whether MP really becomes or not), What shall be his/her  60 Monthly outputs for Nation. What shall be targeted monthly values and concomitant increases and decreases in  a) GDP of Nation, States ,Parliamentary Constituency, and outside Constituencies, Territorial Constituencies and BELOW POVERTY LINE Polling Booth Locality ,b) PER CAPITA INCOME OF BELOW POVERTY LINE AND LOWER 70% RURAL AND SLUM POPULATIONS, c) Per Capita and Per Thousand Facilities ,inside Household, and outside  Polling Booth Localities and Fields, d)  Human Development Index, ) List of rest of outputs, quantitatively and qualitatively ,f) List of Pending Problems solved,  g) List of Action Taken for Future Tasks, minimally 75 years ,hence.

National Services & Electioneering  Presentation    Document/ Representation National Services Document  5H:        Provide to the  People, with computations of, and account of proposed time  distribution of various  of activities devoted to candidature and membership of the Parliament for the period of candidacy and tenure of membership of Parliament vis-a-vis  various Leadership Accountability-Transparency  National Services and Electioneering Documents. Provide following : Time Tables, Calendars of activities, events, interactions with individuals and collectivities: Daily ,Weekly, Biweekly, Monthly, Quarterly, Budget Session, Monsoon Session, Winter Session, and  for Nonsession periods in between these sessions, 6 monthly , yearly, 2yearly,3yearly,4 yearly,5 yearly and 6 yearly( for Rajya Sabha Candidate and Member. These are to be provided after excluding( and mentioning)  the time he/she  reserves for himself/herself ,profession, family and other personal matters.

National Services & Electioneering  Presentation    Document/ Representation National Services Document   6A:        With reference to the Problems listed and encountered  aforementioned  Documents, keeping in sight negativities, provide to the People, detailed list of changes in all  wings of Governance for obtaining Excellence-oriented, cost effective, prompt, all-encompassing  Welfare State  Legislation especially Executive & Judiciary, that need to be made:  in structures, organizations,arrangements,configurations,functions, procedures, monitoring mechanisms, surveillance, algorithms, operative practices, rules, regulations, routines, conventions, norms, standards, (  Positive  states vis-à-vis  Negative   states ) systems, measurements(to be devised),error tracking, techniques of error detection ,error  corrections, audits( especially Work audit, performance audit, expenditure audit,  besides  other occasioned ….), plans, projections, time tables, Calendars of activities and events, deadlines, cautions, precautions, alarms, checks, supervisions, ongoing evaluations, quality control, connectivity and          coordination  amongst all departments and Institutions of Governance, Standards  of Governance, Government Service Conditions and concomitant remunerations , pays, allowances, methods of assessing performance,  warnings, practical trainings, updating, penalties, reprimands( privately and publically –of incrementing collectivities of specified descriptions), demotions, sackings, awards, recognitions, appreciation, promotions ,rewards ,powers, expenditures on Governance  vis-à-vis Governance Outputs etc. etc. (  plus  items missed in here as per experience, perceptions and above all, the interactions of the  Candidate /Member Parliament). In effect, ensure that People get services and returns for the huge money paid  for running Governance on par with those of 10 best governed Nations of world, by ongoing monitoring and error corrections  vis-à-vis measurements and responses of 114 crore Indian citizens.

National Services & Electioneering  Presentation    Document/ Representation National Services Document 6B:            Provide to the  People, in view of the  past History, especially of last 25 years, but 5-10 years in particular,  of Parliamentary Constituency ( for Lok Sabha candidate/member) and State( for Rajya Sabha candidate/member);anticipated crises, calamities, disasters, negativities(refer line  No.  ) man made and natural; besides, the challenges of the Future for immediate   5-10 years  and future 25-50-75 years(minimal age expectancy assumed for 75.000 children born every  24 hours). In order to insure People against these, give elaborate pre-emptive, preventive, premonitory steps, initiatives and preparations  that need be implemented right away or in very near future or whenever the  Candidate /Member Parliament deems fit .  Leaving out  the arranging of the material inputs  for such preparations, the Candidate Parliament need take steps to ready  volunteer  Human inputs for aforesaid  scenario.

National Services & Electioneering  Presentation    Document/ Representation National Services Document 6C:     To save the People from continuous stealth   of their time, money, possessions  (moveable and immoveable ),to bridle the mischief makers ,trouble breeders, the  subthreshold  undetected crafty unlawful ,anti-people elements ,to stem the continuously  sneaking rot in the System,   provide to the  People,  an  effective System  of Inspecting, checking, verifying, measuring, testing, grading, penalizing and  rewarding Offices and Officials,  top to bottom ,of Governance and  Outside Governance(read Private, nongovernmental) of the Parliamentary constituency/State , in particular, and the Nation ,  general .

National Services & Electioneering  Presentation    Document/ Representation National Services Document  6D:  Provide to the People,  Targets, Changes, Agenda, Schedule of Action , with  the  Candidate /Member Parliament in the role of an     Expert   who  is thoroughly  knowledgeable , competent and well versed ,to head the following   Ministries( ((  of  which  those presently   for Ministries  of  forthcoming items III),  V ) ,VI),   VIII)  looked after by more than  one ministry))) : 

I) Finances ,II) Defence, III) External Affairs, Exports, Imports, IV) Home Affairs, V) Food-Clothing-Housing, VI)Employment, Common man  oriented Self-Employment, Enterprise, Entrepreneurship, household/cottage-Industry extendable to groups :in Family Neighbourhood(s),Polling Booth Localities ,Polling Booth Locality Neighbourhood, Polling Booth Locality Neighbourhood Cluster,  Interest Linked Group of polling Booth Localities and  ongoing  enlarging combinations wherever  implementable successfully, never keeping ordinary man/woman in marginal or dilute role, but bolstering him/her onto the front , and  to multiply opportunities for each citizen, that he/she could choose to  gainfully  work 16 hours  a day, if he/she so chose. VII) Supporting measures like modified HRD Ministry for  previous clause VI), VIII) Ministries or/and areas proposed and chosen by  the Candidate/Member Parliament.

