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April 23, 2009

POST 9:Getting Ready for Parliament , To meet expectations of People.

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Chapter VII ,  Part FGH ,   Amendment VI        COMMON


for Candidates  of

Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha and Member of Parliament.  

COMMON REQUIREMENTS  for Candidates  of Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha and Member of Parliament        chapters: VIII , IX  &   X.   of present Act2009  are collectively   inserted as   chapter IA    of PART II A  titled  PERFORMANCE  REQUIREMENTS  page 57,The Representation of  the  People Act ,1951. Chapter  VII A   to  replace  existing  terms of  filing  for  candidacy  and  sustaining  candidacy   belonging  to    Amendment VI      is  inserted as  Chapter I A  of  Part  V  Conduct  of  Election p58.

  Chapter VIII     Part F :          Amendment VII     REPRESENTATIONAL  REQUIREMENTS FOR CANDIDACY OF LOK  SABHA     is inserted  as   Chapter I B of PART II A  titled  PERFORMANCE  REQUIREMENTS  page 58,The Representation of  the  People Act ,1951.

 Chapter  IX     Part G :            Amendment VIII   REPRESENTATIONAL  REQUIREMENTS FOR CANDIDACY OF RAJYA  SABHA    is inserted as  of Chapter I C  of PART II A titled  PERFORMANCE REQUIREMENTS-page 58,The Representation of  the  People Act ,1951.    

CHAPTER X   PART H          Amendment IX : REPRESENTATIONAL   REQUIREMENTS  FOR   MEMBER   OF    PARLIAMENT   ( Lok Sabha, Rajya Sabha) is inserted as Section 3AB   Chapter I AB    PART II AB on  PERFORMANCE REQUIREMENTS(MP) -page 57, The Representation of   The People Act,1951.







  .*    ‘Attending’ here  stands  for  understanding People’s problems   and aspirations  in  consonance  to  objectives  of Constitution  of  India,  to  provide  them  commensurate output


Vote, Ballot,  Adult Franchise  expressed as paper  vote, as  electronic vote is Power Unit,  Wealth Unit, Governance  Unit  of  71.4 crore  total  voters plus 43.6crore  under18 Indians ,   added  together  become   equal  to  Total Possessions, that is , moveable ,immoveable   possessions of  India,  theoretically, actually, factually, practically—everywise.  Democracy  by  definition,  is  government  of 115  crore   People  ,  by  115 crore People   for  115  crore people(  each  individually  and  as  part  of group,  and as groups  of  enlarging  denominations)  .

In nutshell,  First to be a  ‘Presentative’ before People ,then, by natural succession, to become a Representative    before  the  Parliament.

[Being ‘Presentative’ , shall prevent present-time blind and deaf MP, having neither seen the actual factual real electorate and nor  having  ever heard, the   day to day troubled  electorate.---MAY BE DELETED IN TEXT OF ACT]


Essential  requirements: to serve People, to fulfill  aspirations  of  the 

Constitution of  India:

The  candidate /member Parliament  is  required  to inculcate  and   demonstrate  following  attributes  in his/her  period  of  candidacy  and  subsequent tenure as Member Parliament:

Leadership, Accessibility,  Bilaterality, Participatability, Team-making 

Partnership, Organisability,  Leadership,  Connectability,  Answerability-

Transparency, Interactability, Continuously Interactive

Representability ,Honesty, Truthfulness, Discipline,

Competence ,Mertoriousness,  Accountability, Rapportability, 

Entrustability,  Creditability, Generatability  , Performability,

Deliverability   in  shouldering   his/her     Responsibility and   

discharging      his/her  Duties  towards People   of  Nation  as  a  whole.


Leadership : Being  the Leader/Nayak of

millions                                                   ( Jan Gan Man Adhinayak),  the

Candidate /Member Parliament is 

required  to  portray  all qualities,  capabilities  and  capacities for shouldering  Responsibilities   and   discharging  all   Duties towards Voters and Non-voter Citizens . Leadership generating  Productivity,  Properiety,   Peace,  Prosperity, Purity,  Perseverance, Power ……….all continuously taken  forward   to  Perfection.

Organisability ;   is    essential to  systematically   coordinate, unify and 

integrate    People’s  energies , knowledge, capabilities  ,

Polling Booth Locality by Polling Booth Locality(For Look Sabah Candidate/Member)/ Territorial Constituency by Territorial Constituency for Rajya Sabah Candidat/Member)   for realizing  Objectives  of Constitution   of  India.


Discipline, is  foremost  pre-requisite for    Nation  Building  possessed of 

enduring  quality  attributes.

It  is  the core instrumentation  for  an   evolved  leadership    capable of  effecting  Synchrony Order, Excellence and  robust  Stability  for Democracy.


Continuously Interactive Representability , to be  continuously interacting

with  constituents, 

day  in and  day   out,( 411 free Telephone   calls permitted to MP   each day  of   year——     much  interaction ,minimally ),21lakh constituents  per Constituency,45.6lakh constituents per State( UT,NCT)  in particular and 115 crore in general.


to  provide  to People   the  timings and  venue(s),  Telephonic  and  other modes  of  communications  for  nonstop  accessibility  to permit   full time representative of the People  .

Bilaterality, to have  direct  ongoing interactive in-person-contact of

Candidate/Member Parliament with  the  People ,

 without  bringing  in   intermediaries  /  in-between People  ,  to  provide direct   face – to – face  interaction personally  with   People , ‘in situ’  interaction   and  not  remote ,  as on – the – dais   unilateral spectacle  of  present time  Candidate/Member Parliament MP( operating through  agents, messengers, affliated ,hired people). To conduct  interactive  exchange   representational  transactions with long term objectives that  span  10 years before  onto 10 years after present/oncoming tenure in Parliament ( that is , partaking minimal 10 years of past  democratic transactions affecting lives of citizens and planning those  for  next 10 years after termination of present/oncoming/ongoing Parliamentary tenure, so as to obtain  minimal  consideration of 25 year’s  Democratic transactions).


Participatability, to  invoke  joint   participatory  activity   of People with

Candidate/Member Parliament,  in all  democratic

***processes ,interactions  and  Nation Building activities

 in each Polling Booth Locality of  Parliamentary Constituency  (as Lok

Sabha member),   and each Territorial Constituency  of each  State( UT,

NCT). ***Processes  connote Representational activities amongst and with

People,  outside Parliament  (((Constituency/State in particular  and 

Nation  in general)))  and  inside Parliament and its  expressed

Governance to materialize the objecrives of Constitution of  India.


Team-making  Partnership,    to   put  in  place,  teams  of  citizens

(((Volunteers))) for

each Family  Neighbouhood, and  bigger ones  for  composing  Polling Booth  Locality and yet ongoingly  enlarging  Collectivities,  to  produce Fruits  of  United cultivation  of  Resources,  peculiar to the precincts. With   Candidate/ Member  Parliament   showing  the  way  and   victory. To  be team leader of People for Productivity of Constituency/State.

Connectability , to  generate  connectivity             

 {{{{   by itinerary tracing through  each Polling Booth Locality( of Parliamentary constituency), Territorial Constituency(of  ((State,UT,NCT))), permanent office  for interaction, interactive web site, phone with answering machine)}}}} all spheres of  activity in Constituency, State and Nation,   as  per   Leadership Accountability-Transparency National  Services and  Electioneering Documents( Refer Chapter  VII ) prepared  by  him/her  in service to the People.


the period  of  Candidacy is  especially  to  be  utilized  for  developing  all the  needfuls  to possess the  requisite Competence   which is to    endow  him/her with  all  the  knowledge, experience, insights,   capabilities, judgment required to  adroitly executing   Parliamentary  transactions  especially  the Ministerial  Duties in different Ministries   selected  to   make  contributions to the Nation   from his/her   Seat in  Lok Sabha/Rajya  Sabha . Competence measured in  %age is  to  be   taken  as   % age  materialization of the GDP,% per capita income of each Indian, especially, BPL and  the deprived , % Human Development Index the best   value prevailing  in Globe for   the  current decade as   most  urgently attended parameters. And similarly  rest of the  vital parameters: of Peace, of Order, of  Fraternity, of  Justice( meaning rate of litigation  generation per month per Constituency/State( UT,NCT, ,  of Enlightenment measured  by the best of Conduct , Civility, Character, Human Values  prevailing in the Nation in best of times, present and of Past, especially  quintessential values  of Indian Civilisation. 


 the candidate /member Parliament  need  be deserving of the  Office  of  Member  of  Parliament  , being  the    top  bracket    Statecraft  job. The job of  office of Member of Parliament  is fulltime job, connoting  the  24 hr vigil ,24hr dynamism of Ashok Chakra [[centred in White  stripe of  the Tricolour]],  effecting lives of 115 crore Indians,  making their lives  worthwhile, or plain  misery , depending purely on worthiness of Candidate  upon  becoming Member Parliament. The magnitude ,quality and extent of MP’s worthiness    is to be measured by  capability of  Candidate /Member Parliament, to shoulder  burdens of Responsibilities,  as   discharged through  his/her    corresponding  Duties ((( of Candidate/MP))) aimed at  fulfilling his/her constitutional obligation  of     accomplishing  objectives of the Constitution of India,  in the spirit of Freedom Struggle , to  put  in place  a Welfare State , consistent  with  the aspirations of  the Freedom Struggle and Heritage-Ethos  of Indian Civilization. 


 the Candidate /MP need provide the account of  all outputs  he/she 

  produces    for Constituency, State, Nation and  corresponding 

Governance(s) ,in  all respects;  especially,  in respect of money, time  , 

other  Energies,  with special focus  on  efficiency and  beneficence of 

his/her   outputs  for  the Poor and  the BPL  People.  His/her 

performance  need  be  open  to  People’s  inspection , by the hour, preferably instant to instant ,directly     and  indirectly , especially  his/her performance  in respect   of the   officialdom  mediated /controlled  by  him/her( as  MP/Minister).

Honesty-Truthfulness:  is    at  core  of Sarnath  National Emblem, that   is  truthfulness, sincerity  and  fairness towards  the  People  of  Constituency/State  in  particular  and of  the  Nation  in  general  ,  issuing forth   from  the  core  of  his /her  heart. Candidate/Member of Parliament  need    act as Living National insignia personifying  Truth , Forthrightness, Leonine Courage  and  Integrity.

Answerability: The   Candidate /MP need  be  candid,  open and  true  to  his/her   representation  , answering to each and every Citizen of Constituency, State( UT, NCT) and Nation, his/her  representational transactions  to  fulfil objectives  of  Constitution   of India. Being Representative  of People ,  being Virtual  Self  of  the Voter  in the Parliament  and the generated Governance thereof, the Candidate/MP, need be  communicating, instant to instant,   his /her every thought and act to Voter  , to justify the genuineness of  his/her one-to-one Representation  to become   a true Reflection and true Echo of People. Without ongoing answerability  to Voter, Representation  becomes meaningless.

Rapportability,  with  the  People  in  general,  and those  under  his/her  official supervision is necessary to carry out his/her integrative  functions  for  Unity, Integrity and  Sovereignty of  the Nation.

Entrustability,  to be  totally committed to People, to have their full trust, to  maintain consistency between  his/her word  and  action.  To be totally dependable, reliable so as to materialize  every aspiration of   Constitution of India, in the lives of People.

Creditability, to  build  up  outputs  answering  People’s basic   needs,  and  rest  of   requirements , in descending order of importance, in  stipulated  timeframe. To keep People supplied  with the record ongoingly updated    of his/her  Outputs for the Constituency, State and Nation , to assure them of his/her Credentials   and  thence  his/her  fitness for the onerous Responsibilities and Duties of the Office of  MP.

Generatability,to  be  exemplarily   and  enduringly  productive,  in  every  sphere  of  life.To fill in  the  existing  vacuums ,  deficits of Productivity, for   sustenance  and  growth of outputs,  in  each and   every  sphere  of   National  activity. To   create Abundance,  Enduring Reserves, Surpluses   in  Constituency, State and the  Nation. To render every Citizen a generator of prolific Productivity. To lead , Start with  himself/herself   as the prime  mover  in  this  most  important  attribute  of   his/her  Leadership  .

Performability, to showcase his /her   test  performance,  in  pilot projects to prove  his/her mettle for the   tasks  of Nation Building,  commencing from Family Neighbourhoods, Polling Booth Locality  onto Territorial Constituency, Parliamentary Constituency, State and the Nation. To  provide  substantial  and  lasting  outputs,  commensurate to  all parameters  denoting  worthiness of  his/her   outputs,  whilst  being  mindful   of  foreseeable  errors,  for  a  person out  to  blaze  a   trail.   The  Candidate/ MP  is an Emulation Model  for  People   of  his/her Times, and  for  the Posterity. Candidate/MP need  never  forget   that  Posterity  and People are to  see his/her  video  footage in Parliament ,  and   in times  to  come  shall be  taking  lessons  from  his/her Leadership.  Performance  with Perfection  is  the  first  concern of  Candidate/member Parliament, in  consonance to    Dharma Chakra of Tricolour  and  remaining   National Insignia. Ceaseless Righteous Action is  what Nation expects  from Candidate/MP.

Deliverability,    Candidate/Member   is  to  be  a  producer of  enduringly substantial and robust   outputs, in a time-bound  manner,  for  People to  quote  and  remember . He/ she  need be capable  of  delivering   all  requirements of People  in line  with  the outputs  delivered    by the  10 best developed countries of Earth   to  their  respective  People.  Deliverability   comprises exact and detailed Agenda  of  listed Outputs of Governance  as per each Article of Constitution of   India  delivered with minimum and maximal quality attributes  in a date bound manner as MP .  And an exact and detailed Agenda of Listed Outputs as Candidate ,generating services to People  as their Leader of Social        activism,    mobilizing    Energies and Resources of Constituency/State in particular , and of  Nation in general , to deliver the requisite Outputs to People (  before gaining Membership of  Parliament).

Miscellaneous  attributes  specific  to candidate’s ,  member’s  specific  representational requirements    vis-à-vis status and  future requirements  of  his/her  Constituency,  State( UT, NCT),Ministry of  expertise  to render India  debtless, povertyless, negativityless…….a India of abundance, reserves, surpluses, affluence—– a Global  Leader No.1 of  Positivity..   

The  most common  requirement ,utilising  all of aforesaid attributes  as  leader  of  People  ,  the  Candidate / MP    stands     charged  by  Constitution  of  India( in its  entirety ,Article by Article) ,  as per  his/her  Oath  as  Candidate Parliament  and   as  Member Parliament  ,  with  the  avowed  mission  of      threading    his/her  attention     through  each  Individual and  each Family   of  each  Family  Neighbourhood, in   order  to  unify  ,integrate every  Family  Neighbourhood  to  harness  all its  energies  and all its  givens , for  realising  the  Objectives   of  Constitution  of  India  ,  foremost  being  to put  in  place  an  Ideal  Welfare Society (  read  State,  Nation ). This  task  he/she  is  to ,  iterate  thorough  each  higher  population  collectivity,  ascending  systematically  from       each  Family Neighbourhood  to  Polling  Booth  Locality,  and  on  and on ,  onto    Territorial Constituency    to  Parliamentary Constituency, State( UT, NCT), Nation, Nation  vis-à-vis Globe ,  to  realise  contents ,intents  and  spirit  of  the  Constitution  of  India. 


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April 23rd, 2009

In  nutshell,  the Leader of  millions The Candidate/Member Parliament  affecting  fortunes , lives ,thoughts of  1.15 billion People,  has  to be  a Paragon  of  Virtues,  a  person  fit  to  be emulated,  a  living  Indian  Insignia, the epitome  of  quintessential  values  of  Indian  Civilisation—its Humanity, maturity, righteousness, creativity  and Idealism. The Candidate/Member Parliament  is  required to  be  a problem-buster intellect of   towering  dimensions, himself/herself being the  man/woman  of  soil ,toil, truth   and  modesty, to  do  the   Nation  proud. Candidate,  the  MP-to-be/Member Parliament is  to  be  the  life  beat  of  Constitution. Its personification in the   human  form.


