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April 23, 2009


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7c1) Duty to conserve Indian resources, immediatelt  halt depletion of

Natural wealth especially Mineral resources and Forest resources. To put

halt on export of all ores in interest of Posterity,25 years, 50 years,75 years,

100 years ,125 years……,200years,…..300 years. In the same vein , not to burden the posterity with Loans of Past, let the Posterity start with a clean slate. To conserve every Wealth  everywise.

7d)       To direct Government’s every force into ensuring that everyone under-18 is made self–Independent   by 18 years of age ,able to support minimally himself/herself by sustainable skills, knowledge, practical training and enterprise to be wealth generating member of Society. To direct Government’s every force into making Indian female from infanthood to old age, totally self supporting, self- defending( especially physically) ,self-reliant and totally protected, for each and every vulnerability arising from age old negative practices and prejudices of Society.

7e) To ensure, that market place, the seller does not cheat fleece the consumer, robbing him of his hard earned money, by united guiles and wiles of businessmen.

7f) To keep Governance under continuous testing ,evaluation by mock

consumers (read Citizen), mock testing conditions, mock situations,

simulated rerun of past negativities, mock bribing   and influencing of

Governance personnel, by random number selection of targeted personnel

for eliciting response reactions of Governance to

inputs/stimuli/temptations/bribes/other inducements  for each and every

department of Governance   (   of Legislature, Executive and  Judiciary)  . 

And  reducing reaction time , processing time, result delivering time ,

incrementing quality of Governmental work outputs   The outputs of

Government need stream continuously 5×365×24 hours, of highest quality,

prompted by corresponding  continuous supervision of governance, with

liberal feedbacks by candidate/member Parliament, each week for its 168

hours.To  ensure each  seat,each   official  delivers non-stop,   even  the days 

someone is away on leave, or sick ,there always  is  an  alternative

arrangement .Eternal vigilance is the price of  Liberty.




In nutshell,  Rajya  Sabha  is  Conductor  of  Statecraft sitting  in  the  back seat  concentrating  on  coming   business   while  Lok  Sabha    drives  concentrating  on the  road mediating  the  matters  in  hand, looking  at  conductor  now  and  then  for cues, hints  and  directions. [[[ TO  BE  DELETED: Presently Conductor  has  abdicated  his/her  job  and  is  more  of  a  cleaner  of the  Truck with Lok  Sabha  playing  both  as  conductor   and  Driver. Long  term problem of  a  Population( List is as long as Negativities of Chapter VII)  of  36  crores  jumping  near  3.25 times to 115  crores  in  2009 shows  that Rajya  Sabha  never  looked  into  Future. That Future is  now  Nations’  heavy  burden,  because  of  a negligent, nonserious  sporofic Rajya  Sabha,  Such  mistake  further will be  unconstitutional .  TO  BE  DELETED  ]]]  

