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April 23, 2009


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                                                    CHAPTER VI




Preface : A backgrounder:

RIGHT TO INFORMATION REQUEST TO MINISTRY OF PARLIAMENTARY AFFAIRS to tell responsibilities and duties of Member Parliament towards individual citizen, individual voter.

The following is the response of a query dated 6/7 March 2008, to the Ministry of Parliamentary Affairs. The query being: Date: 5th March,2008.

Central Public Information Officer ,

Ministry of Parliamentary Affairs,

Parliament House Annexe,

New Delhi , 110001.

Sub: Request for information under Right to Information Act 2005.


Kindly provide the following Information:

Query 1) In the order of descending importance, a detailed list of responsibilities as also another detailed list of duties of the Lok Sabha member a) towards an individual citizen of the constituency he/she got elected from, b) towards any individual citizen from the rest of constituencies of the nation, c) towards an individual voter of the constituency he / she got elected from, d)towards any individual voter from the rest of constituencies of the nation.

Query 2) Query no. 1 above ditto, but for a nominated member of the Lok Sabha.

Query 3) In the order of descending importance, a detailed list of the responsibilities as also another list of duties of the Rajya Sabha member a) towards an individual legislator of the state he/she got elected from, b) towards any individual legislator from rest of the states, UTs of Nation, c) towards an individual voter from the state/UT he/she got elected from, d) towards any individual voter from rest of the states and UTs of the Nation ,e) towards an individual citizen from the state he/she got elected from, f) towards an individual citizen from the rest of states and UTs of the nation.

Query 4) Query no. 3 above ditto, but for a nominated member of the Rajya Sabha.

Yours truly,

Date: 5TH 7th March 2008


no reply from Rajya Sabha secretariat.

Reply 5th April 2008 by

Deputy Secretary Lok Sabha Secretariat:


Stating that the information as furnished by the concerned Division is as

under: “ There is no provision either in the Constitution or the Rules of

Procedure and Conduct of Business in Lok Sabha, defining duties and

responsibilities of members towards citizens/voters of their constituencies

or of other constituencies”




1 As per queries from Ministry of Parliamentary Affairs to discover the duties and responsibilities of a Lok Sabha member and Rajya Sabha member towards a) voter, b) citizen of the constituency represented in particular and Nation in general etc. , a blank is drawn saying ‘there is no provision for these in the Constitution of India……..’.

2 Once an MP is not certain either of his/her responsibilities or duties, what to talk of their relative weightages and thence a descending order of priority , the conduct of MPs as groups/collectivities of different combinations is marked by lack of unison, coherence and united focus. This  is major cause of unceremonious conduct of MPs in the Parliament, both its Upper and Lower Houses.

Prelude to Chapter III:

The CONSTITUTION OF INDIA is primal source of both Responsibilities and Duties of MP. The MP in order to do justice his  job, must peform his/her duties to be the  fit instrument and Life of Constitution. For details, see text. Reply of Ministry of Parliament to a query( 6/7 March 2008) on the Responsibilities and Duties of MP under Right to Information, drew a blank.

‘Liberty means Responsibility, that is why most men dread it’ George Bernard Shaw*

He could have said the same ( or more) for MP?* From Pioneer27 Oct.2008,page1,Thought of the day


Preamble to Responsibilities:(MP*) Being the Proxy Life of Constituency/State in particular, and of the Nation in general, being the Operative Body and Spirit and the hitherto permanent Parent of People, being the High Priest of Democracy in the Sacred Temple of People – the Parliament , the Responsibilities of MP are thence, the sum total responsibilities of all that means India/Bharat/Bharat Mata/Hindustan….the sum total of responsibilities of all who voted him/her   , as also those who didn’t vote for him/her . As far the distribution of Responsibilities of Rajya Sabha vis-à-vis of Lok Sabha is concerned, Rajya Sabha being the ***Mind of People, and Lok Sabha the Heart of People, these stand accordingly divided, for one can’t live without the other, rather both complementing each other. MP is required to take Freedom to its natural gratifications in each and every sphere of Nation’s Life, to let each citizen of India access a life rid of negativities and fortified by positivities ,the natural outgrowth of Freedom. To actualise the Swarajya of freedom fighters’ Dreams, the Swarajya , freedom fighters paid with 90 years of blood, sweat and tears. Responsibility to utilise Freedom for Growth , to Realize the Highest potential of Citizen , Collectivities thereof and the composite Nation.*** to take the meaning of Higher Mind, Intellect, Perfect Spirit.

The quest for Perfect Freedom is an unending Responsibility of MP, to put in place the evolution from Animality to Humanity to Divinity…… . We are in the conflict regions of Humanity vis-à-vis Animality with a dismayed Divinity as elusive Spectator, more fictitious and mythical than anything on the ground, a stuff outside the ambit of present Preamble to Constitution of India. MP is soldier of ongoing Freedom struggle, Freedom from Negativities that obstruct and cancel growth of Life, for nurturing of a Welfare State, realization of a Robust Republic , a foremost Peace and Harmony Power for Life in India and Globe, Freedom from Poverty, Freedom from Unemployment, Freedom from wastage of Time, Energies , Materials ; Freedom from abuse and exploitation of Indians by the Indians, Freedom from negative traits of Individual and Society. Freedom from deficits and destructivity. Freedom to pave ways for acquisition of , perpetuation of Constructivity, Propriety, Order , Peace, Abundance and Surpluses in every sphere of Positivity of Life processes ; to realize a Vibrant, Robust, Generative Democracy. A Democracy committed to perpetuation of Positivity of Humanity for India and thence for rest of Life all around.