Amendment VI contd  :


                                            Chapter VII A


                      LISTENING TO and  *ATTENDING THE  VOTER-I

 *Attending here  stands  for  understanding People’s problems   and aspirations , in  consonance  to  objectives  of Constitution  of  India, in order  to  provide  the  People  commensurate outputs  , in a definite  date  bound  frame.


                       Listening to the Voter, Information Exchange Requirements- I

               To initiate  Candidacy, to provide initialising  inputs.

Information to be provided by Candidate for Parliament and Member of Parliament for Voters and  Under-18 Non-voters.

Ongoing  preparation   of  Leadership  Accountancy-Transparency National    Services and  Electioneering   Documents:  National Services & Electioneering Presentation Documents  are  to be  prepared  by the  candidates , Representation National  Services  Documents, by  the MPs   , EARNING PEOPLE’S  APPROVAL AND CONFIDENCE – VALIDATING THE BALLOT – PERIODIC PRESENTATION/REPRESENTATION REPORTS,  Interactional  Programmes etc. and    NATION BUILDING ACTION PLANS(FOR MORE THAN 5/6 YEARS) and concomitant Work Schedules, to be  submitted to the People of Constituency/State in particular, and those of Nation in  general .


For  sake  of providing  clarity of  what  to  submit as  essential  requirements  for attaining   candidature  of  Lok  Sabha  and   Rajya  Sabha,  for  the   candidates  in  general,  but especially  for  young   men  and  women, of 19+ years and    above age  , planning  to  be  prospective candidates  for  Lok  Sabha 2014………, and    those   aged   23+ years and above  , planning  to  be  candidates  entering Rajya Sabha in  2014, 2015,2016………. , and  besides,  for the sake of  enthusing  younger  people  of  ages  of 15+ onwards,17+ onwards, who want  to  make  a career  of  National  Service    ( against  the prevalent  idea, that   ‘Politics is  for  crooks’)       by  letting  them    explore a  career in  Parliament , by being  Candidates-in-waiting , assisting  the  aforementioned  young  Candidates  for 16th Lok Sabha(17th,18th………)  to come up  in  2014(2019,2024,……. and……….  onwards ,  and for Rajya  Sabha batches  due(6 years  hence and  onwards ) for  2014 ,2015,  2016, ……….   ,………………………………………………,   the  Election  Commission  of  India  and      the Lok  Sabha  and the   Rajya  Sabha  Secretariats, thence , are  required to post  this  Act–to- be,  on  their  web  sites, to  let  young  People come  forward   to  connect  , to know  the requirements  being made from   Candidates,  and  practically  harness    their  study  subjects  in  schools,  colleges  and Universities   to solving  diverse   problems of their Constituencies, States( UTs)  , Nati\on,  and  Nation vis-à-vis Globe.

Objects  and  Reasons :

Amendment VI to The  Representation of People Act ,1951 is made  in  order  to  do  away  with  the    present  Candidacy  requiring  a   hopeful  Candidate , to  apply  for his/her  candidacy ,only a  few  weeks   before the  general  elections to  a  Parliamentary  Constituency ,  for the  onerous  task  of   accomplishing  the  representation  of , on  the  average , of  as  huge  a  population   as    of  the    , on  the  average,   21 lakh  People per  Lok  Sabha  Seat. This ,  in  fact , is  a  huge   and  demanding  task,    required  to  be    done  in  the    spirit  of  Preamble  to      Constitution of India ,  to actualise  Democracy  for  each  Individual  of ‘We the People’,   excluding  out  no  one , on  whatsoever  pretext. This  irrational situation ,the mother of all ills ,  arises, because  the general  elections  get  to   be  held, only  after the  expiry  of  term  of  a sitting Lok  Sabha , or  on its  dissolution. This  has  been  the  fatal  mistake  of  a  novice  system,  taking  off on  presumptive   Ideals  of  Freedom  struggle. Because  to accomplish  a job   needing  time  span  far   more  than   mere  five/six  years,  only  2 to  4,  5 weeks  are being  made   available.    Present  scenario  then  ,has   all  the   consequent fall out,  of   requiring   a  work  of  over   an    hour,  to  be accomplished in,   only  1  minute                    [[[(  5  years=60  month’s  work  done  in  barely   say  4 weeks-5 weeks,  that  is,  approximately    in  one   month,  this  amounts  to 1.6% {( putting in  1 month of representative  activity   vis-à-vis    minimal  say  of  60 months,  so that,(1/60)×100=1.66%)}representation with  present  introductory  insufficient frame  of  time(5/6years of  candidature) taken,  to  be  Perfect.)]]]                 To eliminate  this  eye wash,  candidacy is  being  rendered  for  minimal  4 years 8  months (  maximal 5)  years  for  Lok  Sabha  candidate  and  minimal 5 years,8 months  (  maximal  6  years )  for  the  Rajya  Sabha  candidate. Thence,   to  rectify  this  horrendous   error  of  the  past ,  nominations  for  Lok  Sabha/   Rajya  Sabha  upon  expiry  of  Lok  Sabha term/its  dissolution and  similarly  expiry of  the  term  of  Rajya  Sabha  member of  particular  State/ UT/NCT     ,   are  required ,  henceforth,  to  be  completed  within   60 days of  first  oath  taking  day  of  Lok  Sabha  and  , of   the  day  of  announcement of Rajya  Sabha  election  results,  for  freshly  elected  MPs.  That  is,   candidacy  starts                 simultaneously   with   the  new   Lok Sabha   / new batch  of  Rajya  Sabha.


Amendment to   Part V ,  Conduct  of Elections        ( of  The   Representation  of  the People Act,1951)   is  made,  by  inserting a  prelude chapter I A  ( having    Title   of  Chapter VII )  entirely  devoted  to  election for Lok  Sabha member and Rajya  Sabha member,  leaving  chapter I  intact for    remaining elections  for  representation  of  the  People.  This is  to permit insertion  of   information,  requirements  and  directions   concerning aforesaid Candidacy  Period,   to  accomplish  the  process of  as  comprehensively  as  possible  , reaching  out  to  covering  of the  as  huge  a  population   as ,   on the average   of   21  lakh  People   that  come  in  the  share  of   each  Lok  Sabha  Seat ,in  the    comparatively   so small  a   time  slot   as  of   4 years 8 months  for Lok Sabha.  And   reaching out   to  45.6  lakh People on the average ,for  Rajya  Sabha  Seat,  in  still  comparatively   much  smaller  time  slot   of  only  5 years 8 months.  And then  to be  saddled  with  tremendous  business  of  working  out  representation  of   correspondingly    huge  burdens  of  an  under-developed   Nation,  hoping( against hope)  for   accomplishing  the     extremely  difficult task of becoming a developed nation by the Year  2020. **********(((  per capita  income  of  India, is  $ 3700  compared to  near  10 times or  more  per capita income   of  developed  nations  ,    with  the  present  rate  of    growing  tall    and weighty , towards  the    required  values  of  parameters  that  define the various  degrees  of  a  developed  nation  status, in the  oncoming  just  11  years left,  to  arrive  in 2020)))**********  Such  lines /explanations etc  have  been  added here  and  there  ,  are needed  to  be  retained inhere in this Bill;  so that  common  man , especially,  young  people   unused  to  legal  jargon ,too can  follow  this  Bill  (compared  to  language  of  run of the mill bills  , for  example The Representation  of  the People  Act,  1951 ).  This makes   it  an unusual  bill,  not  crafted  for putting  people  into  jails,  but  bringing People, especially,  the   impressionable  young  People(15+)  and  youth(17+),   to  sit very  soon on  seats  of  Parliament, especially  in the   17th   Lok  Sabha  of  2019,  and  definitely in the 18th Lok  Sabha            starting  in  2024, 19th    Lok Sabha    in   2029,20 th Lok Sabha   in  2034 and  in  parallel,  into  contemporary   Batches   entering  Rajya  Sabha  every  next   two  years……… . )

The  following sections  are  inserted in chapter I A, The Representative of the People Act, 1951,  to  accommodate the  provisions  and concomitant  conditions ,requirements  of  candidacy  for  Lok Sabha  and  of  the Rajya  Sabha. The  chapter I   has been  kept intact for  rest  of  elections  ,  as  also  parts of  elections  not  covered  in  this  presently  inserted  chapter  I A .

Section  30 (a) :    **Appointment  of  dates of  Preliminary Nominations,  checking  of  entry point  requirements to  candidacy   as   per   follows:**(To meet  all requirements  and  formalities  stipulated in  Section 33 Chapter I (*ROPA,1951)  Presentation of nomination paper and requirements for a valid nomination.)      * The Representation of the People Act, 1951.

The last date for  filing   Candidature(  read    ‘nomination’ , as per nomenclature of The Representation of the People Act , 1951)     is  the  *8 th  day  upto  *12AM  noon( *to  permit  sufficient  time    for   completing  formalities  for   accommodating   expected   large  number  of  young  People) after the date of oath-taking  by  majority  of MPs  of  the  newly  inaugurated   Lok  Sabha, inviting  Candidature for  next  Lok  Sabha  ,  including candidacy applications   from  the   newly  installed  Lok  Sabha  members of  the   newly  inaugurated  Lok  Sabha. The  MPs-to-be remaining      (or   those  whose elections  are  later,  yet to  be  held  and  results not yet ascertainable)  that  have  to  be  administered  oath later,  for  whatever  reason(s) ,  likewise  ,      need   apply  for  the  candidature  of next  Lok  Sabha to  be  installed  5  years   after, at  this  juncture.  No extensions  are   admissible. All the requirements ,already   stipulated  in the  Representation  of  the  People   Act,1951 except the  present  ones, at  the  entrance  point  of  Candidacy,  remain  intact.   Nothing  otherwise  stands  altered     except  that  Candidacy,  as  is  the  present   arrangement,  is  not  to get  initiated  after   expiry  of  the  Lok  Sabha  ,  but  rather right  with  the  first  day ,preferably  of inauguration  of  a  new  Lok  Sabha ( 5years  before) , and  Candidates   are  required   to  keep  rendering at  stipulated   short  intervals ,  the   ongoing  requirements  of   Candidacy,  in  parallel  to  the  ongoing   life  of the    current  Lok  Sabha , to  keep  their  candidacy  breathing  and  alive,   & thence valid .  *if that day is a public holiday, the next succeeding day , which is not a public holiday.

Section30(b):** A  candidate  is    permitted   to  be  candidate for   more than   1 seat in  Parliament .It need  be very  clear  at the  outset,   that    only  one seat in  Parliament  is permissible,  for taking   oath of.  Other  seat(s)   become  redundant, in case  a candidate wins from more than  one  seat.  In  the  event a candidate files for  candidature   of  more  than  1  seat,  he/she  has  to   provide  to  the  Election Commission  of  India,    a  weekly   time  table    of  his  Interactions(  with  People)  and  other  jobs  related  to  requirements  of  Candidacy,  separately for   each   of  the  additional  seats,   he/she seeks  to  be  candidate  of, so  that he/she   can   do  justice  to  nurturing  of each  of  the  Constituency/State and  the respective   People  therein  ,  for   the   more  than    1  Constituency,  more  than  1 State, UT, NCT,    (the  candidate  need insure, that  work  in  one   Constituency/State Seat,    is  not  at  expense  of  another Seat, for  which  too he/she   has  decided to be  the   candidate  of).   The  candidate  is    to  fulfil  the  requirements  of each  Seat separately.  He/she is   to meet  stipulated  requirements  of  each  Seat, as  detailed  below: ** Normally  ,  the  work  meant  for  1  Seat,  is  far more  than that is expected in  existing  system(before this  Bill is  promulgated)  of  requirements  of  candidacy to Parliament,   and is expected to  keep   an  ordinary  citizen totally occupied ,  as  the  job  actually  ,  factually ,  practically   everywise   of     representing  the  21 lakh  People  of  one  Constituency  Seat  and  45.6  lakh people  coming  in  share of  each  Rajya  Sabha  seat,  indeed  is  an  immense  task (  and  time  of  5/  6  years  is  too  short, and  extremely  short , for   sake  of  lifting  People  out  of  hunger  and deprivations in  the real  sense, on  the   ground  ,in   the  actuality ,  not   merely on  paper).  This  system  does not  encourage  opting  to  be   candidate  for  multiple seats. And  recommends  candidate to  opt  and  adopt  sincerely  only  one  seat and  give  his/her  all, to  his/her  new  charge  of  his/her family  of  21  lakh(  LS)/45.6 lakh(RS) that   is   now   his/her,  to  at  least  do the  very  least of   trying   to  get  introduced  to,  in  the very  very  short  time of  5years/6   years.  However ,not  to  halt  the  inertia  of  past,  the option  of  being  a  candidate of   more  than   1 seat is  being permitted  ,but  subject  to the   fulfilling of     requirements  of  each  seat , in  consonance  to  the cardinal  requirement  of  Justice   to    be  done  to     each  constituent , as   prescribed     by   the   preamble  of  Constitution  of  India. This  option Section 30(b)  is  to  be tapered  to  extinction ,  by the  2019 Lok  Sabha.           

Section30(c1):        In  the  event  Lok  Sabha  dissolves  earlier  than  its  stipulated  tenure  ,  whenever  that  be  ,  the  candidacy  requirements  shall  come  to  an abrupt  end  30×24  hours  before   the  first  date of  the  first  batch  of  Elections to  be  held  for   the next  Lok  Sabha,  simultaneously    for  all   Candidates  in  the  Nation.  30×24     hours  is to  be  construed  as  if a  curfew-like time  for  Electioneering [[[( whose  violation  would  invoke  straight  cancellation  of   candidature      ,plus additional  self-prescribed penalties         as                          submitted  under             National Services & Electioneering Presentation Documents  clauses 7 q   , r  and  s , that  shall  be  finalised  by  Election  Commission  of  India, in  that   period  of  time )]]] .  Similarly  for   Rajya  Sabha  seat(s) the elections that  may  be  occasioned  prematurely ,  for  whatever  reasons.  30×24  hours is    the time  for  People  to  peacefully  pour  over  256 weekly…..   Earning People’s  Approval And  Confidence-  Validating The  Ballot-  Periodic Presentation/  Representation Reports  of  Lok Sabha  candidates, 308……….. similar  Reports  of  Rajya  Sabha  candidates,——  besides the rest  of  Leadership Accountability-Transparency National Services and Electioneering Documents  including   Nation Building Action Plans ,  Bharat  Darshan  Reports,  State(UT,NCT)  Darshan  Reports, Parliamentary Constituency Darshan Report, Consolidated 4 years 11 monthly/ 5 years  11 monthly  Accomplishments,  as  Candidate  and  MP/Minister  (  who  is  also to function  as  candidate  for next Lok Sabha/Rajya  Sabha  etc. etc. The  candidates  are  recommended  to leave  their  Constituency/  State  and  get  the  deserved  rest 30×24 hrs. after  their  5 yearly/6 yearly   exertions ( read  tapasya) to  pre-empt  any  interaction with  the  electorate anywhere. 