If Rajya Sabha is  the  the Immortal  Soul ,Conscience  and   Mind of

Parliament, the Lok Sabha is the Heart of Parliament,( and  People  as  their 

Life)  and naturally,

trying to get better of the   Mind; for its momentary trifle  gratifications. Rajya Sabha member is  in keeping with functions of Rajya Sabha  as House of Perpetuity-The Permanent House  of PARLIAMENT, is required to take the LONG VIEW –FAR VIEW  of things , as the first priority.  Rajya Sabha is Mind, whilst the Lok Sabha, the Heart that feels, being the-wearer-of-the-shoe–knowing-where-it-pinches, as the House focused on temporal matters,   doctoring immediate matters of the People, to take the  immediate SHORT VIEW– attending  the IMMEDIACY of things, as the first concern, like the mother, to keep life  moving . The ELDERS are meant to be mature advisors, architects of Republic’s Agenda for perpetuity, thinkers ,contemplators, Logicians,  examiners ,dissectors, unifiers, pacifiers, stablisers, pacesetters, direction finders, history-keepers–futurists,  reviewers and keepers of standards of everything mattering to the nation, more turned to   future to delineate the future course of action, tracing safe passage  on  the  long  distance road-map for National  activities, the Sage-Philosophers ,as the owners of Establishment, managing the out of house businesses ,requiring decision making in  a risky ,not so friendly  and complying environs of the big and  wide World. Rajya Sabha members are the  People creating ideas , strategies, plans, pilot testing projects.  They    are  the Standards bearers and makers, taskmasters tracking errors for sake of imparting  corrections, watch keepers to administer  caution to check and prevent future mistakes and failures. The YOUNGERS –the Lok Sabha members, are meant to be agile alert men of the moment, specialising in situations, details, individual and collective psyche of People, seized of matters in hand, aware of immediate impulses and pressing feelings  of people vis-à-vis calls of environment, here and now,   in the house  daily  chores like housewives and her assistants. The Candidates to Rajya Sabha and Lok Sabha, need see their forth coming  duties, in the  perspective of founders of Constitution of India : inventing a perpetual Rajya Sabha ,selected by the cream(  read MLAs ) of  People , to be posited in the Upper House, supervising the transitory, the  continually-getting-replaced Lok Sabha ,of five years  life, selected by the People  themselves, in their latest mindset and milieu of prevailing life conditions.

Rajya  Sabha is  director  of  Parliament ,supervised  by  its  Chairman ,cum Vice President  of India, superintended   by   President of  India.  The  Rajya  Sabha  is  required  to be the  Long-Term-  Agenda-Setter   for the Lok Sabh, Parliament . Especially  the Makers of   Policies for  every  institution ,Ministry as  per  enduring  objectives  of  the  Republic. Thence , the  need ,  for  creating,  casting   and  compiling  the  details  for  Long  Term  Nation  Building  Action Plans ,  National  Policies on  every  conceivable  facet of  National concern ,  for  oncoming  75 years  minimally,  keeping  its  prophetic  X-ray  Eyes,  as  far  off into  Future , as  it  can  practically  muster.  Thence  ,it is  reason  bound  to  make  periodically ,each session , review of the  Past  Progress of  Nation ,in  each  matter  needing  to  be  included  in  Nation  Building  Action  Plans  and  concomitant Work  Schedules. Rajya  Sabha  ,thence need   divide  work( to  be  initiated  by  the  Chairman)  amongst  all its  members /groups  of  members , say 2 or   3  or  more, to  be  submitted  to Chairman  or  assigned  coordinators minimally  1month  before  the  start  of  any session  ,  so that  coherent and  pertinent  processing  in the House can take  place during  the  oncoming  session as  per Master  Programme  for 18  sessions   tenure  of  6  years ,  for  each  2 yearly  batch  entering  the  Rajya Sabha.  This  Agenda  need be  seriously  devoted  to  coordinating, unification  and  integration of State *Combination  projects,  programs, initiatives, cooperatives  etc.  *((( State (UT,NCT) Neighbourhood, State(  UT, NCT) Neighbourhood Cluster(s),  Interest Linked  group(s)  of State.)))  Being    more   as  the   Conductor of  Statecraft   who  leaves more  of  Driving  of  Governance ,  moment  to  moment, to the  Lok Sabha to  keep  eye  on  the  immediate  tract  ahead, Rajya Sabha is  therefore  required  to  generate 5  yearly  Agenda  for  each  new  Lok   Sabha ,  gone  to  People for  its  mandate  to   resume  its  existence , as  per  People’s  dicta.  It  need have  at  least 25% of  its  Weekly Schedule  in Assessing  Governance for  necessary  feedback  for  present  and  future  activities  of  Parliament and the  Governance.

The Rajya Sabha members/candidates are to pave ways for smooth Centre-state relations, State vis-à-vis State relations in respect  of connected events, activities, transactions, resources, migrations, trades  etc., to hold regular  complaint clearance conclaves, get-togethers, conferences, arbitration and reconciliation parleys  amongst   conflict  susceptible states,  Parliamentary Constituencies, Territorial Constituencies, conventional regions  within State or overlapping into adjoining states.   And simultaneously work  for  fraternizing, unifying ,strengthening, States, Parliamentary constituencies, Territorial Constituencies, different regions with joint ventures, projects, common factor correlative activities. To prevent, pre-empt divisive, conflicting, counter productive actions, moves, thinking,  processes ,and  replace these with reinforcing, bonding ,linking ,tying, compacting, consolidating initiatives,activities,transactions,mechanisms,organizations,establishments—all devoted to unifying integrating and strengthening the democratic proceedings and consequent outputs  rendered to People, to obtain Developed Nation Number 1.