 National Services & Electioneering  Presentation    Document/ Representation National Services Document 6E:  Provide to the People, Nation Building Action Plans  and concomitant Work Schedules, to rally People for Nation Building Volunteer Social Services,  to initiate People into such services  ,to  start with  from whichever place they happen to be living , specially   places  of their daily  jobs and skills and chores, for services to : Individuals, Families, Family Neigbourhoods, Polling Booth Localities, Territorial Constituencies, Parliamentary constituencies, States(UTs,NCT) ,especially    each of the entities in combinations of Neighbourhood, Neighbourhood Cluster, Interest Linked Groups and the   Nation .

National Services & Electioneering  Presentation    Document/ Representation National Services Document   6F(optional, but highly  desired):   To provide to the People    Nation building Action Plan for following ( preferably by bulk contributions of Volunteer Services   and  Donations etc. from the Parliamentary Constituency(PC)/State ,in particular and   rest of  Nation  ,in  general , each having its minimal 5years’  Calendar of  activities and Events),   :    A)  Constituency Stadium for all Sports  Events and other type of Competitions, Exhibitions ,Festivities etc.   of all Polling Booth Localities, Parliamentary Constituency Neighbourhood Clusters, Interest Linked Groups etc.  , B)       Performing Arts Centre for similar Competition and Events   of Arts, Crafts, Culture , C)      Parliamentary Constituency/and State Museum, D)       Parliamentary Constituency /& State Zoo and Botanical Garden(s),Herbariums…,E)    Parliamentary Constituency /& State(Combinations=Neighbourhood , Neighbourhood Cluster, Interest Linked Groups) Trading Centre, F)        Parliamentary Constituency /State Specialist Industry Centre(s),G)           Technology Centre  (specializing for nation’s indigenous needs  ,for example, Machines  IT, Biotechnology, Nanotechnology ,Nuclear Products, Aeroplanes, Sea ships ,all technical trades, skills ,materials procurement etc. etc., H)        Knowledge  Centre (with as large as possible Library and concomitant Knowledge Resources), I)         MultiSpeciality Medical Surgical Centre ( all systems: Allopathy, Auyrveda,… total ,all-encompassing, leaving no need to run anywhere else).  J)          Brain Power Centre  ( a confluence of   diversity of proven specialists able to solve all problems especially of Constituency/state,  K)       P.Constituency /State Gymnasium  Sports-Indoor Games Centre, L) National  Defence Technology Institute   ,          M)                   State Ores to Processed Metals and Materials Institute of Technology, N)       State Institute of Studies, Research, Management and Technologies of Future, O)   Interstate Coordination Centre for convergence of inputs from remaining States and divergence of outputs of state for mutual complementation and supplementation, to promote joint ventures, programs etc. etc. P)      Parliamentary Constituency Democracy Centre(s), Q)          State Democracy Centre(s), R)           Constituency/State  Farmers Centre(s) catering to every agricultural need of farmers of surrounding precincts ( for information ,consultations for improving production, income, sales/purchase, implements, spare time employment avenues, cottage  industries, processing of agro products, storage, agro business trade and industries especially food processing, literature, CDs, DVDs etc for the purpose  etc. sundry needs, to create Self–employment, Enterprise and group/individual Entrepreneurship     (that starts with  Polling Booth Locality and limited resources ,for individual,  Self Help Groups, Cooperatives etc. and builds from strength to strength) for the farmers , creating rural conditions  disfavouring migration to cities),  S)        Veterinary Centres for Live stock  etc. of Parliamentary Constituency /State T)                   Women Centres especially within walking distances  for  Polling Booth Locality Neighbourhood, Polling Booth Locality  Neighbourhood Cluster(s),Constituency  etc for all kinds of needs, problems, reliefs, assistance, advice, consultations, solutions, recreation, mutual help, for lobbying  and to fight social ills directed against women( Domestic  violence, debarring from education, misbehaviour in public, being a minority in joint family, being dark coloured (colour of skin etc etc) , for female security especially learning of the Martial arts etc etc, legal aid, counselling, spare time management especially for extra income….)  U)           Hobby Centre(s)  ( inclusive of Tiny Tots Centre)  within walking distance, preferably within the  Polling Booth Locality ,or group of Polling Booth Localitiess for recreation, earning, self development, sharpening skills, spare time earning etc. To cater especially for young people especially, under 14 and in teens, other ages no bar, to keep everyone gainfully busy,  V)          Music  Centre, especially instrumental, having  all instruments and , volunteer teaching and practical training, to coordinate with the Performing Arts Centre  of Constituency, W)           Citizen Centre( to cater to all kinds of needs of old age),for counselling ,informing, directing, cautioning ,assisting with  rare knowledge, sparse skills and inaccessible  Experience, Wisdom distilled by time, the People of the State, Constituency and Polling Booth Localities, X)          Careers, Employment Centre for young  people, especially 9 to 18 age group, Y)          Centre for  Career Games, Orientation,  for exploring career possibilities ,suitability for long term ,lifelong acceptance, for discovering developing Talents, Gifts, Potentials of Individuals, especially under eighteens. Age no bar, Z1)             Low Cost Housing for BELOW POVERTY LINE populations, Z2)           In big cities/metros  MultiStorey  Flats  to replace Slums, BELOW POVERTY LINE  People ,especially with Rs20  or less      per day  income People(nearly 40 crore), Z3  ) Tourist attractions  ….,Z4)       City/Village  Beautification Parks, Gardens, Lotus  Ponds,…..Z5),   Amusement Parks etc…..Z6 )   Library Network ,( reaching especially BPL Polling Booth Localities)     with   Book/Literature  sharing especially Magazines, Newspapers )  Z7)  Locality Product Display cum Marketing Centre(s)   Z8) Cooperatively run Youth Coaching Centres  for conventional courses, extracurricular knowledge, arts, crafts  etc Z9)  Entrepreneurship – Ideas Exchange – Facilitation Centres especially  for  Students  of  all ages,even for 4th grade  children……….1,2,3…………. 100) others required  by and  for  the  People .