Section 30(c2)In  the  event  a Lok  Sabha Seat  OR a   Rajya  Sabha  seat  gets  vacated  before the  expiry of its tenure   , for  whatever  reasons,  the candidates  shall not  be  subjected  to   submission of  any  further  requirements,  and   would  be   required   to  deem their   would-be 5 year/6 year term  taken  ,fast  forward, in  whatever time  that  be, coming  to    an  end at  that  juncture. They shall give all ***up to date( say 3years 5months,  x years, y months [also to account for the event of Lok Sabah elections being/getting delayed for  whatever reasons) etc. etc being  completed on the  said  date)  winding up  requirements  as    for  4 years11months/5years  11months and  other  concomitant Leadership  Accountability-Transparency National  Services and  Electioneering Documents up to date , that  is   1  month  before  General  Elections/Elections  to  Rajya  Sabha  Seat. And  they  will  be  eligible,  provided  they fulfil minimal 75% of  requirements , till 1  month   before  *first  election  date of first batch of  candidates  going  in  for  elections. Similarly  for  Rajya  Sabha  The  system  shall favour  success for  a consistently  regular, steady, disciplined, most  serious ,  a most  concerned Candidate ,as per his/her  field  performance as  well as his/her  meticulous regular  and  disciplined  rendering of  Leadership Accountability- Transparency National Services and  Electioneering  Reports. Candidates. In  the  event ,  a  Rajya Sabha Candidate/ Lok  Sabha Candidate  has been  procrastinating, hoping  to cover up for  laxity, later in a  frenzy/likewise  manner of  coming  up  to  requirements, the  onus shall be  upon  him/her  for  not fulfilling  the  requirements steadily and  systematically. There is  no  place  for  Candidates  belittling  the  concerns  of  21 lakh People  on the average  coming into share  of each   Lok Sabha  Seat  and similarly of the  45.lakh people  falling in the share of   a   Rajya  Sabha  Seat.  Casualness  has  no  room  for  a  MP  who  shall  control   1 Trillion  Dollar  GDP of   115crorePeople, 1/6th of Globe’s Population *** The candidate will give  an  additional  winding  up   Consolidated Report, for  the overall period  of presently  disrupted  candidacy  period, as a substitute, for  what  would  have  been  consolidated last  reports  under  normal  length of  candidacy.* For candidates  with Lok  Sabha elections  falling  after  first   date ,too, the same requirements hold .   In  their  case,  however, the  period  of  30 days of no  electioneering  shall  extend  to  whatever  larger period,  depending  on  the Election  arrangements (  dates)  made  by  Election  Commission of  India.  Likewise ,in  an  inadvertent extension  of  period  of  1 month  of  no  electioneering   can   become  operative   for  Rajya  Sabha  seats  of   a                particular  State,  UT  ,NCT.

Section30 (d) :       *((( to be  executed  as  adjunct  to*1[  33A.PART V, CONDUCT OF ELECTIONS.] )))

CHAPTER   I.—Nomination of Candidates ] Right to information of Representation of the People Act,1951, but  with  an  entirely  contrasting  perspective))) ,                                         The ** Leadership Accountability- Transparency                    National  Services      and                    Electioneering  Documents listed   in  paragraphs  below are  to  be  submitted at  the  time  of  filing    for candidature, as the natural right and  duty of People to know how they are /are to be represented by a candidate. These   are  compulsory    for   earning    candidature    to       Lok  Sabha/**and  Rajya  Sabha  by  a  Candidate. This  has to be  accomplished   maximally within the first    60  days of  inauguration   of  the Lok  Sabha  and  similarly within 60 days of   the date of joining  of the  latest  batch of Rajya  Sabha  member(s)  from  a  State, UT, NCT. The  first – time  candidates(who  apply),   immediately following      the  inauguration  of  present  Bill  2009,  have been provided with  extra 30  days , in  view of lack  of  any  earlier  exposure    to the  presently  designed system   of  functioning as  candidate   ,and  especially preparing  documents  with  MPs and others,  who so  far , had  been   having  1/60th or  so , of the   exposure   to  People, compared to that which is  minimally  being  expected  now (   minimally  60-4=56months for  Lok Sabha  and  minimally   72-4=68 months  and  maximally  60 months and  72  months  for Lok Sabha  and Rajya  Sabha  respectively )** refer aforesaid  section  30 ( b).

Section 30(d1):   The  candidates are  to get  the  Leadership Accountability-Transparency National Services and Electioneering Documents   Requirements text from  following  sources:  Election  Commission  office  in  the  Constituency,  directly from  Election   Commission  office , Nirvachan  Sadan, Ashoka  Road,  New  Delhi-110001, Lok  Sabha Secretariat,  Rajya Sabha Secretariat,  Departments  of  Public  Relations  ,  Libraries,  Post  Offices  and  other                 designated  sources.  And   from  their  Web  Sites. The  young  People starting  Lok  Sabha  candidacy  at 19+ and for Rajya  Sabha at 23+ ,are  advised to  study  them at  least 1 year in  advance {{( those opting  for  2014( and  successive) Lok Sabha  elections  and  Rajya Sabha elections afterwards  need  get  started  immediately, as  1  year is  not  possible  for  them  ,as of  now  when  general    awareness  for  such   requirements  and  solutions  thereof  are         unheardof)}}  of  the  aforesaid    date   of  filing  for  candidature  to                       Lok  Sabha  /  Rajya  Sabha ((  since  the  task  ahead  is  correspondingly, alarmingly  huge, in a Nation occupied   with  establishing  itself  as  a developed  Nation on  par  with  10  best  developed  Nations  of  the  Globe . Indian pci  ,3700$  vis-à-vis   30,000$ to  above  40,000$ pa  for  developed  Nations,  The 3700$ pci  is misleading in that  a  huge  percentage( 52%)  of  population earns   450$ pa with$1.25 /day as  per ADB( Asian Development Bank) ,  while  others(Arjun Sengupta Commission Report)  quoting  even lesser  amounts  of  Rs. 20/day  for  even  larger  chunks  of  population 856 million))  . The candidates  are  required  to  get started  as  much  in  advance  as possible,  in  order  to  do  a  thorough job  , to  do   total  justice  to  the  poor  people,  whom  they  intend  to  serve  through Parliament and  Governance  thereof . Present  Scenario  ,in nutshell, requires   the  candidate   to  look  at  and  get  seized  of ,  the     large  number  of  Problems  of  Past ,Present  and Future, which are  confronting the   Constituency &   the State, UT,  NCT &  the    Nation and which   far  exceed  the                 problems routinely, any  Individual  and  head  of  a  family is  used  to dealing  with  ,compared  with  the   oncoming  demands  on  the   candidature  to  get              prepared  to    head  the  gigantic 21- lakh- strong-     Constituency-Family,  45.6 lakh-strong- State-Family  , and  115 – crore – strong – National-  Family India/Bharat.

Section30 ( d2) :  Documents to be submitted  at time of  filing the candidature ( For  the  first – time  candidates,   as  per  the    promulgation  of  present  Act-to-be, within 30 days , counted from closing date of filing for  candidature ,as the day One:  (* First batch of candidates for  both Lok Sabha and the Rajya  Sabha  is  permitted 30 more days, in the  event, their documents are found with objections. However , they must  conform to above schedule strictly,   to avoid  rejection of their candidature.  In their own interest, they  can check with the Election Commission of  India for  any lacunae  ,lapses, missed   queries, incompletions, etc. , within 15 days of assigned  date of scrutiny. The  date  of  scrutiny  of a particular candidate will be  assigned  normally  at  the  most  within  15  days  of  submitting  all  the           documents  within  30  days of  Oath  taking at  inaugural  of  Lok  Sabha , and likewise  date  of  declaration  of  Rajya  Sabha  election  results. That  is, the  Documents  not  turned  in  by  30  days,  are  likely  to  have  high  risk  of  rejection, though  last  date  as  mentioned  earlier   is  60 days. In   the  event, any  lapse  ,lacunae is   detected in  Documents  submitted  early ,  it  will  be  pointed  out  to  candidate  on assigned  date, after  which  he/she  can resubmit  completed  Documents  within the  dates provided   by  Election   Commission  of India ,as  per    requirements  of  this  Act.  In the event  these Documents are found up to mark, even  after this second time of resubmission, the  Candidacy  will stand cancelled  for such a non-serious candidate . Before submitting  the Documents,  candidate  need assure  that  I) no  document  is  missing  or  is ii)   incomplete.  Candidature  shall be  cancelled, in  event  of incomplete, inadequately  prepared  documents   (these  will be posted  on  the  internet/  notice  boards ). The  candidate    need  start 1 year in advance,  but  minimally  two  months  before  Oath Taking  date of  Lok  Sabha/  Rajya  Sabha  members ,  to  appraise  himself/ herself of   the  needful  inputs  vis-à-vis      his/her  level  of  knowledge, experience and  grasp,  so  as  to  submit    material  relevant  to  115 crore People’s  welfare and  requirements,  as per  Constitution  of  India.  Young People need,  therefore  start  early. 

Section 30 ( d3): Scrutiny of Documents:  within 10 days, Candidate  has to check on assigned date for objections, incomplete documents as per check List. Candidate  is  to ensure that following objections  are removed, and following  incompletion  documents are avoided and  positively  completed before submission, to  avoid  rejection  of  his/ her  candidature.

Circle missing documents. Blank documents or sketchily written documents, or incoherently written documents  will not be  acceptable. No further time extensions, for any reason or grounds , whatsoever(including medical),  are acceptable. Documents need adhere to the guidelines and instructions provided with them. Non serious and casual candidates, will be debarred. The  ruling of Election Commission India  in this regard shall be  final  and shall be out of  ambit of courts. Besides ,these documents  shall be put  on the internet, as also submitted to the Election Commission of  India, Ministry of Parliamentary Affairs  & Ministry of  Information and  Broadcasting, for transmitting them to the People, for their inspection  through the Media  and  Post offices. Thence, to avoid any embarrassment , the candidates are advised to ensure, that all the  documents are prepared painstakingly, giving attention to each and every  detail, to create the reality of  a happy well provided triumphant Indian, howsoever lowly his/her present status, right within the period of candidacy, plus the period of  Candidate’s  later on tenure in Parliament. It is recommended that the first time candidates , need embark on this job, well before the last date of  filing nomination papers .  These Documents  demand  working Knowledge  of   problems of Constituency, State, Nation, Nation vis-à-vis  Globe  for  solving  in the  Parliament and  Governance  therewith. This is   an onerous  requirement,  falling  in the  ambit of Responsibilities and  Duties  of the MP in Parliament  and as a Minister, or  the Prime Minister in the  Governance.  These documents are to pursue the objectives  of  the  Constitution  of   India, and thence, are binding on the candidate, as per his/her oath , as a  candidate for the Parliament.

Section 30(d4) :    List of *****Leadership Accountability-Transparency National  Services & Electioneering  Documents to be submitted *for gaining   entry  to Candidature of Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha (for details refer chapter  VII).

* rest  of   documents to come  later during   candidacy   period with  section  36A.

 Documents  IA: for  realising  objectives  of  Constitution of  India,

1)8  National  Services  and  Electioneering Presentation  Documents/Representation  National Services  Documents : 1A                    1 B   1C  1D   1E   1F  1G  1 H.

2)8  National  Services  and  Electioneering Presentation  Documents/Representation  National Services  Documents :   2A   2B    2C    2D     2E     2F       2G         2H.

3) 2 National  Services  and  Electioneering Presentation  Documents/Representation  National Services  Documents  :   3A    3B.

4) 3 National  Services  and  Electioneering Presentation  Documents/Representation  National Services  Documents  :   4A    4B    4C.

5) 8 National  Services  and  Electioneering Presentation  Documents/Representation  National Services  Documents  :   5A   5B     5C     5D     5E      5F      5G         5H  .

6) 8 National  Services  and  Electioneering Presentation  Documents/Representation  National Services  Documents  :   6A    6B      6C      6D      6E       6F      6G        6H.

7) 20 Presentation/Representation Documents 7A:         7a  7b 7c  7d  7e  7f  7g  7h  7i  7j  7k 7l  7m  7n  7o 7p  7q  7r.        7B        7C       7D.   

Documents IB:  regarding  Honour  of  constituency/State vis-à-vis     honour  of  Candidate/MP: Special  Attention  must  be  given to the  following: Part 7Ar, in full detail as sequel  to 7Ap and 7Aq  & 7B,&7C, 7D.

Documents IC:  concentrating on  future of  Nation , especially  for  Rajya       Sabha  candidates (  an  extension  to   National  Services  and  Electioneering Presentation  Documents/Representation  National Services  Documents  ) :      Nation Building Action Plans   and concomitant  Work  Schedule : for Over 75 Years[Optional: 100 years and  above in  increments of 25years   ,that  is,   50years/75years/100years……a Millennium….] , 50 years,25 years ,20 years15 years,10 years,5 years. Besides one  for up to Year 2020, to render India into a Developed Nation ( Top10,say,top5,3….), Further 25 Yearly Compulsory  Common Minimum Nation Building Action Plans   ( read Program)  & concomitant Work Schedules  to be consensus Program  and likewise for 5 years to be implemented immediately, Component corresponding Master Plans for each  of the  Nation Building  Action Plans .

Documents ID: telling  People how  he/she will personally  meet  them  to  prepare  and ready himself/herself  for  attaining their  representation as  per  Constitution of  India.  


ID2: Master Plan of Itinerary (  read ***Time Table of interactions with venues ) for period of Candidacy as Candidate  Lok  Sabha  and   Candidate   Rajya  Sabha.;     ***The candidate is   required  to put in a 20 hours  minimal  per week average , putting minimally  30  hrs  per  biweek and  minimally  70  hours per  month, working  out  a minimal    overall    average  of  20   hours  per  week  in  each  quarter;  that , is  in    13 weeks  of  a  quarter  ,putting  in  minimally   13×20 hours=260  hours, in  the  interactions in  Constituency  as Lok  Sabha  candidate  and in the State   Territorial    Constituencies  as  a Rajya  Sabha  candidate . Thence  the  candidate  need  assure  himself/herself,  if    she/he       could  provide  minimally 52weeks/year×20huors/week=1040 hours  a  year and  for  4  years 11 months    1040×5=5200hours -  4×20=5120  hours ,MINIMALLY ,of  interaction  as Lok  Sabha  candidate  and  similarly  as  Rajya  Sabha candidate 6160,  MINIMALLY,  hours  of  interaction  in  6  years.  At  the  outset,  the candidate  need  peek  first  into  his/her  own   capacity  for  these  requirements  and             his/her      corresponding  outputs  for  the  Constituency/State  in  particular  and  the  Nationin  general     (  for  details  see  chapters  VII  VIII   IX  X).     The  candidate need  thoroughly  understand  jobs  of  MP and  thence especially  master  chapter VI  on  Responsibilities  and  Duties Of   MP  and  as its  derivation   MP-to-be, that  is  as   Candidate, and requirements  for  MP   and  then  understand requirements for candidate.

Section 30 (d5) : The net account of  candidate’s  percentage  of  requirements  met  by  any  candidate/member Parliament at  any   time , will  be  maintained as   a  Computerized  Representational Account  by  the ECI, and  can  be  ascertained  by  candidate/member or any citizen/Voter from  Election  Commission  of  India.

Section 30 (d6): Only upon *satisfactory preparation of   each  Document   as  per  the List of Leadership Accountability- Transparency National Services and  Electioneering Documents to be submitted for gaining   entry  to Candidature of Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha (for details refer chapter  VII) ,     shall  the  candidate’s  name  be cleared  as  fit  for  candidacy  of  Lok  Sabha/  Rajya  Sabha. *( Strictness at  this  stage is  occasioned  by the  idea  of  eliminating non serious  candidate wasting  their  and  People’s  time and later polluting and corrupting the Elections and electioneering process. The  candidates  who  provide  well prepared  detail  Documents ,  shall  be   administered  Oath  of  Candidacy.  These Candidates  shall be  eligible  for  stipend and  facilities as  per  Amendment  II, Part   B of  this  Bill  . Any  non compliance of  requirements of  candidacy , at  any  stage  of  candidacy shall call for   cancellation   of  candidature.)

 Upon submitting  satisfactory  Documents  as  per  Section  30(d4)  only ,   the Candidature  can   be granted, and subsequently the Oath as Candidate  can  be   administered to the  applicant,  upon  satisfying  the  ECI in  every  respect, in  light of  The  Representation of  the  People  Act,1951,  present  Bill ,   rest  of  Election  related  Laws,  and  other  stipulations   of  Election  Commission  of  India  issued  from  time  to  time.  The  Candidate   must  be  a  fit  vassal  of  Constitution  of India,  to  serve  the  People  and  the  Motherland,   with  his/her  utmost     devotion and dedication ,submitting  his/her all to the   Nation ,   proving    himself/herself  to   be   a  fit Instrument of constitution of India     and  thence a worthy carrier of  best of the  Indian  Civilisation.