Rajya  sabha  being  the  director  of  Parliament, the  permanent  Custodian

of Constitution  of India ,  being  the permanent live-  in  owner  cum

manger  of  Parliament,   charged  with the  mission of   perpetuating  the 

life  of  Nation  ,  it    becomes  the   major  Duty of  Rajya Sabha  member  to 

ready  the  agenda  of  future  course  of  Parliament for   every  five 

successive  years  of  each  new Lok  Sabha.  

Thence  it  is  the  major  task of  keep  account  of  overall Parliamentary  and   consequent   Governance  transactions  since  the  birth  of  republic in  view  to  frame  balance  of  agenda  for  each  new  Lok  Sabha for  perpetuity  of  Republic  in  consonance  to  objectives  of  Constitution  of  India  in all  its  contents, intents  and  spirit  of   Constituent  Assembly  to  realise  an  Ideal  republic  consistent  to  Ideals  of  heritage  of  glorious  Indian  Civilisation sustaining  itself  from  times  immemorial  in spite of and  despite  of tribulations  and  ravages   of  growing  world  civilisations

Interactional  Duties  amongst  successive  batches  of  Rajya  Sabha  for  taking over  and  comprehensively  assimilating  their  charges for  transmission  of  memory ,  ethos  ,  functionalities  ,  character , spirit  and  conscience  of  Rajya  Sabha  at  the  inception  of  Constitution  of  India

In  keeping  with  duty   of  Rajya  Sabha  to  weld , maintain , sustain  and fortify  the  inertia  of  *Positivities  of  Past  stemming  from  Heritage  Ideals,  drives  of  the  National  Collective  Mind  Conscience  and  Character,  the  Rajya  Sabha  member  is  to  show  way  to  minimum   of  two  Lok  sabha  members,  as  a  Freedom  Fighter, portraying  the  spirit  of  freedom  struggle  to  complete  the Mission  of  Freedom ,   by  fighting   Negativities,  that  is ,   Poverty,   Burgeoning  Population,   corruption ,  lethargy,   anti-  enterprise, anti-entrepreneurship  mindset    and  the   retardant  conditionalities  arising  from passive  non-reactive  education, non-feeling  machine  like governance,    getting  directed  attitude of  much  work-culture , 

 …..  The  Rajya  Sabha  member,  has  to  take on the  mantle  of  a  formidable  freedom  fighter   committed to  freeing the   all  *Negativities  of  Nation  ,State    and  Society  from  all its  *Negativities,  to  put  in  place a  ferment of   substitutional   *Positivities, in  order  to  secure  a  truly  Welfare State  as   envisaged  by  Constitution  of  India ,  a  thriving Republic  of  Perpetuity,    to  be  rid  of  Negativities  of       chequered  Past . * Negativities:  Unmanageable  Population,  Poverty, Unemployment,  Poor  Competitive Spirit,  Litigation, Uncreative  Spare  Time Mnagement