National Services & Electioneering  Presentation    Document/ Representation National Services Document  ,7A:  Provide to the People, following documents of Introduction( to be updated ongoingly, maximally at successive 6 months intervals , for candidate and of renewal and updating  of earlier introduction  by   candidate  on   having  become the    MP:

a)     Personal Data:  Photographs: Full size standing  and Passport size.

b)    Full Name(without initials),Permanent Address, Postal Address and  Address of residence.

c)   Place belonging to , Place of  Birth, Date of Birth, Age on day of  filing application form for   Candidacy to Parliament .

d)  Education: Classes passed/failed, Degrees, certificates, Division/Grades, Institution(s) of Education, Dates, Durations  and Place(s)of education.  Areas of expertise, Knowledge, Informal Education, Knowledge , Skills and expertise(s); Languages that   Candidate /Member Parliament can read, write ,speak, Areas of  general readings, studies  and Knowledge.  Knowledge of  intended  Constituency/State in  particular  and  Nation  in general. Knowledge  of  Constitution  of  India, Indian  History, Geography,  Resources, Politics, National  Problems,  Five  Year Plans,  any Written work, Travels  etc.. Of what use this education shall be for the  Electorate?

e)   Professional  Experience and means of livelihood up to date, Pay/&salary/&Wages/&income(s) etc. Of what use this  professional experience shall be for the  Electorate?


f)    Financial Status, Belongings, Cash and Properties, Debts, liabilities,  monthly  income.  What are financial , material  ambitions? Any time table for these?

g)         Brief introduction to social backgrounds and brief autobiography( say, up to 10 pages) for up to 40 years of age and ,say,1page  for each consecutive year. Also a brief projected autobiography for rest of years   . State ambitions, wishes , yearnings, cravings…..plans…………..   for  remainder life. Retirement plans?

h)       Time Line of Services to People. Contributions to  People  of Constituency/State  in  particular  and  to Nation  in  general.

i)      Why Candidate Parliament /Member Parliament  feels ,he/she is fit to represent Parliamentary Constituency as Lok Sabha member or State(UT) as  Rajya  Sabha member? How does  he/she  propose   to  become  substitute  of  the  People of  Constituency(  on  the average,21 lakh People/Lok  Sabha  Seat)    or    substitute of People of   State(   on  the average  of  45.6  Lakh  People/  Rajya  Sabha  Seat).   What  exactly  he/she is certain and clear of, that he/she will do for  the  next 5 years of tenure in Lok Sabha and  for next 6 years  of tenure in Rajya Sabha, month by month , year by year? And how he/she shall be different than previous MPs? And how he/she will support his claims?  He/She is required to  give an undertaking to the People (deposit  a copy  with Election Commission  of India)    as a written and signed statement ,  to this effect?

j)           Provide to  the  People what   Candidate /Member Parliament   feels, all MPs  in his/her place, missed  since1952 ? What are the ,yet, pending tasks? What negativities , still remain  unattended? How will he/she  make good all these losses  stemming from the past and how  he/she   will  complete the unfinished Tasks? The Candidate/Member Parliament, need provide to the People, a clear cut Agenda  and Schedule, broadly wherein  all rest of Documents prepared by him /her should fit in .What  reforms, changes he/she will dare?

k)       Provide to the People, the list of ideals, principles, code of conduct   and  standards  of  Performance   and attendant Work Culture  that the  Candidate /Member Parliament is pledged to exemplify as  Individual , in  personal and public life ?

l)        Provide to the People,  the scenario of  Parliament Candidate’s/Member’s Parliamentary Constituency/State ,in particular, upon becoming a Welfare Parliamentary Constituency/ Welfare State in particular  and  Welfare Nation, in general   ( read Welfare State ,as  per  wordings  of  Directive Principles of  State Policy, the  Constitution of India) during his/her period of  Candidacy/ tenure in Parliament.  To  give  Time Table for realizing 100% of  this scenario , progressively incrementing ,say ,by 10%, from the scenario he/she finds  now.

m)          Let  the   People  know  what Returns to each person ,the  Candidate /Member Parliament shall give   back  for the  Ballot of each person,  that he/she will  come to  possess ( the  Ballot) as MP? How about those who did not vote for him/her? How about  those of rest of Parliamentary Constituencies and States(UTs, NCT) that cannot/could not vote for him/her?

n)         Let  the People  know  : No ( read Zero) Tolerance situations, events, ideas………, making miscellany as detailed as he may,  in context of  Parliamentary Constituency, State and Nation .

  o)      Let People  know how  much Interaction  they  should  expect in  terms  of total number of Interaction hours that   they  deserve  and actually ,factually practically     during period  of candidacy/ tenure as MP, giving  the distribution of Time for  52×5-4=256 weeks for Lok Sabha Candidate/Member,52×6-4=308  weeks for Rajya Sabha Candidate/Member, week by week, as per 5/6 years Calendar of activities ,concomitant schedules for  various time intervals  corresponding to Earning People’s Approval And Confidence – Validating The Ballot-Periodic Presentation/Representation Reports submitted to the People, in respect of:  Interactions with People of Constituency, State ,India and concomitant itinerary ;shouldering burdens of  Responsibilities and discharging Duties; and meeting  various requirements  for Lok Sabha Candidate ,Rajya Sabha Candidate   and Member of Parliament ( Part F, Part G and  Part H   ; refer , Chapters  VII , VIII, IX and X).

p)      What acts, activities, events, effects, transactions…. on his/her part,  would   the Candidate /Member Parliament deem   as  a   breach  of trust that  People  reposed in him/her? And to provide , a detailed list of such acts, activities, events, effects, transactions….. in descending order of importance.