Section 30(e): Final  Nomination shall be obtainable  upon  fulfilling  the requirements of  candidature to Lok Sabha/ Rajya  Sabha , (((provisionally,   3 months=90 days,  for  first  batch  of  candidates  under  present Bill )))        actually  60  days,  for  future  batches   before the  assigned    *date  of  election and the  confirmed nomination 45  days  before   date of  Lok  Sabha   election after  complete  overall scrutiny of  candidate’s  outputs  during  candidacy  period. The candidates are encouraged ,to  remain  in contact  with Election Commission of India to  get   scrutiny done , as  early  as  possible,  on  first come  first basis,  so  as  to  have  adequate  time  to  answer in detailed  manner his/her Leadership Accountancy–Transparency National Services and Electioneering Documents  catering to the problems of People and solutions advanced/& worked out/& implemented by the Candidate in future and as the period of his/her Candidacy advances in time . Aforesaid Documents need  be jobs  done comprehensively and painstakingly    and  not sketchily  or casually   disposed of paper work to meet a mere formality. More for final confirmed  nomination– See Section 36A.      * The date of Election   for first batch of  Lok  Sabha  candidates.

Section 31A:   The  Election Commission  of India   will   provide  Preliminary  provisional  candidacy,  upon  being  satisfied   with   the   Requirements as  per  section   30[[[ that is  upto 30( d4) above]]]. The  candidate need  immediately   embark  on  the  tasks  of  his/her  candidacy  without  any  delay.  And  straightaway  transmit  to the  People though  the  Election Commission of India,  his/her Master  Itinerary  of  Interactions  with  the  People of  intended  Parliamentary  Constituency/ State(IUT,NCT) , and  his/her  introductory  Daily  Earning People’s Approval And  Confidence-  Validating  The  Ballot- Daily/Weekly Presentation  Reports,  to  be  posted on  the  internet and   Press  etc.  means  of  communications  with  the  People , especially  those  headed  for  each Polling  Booth  Locality.

Section31B:              The  candidates   and  MPs   are  required  to   adhere  to    following  minimal  requirements  of :

Section 31 B1: Minimal  20  hours  of  weekly  Interaction  with People , distributed  equally  to  all sections  of  Population.  These  interactions  are  to  be  accounted  for  in  Earning  People’s Approval And Confidence( EPAAC)-  Validating  The  Ballot(VTB)- Periodic Presentation/Representation  Reports(PP/RRs) submitted to the People.

Section31 B2 :  A candidate  non-serious  towards  the  tasks of  candidacy, shall have  his/her  candidature  cancelled  for :

Section 31 B2.1:  putting   in less than 75 %  of  minimal interaction  time of 20  hours/week  for  each of the  52  weeks/ year for minimal  4 years  9 months ((((  for  first  batch  of  Lok  Sabha  candidate 4 years  8months, and  for  the Rajya  Sabha candidates  (till  2014 in  parallel  with  Lok  Sabha candidates )  5 years  8  months )))).  The   aforesaid   computations shall count for  time  of  candidacy  required  to  terminate 1 month(  30   days)  before  the   day  of  election set  ,for   the  first batch  of  Lok  Sabha  elections,  staggered  in different  regions of  the country,  regardless of  the date  of  Lok  Sabha  elections  for  the  constituency  of  the  Lok  Sabha  candidate.

Section 31 B2.2: for casual and nonserious attitude. The  candidate is  required   to  keep  working daily,  and  not  as  a part–timer  with  casual and  uncommitted  attitude,  using  the  facilities  and  the status  of  Candidature  for  self  promotion  rather  than for  promoting  the  interests  of  the  constituency/State in  particular  and those of  the  Nation  in general. He/She   is  expected to  to   produce comprehensive   results  by  daily   working     on  all  the  Leadership Accountability-Transparency National  Services & Electioneering  Documents 1A,1B,1C,1D1,1D2 as  listed  in  section   30 D 4  above as  also  rest listed in  chapters  VII, VIII, IX and X  on  requirements  in  tandem  with  part C of  Bill detailing his/her Responsibilities  and  Duties  (as Candidate/Member Parliament)  and  submit these very  well thought out  and painstakingly  worked out  Documents , for  gaining  provisional  preliminary  candidature  of  Lok  Sabha  /  &  Rajya  Sabha  He/she  is  required to  produce  every  subsequent  6 months,  an  improvised evolutionary updated    (  preferably, day  by  day)     version of all aforesaid  Documents  matching  ground  realities  of  People’s Lives,     as  assessed  by  the  candidate    during  his/her  comprehensive candid   interactions   exploring  and  discovering  the      People  struggling   in     their  actual  factual   environmental  ground  realities of  their  day  to  day  Lives.

Section31.B2.3:  for passing the burden of his/her Responsibilities  and  Duties  to others..The candidate  is  required  to  do  his/her candidacy  singly ,alone  by  himself /herself without  the  entourage   and  ‘supporters’  like the  present  day. It is the Candidate  who does the Representation  and not  those operating on his/her behalf with  the People. Candidate/MPs supporters cannot substitute for his/her personal presence  amongst People. It is  a requirement of  utmost importance. This  is  a  MUST to  sustain  candidacy-  a very  serious  Nation Building  job  and no  tamasha. It  is  essential  for  concentration and  sustained  focus   to  be   preserved  for serious  Interaction  to  explore, discover  and  ferret  out  data,  information,  facts—materials  for  Representation  in Halls  of  Parliament  and  Corridors  of  Government.

Section31B2.4 : for uncertain ,irregular  representational communication  and  contact with People.   No  when–I –get-spare -time   attitude  for the people can  be  entertained. Candidacy is a consuming job  to come up  to  expectations of the   People  and the Constitution of India. Periodic ongoing  Public  Notice and  periodic updatings  on ** Web Site     informing the people    the status of    outputs of  Candidate’s  in response to the Agenda   arising   from his/her Leadership Accountability-Transparency National Services and  Electioneering Documents. The candidates  are  to  provide    Earning People’s Approval And Confidence-Validating the Ballot – Periodic Presentation/Representation Reports of  progress  made in  accomplishing  the  aforesaid  Agenda. **( provided by  Election Commission of India,  Lok Sabha – Rajya   Sabha  Secretariats ,  Ministries  of  Parliamentary  Affairs  , Information  and Broadcasting    and  Communications )

Section  32  A      (remaining  in  chapter I   A  of   Part  V): is  sequel to  fulfilling  the requirements as  per *Part V, Chapter I , Section 32*.:Thence the  chapter VII-PART FGH , Part F-CHAPTER VIII, Part G- CHAPTER IX, Part H– CHAPTER X are further  inputs  to the  People to  deserve  and  earn  the    nomination  to  Lok  Sabha  Candidacy  and  Rajya  Sabha                candidacy  

* PART V   ,CONDUCT OF ELECTIONS, CHAPTER I.—Nomination of Candidates32. Nomination of candidates for election.. —Any person may be nominated as a candidate for …….  page  78  of  The  Representation  of  The  People  Act, 1951


Section 33EPeople  have  the  Right  to Information from  the  Person who  is   going  to  take  charge  of  all  their lives, and  yet  is  not within   the  ambit  of  law , to  restore  to  them  all  that  they  lost  under  his/  her            stewardship  of  the  Parliament.  That  is  the   least  People  expect  of   him/her  , their  Representative  and  Representative – to – be . Thence,  all the  Leadership Accountability-Transparency National  Services & Electioneering  Documents( alluded to in section 31B2.4) are  required to be  submitted  to the People  under  this  Section ,  besides  under Amendment V : the  Responsibilities  and Duties  of  the   Member Parliament , since Candidate is  MP-to-be , required    to   take  in  all, that will  make  him/her   up to  mark  in   bearing  his/her   Responsibilities and  discharging  his/her  Duties  as  sincerely  true  Representative  of  the People  in  the Parliament.

Section  34 A:  No  deposits  (((in  contrast to   section  34  ,chapter I,  Part  V:  in the case of an election from a Parliamentary constituency, a sum of ***ten thousand rupees or where the candidate is a member of a Scheduled Caste or Scheduled Tribe, a sum of five thousand rupees;)))  are  required,  because  this  Bill, Act-to-be ,  is to  take  out  the  need  for money  in  elections  as  also  People  who  feel  money  is  a  substitute of the Candidate/MP for  giving  personal attention      , time and    service   to the People   . This  is  an  Act  looking  at the  empty  pocket  of  the  poor  People.   Instead  the  candidate  shall furnish  the  following  certificate  each  month  as  part  of  his  /her   Earning  People              Approval’s And  Confidence- Validating  The  Ballot-  Monthly Presentation/Representation Report  submitted  to  the  People  through Election  Commission  of  India:  ‘ I  ——-Name ,Constituency/State ,  your  representative-to-be,  have  put  in the  following    work  of  Interaction  and of  preparing   the  Leadership  Accountability-Transparency National   Services and   Electioneering Documents, as  per  the  following  time  table  every  week: Day,       Time,     No  of  Minutes  worked,    Venue:—————   Polling Booth Locality /Territorial Constituency  interacted  with.  That I……….   ABC  have  inputted  minimally  75 % / xy% of   required  minimal 20*  hours  a  week and  up to date     xy% age   of    total  required  Documents,  complete  in  all forms .  The corresponding  balance % of  my  requirements  are as  follows…..           Signed Date Time Place Candidate ID No………*  In contrast  to  minimal  411minutes for  411 calls allowed  to  MP from so  many  Telephones allowed  to  an  MP,  wherein  a  MP  is   expected  to put  in 411 minutes/day=6  hours  and  51  minutes/day  24×7,implying MP  spending46 hours  51  minutes  telephoning   to  constituents  themselves, in  phone  calls  alone,  leave  alone  his/her presentational-representational , face  to  face  interaction.

[[[[[ DELETE, IF DESIRED*** ten  thousand  Rs.  in  1951  could  buy  2   cars - 2 fiats(  presently for over5lakh Rs.) ,  The  Representation  of  the People Act ,1951   is     tilted  towards  the moneyed People.  This  kept  poor peon earning  Rs. 50 per month those days out of Indian Parliament (and  even  now this remains true). Can  a Below Poverty Line  man  earning  Rs. 60/-  per  day  OR Rs 20/-per day in 2006( as per Arjun Sengupta Commission Report)  deposit 10,000 Rs. for  deposit  even today. –Delete  if  Parliament feels  embarrassed  in  retaining  these  lines]]]]]

Section  35 A:  Since  the  candidate  has   an  ongoing   contact  with  the  Election Commission  of India  and  People  through  the  Leadership   Accountability- Transparency   National Services and  Electioneering  Documents   like  Earning People’s Approval And Confidence-Validating The Ballot – Monthly Presentation/Representation Reports  etc. ,  the  requirement for  further  nominations   is  unnecessary.  Submitting less than 75% Documents  in  each  category separately ,  will  automatically, invalidate the nomination for  the  next  tenure  for  the  particular  candidature(  Lok Sabha/Rajya Sabha/both). The Section 35 of p81, PART V, CONDUCT OF ELECTIONS ,CHAPTER I.—Nomination of Candidates of  The Representation  of  the People  Act,1951, thence is not  herein applicable, since its  intent is gratified by ongoing  submission of  written     Requirements. The  onus rests  with Election Commission  of India  to  check, whether Documents  submitted  and  interactions  of  the Candidate with  People  with are  genuine. The candidate must ,thence  visit the designated office/& Official  of  Election  Commission ,minimum  every  Quarter, in  person  to   deliver requisite  Leadership  Accountability-Transparency National  Services And Electioneering Documents  to  their satisfaction regarding   Conduct of  Ongoing  Election.


 Section  36A:  For final  requirements  at  point  of  confirmation  of   candidature  30  days  before  date  of          election  to  Rajya  Sabha  and  date   of  election   of  first  batch  of  candidates  to  Lok  Sabha,  the   Election Commission of India  will maintain  its  website declaring  ongoing  record  of  all  inputs/submissions  of the  candidates    ,as  and  when   they  render  their  documents   etc. to  Election  Commission  Of  India, keeping  full  and  transparent  ongoing  record  of  each  candidate,   and  thence maintain at  all times   a  day-to-day   up–to-date  %  age of the  submitted   *Documents: daily, weekly, biweekly, monthly,  quarterly,6monthly,yearly consolidated:  2yearly,3yearly,4  ,  4 Years8months/9months,  final for  4 years and 11months  for  Lok Sabha  candidate and 5  years , final  5Years 8months/9months and  the  final   for  5  years 11months  for  Rajya  Sabha  candidate.  ECI is to post all these documents on the Internet website of ECI  allotted to the Candidate concerned. The account on this site shall be deemed authentic.

* In addition to  those of Section  30( D 4) :1.)         Various  Earning People’s Approval And Confidence- Validating The  Ballot- Periodic Presentation/ Representation  Reports, 2.)               6-monthly  cumulative accomplishment  Reports (from  30D4 ,that is 7B,7C,7D) progressing  to  final  defined  Consolidated   Accomplishments ,  Real-time Calendars  etc. acted  out  in  time,3.)        Bharat Darshan Report , State Darshan Report ,Constituency Darshan Report . 4.) Rest of        miscellaneous  Reports  &  Documents  as  per chapters  VII, VIII, IX, X  detailing  requirements  for Candidacy of  Lok  Sabha  ,  Rajya  Sabha  and   those for  the  Member  Parliament.

Section36A1:  All the  information  sought  in Part V, Chapter I Sections 33A Right  to  Information,33B and others  remain     valid  and  absolutely  in  force , to be  provided  by  each  candidate,  being  essential  inputs  conjunct    the  requirements  of     Section  33 A  above   of   Chapter I   A.


Section  37 A1:  **Withdrawal  of  candidature  is  welcome  any  day before completion of  4  years  of    Rajya  Sabha  candidature  and  3  years  of  Lok Sabha candidature.

  Withdrawal  of   Candidature is not  permissible    after  completion  of  4  and 3  years of  candidacy   period respectively   of  Rajya  Sabha and  Lok  Sabha for  candidates  who  have completed  overall  requirements  of  75%  of  total  interaction time  and   required total number of each  of  the  stipulated   Documents. (In  event candidate is  short  of  75% requirements for  interaction  hours  and  overall Documents, he/she  anyways  shall be  ineligible  for  elections.). Even if  candidate withdraws,  votes  shall be  cast for  the  candidate, and  supposing,  he /she  refuse  to  join, in  that case,  next  candidate    with   the   highest  votes  cast , shall be   declared  the  elected candidate.  This  clause  is  introduced  to prevent    unethical  manipulations  disfavouring  straight  and  simple candidates**  Election  Commission of   India  ,shall promptly stop  the Stipend  and  other  concomitant  inputs,  facilities  supplicated  to  candidates.