It shall  be  privileged  duty as  future-master,  for   Rajya  Sabha member,  to provide  the Lok  Sabha  glimpses  of  shape  of  things  to   come , in  near  and in  the  far  distant  Future.  To  torch flood   lights  into  dark  recesses   of  LIFE  NEEDS  OF   growing   children  of  this  day , into  times  of  their  Youth  and declining days of  age  where  like  an  angel  ,he/she  has  arranged  wherewithals,  needs  of  Times  well  in  advance  in  the  Pockets   of  this  day    as  would  a  wise  parent  arrange  for  future  of    his/her  children ,  vocation, job, marriage, householder’s needs   and  start  of  new  species  evolutionary   cycle   (Rajya  Sabha  member). Thus   paving  the  5  years  of  each  Lok  Sabha  with    tasks that help  them  rise  the  ladder  of  Progress  productivity  and  Premonitory  Provisions. He  she/  need  to  tune  the  successive  five  year lines  to  25  yearly  ,three  modules  of  Nation  Building  Action  Plans  and  concomitant  Work   Schedulest  .  Thus,  it is  overall  duty of Rajya  Sabha  member  to  focus  attention  energies and  agenda of  Parliament  on  generational evolution,  preservation,  to  start    attending  Future  every  today,  to  effect  economy,   conservation  of  energy,  pre-empting   procrastinations, preventing  any  pathological  outgrowths,  that  would   become  unmanageable  and  intractable  in  future  .  Present  tasks  to  be  directed to  Lok  Sabha in  whatever  measure  they  can  tackle  ,keeping  balance  of  daunting difficulties  with  himself/herself     ( Rajya  Sabha  member).

 8b) Duties of Nominated Members to Rajya Sabha:  are to  provide inputs

to  Rajya  Sabha preoccupied with predominantly  Cerebral pursuits of

Parliament for following areas namely: Literature, Science , art and  social 

service as per Article 80 clause(3) of Constitution of India . Thence, the

nominated members are to illumine the Rajya Sabha deliberations  to

achieve objectives of Constitution to obtain a Knowledge driven Welfare

State and thence a Knowledge driven Indian Civilization. The vocation of

Rajya Sabha  is to channelize  intellectual  energies and quest of Nation to

solve the vital problems of People.