q)      What  acts, activities, events, effects, transactions on his /her part, would the  Candidate /Member Parliament deem as  dishonouring the People of Parliamentary Constituency/State , in particular  and nation, in general? And to provide  , a   detailed   list of such acts, activities, events, effects, transactions……in descending order of importance.

r)   Provide Self prescribed *penalties for 1.Breach of Trust of People for each item of List submitted for National Services & Electioneering  Presentation    Document/ Representation National Services Document, 7p) 2. Similarly for  dishonouring  People  as per   7q).* Atonement, penitence  regimes, written  apology,    public apology  in  every Democracy Centre (refer Amendment X) ,  resignation from Lok  Sabha ,  resignation  from  Public  life,  self  prescribed  penalties for  acts of  corruption  ,disgrace, undignified,unbecoming  behaviour/demeanour/conduct/manners,      breach  of  public  trust, betrayal  of  people,  moral  transgression ,  varied  cases of  improper, illegal,  unbecoming , unacceptable ,  poor  morals ……..conduct ,demeanour,  transaction ,  ethics ,work  culture,  excesses,  abuse, misuse of  Power, Trust, Expectations; a  disregard  of  oath of  office  of member  of  Parliament, Minister…….,  etc . for Self( MP  in  question)  as  also  what need  have  been  the  penalties  and  the  kind    for  actual  factual   such  trespasses as  known  through  media ,  courts ,complaints   for MPs( others)  since  1952. 

**7B.  i)    Expected  Consolidated 5 year 11 monthly List  of  Accomplishments  as Rajya Sabha  Candidate. Expected  Consolidated  4 year 11monthly  List of Accomplishments  as Lok Sabha Candidate.            ii)      *Calendar of Agenda(minimally month by month) for coming period of Candidacy of 5 years and 11 months  as Rajya Sabha candidate. Calendar of Agenda(minimally month by month) for coming period of  4 years and 11 months as Lok  Sabha candidate.

 **7C.     i) Expected  Consolidated 5year 11monthly List  of  Accomplishments  as Rajya Sabha Member  .Expected  Consolidated  4 year 11monthly  List of Accomplishments  as Lok Sabha  Member.

            ii) Calendar of Agenda(minimally month by month) for coming tenure of 5years and 11/12 months as  member Rajya Sabha Member . Calendar of Agenda(minimally month by month) for coming tenure  of  4 years and 11/12 months as Lok  Sabha Member  .

  **7D.        Future   detailed Agenda (minimally month by month for 5/6 years tenure) for Parliamentary  proceedings for his/her forthcoming tenure as MP in Lok Sabha/Rajya Sabha 

The *Calendars   are   to     outline  projected activities ,events,………… etc. clearly delineated and planned  for their future timings, dates  and venues. To be updated each month for  reality fitting and accuracy.

**To be updated    every month for  reality fitting  as time  elapses. At the  end of  candidacy Period ,at   end  of  tenure the candidates ,MPs are  required to render Complete List   of Accomplishments  achieved by them as also what  turned out  to  be  real actual factual Calendar.

The Calendars   are   to     outline  projected activities events clearly delineated and planned. To be updated each month for  reality fitting and accuracy  as  the  candidacy  and  membership  tenure  progresses  in      time   to accommodate reality  fitting,  especially  in  unusual ,  turbulent  times.

[[[MAY DELETE following quotes,  if they  irk  those  used to   legal  jargon for  Bill.  Quotes herein reinforce  the  text for  readability ‘Each citizen is oath bound( vachan badh,/pledged in English  version) to make  nation Great, a Nation  of  great Civilization-Mrs Pratibha Patil, President of India 25 Jan 2009 7.20PM ,on  eve of  Republic  Day message  DD INDIA, Hindi version]]]

[[[ MAY  DELETE: Hard work grit determination  are brick mortar of Nation Building....MKGandhi;  Exact verbatim to be found in  English text spoken of President’s address to Nation  for  Republic Day January 26,2009.PREFERABLY   DO  NOT  DELETE]]]

What, then  is the  message  for  representative of  21 lakh People/   Lok  Sabha  seat  and 45.6lakh  people /Rajya  Sabha seat?

Leadership foresights of  Candidate /Member Parliament into Future, submitted to People  :

Nation Building  Action Plans(for Future) (((   5Years,10 Years, specially  designed for Year 2020,15 years,20 Years,25 Years,50 Years and 75 years (for above-average-candidates, 100 Years or more) ))) and Concomitant Work Schedules of implementation, to  take off  maximally in first  Quarter/4months  of Candidacy/tenure as MP, or as early as possible, are required to be submitted ,as preliminary drafts ,latest,  within  3 months (=90 days)of  the  Oath taking by Lok Sabha members , for  the  Lok Sabha candidates;  and likewise Oath taking by latest batch of Rajya Sabha members (from the State), for Rajya Sabha candidates ( desirous of representing  that State). The  revised version,  partaking the realities of  Constituency/State ,in particular and Nation ,in general, is to submitted within 1 year of the Oath  taking date of Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha  . The Nation Building Action Plans  for Future, are advised to  take advantage of  experiences from similar endeavours  in the Constituency/State  and elsewhere in the Past , to get assured of the  best results. These Plans need be detailed complete with all    facts  and  figures ,as also, provide all requirements  of manpower, expenses , details, public inputs   and  miscellaneous  requirements . Expertise can be drawn from volunteer  citizens  for  formulating these Plans.

What need be  the  material/contents of  of the Nation Building Action Plans( for Future) for minimally up to 75 years (better – ,a millennium as the UNO envisages.) ?