Section 37 B  :  Cancellation of  Candidature:   In  event the  candidates do  not  keep commitment  of  OVERALL 75% minimum  stipulated  interaction  hours  and 75% minimum  of the required  Documents ,for  period   of  candidacy:  For  Lok  Sabha/Rajya  Sabha:  for year1,2,3,4,5th(11months),    the  number  of  interaction  hours  (minimum 20  hours/Week  for 52 week )   and Leadership Accountability-Transparency National Services and  Electioneering  Documents,       minimally  85% for 1st year ( to  eliminate non- serious candidates),   minimally  85% for  2nd year  ,     minimally 75% for 3rd year, 65% for 4th year,       minimally 65% for  11months of 5th  year(last month=30days, compulsory Zero action),   the  amount  of  % of  hours  needed  to  make  overall number  of  hours minimally 75% of  about 5200 hours, that  is  minimum Interaction  with grass root  People of about 3814  hours  (3900hrs    -   86 hrs of compulsory Zero activity in the  last  month= 30days before Election),  in  about 1826  days  of  Lok  Sabha  tenure .For  Rajya  Sabha  1st,2nd,3rd requirements  same  as  for  Lok  Sabha,4thyear75%,5th  year 65%  and for   the  6th year(only 11month long)   the  amount  of  %age  hours  required  to  render overall  75%  of about 6260 hours(accounting for 1 leap  year) = 4695  hours  and  corresponding minimal 75%  Leadership Accountability-Transparency National   Services and  Electioneering  Documents( that is,  Earning  People’s Approval And Confidence-  Validating  The Ballot -  Periodic  Presentation/Representation   Reports ie EPAAC-VTB-PP/RReport  etc.) . 100% of  interactions ,100% Documents are recommended, and 75%  requirements  are  for  hard luck  cases. More  than 100%,  say,   200% or  more  are  desirable  as  per computations in  Objects  and  Reasons.   Leadership  Accountability – Transparency National Services  and  Electioneering Documents  need  to synchronise  with  weeks  spent  in  Interactions.  Each EPAAC-VTB-PP/RReport must list the  current  and  cumulative  hour  account and  account  of varied  reports ,documents  submitted  to  People on  the  allotted  web  Site  by  the  ECI  and  under supervision  and control  of  ECI  ,and  hard copies  signed  by  the candidate submitted to  the  designated official and  place of  Election Commission  of  India for  onward  transmission to  majority People  without Internet facility  in the  Nation  . Candidature  shall be  cancelled  of candidates  who   are  not  serious  and  regular  towards  People  and  the  tasks of  preparing  for    their  Representation  as  evinced in  their  violation  of  above  requirements  and  taking  People’s  business a  part-timers’  side  kick.  *The  candidates  are  advised  to  be very  committed  and  very  serious to  the  gigantic task  of  definitely  leading the  nation  to  the  status  of  a  Developed  Nation  with  a   per capita  income , of   say  minimally  $ 30,000 ( Manorama,2008)per annum= near  15  lakh  rupees  per  year  ( 1lakh25thousand  per  month) ,which  is the    income  of  the  common  man  of     developed  nations.  Only less than 1%  Indians  have over Rs 10 lakh per   year  income . Average per  capita(read person)income  is    $3700pa×50Rs/$=1,75,000 Rupees  per  year( Manorama,2008).  Actually ,77% Indians live on Rs 20 per day ( as per  Arjun Sengupta Commission Report2006), 75%  Indians  have  less than  90,000 Rs.  income  per  year( Hindustan  Times) and  52 %  have  income  of   $1,25  per day(Asian Development  Bank)=about60 Rs/day= only  Rupees 21,900 Rs. per  year[[[( vs  purported pci   of $  3700= lakh1 and  75 thousand Rs.  average  amount  ,of  which  Rupees   1lakh53thousand100   are   shifted   to the  rich  ,  richer  and the  richest  classes  proportionally,  to  celebrate  the  Inequality Motif.  )]]].

*Those  transcribing  the final  bill, please retain these  lines,  they  are  at the  core  of  this  Bill.

Section 37BB: Cancellation of  Membership of  Parliament: All the  requirements  made  for  sustaining  the  Candidature of Parliament  are equally  applicable  to  the  sitting  member  of  Lok Sabha  and  sitting member    of  Rajya  Sabha ,with  the  following  difference: a)  Duty periods in  Parliament , and in  Government  as  a Minister ,shall constitute  the eventual  Interaction hours   for   sake  of  People, wherein  this  period  will be certified by  Lok Sabha  Speaker  and Rajya  Sabha  Chairman, at  end  of  each  Session.   The  next  non session  period(s)  ,too, shall  be  declared .b) Rest  of  requirements  of  Leadership  Accountability-Transparency National Services  and  Electioneering  Documents shall remain  intact, rather  be  more  demanding as  being the  period  for   harvesting  the  inputs  made  during the  candidacy  and  the elapsed  period  of  MP’s  tenure.  Further Interaction  requirements and  concomitant  number  of  Leadership Accountability-Transparency National  Services & Electioneering  Documents for  non  session  periods   shall be  uniformly minimal 75%  each  year, unlike  for   candidates   [[[( 100% requirements need to be  the order  of  day  for  a MP, to  serve  as Emulation  model  for  the candidate  and  People. A  leader  has  to  be minimally 100% performing,  though multiples of  100% are  expected  from  a  tall  leader)]]] Any ,lower than 75% age interaction  hours,  shall occasion cancellation  of  membership of  Parliament. No sympathetic considerations ,howsoever  genuine shall  be  entertained ,  in  machine  like  manner. The  Lok  Sabha  and  the  Rajya  Sabha  Secretariats shall notify the  requirement of  number  of  hours for  each  subsequent non session   period  of  the  tenure of  the  Members, posting  a  copy  of  the  same  on internet for  People , and  copy promptly  to  Election  Commission  of  India  and  other  Ministries pertinent for  needful  action, in  this  regard.  In case of  Rajya  Sabha members, the State, UT, NCT  ,too need be informed. However, the  ultimate  responsibility shall be  that of Member  Parliament,  to ensure  needful  minimal 75%  interaction is  squarely  met  by  him/her  each  year.

Section 38A:    Publication of list  of  candidates , their   Record of submissions  to  the  People of  each  and every  Leadership Accountability- Transparency National Services and  Electioneering Documents , shall  be completed  40  days(  40×24hours)  before  Election date. These will in  final  form complete  with  record  of  their  work outputs, shall   appear   32 days  before  election on  the  internet  and  in  hardcopies  for  each  Polling  Booth  Locality. This  is the Final  confirmed  candidature, in  cognizance  of  all of  rest  of  afore-described sections  of ‘ Letting  Poor  Man  attain  Seat of  Parliament and related Laws (  Amendment) Bill2009,’  Or ‘Discriminationless    entry of  common  man to  Parliament  Bill 2009’ Or ‘Acceptance of Common  Man  as MP and  contextual  laws (Amendment) Bill 2009’

 Section 39A: Media  time   exposure  of  candidates shall be  decided  by  ECI.  To  make this job  unbiased   , the  LSDDTV, RSDDTV  shall provide  equitable  time  distribution  slots  by  lottery/ random    number   generator  computer  program(s) ,to  all  candidates   . Contesting Candidates  of  each  Constituency/State  shall  be  given  time  slots  one  after  another  in     one  time  frame  , each separately and rest sitting  together and visible on the TV Screen,  in the  same  venue. Their  timings on  DDLSTV and DDRS TV shall be  brought to   attention of  People , at  least 15  days  before,  to let  People  have  a  chance to  see all the candidates together  and  all ready  with their  Performance  in  the  field  work—Constituency/State  in  particular  and  Nation  in  general.  Also, there shall be  Question – Answer  Sessions  by  Press and People  of  Constituency/ State,  in  particular  and  of the  Nation  in  general.      Questions    regarding Constituency/State: Nation  in  the   4:1  ratio .  Similarly  ratio  of   Number of People  participating  from  Constituency/State  and  rest  of  Nation, also  in  4:1 ratio.     People   to  be   drawn  form Part  Rolls of  ECI  .  List  of  Media  questioners  from  the  Media  Bank  Questionnaire  to be drawn  from      Media, and to be published  in  the  Print  and  Electronic  media  . Those  desiring  of  joining  as  questioners to  the  candidates,  are  to  give  minimum  100  questions  to  the  National Representation Capability Question  Bank (   to   be  maintained  by  ECI)    to  qualify  as  questioners of   the  candidate .The  participants  in  the  Question-Answer  Session between  Candidates , one  by  one   on  one side , and  Press  and  People  questioners  on  the other  side , need  to draw  on  the  Leadership  Accountability-Transparency National Services and Electioneering Documents of  ECI [( Documents outlines of  this  Bill-to-be-Act   originals  and the  Work  Outputs    rendered  by   all candidates  of    each particular  Constituency/State (80% questions) whose  candidates  are  to be  questioned  and   from those of  rest  of  nation(20% questions)].    

Section 52 A :Repeals: The Representation  of  the People Act ,1951,Section 52  of  Chapter III- General Procedure at Elections repealed: Death of Candidate of reorganized political party before  poll ………. is  repealed in so far the candidates of  Parliament  are concerned,   because  the     requirements   of  Candidacy period cannot be  met by  a newly appointed candidate in contravention to the whole spirit and substance of present ‘ Letting  Poor  Man  attain  Seat of  Parliament and related Laws (  Amendment) Bill2009,’  Or ‘Discriminationless    entry of  common  man to  Parliament  Bill 2009’ Or ‘Acceptance of Common  Man  as MP and  contextual  laws (Amendment) Bill 2009’

However   Section52  remains   otherwise  intact, in  so  far the  rest  of  election  matters as  of  State  legislature etc.  are  concerned.

Amendment in The Representation of The People Act,1951:

Section 147A  vis-à-vis    PART IX  BYE-ELECTIONS 147. Casual vacancies in the Council of States(((Section 147  remains intact for rest  of  purposes  of representation  excluding  those  of  present  Bill.)))      : in  event  of  any  seat of Rajya  Sabha  falling  vacant  for  whatever  reason,  the                  existing    candidates             whatever   be their  duration of  candidacy , shall  be  eligible. Those  not  selected  shall  continue   working  in  anticipation of   regular  vacancy  of  the  same /  other  seats. The  selected  candidate,  even  if  he/she  is    opting  to  be   candidate  for  next tenure  of  the  seat  selected  to  at  present  juncture, can  continue with  his/her pre-existing  candidacy for  regular selections  due  in  future.  In the  event ,  he/he  does  not  want  to  be  candidate  next  time,  he/she  still  has  the  obligation  to       the  People to  submit  each  and  every  one  of  the  Leadership Accountability-Transparency National  Services & Electioneering  Documents as  an MP/&  Minister.   A candidate having made up  certain  quantum  of  inputs,  has  his /her candidature  cancelled,  withdraws, or  whatever be  other  reasons  of  exit, on  applying  as  candidate for  any  of  successive fresh  tenure,  cannot use the  aforesaid  inputs  as  carryover  to  new  tenure. The inputs  stand  lapsed and  inapplicable  for  any  further  use, since  life  dynamics  of Constituency/State in  particular  and  of  Nation  in general, change ongoingly, for example a new  set of young  voters  emerge etc. etc. etc.

Section149A  vis-à-vis      . PART IX   BYE-ELECTIONS 149. Casual vacancies in the House of the People(((Section 149  remains intact for rest  of  purposes  of representation excluding  those  of  present  Bill.)))          :in  event  of  any  seat of Lok  Sabha  falling  vacant  for  whatever  reason,  the   existing    candidates  whatever   their  duration of  candidacy  shall  be  eligible. Those  not  selected  shall  continue   working  in  anticipation of   regular  vacancy  of  the  same /  other  seats. The  selected  candidate,  even  if  he/she  is    opting  to  be   candidate  for  next tenure  of  the  seat  selected  to  at  present  juncture, can  continue with  his/her pre-existing  candidacy for  regular selections  due  in  future.  In the  event ,  he/he  does  not  want  to  be  candidate  next  time,  he/she  as  an  MP  still  has  the  obligation  to  the  People to  submit  each  and  every  one  of  the  Leadership Accountability-Transparency National  Services & Electioneering  Documents as  an MP/&  Minister. A candidate having made up  certain  quantum  of  inputs,  has  his/her  candidature  cancelled,  withdraws, or  whatever be  other  reasons  of  exit, on  applying  as  candidate for  any  of  successive fresh  tenure,  cannot use the  aforesaid  inputs  as  carryover  to  new  tenure. The inputs  stand  lapsed and  inapplicable  for  any  further  use, since  life  dynamics  of Constituency/State in  particular  and  of  Nation  in general change ongoingly. For example, a new  set of young  voters  emerge etc. etc. etc.



To    fill  Parliament with People’s Presence       (the  first and foremost job of MP) —— actually, factually, practically, everywise; following Leadership Accountability- Transparency National Services and  Electioneering    Documents  are to be prepared   for   providing Information to the People, to  allow their participation and partnership in practice of Democracy. These are essential requirements  for becoming a Candidate for the  Parliament  and similarly  for  becoming the  member of Parliament. These Leadership Accountability- Transparency National  Services  and  Electioneering Documents submitted in order to gain  the Candidature  for  Parliament/sustain one’s seat in the Parliament, are required to be tested ,evaluated,  corrected, adapted, revised ,rechecked recycled in aforesaid process of partaking  and  assimilating  ground realities of the  Constituency/State, in particular and rest of Nation, in general , with the ongoing experience and knowledge  , cultivated and gained by the  Candidate/Member,  during his/her period of candidacy/tenure of membership of the Parliament ( 4years and 11 months for the Lok Sabha and 5 years and 11 months for the Rajya Sabha) . They are  required  to be reviewed ,revised and   substantiated definitely every 6 months ,though shorter monthly and quarterly revisions  are preferable and  recommended,  in light of the  ongoing interactions with the People and Institutions ,  for obtaining   detailed National  Services  and Electioneering  Presentation Documents  which  could be readily finalized as Representation National  Services   Documents   for  speedy translation into ground  realities  of the Constituency  (as Lok Sabha  member) /of the  State(as Rajya Sabha member), while functioning as MP. Hence, it is desired that both National  Services  and Electioneering  Presentation Documents ( by Candidate Parliament) and the Representation National  Services   Documents (by Member Parliament)  be  painstakingly prepared, after making   highly detailed  studies of   the problems confronting People of the Constituency/State,   being always mindful of the failed solutions of  past, and being seized of the emerging life conditions;  and contemporary successful approaches, that  are being/have  been   used elsewhere in the country or in  the  Globe . Meticulous planning, consultations  with  the consumers (read the   People) and  with  the  best of   Experts, authentic facts, figures , computations, results  of  well designed pilot studies ,preliminary tests/trials are  to  constitute the materials of these Leadership Accountability- Transparency National Services and Electioneering Documents,  in order to secure, sure shot success of all proposals , Agenda ,Action/Work Schedules;   upon being  implemented as parts of  the Representation National Services Documents  when  used during the tenure as  MP. Bureaucracy is  to  be used, simply as a directed  executional agency/machinery, and  nothing more, never as the substitute   thinking mind, the feeling heart, the vibrant Spirit of the People. That job stands reserved for the Candidate/Member of the Parliament. Because Governance has to be People propelled, so, all the Documents (that is, National  Services and Electioneering   Presentation documents, Representation National  Services  Documents, Nation Building Action Plans  and concomitant Work Schedules)  need  be explicit and  highly detailed  and be ,very very clear cut ,leaving nothing to  the  imagination of the executional  agency/personnel ( read  subjugate  Officialdom), for providing  full   and  detailed guidance   and  directions  in order to   obtain    cent percent results  of highest  quality.

NATIONAL SERVICES  AND ELECTIONEERING  PRESENTATION DOCUMENTS to be submitted during period of Candidacy,  are  meant for presenting  one’s  endeavours, efforts,  ideas, thoughts, feelings, targets personally, comprehensively  in-depth and in great length, revealing everything to  the People, leaving nothing to the  imagination, thus involving them ,obtaining their partnership and participation in Nation Building  activities,   initiated by the Candidate and Member of the Parliament , for each Polling Booth Locality, Family Neighbourhoods therein, and  families and    Individuals   of each Family Neighbourhood; keeping in mind , successively more integrated Goals,  for  successively larger  container  Collectivities ;namely, the Territorial Constituency, the Parliamentary Constituency, the State and the  Nation.