They are required to apply their experience and expertise  from Literature arts, sciences, social work  to better the Knowledge  and Capability status of each citizen , to eventually produce  the  state of excellence, in each and every  means of Livelihood, of common man ,especially ,for  People Below Poverty Line ,in Slums,  and   in unorganized labour sector .  These MPs  shall be sought by rest of  MPs  to tap and utilise  the  expertise  from them,  for benefit of People represented by each of them.  It will be in order , to rally all Intellect, Experience and Will to realise, in Nation, whether  in Universities  or  Institutions of all descriptions,  and above all, from each Polling Booth Locality of Nation, to execute the great  tasks awaiting them . The nominated MPs are to develop Centres to disperse their outputs to citizens of each Polling Booth Locality of the Nation. These Centres are   termed  Knowledge& Expertise Centres ((to be popularly termed the National Expertise Democracy  Centres))  These   Centres are to coordinate and fuse the   vast scattered experience , unique talent,  native expertise lying untended, uncared and untapped over innumerable Polling Booth Localities  of the Nation,   into one coherent  organized  system, to feed  the requirements of a robust KNOWLEDGE  ECONOMY  & ENLIGHTENED INDIVIDUAL to  effect a modern Knowledge Welfare State . These Centres  are to  bring  hitherto uncultivated ,neglected native gifts, genius, rare ancient  folk knowledge……. on one platform, to solve problems of National Building ,to reach out to common man in each Polling Booth Locality of the Republic . These National Expertise Democracy Centres   are to     disseminate their APPLIED KNOWLEDGE and EXPERTISE to common man in each Polling Booth Locality, so that each individual and working group excels in Productivity and  Life conduct.  For disseminating  his/her expertise in a systematic manner , he /she(nominated expertise MP) is to   maintain  a Web   Site,   and maintain ongoing computer/fax/other communications, for further transmissions to each Polling Booth Locality and Family  Neighbourhood . He/she is  required  to provide  inputs  to citizens of     each  Territorial  Constituency directly  through vernacular based  communications  in   form  of  written  materials ,  audio cassettes,  audio-video cassettes, CDs, DVDs, indirectly  through Rajya  sabha and  Lok  Sabha members, 4122 MLAs   and  through  governmental channels.  The National Expertise Democracy Centre  is to maintain  Database  of each Polling Booth Locality and Family neighbourhood  where his/her inputs  are to boost Productivity and drive for Quality and excellence of Product. 12 such Centres  devoted to rejuvenating ,discovering ,promoting  grass root expertise, applied knowledge  of utility to common man, that is ,the vast over 70% Below Poverty Line ,slum and rural population especially, are to be:     1. National Social Work Expertise Centre ( Social Work) :the  nominated Rajya Sabha member, say nominated for his/her Expertise and Experience in Social Work  ( read Poverty alleviation, working with BELOW POVERTY LINE, Slums., lowering existing negativities in the contemporary Society…) , is to    input, feed , instruct ,  help provide  his/her contributions  to the grass route People, by involving the   MPs during the Parliament sessions .  He /she can  draw  inputs of the voters in the Parliamentary constituencies and of the Territorial constituencies of the State/UT represented  by MPs of each State and UT .2 Second most coveted and needed National Household Industry-Expertise Democracy Centre ( Applied Sciences, Technologies and Management) is meant for  creating  Source of income, Enterprise, Industry, Occupation, in spare time (as  for farming,….) or full time etc, for Individual and  group(s), in house, cottage/hut, back yard,  a collective space/area in Family Neighbourhood/Polling Booth Locality. Whatever exists ,needs a lot to be done for achieving modernization and international standards, to bring the outputs on par with  quality and prices of best of the world Markets for products of Indian cottage and alike  enterprises. The nominated member need be one tuned to Low Tech, rather lowest Tech   ( in contrast to plethora of Experts (  mostly theoretically  oriented, existing for Hi Tech) so as to modernise the grass level arts crafts ( cobblers, weavers…), techniques, technologies(  like of village  smiths) ,industries  by  new/modern techniques ,providing inputs to  concerned unorganized labour, and its productivity  ,say  by ,information leaflets, audio video cassettes, newsletters, customised documentaries for methods and materials of  poor workers’ enterprises, professions, self-employment avenues; without occasioning costly, elaborate and complicated practices  suited for the  advanced countries , but by the ingenious, simple changes customised to the locales of  various Democracy Centres. This will demand, on the site experience of nominated member, to personally provide the required inputs to  workers  belonging to a Democracy Centre, instead of usual paper work  and high talk passed on to  Bureaucracy. The  nominated MP, need be one who can instruct  every step ,down to minutest  of the  details  that can be  useful to the uneducated worker, turning out products with ancestral  age  old methods that continue using rough and inadequate tools, dating  back to  the Pre-Industrial Revolution eras. (Just watch a cobblers’ tools, a potters tools’       ,methods  etc……   .). With his/her inputs he/she  can revolutionise the age old skills, trades      and   technologies of the Nation, bringing education, sophistication to grass root technologies, skills, trades and ,thence, wealth to rural, backward India.3. National Unorganized Labour Occupations Modernization Expertise Democracy Centre(s) ( MP from Science and technology ,that is , applied Sciences  like Engineering areas, plus experience in social work in this direction)The third nominated  Rajya Sabha member , likewise is required to bring sea change in the life of unorganized labour who with its progeny sleeps  without getting dinner for himself ,wife and little children . This Centre is to cater to upgrading professional knowledge , techniques, expertise, skills,  short term  informal trainings in spare times ,to avoid interrupting Livelihood ,   in light of possibilities  and  opportunities  conferred by modern Engineering and Technology, in place of age old hackneyed  professional methods, instruments, tools, practices etc.4. The National  Arts ( Applied and Aesthetic) Expertise Democracy Centres ( MP from Arts) for  1. Old arts , craft ,for example Polling Booth Localities in hill states preserving indoor professions of woodwork, engraving, woollen items; making  sarees thin   and fine  enough to pack in match box 2. folklore knowledge and trades ,for example home remedies/medicines, occult knowledge , rare manuscripts , scriptures, old manuscripts lying scattered through the length and breadth of Nation ,to be  retrieved,  scanned and preserved   for posterity ,3. fine arts , for example , statue ,idol making ,decorative arts ,for example papermashi ( in Kashmir),needle work ,  paintings ,murals as of places of  worship of various faiths , archaeological finds,  folk dances ,folk music, folk tales, entertainment artists of   olden times ,old musical instruments ,fine arts gone to decorate old monuments  … nut shell, to save old  heritage wealth  on way to extinction and obliteration. 5.  National News media Expertise Democracy Centre( MP from applied Literature plus Media exposure), for   Print Electronics News media  of all types, for generating News media  Nation Building Agenda,  ongoing  education in  formulating Civil Society , Enlightenment  and development of Individual and groups , for establishing  Knowledge Society headed  for complete Self-Reliance and Productivity par  excellence( not forgetting that press is the fourth estate , and the mixer and  brewer of Collective Mind  of present Civilisation)  6 National Movie Theatre (Dramatics) Expertise Democracy Centre MP from applied Literature, to include Movie business on big and small screen, to  realise the  intellectual  culture and mindset  required  for  obtaining objectives of Constitution of India, to realise  Welfare  State( read Nation) , to revive our ancient Culture and sublime  Mindset. To  fashion and prepare the  collective  Mind  of  Nation  for  Nation  Building  Action  Plans  for  realising  Welfare State mentality.    7 National Employment generation & Career counselling Expertise Democracy Centre(( Social work with wide knowledge of all professions of country and those to be needed in Future 75 years)) for a robust Economy and full Employment giving full satisfaction to every worker ,with  special  focus on grooming under-18s for future profession, employment for Livelihood. This  is  the  most important  of  all centres  charged with  mission  of   leaving  no  one  unemployed,  no  one  left without  spare  time  mamnagement,  making  every citizen  busy  with  mission of     fulfilling  objectives  of  Constitution of India. ,   8 National  Evaluation Testing Grading & Work Audit  Expertise Democracy Centre (MP  with Arts/& Literature/&Science  combinations)     for all branches of applied knowledge ,  Institutions( Governmental and Non Governmental), workers in all capacities, top to bottom, and especially those   effecting Economy, to accomplish the  objectives of Constitution of India, to  measure  merit and  outputs of each Individual and  group/collectivity, 9 National Applied Sciences and Technologies  Expertise Democracy  Centre (MP from applied Sciences( read preferably Engineering)) 10 National Long Term Planning and Resources   Expertise Democracy Centre ( MP with diverse backgrounds of Arts, Sciences, Literature and Social Work) to bring knowledge ,plans ,pilot studies and projects for  FUTURE ,in multiples  of  5 years and  Decades 11  National Physical  Fitness Expertise Democracy Centre ( MP   from diverse  Health  sciences, including yoga, physical fitness, sports  back ground )To ensure100% fitness in  Nation  by initiating  physical culture  for Fitness, Bodybuilding, Longevity, Wellness, Disease  insurance in  every  Family  Neighbourhood, Polling Booth  Locality. To  replace  conventional  ill health  treatments  with Preventive Social  Medicine, Hygiene, Healthy Nutrition, Calisthenics, Yoga, light-indoor-outdoor Sports,  positive  life styles in  every one of 687402 Polling  Booth  Localities  of  Nation .  The   MP  will  be charged  with the  job  of  disseminating aforesaid  positive   health  activities. The MP  to report  every  week, the  consequently decreasing  disease  statistics .12 National Economy, Governance & Litigation- Prevention   Expertise Democracy   Centre  for   continuously ,adaptively reinventing  Governance ,to realise objectives of Constitution, to bring Litigation to zero size  (  MP with   Background         in Social   Work ,Literature , Sciences and Arts ,in that order)