Goals  and  contents  of Nation Building Action Plans   and concomitant  Work  Schedules need build eventually an  enduring Civilization ,short–term, that is ,immediately for coming 25 years—–  and long term, hopping towards Century  and beyond——– as  far those  who  will penetrate into  future ( take  cue  from  UNO  who  has Millennium  goals),     taking lessons from the failures, follies, weaknesses,  threats, of the past bygone Civilization of Nation(as also  of  other  bygone  Civilisations,   now lost into  the dusts  of  time,  for reasons  of   their foolish  leaders,  and  misdirected populations). Both on the fronts of  materials-hardware and Human-outputs in the   (((for example , materials-hardware: Structures ,Buildings ,Roads ,machines ,tools, Material outputs of Earth)))—((( for example, Human  outputs In the  :Work Culture , Human behaviour, morality, ethics, ethos ,standards of Civilization, Standards of local Civil Society  Conduct and Performance , Standards of  Living , Standards  of Governance   etc, ;  Growth: mental and spiritual of Individual and Collectivity  :   growth of prescribed  desirables by Indian Constitution : Justice , Equality, Liberty and Fraternity , besides  yet finer and more progressive attributes of  Harmony , Order , Joyous pursuit  of Life etc.etc.   ))) , To  root out  Vulnerabilities ,Weaknesses of Society ;  and Individual Behaviour   . These  Nation Building  Action Plans , must not miss  likewise aspects besides enduring positivities,  of not only Indian Civilization ,but also of   the  past Civilizations elsewhere in world, culling out the very best of Experience  and Knowledge, for inputting into their present Nation Building Action Plans. The Nation Building Action Plans need assiduously  concentrate on the  Human   contents  and outputs . They need build the Nation on strong foundations of Human Values , Codes of Civil Society, of the Individual  as the elemental   basic unit.  The Individual: as a fulfilled , secure and contented Individual , an   Individual possessed of robust Productivity and Self    controllability  . The Candidate/Member  is to draw relevant lessons and inputs  from the past  History epochs, especially for the Nation Building Action Plans ,ahead of 25 years and a  Century,  spanning onto  Millennium…..  .

The  Candidate /Member Parliament need compute the requirements for his/her Parliamentary Constituency using Polling Booth Locality ,as the elemental  unit for computations, and for  his/her State,  using Territorial  Constituency as the  submodular base unit for his/her computations. From these computations and taking  advantage of data from various agencies ,bodies, sources governmental and otherwise   (for example, Census of India ,Planning Commission of India and Planning Commissions of the States, UNO and other international bodies, Ministry of Statistics and Program implementation, data of the Past years,  Media,  Libraries …….etc. etc. ….,  never  forgetting  the  primordial  source:   ‘We  the  People’) ,to compute requirements of the Parliamentary Constituency ( as Lok Sabha Candidate/Member ) and of the State ( as Rajya Sabha  Candidate/Member   and thence, as per his/her projections , of the whole country for the next 80 years—counted from day one of  Candidacy and of tenure  in Parliament). The  requirements need  be Individual-centric and Family centric, and from such elemental base  integrated over to enlarging  Collectivities………,that is , Family Neighbourhood  and elemental Polling Booth Locality—side by side adding    features that sustain  enlarging family’s compounded needs, internally and externally, in yet larger containing  Collectivities,  each   of  the  subsequent  ones . Which ,presently ,successively are: Territorial Constituency( State Legislative Assembly Constituency), Parliamentary Constituency ,State(UT,NCT),Nation ,Nation vis-à-vis    Global forces.

The requirements computed above, are  required to fulfil the objectives of realizing the Welfare State as per Constitution of India. The Candidate /Member Parliament  need get started with Bottom of Poverty   ( read  stark destitution ) onto the Poverty Line ,and then move  upwards  to cross over  to the poverty line of  10 best Developed  countries of Globe ,after having taken  the present Below Poverty Line  population above ‘Poverty Line’( Indian definition, not that of top 10 developed nations) .   He/she  is   to  determine  requirements for obtaining sheer survival standards of Living, to move onto  better standards , for example, Minimum acceptable  standard of Living ,  Adequate standard of Living, Decent Standard of Living, Standards of Living, incrementing amongst, say, top 20 developed countries of  World , in next 5 years , attacking Poverty   on War  footing( that is ,declare War on Poverty, with those possessing multistar standards of living, to pitch in their  inputs  as grand  warriors) .Besides , above bare initial requirement for Living, also to compute and  describe the  rest of requirements  for collectivities of incrementing magnitudes, starting with Family, Family Neighbourhood  onto  Nation and Nation vis-à-vis Globe,  in light of Responsibilities and Duties of Candidate / Member Parliament ( Amendment V of  present Bill).
Besides arranging mundane obvious needs of Nation ,from bare survival, to those on par with Standards of living of best 10 Developed Nations, the Nation Building Action  Plans  are to work towards complete Self Reliance( read complete Independence).

Long term plans need keep in the fore,  such goals  as  building enduring massive  Public Works, to meet challenges of Ecological projections, to anticipate and steer  generational changes, and strive  for  civilizational  goals ,of securing  a safe stable and successful  future ,in considerations of bygone  epochs of tumultuous   History of Nation, and in present  era of Nation vis-à-vis    the Global  forces  and  associated    fall outs.