How National  Services  and Electioneering  Presentation Documents  differ from the Representation Documents?:        Before  a candidate can represent People in their entirety, a candidate has to be obviously , present amongst the People, individual by individual , collectivity by collectivity, to qualify as a Representative of the People, in the true sense of the word. Storming through  non-descript huge crowds of people,  through road shows, by market strolls and  rallies of Lakhs managed in 2-3-4 weeks of  distant crowd sightings, does not merit to be  a presentation, before the People .Before the People, who shall come individually ,not in crowds, who  shall  vote one by one ,each  one taking  hours to vote , to vote for the Candidate  they  have  contemplated  about, singled  out  of  so  many  others. The candidate is required to make Presentation before the People, get their instructions ,discussions and feedbacks, to design these Presentation Documents. National  Services  and Electioneering  Presentation Documents  are meant to create solutions  for the Problems of the People, for the Present and Future. That is,  by working  amidst the  People,  by being  continuously present (for 5/6 years) in the Parliamentary Constituency /State, to  personally experience  difficulties prevalent   in the varied milieu of their Problems . This is,  to remove the complaint of existing  candidates being  disconnected from  different sections ,localities, strata(economic, social) of People . On average, 21 lakh People are represented by one Lok Sabha Seat; and on the average,45.6 Lakh People are represented by  one Rajya Sabha Seat. It stands to computations, that 5/6 years is just a very short  period ,to comprehensively understand   Problems, and to work out comprehensive  Solutions  for such a huge population, falling into share of each Seat of Lok Sabha and each seat of Rajya Sabha. National  Services  and Electioneering  Presentation Documents: are  Documents which  in the first instance , are essential requirements for obtaining Candidature of Parliament. Only upon satisfactory preparation of Presentation Documents, is the Candidature granted and the Oath as Candidate administered to an   applicant. These initial Documents are required to be  developed, evolved and matured by ongoing interactions during the period of 4 years 11 months of candidacy for the Lok Sabha  candidate and for a period of 5 years and 11months for the Rajya Sabha candidate . The Candidates  are to prepare for their oncoming tenures in the Parliament 5/6 years(Lok Sabha/ Rajya  Sabha), from day one of candidacy; by studying, understanding and evolving the Agenda,  Nation Building Action Plans for the Future, concomitant Work Schedules, in a precise and  detailed manner, consistent with the practical needs, constraints, difficulties, impediments, uncertainties ,in view of   past failures, in view of intended place of Nation in the global community of Nations,……. etc. etc. . The candidates have to evolve practically implementable solutions yielding high quality outputs, when acted out, due to their   painstaking meticulous care in designing of  these  Documents. The solutions offered at the  end of near 5/6 years of candidacy are to be  developed  to fit the reality  of Constituency/State in particular  and  the Nation in general. The feedback from real life situations and consumers(that is the People) are to be elicited in step by step development of the aforesaid solutions, by non stop interactions of the candidate with People and landscape  of Parliamentary Constituency /State, in particular and Nation ,in general. The Candidate  is required to use all Intellectual resources of Governance and People to evolve these  National  Services  and Electioneering  Presentation Documents  in systematic manner. On the way , he/she need to run Feasibility studies and further explorations besides critically   assessing the  past solutions ,to arrive at perfectly answering solutions with least possible expenses . The National  Services  and Electioneering  Presentation Documents  are to prove the competence and worth of the Candidate, as someone who shall be productive and successfully translate the aspirations of the People into Reality,  upon  gaining  membership  to Parliament/&  Ministership.

The major thrust of National  Services &  Electioneering Presentation Document is, to make India  Number One: physically, mentally and spiritually. To shift from scenario of copy, import, borrow ,take to one of creativity, export, lend, help and ‘giving’ to rest of the Globe. To make every  Indian Iconic in his/her output.  To shift from crowds oriented Politics to Individual based Politics, from indolence-corruption ridden Politician   to  an  industrious/workaholic Serving Candidate/Member  Parliament –   found helping out of way , without any expectation of rewards and gratifications,   transforming a self convergent society to self divergent society, from a mute  Candidate/  MP   to  an activist missionary Candidate/MP, from today’s Politician Candidate/MP counting others faults as one’s personal credits to becoming Emulation Model of people   who is busy counting his/her work outputs and endeavouring to come  on par with others virtues as his/her credit building criteria; in fact  the Candidate/MP is   duty-bounden, to change the whole decadent, regressive, unproductive style of prevalent functioning to generative, progressive, pre-empting style of functioning, in every sphere of Indian life, ranging from that of an Individual onto his/her Family, Family Neighbourhood, Polling Booth Locality, Territorial Constituency, Parliamentary Constituency, State,  Nation and Nation vis-à-vis the Globe. To establish,   excellence in every sphere of activity. To be an Iconic Emulation Model( ref M.K.Gandhi for  service to People) for one   and all;  especially , the People represented  of the Constituency( as Lok Sabha Candidate)/state(  as Rajya Sabha Candidate)

Representation  National  Services  Documents: are the Documents finalised from the National  Services  and  Electioneering Presentation Documents after a candidate has won elections  to  Lok Sabha or  Rajya  Sabha. After the candidate has presented himself/herself  before  the  People , for comprehensive interactions to be their attorney, guardian, agent ,representative, in fact  to be their replacement, one by one  in the Parliament ,to become an Embodiment  of People of Constituency/State in particular and Nation in general, in concordance to Constitution of India ,   to    bring  People mind  and  soul  in  his/her  Body  to their Seat  in the     Parliament .  It is his/her turn to  consolidate his/her outputs during candidacy and  the interactive outputs that he/she elicited  from the People into  inputs for National Services & Electioneering Presentation Document. The Representation National  Services   Documents  ,thence,  are to be submitted to the People ,to provide them  his/her ready-to-take-off Agenda of intended outputs as   a  MP   now ,to  shoulder  his/her  Responsibilities  ,discharge  his/her   Duties as an MP, to honour  his/her Oath and Obligations  to Constitution of India ,to  fulfil  his/her Promises , Commitments   to People of  the Constituency/State in particular,  and Nation in general. The MP   has  60 days ,taking  the day of Oath-taking, as day one , to   formulate  his/her Representation National  Services  Documents, in light of his/her crystallized position in the newly installed Lok Sabha/new batch of Rajya Sabha members    vis-à-vis   Parliament  and concomitant Government, that is  on  knowing  whether ,he/she is in ruling side or  in  Opposition ,or is an office–bearer of  Parliament or  and of  Ministry etc..  In order to realise the  inputs proposed/required for the People, as per  the National Services & Electioneering Presentation Document , he/she  is required to  put his/her position , agenda and concomitant  Work Schedules—-everything——transparently, conclusively, candidly….. maintaining complete Accessibility,  Bilaterality, Participatability, Team-making  Partnership, Organisability, Leadership    Connectability,  Answerability-Transparency, Honesty-Truthfulness, Interactability, Continuously interactive Representability, Responsibility, Discipline,Dutifulness, competence, worthiness ,mertoriousness, Accountability,  Rapportability,  Entrustability, Creditability,  Generatability,  Performability, Deliverability  for/towards/with each and every  citizen of his/her Constituency/State , in particular and Nation  in general.


Guidelines and instructions for preparing and implementing the National  Services and  Electioneering Presentation Documents and  National  Services Representation Documents with the view to blending and merging their outputs into Nationa Building Action Plans for the smooth take off   later :

1.To thoroughly understand the ambit of  Candidate’s /MP’s Responsibilities and  Duties (Amendment V, Part E  of this Bill),  so as to  generate an Agenda of step-by-step tasks by   analysis of  present problems, in relation to the pending problems of  past ,as far as back in time, as  he/she( Candidate /Member Parliament)  may venture, ( minimally 75 years, age span granted to any of 75 thousand newborns, that arrived in last 24 hours in India ). The analysis is to be marked with a drive to detect all deficits, lapses, liabilities, defects, oversights……..  of the past, and those lurking  in the present ; with a view  to obtain guaranteed, durable (minimally, for 75 years) fail-safe, fool-proof solutions, that  would get  graded as excellent, by the posterity, as it looks at these Leadership Accountability-Transparency National  Services & Electioneering  Documents , especially the  Nation  Building Action Plans  etc.,  which  would eventually  land in   the Legacy Heritage Democracy (House) Centre   ,once  occupied  by the present MP –   the   author   National Services & Electioneering Presentation Document, in  the distant oncoming Future.   The Candidate /Member Parliament is required to  formulate   Goals for  each of the following categories ,in view of their existing status vis-à-vis      the  required  status, in his/ her Constituency/State: Individual , Family, Family Neighbourhood, Polling  Booth Locality , Territorial  Constituency,  Parliamentary  Constituency , Parliamentary Constituency Combinations,  State , State Combinations, Nation  to be   used for preparation of  his/her  National Services  and  Electioneering Presentation Documents /Representation National Services Documents. The  Lok Sabha candidate/Member is  to  emphasize   in  his/her  focus, his/her Parliamentary Constituency as the  population  denomination,  for  converging  to  and  diverging   from,  whilst  likewise, the  Rajya  Sabha  Candidate/Member is  to  emphasize  his/her  State( UT, NCT) as meltdown  point  of  convergence  and  divergence , for  all his/her  thoughts ,actions   and  endeavours ,the  best that   he/she  can output.

2.  The  *****Leadership  Accountability- Transparency National Services and  Electioneering   Documents need be evolved, matured  and crafted  ,through week-by-week interactions conducted with the  People, by Studies, Facts and Figures from Interactions, by outputs of the  Governance, and solutions of problems achieved/attempted elsewhere, now or in the Past, to obtain feasible, actually, factually, practically, readily implementable Solutions, that  leave nothing out, whatever the  Future may present. These are to be, no-excuses Solutions, as  are supposed to  be the  no-excuses MPs . Hence, the need for painstaking inputs into these,  to  achieve  enduring outputs. For posterity.*****  All documents required as  per i) chapter VII on  common  requirements  for  candidates of  Lok  Sabha  and  Rajya  Sabha   and  MP, ii) Chapter VIII  on  requirements  fo  Lok  Sabha  candidate ,  iii) Chapter IX  on  requirements  for  Rajya  Sabha  candidate and iv)  chapter X   on  MP in  Lok  Sabha/Rajya   Sabha or as  Minister.

3.   In determining the feasibility of implementable action envisaged by  the  Leadership  Accountability- Transparency National Services  and Electioneering  Documents, the Candidate/Member Parliament,  has  to  provide a  detailed lists of inputs: that is, a total  Account of all expenditures: Account of  the  Time needed,  Account of Money needed,  Account of  Services needed, Citizen involvement expressed in the  net Service hours outputted under different heads, Citizen contributions towards Expertise-skills-materials-organization ( Governmental, Citizen based…..);besides, the details of   checks and supervision, the maintenance and operational details etc .etc. needed  to achieve  the goals   and the varied  component targets of the   Leadership   Accountability- Transparency National  Services  and  Electioneering  Documents.

4.   Candidate/Member Parliament, need   provide instructions-procedures for dependable Measurements, Testing ,Evaluation and troubleshooting  of all stages of actualization of his/her  Leadership  Accountability- Transparency National Services  and  Electioneering   Documents ,as also  the  operationalising  of their outputs in the  service of  People , with an eye  into  coming  75 years, minimally. Without these insuring  tools, future course of their outputs will be arbitrary, and more likely on  the course of deterioration and extinction, bringing their  labours to a naught. Regarding  the  Promises,  Commitments,  Agenda  actualisation  and consequents  results/outputs/progress,  the  candidate/member Parliament is  required  to declare  day by  day ,  week  by  week, …month by  month ,  quarter  by  quarter,  6month  by   6month  ,year  by  year…. ,       ……….          to    declare with  supportive  facts  and figures ,the  following           ( in  each and every  document)    : at  beginning  ,  in the  middle  and   at end,  of  each and  every  interval,  the % age   of  stipulated  jobs accomplished    vis-à-vis    the  balance amount  of  job  left unaccomplished.  Also how  much % age  work  is  short of   the  targeted  amount,  and  how much %  age  is  above  the  targeted  amount. And  consequent corresponding time  of  completion  of  job .  Also  to  mention  the  grade  of  job  accomplished               (self  defined   ,for  example  Excellent,  Very  Good,  Good,  Fair  , just  barely Passable   ,  Poor  ,  Very Poor ,   Condemnable,  Punishable  etc..Or  Ist  Class First,  First   Class,  Second   Class,  Third  Class,  Fourth  class……………………….etc.   )


5. The  Candidate /Member Parliament is advised ,to tap and utilize immense resources of man power, intellectual powers, expertise, skills, Past Projects, Donations, Philanthropy-NGOs-Services Volunteers-Ex-Forces Personnel-Students, Senior Citizen Wisdom-Knowledge and Resources, Local History   etc. etc. of his/her Constituency/State , in particular and Nation, in general. This  is, in order to cut down costs, red tape ,and to invoke complete participation and partnership of the People at all steps of fructification of  goals  and  concomitant Action  Taken  by  these  Leadership  Accountability- Transparency National Services  and  Electioneering Documents into Utilities and Services for the People. Through his/her leadership skills, he/she  is to  ( and should)  formulate groups  derived from each Polling Booth Locality, to  provide specific inputs  for perfection of National  Services  and Electioneering  Presentation Documents  ,while as a Candidate   and , to provide  executive help in  materializing the  executional  detailed  Plans of Representation National  Services   Documents   of the MP , to  realize  the targeted transformations. Ideally ,the  Leadership  Accountability- Transparency National  Services  and  Electioneering Documents need be outputted into Reality, entirely by  the  efforts of Citizens under  the  galvanizing Leadership of the Candidate/Member of the Parliament. To be made possible  by the People ,  need  be  always  the  first  preference. Such  has  to  be  leadership  and charisma. Next stages need be, People aided in different degrees by the  Governance, leaving  totally to the Governance as a last resort, where it is otherwise not appropriate and possible.

6.  These  Leadership  Accountability- Transparency National Services  and Electioneering  Documents have  to pass on to Posterity , thence ,all necessary  guidance for future MPs and voters, need be inbuilt into these Documents; especially, on how to mobilize Services and Resources  of People, to make these People- driven  self perpetuating activities.  It is advisable that the outputs of the  Documents  blend and merge into subsequent long term Nation  Building Action Plans for their  smooth take off.

7. The  Candidate /Member Parliament  must assign order of priority to the treatment of  various facet of all his written submissions to the People , including those within  the National Services  and  Electioneering Presentation Documents /Representation National Services Documents, providing criteria for  ascertaining the same, so as to help determine the distribution of Attention and Energies for  executing the consequent tasks.

8 The  candidate in all  his/her  allusions to  performances    of his/her  or  those of ,  Government , Institutions …..   must  ascribe   qualitative attributes ,  grades self -defined and  wherever possible as  per norms/standards,  to  all the  contents of  his/her  Leadership Accountability-Transparency National Services and  Electioneering  Documents. He/she  need to  grade all inputs  and  outputs  as A  class,  B  class,  C  class,  Poor ,  Unsatisfactory   etc  (  self  defined  , for  example)    etc.etc.  Each   Earning People’s  Approval  And  Confidence- Validating  The Ballot-  Periodic  Presentation/ Representation Report   need  to  have self examined  grade  of  Performance  for  activities  etc.

Preamble:  Following Documents are aimed at  realization of  Objectives of Constitution    by the Candidate /Member Parliament who in turn is  required to be    well adept     in the   ground realities of the Parliamentary Constituency/State in particular and Nation  in general. Thence, these Documents are required to  encompass all  activities and   consequential results     which  the   Candidate /Member Parliament is  Honour bound and Oath bound, to   undertake, and produce in cognizance of his Responsibilities and Duties, as  stipulated in  Part E of the present Bill  (The Candidate /Member Parliament need make comprehensive understanding of these) .  Following  objectives must be realized as top priority before attending  others:

i)Protection and security of each citizen in all  possible circumstances, come

what may, ii)   Livelihood – which is financially and mentally fulfilling   ,providing

lifelong security and wellbeing,  besides, giving joy of working to each

constituent and the  joy  of  contributing abundance and surplus resources  to

the Collectivity (Polling Booth Locality,

Constituency……….Nation),  iii)  Knowledge (for Employment, Self  development,

Contributing to Society……….Nation)  and  Enlightenment in every respect , iv)

Providing all opportunities, resources, facilities, People-friendly Governance for

growth and expansion —physically, mentally, spiritually;  for each individual of

every Polling Booth Locality, v) Ongoing  management  of Future Challenges

,upcoming consequential developments; imminent, short termed( up to 10

years),long termed ( for expected life span of 75(and  above) years for new born

a); stemming from  the Past and  the Present.