8c) Duties of Lok Sabha member are  more dynamic vis-à-vis   those of Rajya Sabha member, being  related  more to  the present scenario , as  Lok Sabha  member  is required to be more at the helms of affairs,   being immersed in the   People directly, and also  for  reasons of  having  to reckon with a  lesser population per Lok Sabha  seat ( 21 Lakh ,on the average ) than would  a  Rajya Sabha member(with 45.6 lakh on the average per Rajya Sabha Seat) . Since  Lok Sabha members  are in majority , constituting nearly 2.2 times the Rajya Sabha strength , and are   required  to initiate  the process of Governance formation and thereafter  of  sustaining  it( if they desire to continue on , in the Lok Sabha), owing their placement in Lok Sabha  to the People’s approval of them (vis-à-vis   the  other contestants  for any Lok Sabha Seat), and  thence , their direct answerability to People, they are, therefore expected and  required, to deliver outputs of Parliament( in concert with  Rajya Sabha ) and consequential  governance  with a sense of immediacy, and rather  at   a   fast  pace, in  view of enormity of  job and shortage of time , in order  to    fulfil   expectations  of  the  People vis-à-vis    objectives  of Constitution  of  India  ( to  which they are solemnly  sworn). Despite Lok  Sabha   being the Lower House  of Parliament  ,yet,  it   remains the duty , predominantly  of the Lok Sabha member: to   act  as  Ears , Eyes, Tongue, Heart , Upper and  Lower Limbs of Parliament ,that  are  duty-bound  to interface  directly and intimately with  the   People, being ,in fact ,  to be  their ‘Replacement Enmasse’ actually, factually, practically, everywise , to  become   their  ‘Higher Transferred Self’ to the Hall of Lok Sabha ,   required  to    be   accommodating  EVERYONE OF THE   114 crore Indian Citizens, in the  543 Beings of Lok Sabha   members. That amounts to   a   Multi Mega Human job/duty , for each Lok Sabha member, and all of them  together   as ONE collectivity,  demanding an echo  of People(read each one  and everyone of the People, not some People, not the fraction who voted ,not the vocally audible People; but the huge Silent Majority, the shy nonvocal  ones ,the non-voting People ,the cross-voting People) in Lok Sabha Hall, and concurrent dispatch of Life needs of People,  by a Caring Parent,24×7hours /week,261weeks/5year tenure of Lok Sabha, non-stop, matching to the best of parental  care Indian ruler of Past    did  for his  subjects  as his  own   Progeny   , from  times immemorial. As  Member Parliament, Lok Sabha member must realise that Parliament is a sacred place , it is the place for People Realisation. His absence, absent mindedness amounts to vanishing/belittling   21 lakh   People  from their allotted Lok Sabha Seat. This fact of  Duty , Lok Sabha member ,must realise, right now, especially the Member-to-be ,that is the Candidate for Lok Sabha.