25 Yearly Master Plans   need  be individually  created for the following specific well defined individual  targets ,one by one , and consolidated componentwise into   the   corresponding   Final 25 Yearly  Nation  Building Action  Plan and concomitant  Work  Schedules for :    1)               Housing needs of 115 crore Indians(2009) incrementing  by 1.75 crore/year,  emphasizing  preservation of Agricultural Land for future Food Security,2)                   Environment preservation  against Pollution, Climatic degradations,  Disasters manmade and natural ,3)           Population Control, 4)               Economy growth and stabilization  against international and    internal  disturbances, fiscal irregularities, fiscal indiscipline , fiscal  indiscretions  and  upheavals,5)                      Conservation of mineral and rest of natural and other Wealth. To stop depletion of resources. To stop exports of ores,  for use of  children of today. 6)          to herald Green revolution, 7)                 White  ( read Milk) revolution,8)     100% Literacy for BPL, Rural ,deprived, inadequately provided populations,  9)        complete independence of Science  and Technology, no imports, no brain drains, heralding a Science and Technological( Know-how-why and Products) Self-reliance and complete Self Sufficiency, 10)        Developing Individual to his/her fullest and highest Potential, to unleash Creativity and Divinity,11)             To develop minimal 8hr/day ((( with  opportunity  for over 10  hours /day or  as  many more hours  as  anyone  cares  to  be  gainfully  employed ))) 8hour-more/day employment/livelihood , commensurate  to/lined to,  best standard  of Living, increasing Indian per capita income of    $3700    (2008,  actually ,factually ,practically $1.25/day  for 52%  People  being  equivalent  to  about  456$pci  for over 59.2 cr ,   and  as  per Rs 20/day  for 865milli0ns ( Arjun Sengupta Commission Report) a pci of $146  what is  the truth?) to  above$30,000  (India114crore,per capita income( pci)  37,00$ (???)        vis-à-vis   that  of   Belgium*103Lakh,pci-31800$,Austria *82Lakh,pci35000$, Denmark-*54.7lakh pci-3700o$, Finland *52.3 lakh,32800$,        Iceland *3lakh,pci381000$, Israel *64.2lakh,pci 26,2000$ ,Norway     *46 Lakh,46,300$, Sweden,*90lakh,32,200$, Switzerland *75.5lakh,34000$,). Similarly for      12)          rooting out Corruption in  Government ,private Sector and Society, 13) ………….20) Eliminating  negativities ,…21)…….. to reinforce positivities.  The Master Plans  need   involve all citizens, all levels of Legislation  down  to the Panchayats ,  and corresponding  levels of Governance   down to its executing  officials at  grass roots  , by drawing   written    final   inputs. The inputs need start  from Family Neighbourhoods step by  step upwards to Territorial Constituencies through the Parliamentary Constituencies  to involve Lok  Sabha and its members onto States via their  Legislature(s) and  Governance  onto  Rajya Sabha .*Population, as per Manorama year Book 2008.

 In discharging  its  primal  function  of  being the House of Perpetuity,  and being  the permanent driver of  Parliamentary  Engine, steering   the  Nation    towards  Democratic  Ideals,  the Rajya Sabha  need  to  have  an action packed   Agenda  devoting  minimum  20 % of  its  time ,to business of  Future: imminent (upto 1 year),  short term ( upto 5 years ) , medium  term(5 to  25) long term ( 25 years to 75 years minimally) .  


PERIODIC REVIEW AND UPDATING OF HIS/HER       Leadership Accountability- Transparency National Services and  Electioneering  Documents EVERY 6 MONTHS:     The National Services  and  Electioneering Presentation Documents( by the Lok Sabha candidate and Rajya Sabha candidate) ,the Representation National  Services   Documents   ( by the Lok Sabha member and Rajya Sabha member) ,Nation Building Action Plans and concomitant Work Schedules (by both candidate and member of either House), need be revised,reviewed brought continuously update, In light  of  unearthing of new data and   further  insights gained into the  ground realities,  with   each new  week,  with   expanding  and  deepening  ongoing interactions of Candidate/Member of the Constituency/State, in particular and Nation ,in general  .    Purpose of ongoing updating,   for  every  6 months  is    to eventually arrive at ready to  take off; step by step, complete to the last detail ,fail-safe and fool–proof; systematic, practical and meticulous solutions  and  their final Nation Building Action: Work  Schedules .The Candidate/Member must FEEL    PEOPLE’S   PAIN, report net account of money status, debits and credits, past ,active , in pipeline  of all related  Governmental transactions, active or passive, minimally by end of successive 6 months reported in the 6 monthly EPCAA-VTB-6 Monthly PRESENTATION/REPRESENTATION REPORTS   etc. (  of Leadership Accountability-Transparency National  Services & Electioneering  Documents ) submitted to the  People, and thus evolved into perfect practically implementable  Documents, both during Candidacy and Membership of Parliament. This is with a view to evolve Documents well matched to the  ground  realities  for , Polling Booth Locality to  Polling Booth Locality, for each  Parliamentary Constituency, and Territorial Constituency to Territorial Constituency, matched for  each  State( UT), ventures, projects ,programs , transactions, activities and events  , at start and end of  his/her  tenure.

These  Nation Building Action Plans   are to  be   continuously improvised to fit  in  the  realities on ground  for their   smooth  take off  .  The action taken in this regard has  to be included in  the   6-monthly Earning People’s Approval And Confidence-Validating The Ballot-Periodic(6monthly) Presentation(for candidates)  / Representation( for members of Parliament ) Reports, being concurrently  submitted to the People.  These   need  to provide  a detailed account of inputs  provided by the Candidate to the People  and  the Governance of the Constituency/State, in particular  and  of the  Nation in general, and  outputs  elicited by him/her, in each Polling Booth Locality (for Lok Sabha candidate/member) of Parliamentary Constituency; and each Territorial Constituency of the State( for the Rajya Sabha candidate/member),  in particular :and those of remainder of the Nation, in general. The last submission of Nation  Building  Action Plans and concomitant Work Schedules  for Lok Sabha candidate and member, will be after 5 months(instead of 6 months) , for the purpose  of leaving 1 month free, before the respective  Elections  to the Lok Sabha and  the  Rajya Sabha,  for the  People to deliberate over all the submitted outputs ,that is *Presentation National Services Documents by the Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha candidate, and **Representation National  Services and Electioneering Documents by the Lok Sabha member and Rajya Sabha member, Nation  Building Action Plans and concomitant Work Schedules  and Earning People’s Approval And Confidence-Validating The Ballot- Periodic *Presentation( by Candidates)/**Representation(  by MPs) Reports submitted to the People, the reports of Bharat Darshan (read Nationwide Interactions with  all of  “We the People”),State Darshan and Constituency Darshan , and other Reports occasioned during period of Candidacy and tenure in the  Parliament.

*Presentation Reports, Documents… are meant to be submitted by the candidate to equip himself/herself with the pre-requisites of Representation of People as MP.