Negativities/Negatives: These imply the burdens, liabilities, uncontrolled generators of problems  that  are unhealthy /&  of  undesired   pathology; toxic, polluting and  unacceptable states of Body, Mind and  Spirit ;basic negative tendencies, outputs unnoticed, unchecked………….                of the Individual and collectivity, in context of  developing and building the:       Individual, Family, Family Neighbourhood, Polling Booth Locality, Territorial Constituency, Parliamentary Constituency, State ( UT) , Nation , Nation vis-à-vis Globe. To name some: 0)              Above all, at heart of it, the Lack of creativity ,innovativity,  exploration, invention, discovery, sense of generative Pursuit, sustained dogged application,  filled up  by profusion of  indolence, procrastination, complacency,  shortcut attitude  and   leg-pulling, obstructionism……………….. ;especially, in the conduct of  Governance    retarded   by  its out of context      colonial  heritage,  1)                 Uncontrollably, unmanageably huge Population-1/6th  of Globe’s Population ,near  about  114 crore   slated  (including errors of counting etc.,  figures approximating at 120 crore). 2,75crore People , the Population of Australia  adding  to   burdens   each Year, bringing 75,000 People –newborns-every day into the Nation, about 150/day in each  Parliamentary Constituency ,on the average ( Population  of India in 2050:1,807,878,574[Manorama Year Book2008) –are we getting ready?  and  250  crore  in 75  years  time   ,that is, in 2084,  are  the  candidates/ members  Parliament   keeping  that in mind?????  )-----with no arrangements/future thinking to feed new   mouths, to employ the new crop of the unemployed, which will be unabatedly piling up. 2)                 Ongoing non reversible depletion of  Agricultural Land (refer Nandi Nano conflict in Bengal in 2008),denuding Forests, especially in Hilly states; Depletion of precious ores, minerals etc. each day. 3)                      the receding ground water levels, Climatic  changes with grave implications for future security.   4)                           disappearing Natural resources botanical and zoological especially. 5)                                  Brain ,Talent, Skill, Knowledge Drain and decline—loss of highest form of Nation’s Intellectual Resources ,already in big shortage, especially the cream abandoning  National interest for self interest to move to advanced countries, jeopardizing  Knowledge Economy. 6)                        Expanding Poverty 77% earning Rs 20per day( Arjun Sengupta Commission Report)( 52% below= 1.25$/day=near 60 Rs./day Asian Development Bank --HT 28Aug2008). 7) Illiteracy8)   Collectivities steeped in Superstition, Social Ills(Sati, child marriage,                    dowry etc. ),  foeticide, Female degradation, domestic violence gambling, drug addiction, social prejudices, intolerances, inequalities, taboos etc .etc. 9)Declining Indian Culture and Human Values vis-à-vis senseless copying of  media driven Life styles, inconsistent with Indian civility, Ethos, Values and Way of Life, Loss of National Individuality, Identity and Patriotic fervour that marked Freedom struggle, in creation of Constitution of India; Indian Civilisation especially post -1857.    10)                                   Declining Indian Product vis-à-vis the imported Product , unable to find  place of pride in foreign markets because of poor quality ,durability and at times poor marketing, Poorly placed Manufacturing Sector  heavily dependent on outside-India  Know–how. 11)                      Poor quality of Indian Education unable to prepare  student for  productive and regenerative Employment . Education with lack of practical purpose and focus . Especially for Indian needs. Higher education tilted towards Goals of advanced countries.   12)                          Unproductive poor  Governance, yet , in British Administrative cast and functional algorithms of  ,viewing and treating People as if Colonial subjects, ever ready to say ‘No’ for easily possible ‘Yes’, apathetic,  cold  ,noncooperative , oppressive and repulsive to the  common man.  13)                          Corruption Epidemic having originated from Legislators,  has  penetrated every cell of  Governance (at all levels) has   eventually arrived  in minds of  small school children who daily copy home work, Business men who fleece whomsoever they can lay hands  on.          14)                   Day by day, deteriorating  Judiciary(greater than  3 crore , 40 Lakh and 26  thousand cases in lower courts, High courts  and the Supreme Court. 15) Black Money, frail treasuries ( of Centre and  States)- no robust reserves to last next 1-5-10--------  years or few  weeks ---months?? 16)  Insecurity in its many manifestations. Common place Unlawfulness in day to day life , Internal Insecurity, all sorts of porous borders --unfriendly Neighbours , heavy expenditures on  elusive Security. 17) Climatic and man  made recurring  Disaster-Crisis since 1947; No permanent solutions cared for. Momentary attention and casual attitude of Powers that be. Recurring Losses, lapses, faults ,errors of Legislators, Bureaucrats, Judicial officers of all levels and descriptions. 18)Poor  vital statistics:  Human Development Index, Per Capita Income, Gross Development Product, Price Index vis-à-vis     purchasing  power  vis-à-vis     standards of destitution, standards of  Below  Poverty Line   life,  inadequate  living  standards,  standards  of decent  Living, Corruption ratings, Unemployment rate------------------ etc. etc.  Poor in comparison with Global ratings, indices    by International scoring bodies  ,for example, IMF, WB, ADB, UNO, Standards’ Institutions  of advanced nations, besides Ministry of Statistics and Program  Implementation, 19)          Lack of managerial, entrepreneurial, explorative, innovative, productivity oriented, excellence oriented, initiative taking, spearheading leadership to unleash the immense potential of  the  People( read the sleeping Genie),  20)  Above all spectator  attitude  of  collectivity and  a  frightened  subservient passive citizen and   to  cap  it  all  a predating  leader, so  called  leader (  a  follower, and  a  beggar  of  Votes ,indeed. 21) Others.

Every Polling Both locality at least ,as unit of Constituency  (Parliamentary or Territorial)  need  to  determine its own Negativities, and its Positivities. Prescribe order of importance, priority of execution, short and long term Action Plans and consequent Schedules of implementation with maximized participation, partnership, contributions of each citizen ,inasmuch as be it  possible to get started with . The peculiarities, particularities, and rest of distinguishing characteristics of Polling Booth Locality need be accounted to obtain a realistic and soluble agenda in view of descending order of importance ascertained for its Positivities and its Negativities,using an optimal approach for  execution aimed at best results.

Positivities/Positives1)    Vast and rich diversity of Natural Resources   of all  sorts : Physical, Intellectual and of Spirit; of  Land,  Sea ,geography, of the  History, of  a Heritage dating back into  antiquity , of  rare knowledge ,sciences ,arts, crafts ,  of  folklore    enriching since undated antiquity, of  highly developed Civilisation  of the past, kept alive  till this day ( through custom , tradition, Samriti (ongoing memory transference ).  2)         Good  average  intelligence  ,availability of Peak intelligence in every sphere of activity 3)        Good  Climate , Good Soil  favouring  highest  productivity of  agro outputs and Livestock.   4)               Vast stockpiles of  diverse minerals for  Industry.  5)         Business and trade  traditions from antiquity.  6)        Generally peaceful and well meaning sensible population, 7)        abundance of Opportunities for every sphere of activity,   8)        An elite intelligentsia class  spread over the Globe, besides that in the Nation,9)  Nothing  is  lacking-----But for  willed determination  and  brisk  consequent  Action.

Leadership Transparency-Accountability National Services and Electioneering Documents


Candidate and Member of Parliament  is required to inform the People in his/her own words and handwriting  , the People  of the Constituency/the State  emphasized in particular  and of the rest of  Nation in general,  the following:

National Services & Electioneering Presentation Document/ Representation National Services  Document  ZERO:

THE  ALPHA  AND OMEGA  DOCUMENTS  to  tell  People  his/her step by  step Time bound Agenda of action to complete  the process of  Freedom, to  realise  its Fruits:

Document Freedoms( name/title of Document ,each para) Swarajya Freedom Documents: delineating Parliament Candidate’s and  Member’s Agenda  and  concomitant  Schedule  of  FREEDOM from 1,             HUNGER-POVERTY-UNEMPLOYMENT THE  THREE-IN-ONE- CURSE ,2.               FREEDOM FROM FOREIGN    DEPENDENCE  ON    TECHNOLOGICAL  GOODS , CULTURE ,IMITATED LIFE-STYLES,        3.                          FREEDOM      FROM  DIVISIVE  SELF INFLICTING INTERNAL FORCES ;4.                     FREEDOM FROM INSECURITIES  ARISING  FROM CORRUPTION, DAY TO DAY  UNLAWFULNESS, LITIGATION, 5.  FREEDOM  FROM     POPULATION  EXPLOSION VIS-À-VIS  EXTRA  REQUIREMENTS  TO  SUSTAIN ADDITIVE  BURDENS, 6.                   FREEDOM  FROM  NEGATIVITIES.

7.     FREEDOM(S) THAT    Candidate /Member  Parliament   DISCERNS   HAVE  BEEN  LEFT   UNSAID. Never forgetting to  bring  fruits of  Decent standard of Living, Education ,Civility ,Courtesy  to the70% BPL, Villages, slums,  unorganized labour, child labour, girl child and women, Negativites past, present and imported; and  those  waiting   in queue  from Future, because  of  Leaders unbothered by Future.  To bring Freedoms  envisaged by Freedom  Struggle( remember M.K.Gandhi and rest in that Picture Gallery). To move from Freedoms to Excellence in every sphere of Life ,with eyes on Perfection, Ideals of Indian Civilisation steeped in  antiquity.

8   After having explained how  the Candidate/MP shall   secure Freedoms as  per  clauses 1 to 7  above ,  to  elaborate  further   how   he/she  shall  secure    the     GOALS  OF  DEMOCRACY: that is  establishing absolute democracy  for  each  individual ,  his  surrounding  concentric  collectivities                       comprising of : Family,  Family  Neighbourhood,   Polling Booth Locality,  Territorial Constituency , Parliamentary Constituency , State, Nation.  To realise  cherished goals of  Democracy: a perpetuating   era  of gentle   strifelessness, a fraternizing, caring , sharing  humanity,  where  every  citizen contributes to  outputs  of  Democracy,  reducing  his/her  negative  inputs   and  bolsters  his/her every  positive  input,  to  pave  way  for  a  Welfare State.  To   realise  on  ground  all   positivities betokened by the Insignia  of  Nation,  fructifying   in  creating abundance,  surpluses ,  reserves ,  excellence  in  every  endeavour  of  National  Activity. To  perfect    Material  Capital ,  Energetics  Capital( Including Monetary,  Work  Culture..., Full Time Employment, Spare Time Utilisation and  Management ),  Intellectual Capital(  Skills, talents,  expertises.......)  , Sociological   Capital especially Human Values  (amity, concord, fraternity, ever ready  good  Samaritan  helpfulness,  a discordless,   strifeless society ),  Virtue-Order-Productivity Capital (Discipline, Positivity ,Productivity..)  and  above  all,  a Capital of  Spirit (Positive state  of  Mind  of  Individual and  Social  atmosphere,) buttressed by Peace Harmony and Prosperity for  each  one , for  every  Collectivity.  A  negativitiless  Nation of  positively  evolving  Individual.  To  herald  an era of  concordant ,vibrant, totally engrossed  and  productive  Individual and    Society. Let the Candidate/MP  tell People,  how  will   he/she go  about    realising the varied  steps of  fructifying   an  actual factual practically  manifesting  Democracy    flourishing  in  his/her  Constituency/  State                        in                 particular  and   in the  Nation , in general.  Same  for  forthcoming  clause 9 below.

9.  To  usher  in  a  true democracy    to  render  every one a  proactive  component  of Parliament  and  its  concomitant  Governance. To  render   each Citizen  a  participant , team  partner, shareholder,  stakeholder  in  every process  and   every step of  Democracy in  aforesaid  context. The assume   role  of  candidate/member Parliament  as  the  foremost catalyst , fermenter  ,brewer  , culturist    of   a mature and  perfect  Democracy.

National Services & Electioneering *Presentation( for the Candidate) Document/ **Representation( for the MP) National Services Document  1ADETAILED Standards of : Conduct, Morality, Governance, Productivity, Living, Work Culture, Civil Society   ( read parameters of  a progressive, optimal and stable Civilization), Services (Public and Private)  he/she  shall establish, during  the  period of his Candidacy,  and  tenure as MP. And how?  .  * Candidate Presents,** MP Represents. There cannot be a Representation without Presentation.

National Services & Electioneering Presentation Document/ Representation National Services Document . 1B: A detailed and definitive  description of the Problems  in all their diversity  vis-à-vis achieving  objectives of Constitution of India, goals of development*, short term and long term, listed in descending order of priority , in respect of the following:  The Individual, Family (Nuclear and joint), Family Neighbourhood/ Mohalla/ Neighbourhood community/Workplace Complex, Polling Booth Locality, Territorial Constituency, Parliamentary Constituency, State(UT/NCT) ,Nation  and Nation vis-à-vis Globe.

Besides, Candidate/Member Parliament’s own treatment of National Services & Electioneering Presentation Document/ Representation National Services Document .1A,He/she  may *also refer Millennium development goals by developing countries, PM, Manmohan Singh,13 Nov2008”Our message to G-20………”The Tribune,14 Nov.2008. Millennium Goals are order of the day  with International Bodies especially UNO.

National Services & Electioneering  Presentation    Document/ Representation National Services Document.1C:    A detailed and definitive description of existing status ,required status, and the gap vis-à-vis   the Standard of Living he/she spells  and  concretely  ,  tangibly  defines-prescribes, backed by facts, verifiable statistics/figures etc . in respect of  ( a detailed list in descending order of importance ) basic needs of survival  ;especially, ROTI, KAPDA, MAKAN= BREAD, CLOTHING ,SHELTER/HOUSING  for   Individual, Family (Nuclear and joint), Family Neighbourhood/ Mohalla/ Neighbourhood community/Workplace Complex, Polling Booth Locality, Territorial Constituency, Parliamentary Constituency, State(UT,NCT) ,Nation  and Nation vis-à-vis Globe.

National Services & Electioneering  Presentation    Document/ Representation National Services Document   1D: A detailed list,  of requirements of *Infrastructures ,specifying quantity and  detailed quality attributes ,keeping in mind  the  Future ,especially next 100 years ,but working for perpetual durability( think of Kutub Minar, Red  Fort  in Delhi and  the kind  in India   and  in rest  of  World)  ,not to burden Posterity with unnecessary jobs that can be done well now. The Listing , need be made viewing requirements of  Individual ,Family, Family Neighbourhood, especially each Polling Booth Locality (( especially for Lok Sabha Constituency of Candidate/Member Lok Sabha)) , especially  each  Territorial Constituency   ((especially for Rajya Sabha  Member/Candidate)),State and Nation.* Besides the media popular Sadak-Bijli-Paani( Roads-electricity-water); Physical Structures for transportation ,Connectivity  etc inputs  for  productivity  like  Energy/Power Sources-Dams, Metal and other input generators  for  Industry, Production units, Creation  of  Intellectual- Expertise-generators , Intellectual-Spirit Resource generators, for  putting  in place, Civilisation of  Calibre and  Class, commensurate to  Indian  Heritage and  age  old Human Values, infra-Knowledge Generators  to  provide know-how, know-why  for various sectors,  especially    Productivity as for Manufacturing, Handicrafts , Intellectual Productivity for  Cerebral  needs of  Indian  Civilisation. And  all  else/whatever,  that Candidate  deems  fit  for  Constituency/State in  particular  and  Nation  in general. 

National Services & Electioneering  Presentation    Document/ Representation National Services Document  1E:  A  detailed list of problems of means of Livelihood, generation of employment, sustenance of employment  vis-à-vis Productivity with emphasis on quality geared for Excellence, carried from the  Present Scenario, to the ones emerging  minimally 75 years ahead of  today. With a view to provide gainful Livelihood compatible for  A DECENT STANDARD OF LIVING for all above 18 years (plus part time interning, spare time  jobs for above 12 to 18 year  group).

National Services & Electioneering  Presentation    Document/ Representation National Services Document  1F:   A detailed List of Negativities (referring  to Negativities enlisted  and the rest  that  Candidate/ Member Parliament perceives additionally )   and enlarging these in view of ground realities  prevalent at the moment ,  compiled  from each component Polling Booth Locality of Parliamentary Constituency for Lok Sabha  Candidate/Member and from each  Territorial Constituency of State/UT/NCT for Rajya Sabha Candidate/Member. A further detailed list for rest of Country.

National Services & Electioneering  Presentation    Document/ Representation National Services Document   1G:   A detailed List of Positivities((( referring to positivities  and the rest Candidate/ Member Parliament perceives /  compiled in view of ground realities))), similarly as for Document No. 1F.