GLOBE( to be elaborated in next editions)

1.  DUTY to make India Global  Power . To obtain for the purpose minimally among top ten GDP, PER CAPITA INCOME OF BELOW POVERTY LINE AND LOWER 70% RURAL AND SLUM POPULATIONS, Human  Development Index, Per Capita FACILITIES, EDUCATED, INTELLECTUAL, CULTURED NATIONS  ,if not the  first two nations on  account of resources, man power, bulk power of being the second largest consumer market of the world. To contribute in Parliament for International Peace and Security as per Directive Principles of State Policy.


3. Duty  as. OUTSIDE GOVERNMENT, AS OPPOSITION OR RULING SIDE MP WITHOUT OTHER FULL TIME ASSIGNMENTS,  as opposition/ independent/unattached MP: In order to  act as an  Expert, to declare avowed area of experience and expertise to  analyse , criticize  and  correct the proceedings of Parliament and Governmental deliberations, plans, anticipated expenditures, transactions ,decisions and outputs  .The Opposition MP is required to declare himself as Authority-in-waiting/ Ministerial Authority in opposition, for any one  or more specific  positions     occupied by corresponding MPs of the ruling side, after ensuring and assuring the Speaker of his bona fides for the ministerial  or other job in Governance. For example  an  ex-minister of previous Government required to   provide written  besides  verbal inputs to the current Parliament & Governance. Being a previous authority is  not  a pre-requisite, but definitely helpful. To provide  parallel inputs to Government ,especially in trying times.


1.It is compulsory for MP ,even as Candidate for Parliament, to study each chapter of Constitution of   India comprehensively and thoroughly, making notes in the process for their  application     and   consumption as MP for outputting his services to the People  of   Parliamentary Constitution /State(UT) in particular and Nation in general . In the same vein, he must before taking oath to  Office of member of Parliament, ensure  that he has full knowledge of each Ministry, Department and Institution of Central Government in first place and those of the State(UT) Government, in the second place, in respect of their structures, functions, responsibilities, duties, outputs, previous time series of outputs and projected outputs, deficits, achievements , especially ,the quality and durability of outputs  for next 25 years at least ( if not minimally the75 years age expectancy MP may like to allot to each of the 75,000 newborns  arriving each day in India). In the process he need to discover all potentials that he shall  tap in future agenda.