**Representation Reports, Leadership  Transparency-Accountancy National  Services and  Electioneering Documents are meant to be submitted by the MP. In the event, which is quite likely, that the MP intends to  become MP next ,time, he/she is required to be candidate  for forthcoming Elections ,just like any other candidates . Thence ,he/she is required to submit National  Services  and Electioneering  Presentation Documents  for the next tenure. However, the EPAAC-VTB-PP/R Reports submitted as MP will be treated as  the Reports of Candidate as well. The MP , need remember that whatever he/she submits to the People, is also his/her Electioneering inputs to the voter ,to convince him/her( Voter) of  his/her fitness as MP ,next time. Also as a Candidate, the MP shall submit fresh(extended  further by another 5 years minimally) or reviewed and revised updated versions of his/her earlier National Building Action Plans and concomitant Work Schedules submitted previously as Candidate . He/she will be exempted from the  Interaction requirements, during the periods of Parliamentary Sessions and  those consumed in performing  duties assigned to him/her as MP by the Speaker/ Chairman Rajya Sabha and the Prime Minister. Rest of time, the MP need ,additionally work as candidate in the Field , that is , the Constituency/State ,in particular, and the Nation ,in general as per His/her Master Itinerary for 5 years  as (Lok Sabha  Candidate)/6 years ( as Rajya Sabha Candidate) .


Nation Building Action Plans(NBAPs) & concomitant Work Schedules for  incremental multiples of 5 years: All these are required to be ongoingly reviewed, revised and updated and  to be submitted to People  6 monthly.

NBAP+100:  100(or more) Yearly, Nation Building Action Plans(Optional) & concomitant Work Schedules for Constituency(Lok Sabha)/State( Rajya  Sabha), in particular and Nation, in general  (inclusive of ongoing Performance & Plan Reports for current five years(Lok Sabha)/six(for  Rajya  Sabha) years.          1 from LS( Lok Sabha) member/candidate,  1 from  RS(Rajya Sabha) member/ candidate. To be reviewed , revised   and    updated  every  6  months.

NBAP+75: Over-75 Yearly(Optional, but desired)   (100 yearly, successively at intervals  of ,say,25 years, onto   millennium, keeping in mind International  millennium  Goals, as well)   Nation Building Action Plans & concomitant Work Schedules for Constituency(Lok Sabha)/State( Rajya  Sabha), to be initiated in present 5 years and next 5 year modules, coinciding with National 5-year Plans, in particular and Nation ,in general  (inclusive of ongoing Performance & Plan Reports, for current five years(Lok Sabha)/six(for  Rajya  Sabha )years.          1 from Lok Sabha( Lok Sabha) member/candidate,  1 from   Rajya  Sabha(Rajya Sabha) member/ candidate. To be reviewed, revised    and    updated  every  6  months.

NBAP75:  75 Yearly, *****Nation Building Action Plans & concomitant Work Schedules for Constituency(Lok Sabha)/State( Rajya  Sabha), in particular and Nation ,in general  (inclusive of ongoing Performance & Plan Reports, for current five years(Lok Sabha)/six(   Rajya  Sabha )years.          1 from LS( Lok Sabha) member/candidate,  1 from   Rajya  Sabha(Rajya Sabha) member/ candidate.).To be reviewed, revised    and    updated  every  6  months

NBAP50:  50 Yearly, Nation Building  Action Plans & concomitant Work Schedules for Constituency(Lok Sabha)/State( Rajya  Sabha), in particular and Nation ,in general (inclusive of ongoing Performance & Plan Reports for current five years (Lok Sabha)/six  (for  Rajya  Sabha) years.          1 from Lok Sabha( Lok Sabha) member/candidate,  1 from RS(Rajya Sabha) member/ candidate.).To be reviewed, revised    and    updated  every  6  months.

NBAP25:  25 Yearly, Nation Building Action Plans & concomitant Work Schedules for Constituency(Lok Sabha)/ State( Rajya  Sabha), in particular and Nation ,in general  (inclusive of ongoing Performance & Plan Reports for current five years (Lok Sabha)/six( for  Rajya  Sabha) years.          1 from Lok Sabha( Lok Sabha) member/candidate,  1 from  RS(Rajya Sabha) member/ candidate.).To be reviewed, revised    and    updated  every  6  months.

NBAP COMMIN2525 Yearly Common Minimum Nation Building ActionPlan & concomitant Work Schedule  with  its  component  25 Yearly Master Plans   to be consensus Program  initiated by Rajya Sabha and unanimously  seconded by the new oath-taking  Lok Sabha every 5 years———1 from LS( Lok Sabha) member/candidate,  1 from  RS (Rajya Sabha) member/ candidate.).To be reviewed, revised    and    updated  every  6  months.

NBAP20:  20 Years Nation Building Action  Plans (component of 25 yearly Plans) & concomitant Work Schedules for Constituency(Lok Sabha)/State( Rajya  Sabha), in particular and Nation, in general(inclusive of ongoing Performance & Plan Reports for current fiveyears(Lok Sabha)/six( Rajya  Sabha) years……1 from  Lok Sabha member/candidate,……..1 from  Rajya  Sabha member/candidate.).To be reviewed    and    updated  every  6  months.

NBAP15:  15 Years Nation Building Action Plans ( component of 25 yearly Plans) & concomitant Work Schedules  for Constituency(Lok Sabha)/ State( Rajya  Sabha), in particular and Nation ,in general(inclusive of ongoing Performance & Plan Reports for current five years(Lok Sabha)/six( Rajya  Sabha) years….1  from  Lok Sabha member/candidate…..1 from   Rajya  Sabha member/candidate.).To be reviewed, revised    and    updated  every  6  months.