National Services & Electioneering  Presentation    Document/ Representation National Services Document   1H :    Provide  to the People, For Negativities(refer List  as per Document No. 1,plus those in Document 1F ),one by one,  Time Clock Alarms / Calendar Alarms  for      a) yet  totally in hand, but shall start downwards ,unless the  following safeguards are incorporated…… ,   b) already xy% below manageability  level and need  following actions……. ,   c) Problem becoming serious and needs following immediate and long term Actions, Programs……..,   d) Negativity reaching danger levels( defined by  Candidate /Member Parliament as   I, II, III, IV etc. and consequential course of treatments. The Candidate/MP need provide criteria and justifications , especially from Past, especially  viewing recurring  Problems, Crises, Calamities ,especially  those that could have been averted by timely  Clock/& Calendar Alarms and concomitant Corrections. The Candidate/ Member Parliament need especially  emphasize   his/her Parliamentary Constituency for Lok Sabha/  State for Rajya Sabha. Candidate/ Member Parliament need   give basis and justification   for each of  the aforesaid clauses.

National Services & Electioneering  Presentation    Document/ Representation National Services Document   1 I:           A detailed list of defects  in Policies  for handling Negativities   ( refer National  Services  and Electioneering  Presentation Documents  for Negativities and Positivities),tracing them minimally to the last  75 years, especially the last three tenures of Parliament, preferably  looking for causations  in back eras of  History, and  thence  providing  alternative corrective  insertions, modifications in the prevalent Policies  for each  of the  Ministries at the Centre. Forgetting not to include  all that,  which  has escaped Attention of  previous batches of MPs, Governments  or just plain  neglected by  them.  In the same vein, a detailed List of Positivities affirmed, for further strengthening them for the  next 75 years ,minimally, preferably   as far into Time as he wills to perceive, to affirm  and strengthen  the  Posterity then.

National Services & Electioneering  Presentation    Document/ Representation National Services Document   1J:        A detailed list of Promises, Commitments, Obligations towards People of the Constituency/State , in particular and  Nation ,in general. And , Commitment to What level shall the Candidate/Member  Parliament  take his/her Constituency, State, Nation, Nation vis-à-vis  Globe under his/her  Leadership. For instance, how much %age increment per year  he /she will bring about in GDP, Per capita Income in lower 80% of economic strata starting from Below Poverty Line populations, Human Development Index, Sensex ,National Treasury, State(UT, NCT) Treasuries, Rate of Rupee vis-à-vis    foreign exchange, Per 1000 Facilities( for example  Number of dwelling rooms and units(houses),  Kilometres of roads, Kilowatts of Electricity, Kilo Litres of  drinking clean  water, Public utilities like Parks, Hospitals, Educational Institutions, Training–Skill imparting  for making Employment worthy,  Bringing Democracy in midst of common People, Positive–Progressive-Productive  Collective  Mindset , Employment, Enterprises by individuals and groups, Spare time  utilization,   Gadgets etc. Industrial Products, Growth of Individual Potential,  Libraries.........vis-à-vis    Individual, Family , Family Neighbourhood, Polling  Booth Locality, Territorial Constituency   (State Assembly Constituency),Parliamentary Constituency, State, Nation   .  And how much, similarly in above very context, %age decrement per year he/she will  bring about in Unemployment, Hunger, Illiteracy, Disease, Loss of cultivatable land  , School drop out rate, Corruption, Disorders in Law and Order, Litigation rate, Population increment rate , Decline of National Character, Conscience, Price Index vis-à-vis buying capacity of essential  goods, foeticide, dowry  deaths, Black money, ………………..   . etc. etc. etc.......  .

National Services & Electioneering  Presentation    Document/ Representation National Services Document   2A:          To   provide to the People, time bound Month by month , localitywise  detailed practical solutions, for each of the Problems detailed  out in previous section 1: Zero- A to L specifically tailored for :  The Individual, Family , Family Neighbourhood, Polling Booth Locality, Polling Booth Neighbourhood, Polling Booth Locality Neighbourhood Cluster(s), Interest Linked Groups of Polling Booth Localities, Territorial Constituency, Parliamentary Constituency, Constituency Neighbourhood, Constituency Neighbourhood Cluster(s), Interest Linked Group of Constituencies, State ,State Neighbourhood , State Neighbourhood Cluster(s), Interest Linked Group of States, Nation, Nation vis-à-vis  Globe . The Candidate/Member Lok Sabha need focus   on  Parliamentary Constituency,  in particular and    rest of Nation ,in general. The Candidate/Member of Rajya Sabha similarly  to focus on State ( read State Constituencies) in particular , and rest of States of Nation, in general. The Solutions are to be   arrived at,  after deliberating on feedback from past decades ( minimally  for 75 years----) ;especially , the facts, figures, failures, follies  …. for respective problems, after having diagnosed ,defined and analysed  each of  them in minute details. Solutions  are to have detailed step by step, practically implementable,  fool proof instructions, to be implemented in deadline based  Task Schedules. Solutions , need be in descending order of priority, keeping  the  common man—rather the BELOW POVERTY LINE man, always in sight. Following  pivotal aspects are to be definitely included in framing Solutions:    0)           That   (BELOW POVERTY LINE-Common man)  doesn’t go hungry for want of food,  gets good nourishing diet ;especially, his/her  growing child; has  sustaining, stable, decently paying employment under humane conditions of work,   and that he/she  is secure, at all places  at all times, that he/she can support his/her Family ,giving it   a   decent life, good standard of living, education to children, can adequately  look after old parents and elderly relations, can have sufficient income, to have money to fall back on  for  a rainy  day ,   possesses a dwelling unit  of his/her own ,  has  enough  money  and  means to  pay for settling  his/her children into suitable professions,  and for solemnizing  their marriages and to have for his/her old age,  adequate social Security & Pension; and  for the  old age, when strengths of body are dwindling, sufficient facilities  for medical care,    arranging for  lifelong free medical care, as  an  essential obligation of State  to  offer  protection to each citizen’s life.  In short, the Candidate/Member Parliament   is duty bound and Honour bound, to rear , grow, settle to a fulfilling Life, each and every Citizen under his/her charge , as  the  Caring Patriarch, husbanding the Constituency/State in particular, and Nation in general. The  Candidate /Member Parliament need be constantly endeavouring to meet every Objective of Constitution of India , as per his sacred oath as Candidate /Member Parliament , And  1)                That he/she moves safely ,freely ,fearlessly, in event of distress, he/she approaches authorities ,for  example, Police Stations where he/she is attended courteously, helpfully and provided prompt relief; not exploited, harassed , frightened to be saddled with further distress and misery to compound already  damaged  and stressful situation. ….That  Individual; child or women, weak, infirm or old is  sure of his/her security, security of his/her Possessions, moveable and immoveable. This  need be the worry of  Government ( read  of  the MP who symbolises the Sovereignty of  India ,in every Polling  Booth Locality)  ,2)            That he/she attains financial security and reserves for marriages of his/her children,  for treatments of his/her poor health, or for out of job period; in the evening of life, to live and die honourably , without having to take anyone’s obligation ,not even Governments’, to keep ones’ self esteem vibrant and upright, In nutshell decent income, decent reserves 3)                              Generation of income in spare time for all ;especially, for the BELOW POVERTY LINE and unorganized labour (supposed to be  97% of the working population, 4)         Spare time management  to obtain the objectives of  Fundamental Duties( Art. 51A),for self growth and thence growth of Democracy, for  preventing and pre-empting negativities of Society, for  obtaining Human resource development, above all, National Building ; especially,  at the levels of Family Neighbourhood and Polling Booth Locality,   5)            Creation of Environment for participation in  desirable individual and  collective activities contributing to Nation Building ;arranging  of  competitions for each of them  to attain Excellence and Perfection.6)              To  recover  Employment  avenues lost  to  rich Nations , to provide  these to very gifted and talented people  available  within India,   by  eliminating all  imports, especially of processed goods, Industrial & Scientific, Hi-Tech purchases running in Billions of Dollars each year; and also concurrently to eliminate export of all raw materials, especially the ores, unprocessed minerals  and other natural resources, to target FOREX (enrichment  due to indigenous export of  Technological products, excluding FDI and the kind) at 1Trillion $ ,say minimally  every   5 years, through sale of finished processed goods,    7) To focus might of Constituency/State ,in particular and Nation in general, on   creating  enough decent quality  Food-Clothing-Housing for 21 Lakh citizens per Lok Sabha member,45.6 Lakh citizens per Rajya Sabha member (and 114 crore People as a whole  for whole of Parliament); planning minimally for 75 years ,residing  in the  thoughts  of Candidate/ Member Parliament,        8)        To assure basic requirement   of ROTI-KAPDA-MAKAN=FOOD-CLOTHING –HOUSING , determined as Tons of  various food items for healthy diet, Square meters of Clothing, square feet of covered area of adequate and healthy  housing  and adjuncts  computed for Individual, family, family Neighbourhood, Polling Booth Locality, Territorial Constituency, Parliamentary Constituency for   Candidate/Member  Lok Sabha/State(UT) for Candidate/ Member Rajya Sabha in particular and those for remaining Nation in general . These, the  Candidate /Member Parliament need compute for( each one’s Constituency, State in particular and Nation, in general) for   following :A)   Basic  bare survival needs, B )       Decent standard of Living, C)       Standards in between  bare survival and decent standards  of Living, D)        Affluent  Standard of Living, E)        Elitist Standard of Living F)         Standard(s) of Living  on par with 10 best Developed Nation; with emphasis for raising standards of Living of a)       the  Destitute b)                  BELOW POVERTY LINE, c)        the  homeless, d)       Landless farmers, e)                     Slum dwellers( 1/3rd Population of most Metros and bigger cities).

National Services & Electioneering  Presentation    Document/ Representation National Services Document  No. 2B:  To provide to People, a detailed List in descending order of Priority, of Promises, Commitments and Obligations to the People of the Parliamentary Constituency as Lok Sabha  Member/Candidate   or as  Rajya  Sabha Member/Candidate to the People of the State in particular , and rest of the Nation, in general. And to clearly spell out the Time distribution for an Itinerary during Candidacy/Membership of the Parliament to  the following: Individual, Family, Family Neighbourhood, Polling Booth Locality, Territorial Constituency, Parliamentary  Constituency, State and Nation, Parliament and Himself/Herself. Let the Candidate/Member prescribe for Self , Penalties for failing to  honour and deliver  aforesaid Promises, Commitments, Obligations, Itinerary Schedules of Interaction with People, for failing to keeping the Ballot alive  (even before, he/she does so, for anyone, through his/her unique powers as a Parliamentarian, to make Laws and prescribe penalties, for disobedience to  various degrees ,for rest  of Countrymen , whom he/she represents).

In the event, the Candidate/Member fails to deliver 100%  and less  than 100%, say ,with   decremental  rate of   10 % ( meaning 90%, 80%, 70 %........40%....of expected  required outputs.)  promised within each year of candidacy/tenure as Member of Parliament      that    he/she       

 A)          Will beg pardon from each Polling Booth Locality at its Democracy centre        ( in its absence at public collection point in each  Polling Booth Locality)     ,from people of each Territorial Constituency of the State(UT ,NCT)  ,

B)            will donate  emoluments, , say, to Prime Ministers Relief Fund/ Parliamentary Defaulters Consolidated Fund, Parliamentary Democracy Centre, State Democracy Centre, 

C)            or        Public Censure in Democracy Centres, as of clause A, 

D)           Spoken and Written Apology to Public  for breech of Trust And recommitment  to make losses good , in bygone interval

E)           Suspension of Membership of Parliament for next session(s)one or all, or some part of next session                    ,

F)            to tender his resignation,

G)           Penalty decided by a council of say above 75-year-olds drawn uniformly from each Polling Booth Locality of Parliamentary Constituency represented/ Territorial Constituency of State represented  , each member of aforesaid Council  selected by random number generator for Electoral Rolls for the Parliamentary Constituency/State Territorial Constituency.

National Services & Electioneering  Presentation    Document/ Representation National Services Document   2C:     Provide  for People’s  scrutiny and examination, detailed List in descending order of Priority, of the following, to be durably  productive of results, for at least 75 years; 1)          Intended Bills  framed by Candidate/Bills framed and  introduced by Member Lok Sabha/Rajya  Sabha; for the 5 yearly(LS)/6 yearly(RS)  Candidacy/Tenure, 2)         Amendments     ( including Repeals)   to existing  Acts, since 1857 ,             3)             Proposals   of Legislation, to obtain Quality Control for GDP, Governance and Civil Society in all its  diversity ,range and components/attributes , in order to make  the Nation  a leader in every sphere of Global Activity, 4)               Consecutive yearly  National Budgets  taking full role of Finance Minister, giving justifications for the allocations and  consequential effects  on Economy and People, minimally for next 75 years( or  at least  5 consecutive Lok  Sabha tenures), especially the immediate oncoming  Decade and  a  Quarter Century,[[[( Not  to worry for possible  lapses, at  this  stage of  evolution of  Parliamentary Work-Culture and  consequent lack of  knowledge drive and  initiative)]]]  5)         Framing a  detailed Agenda for Lok Sabha /  Rajya Sabha and corresponding Calendar, Time Table and  Schedule of  pre-designed activities( Agenda) for  each session  of the Candidacy/Tenure  as Candidate/Member Parliament, giving People Rationale and expected results from aforesaid Agenda and its implementation, 6)                    Bills geared for controlling Negativities , preferably,   at the sources of their generation,  7)                  Bills geared for building employability in each Citizen ,harnessing the totality of his/her Potential, on a war scale, …   , 8)       Bills  for  audit of Work Outputs, their Qualitative measures to  evaluate, A)                 from top to bottom , Governmental outputs, processes, officials and all those handling money  expenditures, Governmental projects, B)    Non Governmental outputs of Nation especially those relating to GDP and Services Sector  9)…..  Bills to plug loopholes at collection of Taxes ,to introduce novel measures of taxing the profiteering class, presently, legally picking  consumer’s Pocket , 10)…        Bills  to control prices and mooting ,for example ,Price Control Authority of India  , Display of/Pamphlet on break up of costs of each  Product 11)…          Bills aimed at bringing Litigation rate to zero ,by creating avenues of  arresting the causes of conflict and discords between and amongst   persons, collectivities  ,Governance, States…….etc. at starting  and pre-starting stages, using in depth studies of constituents, prevalent litigants, judicial staff etc by the Candidate/Member Parliament, 12)..        Review  of  Acts left out on paper , better left unimplemented and suggesting practical substitutes, to check the social ills in acceptable formats,13) a comprehensive set of Bills aimed at  simplifying legal procedure, common man-friendly-easy legal language ,petition making, filing cases, time limits for different  legal processes etc for  ordinary people, common man, poor man, uneducated old lady Below Poverty Line , villagers, without  knowledge of cumbersome legal procedures. And without money ,time but scarcity of means of all kinds. A handicapped person.   To make  lawyer-free litigation. To  make poor-compatible litigation ,     14)            Bills on Development activities, Multiplying wealth ,promoting Human Capital, to accelerate realisation of the Welfare State, that is Bills dwelling on Positive  aspects of Democratic  life rather than a heavy bulk geared for crime and punishment ,unlawfulness of varied order ,15)        Miscellany, not covered in aforementioned clauses, better suited to the particularities, peculiarities, exceptions and singularities of the Constituency/State represented .All Bills  must  invoke participation,  team-work partnership,  involvement  and  contributions  of  the  People- all  people, one  by  one  People,  people  visible  and  out of sight People—–excluding  none  of  the  People  –it is  People-Cracy    rePUBLIC  of  India.( ‘demos’ is Greek  word meaning People,  Cracy, means  rule), 16) and  provide  Estimated  %age(( from  actual  factual   local  statistics /interactions))   and number of People  in  the  Constituency/State( UT,NCT)  who can  afford  the expenses, energy and  time   [[[( especially  the  daily  wage labourers   (over  40 crore  or  so ,in  Nation,  C/MP to confirm) who live  hand  to  mouth,  many  a  day  going  without  meals)]]]  needed  for sustaining  litigation, especially  to its  logical  conclusion and  5/6  year  prescription  of  providing  Justice  to  the  electorate in  consonance  to  his/her  oath  as  Candidate/Member  of  Parliament, wherein  he/she  has  to  be  bearing  true  faith and  allegiance  to Constitution  of  India  , bearing  in  mind  that Justice is  precursor to  rest  of  parameters  enunciated  in  the  preamble  to  the Constitution  of  India.

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