2 He is required to submit  a memorandum of Understanding(Self prescribed credits/discredits and corresponding rewards/reprimands etc.) to the electorate (of Constituency/State in  particular &Nation in general) ,Election Commission of India and Ministry of Parliamentary Affairs,  regarding his terms and conditions for  shouldering of his Responsibilities and performance of his Duties. He must specify all possible circumstances, conditions ( also taking cue from legislators of the past; especially, those who have maintained and sustained highest standards of Conduct   and whose  quality and durability of Parliamentary and Governmental outputs  have travelled into the posterity) in which he  should be taken note of, recognized , appreciated, felicitated ,awarded, rewarded ,gifted with perks etc. and also in the same vein, he must enlist all possible lapses, derelictions of duties, unacceptable demeanour , unethical practices, immoral/undignified behaviour, instances of corruption, bribes, nepotism, partialities, unconcern for/neglect of sections of voters and citizens of other  political affiliations, unattached, non-voter- under-eIghteens ,  defection from  avowed position held at the time of  seeking Ballot from the People  and corresponding  warnings ,  deterrents, reprimands,  letters of regret,  detailed regime of penitence  activities in public places, social  penalties, resignation,  debarring himself from Parliament say for next 1,2 or more  General  Elections, for Parliament.

3. The  Candidate /Member Parliament to give A) his mottos for Individual, Family, Family Neighbourhood, Polling Booth locality, Territorial  Constituency, Parliamentary Constituency, State and Nation. For example, 1. Every Voter  to own a    House ,2.  A minimum Bank Account of Rs…….1000,…., for every body including under-18………..,or whatever he/she prescribes.

B)   The  ‘ Vows  to  People to realise…… ? or ?     to  realise(which specific)   Objective(s) of Constitution of India  as Candidate/ Member Parliament  .

4.  The  Candidate and Member Lok Sabha/and Rajya Sabha     (a citizen  can  venture to be Candidate for both Lok Sabha  and Rajya Sabha, provided he undertakes to solemnly discharge the requirements of each of them, without compromising one for sake of other, provided he gives his account of Time, Money and Energy expenditures to be incurred towards both. He must assure the electorate of his avowed Parliamentary Constituency and the State, that he shall be  equal to the tasks ahead.) Oaths to People, in  dutifulness  to People of Bharat, to Constitution of India, to uphold  Noble Values of Humanity, to make each of the Polling Booth Localities of the  Parliamentary Constituency  (as Lok Sabha member) and each of the Territorial constituencies of his State( as  Rajya Sabha  member) as Economic, intellectual and Moral  (read Righteousness)Power, to make Bharat Excel in every sphere of National activity and National vis-à-vis   Global activity.   In the same breath ,Candidate / Member Parliament  must declare  to the People ,the consequences of breach of these Promissory Oaths, breach of Trust reposed by People. Consequences starting from self apology, reprimand from school children, college professional bodies, Senior citizens………………….       and  ………. his/her  prescriptions  , for  example  ,……. .

5. The Candidate /Member Parliament  to describe to People his ideas  of

providing the  following, in definite terms: Accessibility,  Bilaterality,

Participatability, Team-making  Partnership,  Leadership, Organisability 

Connectability,  Answerability-Transparency, Interactability, Continuously

interactive Representability, Responsibility, Discipline Dutifulness,

Competence,Mertoriousness ,Accountability,          Rapportability, 

Entrustability, Creditability, Leadership with Initiative to usher Welfare

Society, Generatability,  Performability, Deliverability, of

Candidate/Member of Parliament, in shouldering the burdens of

Parliament  which   houses hearts, minds and Spirits of the  114  crore

Indians in the Personages of its MPs.


______End of  chapter VI _____________________________________________________

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