NBAP2020For Year 2020, Nation Building  Action Plans & Concomitant Work Schedules to render India  a Developed country by 2020 ( among top ……10?,5?,3?……. top developed Nations—  choice  of Candidate/Member  Parliament—–whatever he/she  feels  is  feasible) for Constituency(Lok Sabha)/State( Rajya  Sabha), in particular and  Nation , in general (inclusive of ongoing Performance & Plan Reports for current five(Lok Sabha)years/six( Rajya  Sabha) years….1  from  Lok Sabha  member/candidate…..1 from   Rajya  Sabha member/candidate.).  To be reviewed, revised    and    updated  every  6  months.                                                                                                                                                  

NBAP10;  10 Yearly, Nation Building Action Plans( component of 25 yearly Plans) & concomitant Work Schedules for Constituency/ State, in particular and Nation ,in general (inclusive of ongoing Performance & Plan Reports for current five(Lok Sabha)years/six( Rajya  Sabha) years ………1 from Lok Sabha member/candidate,1 from  Rajya  Sabha member/candidate.).To be reviewed, revised    and    updated  every  6  months.

NBAP5:  5 Yearly Nation Building Action Plan  and Concomitant work Schedules for the current Lok Sabha based Government in genera and  for Constituency/State in particular. 1  from  Lok Sabha member/candidate…..1 from   Rajya  Sabha member/candidate.).To be reviewed ,revised   and    updated  every  6  months.

NBAPCOMMIN55  Yearly Common Minimum Nation Building Action Plan and Concomitant Work Schedule for Nation in general and  Constituency/State in particular.1  from  Lok Sabha  member/candidate…..1 from   Rajya  Sabha member/candidate  as per  consensus of all members  in  Lok Sabha and  of all members in Rajya Sabha. The candidates of each Constituency( for Lok Sabha) and of each State( for Rajya Sabha) shall come to consensus Common Minimum programs separately for their Constituency and State respectively, so that  common factor  human  needs of Voters do not suffer, whosoever be in power, and  of whatsoever political affiliation  he/she  may be . The Rajya Sabha members are required to play leading role in formulating the Common Minimum Action Plan and Concomitant Work Schedule, and endeavour it to be part of the bigger picture of 25 yearly Common Minimum Action Plan crafted  by Rajya  Sabha members in the leading role , backed by consecutive 5 yearly batches of the Lok Sabha. Common Minimum Action Plan Action Taken Report to be submitted to the People  every  6  months   separately, along with the Earning People’s Approval And Confidence( EPAAC)- (VTB)Validating The Ballot- Periodic 6 Monthly Presentation/ Representation Reports(Periodic6monthlyP/RR)  focussing on outputs of Common Minimum Program.

 ***** Nation Building Action Plan SAMPLE AgendaFor example: Holding of Olympic Games in INDIA, Placing of INDIA in UN   SECURITY COUNCIL  with equal and full Powers. Making GDP of INDIA on par with top 3 Nations say 10 Trillion Dollars within say 10,20 ? years , Making  per capita Income of any Indian equal to that of top developed country say  40.000$ pa  or  more, say by 2025,35( regardless of how much more their[[[ developed Country’s) pci shall become]]]? Making  average(equivalent  of  per  capita income  as  per capita  years of  education) 12  years of  education  with  bottom  of  8 years  of  education  or   Xy Year, Making India Corruption free by 2025, River Linking project completed by Year 2015, 20  ,xy, Eradication of caste ,religious bias by 2008+18 year,20ab year, Improving genetics of Agricultural and Livestock for better productivity, behavioural evolution for Civil Societyaugmenting Standards of Civilization, Optimization of National Wealth, for example, distribution of  total Land of Nation for Agriculture, Forests, Habitation (Urban and Rural)…….. , Conservation of Natural Wealth of India, for example , resources of minerals, Zoological, Botanical……   , Multiplying   Individual’s Assets ,Wealth , Multiplying Per capita Facilities, Zero Unemployment,100% Literacy,100% time  of every citizen engaged in accomplishing  objectives of Constitution of India- Nation Building , 0% Litigation, Zero  Poverty,  Zero Debts, ………

Scrutiny of National  Services  and Electioneering  Presentation Documents   and Nation Building Action Plans for Future, for   the acceptance of  candidature for Lok Sabha/Rajya Sabha:  The acceptance of candidature , as also its sustenance , till  the elections for  Lok  Sabha and Rajya Sabha, is incumbent  upon submission of deftly prepared  solutions  provided  for    National  Services  and Electioneering  Presentation Documents  ,submitted within 60 days of Oath taking  by Lok Sabha and  Rajya Sabha  members ,as also  of  their 6 monthly  revision, with the experiential inputs  and outputs,  resulting from  ongoing interactions by the Candidate in the Constituency/State, in order to make them  (National  Services  and Electioneering  Presentation Documents  and Nation Building Action Plans for Future ) fit into the ground realities of the  Constituency/State ,in particular and  Nation, in general. The final shape of these step-by- step solutions to the problems and challenges of Constituency/State in particular and of  the Nation ,in general, are  to be eventually matured into  the 4 years and 11 monthly Report by  Lok  Sabha Candidate / 5year 11monthly  Report   by  Rajya  Sabha Candidate  (   1month  earlier  than  complete  5 years  and  6 years  respectively ,in order to   provide   1  month for  People  to  study  overall  Leadership Accountability-Transparency National  Services & Electioneering  Documents  submitted  periodical interval reports [[[ daily(optional), weekly,  biweekly,  monthly,  quarterly ,  6-monthly,  1yearly  , consolidated------2 yearly,3 yearly,  4yearly, 4 year 11 monthly, 5yearly  and  5 year  11 monthly  and  cumulatively  improved  refined and  substantiated  every  6  months , the  National Services & Electioneering  Presentation    Document , besides  others—see details of  requirements accompanying non-session  and session periods , quarterly, six monthly, yearly…]]], should be integrative and covering wider range of issues ,policies, objectives , Programs ,Parliamentary activities, Developmental  activities, monitoring and control of Governmental activities, projects of various descriptions ( For  example, private, public, private-public, Governmental:(central-state-local combinations) for building the Constituency, in a comprehensive and integrative manner, to obtain the   objectives of Constitution .

——————————————————chapter  VII A  ends——————————————————————————————————————————————————————————-

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