To stand for , to generate , to build on to an invincible quantum , to perpetuate: Virtue, Life sustaining and life perfecting: Productivity , Order–Righteousness-Propriety. To switch on Enlightenment, to switch off negativities.

MP= Mouth Piece of People, Merit Promoter, Magnificent Person ,Mister(Ms ) People, Mind of People, Might of People , Every Citizen’s My Person in Parliament , Matriarch Patriarch of Constituency/State, Must Protect People, Multitasking Person,

In nut shell, The Candidate/Member Parliament is charged with responsibility of carrying People, one by one, of his/her Constituency to House of People as member of Lok Sabha/ and as member of Rajya Sabha carrying People of his/her State( UT,NCT) to the Council of States to let them be present in his/her Spirit , Mind and Heart to be represented by his/her Mega Person in the Halls of Parliament ,in the corridors of Governance ,forever being mindful , to be representative of rest of People, of India, Bharat, Hindustan, … in discharging his/her duty to realize Objectives of Constitution of People of India. Thence ,on the average a Lok Sabha member/candidate is occupied by ,on the average, by 21lakh People of his/her Constituency surrounded by 115 crore minus 21 lakh People of India , and likewise , a Rajya Sabha member candidate is occupied by, on the average of 45.6lakh People of his State( UT,NCT) surrounded 115 crore-45.6 lakh People of India . No miscarriage ,and exclusion of even one citizen or one voter or one life form of this motherland’s soil is permissible or tolerable. Thence, responsibility and duty of MP is proportionately huge ,leaving him/her no room for anything else, especially present day life of self promotion and self gratifications. The Candidate /Member Parliament as Chief-in-waiting/Chief of the Lok Sabha Constituency and as Conjoint Chief-in-waiting/Conjoint Chief of the State, is responsible for providing solutions to all problems confronting the Parliament Constituency/State, in particular and Nation ,in general.



CRUX OF RESPONSIBILITY: To secure to each Citizen Dignity, Grace, a Decent Life of Productivity Opportunities–Encouragement- and Help, Peace, Prosperity ,Progress, Contentment, Capacity to make Contributions to his/her life and Nation’s Life———– to achieve the fondest aspirations of Constitution of India . To render each citizen truly Independent, truly self-sufficient, self- provided, a veritable tower of strength———so no one could violate his/her( Citizen’s) Liberty , Dignity, Grace and inflict injustice on him/her. To husband the vast resources of Nation in general, and Parliamentary Constituency/State(UT,NCT) in particular, to arrange survival needs, growth and expansion needs of every Polling Booth Locality therein; and, to shoulder all the Responsibilities of parenting, the human life and other life forms therein, in synergy and unison , to all intents and purposes of Constitution of India, in the spirit of Constituent Assembly, with the purpose of effecting Excellence in every sphere of each Polling Booth Locality’s life-activities in particular, and of the Nation in general ;with avowed definite purpose of placing India amongst top 10 developed Nations by 2020, top 5 by 2050, top3 by 2080, and top Emulation Model for Globe by 2099. All ,in order to provide full security to each and every CITIZEN, in every sphere of Individual Building, from infancy to old age ,with Governance performing as the ULTIMATE PARENT. To perpetuate a benevolent Parliament, breeding a Governance ,that preserves and perpetuates the Human Family- the Indian Family, the Earth(read Global )family ,providing nonstop inputs for optimal sustenance and growth of all –individual by individual, collectivity by collectivity.

Those who would shoulder the Responsibility of being an MP ,need remind themselves, and ensure, that to deliver the outputs expected out of them, the MP is required to be a MULTITASKING PERFORMER , accurate and fast, possessed of both intensive and extensive ,most of all a common sense knowledge, of all spheres of Life of Nation , as embodied in the scores of Ministries of Central Government; any one of which, he/she is likely to be chief Executive, sub-chief Executive required to be manning Lakhs of highly qualified and highly paid officials. His /her ineptitude, ignorance , incompetence, above all unpreparedness while yet as a Candidate for the Parliament is unacceptable. ( current on-the-job-training of MP as Minister is unacceptable ,as it harms the interests and Lives of 115 crore People of India ,directly, hour by hour). Here lies the role of Candidate of Parliament to prepare, train and build for future responsibilities.

The Multi tasking Performer MP is essential to generate hierarchy of leaders, down to grass roots, for each sphere of National activity, with MP providing the model of a Prime Mover Leadership , for those leading at lower levels downwards of the hierarchical ladder, to emulate him/her , as a competent Multitasking Performer in Parliament and in the Government. The Nation faces dearth of competent leaders in all walks of Productivity.

In short, the MP is the chief of the Constituency/ Co-chief of the State , in particular and joint chief of Nation ,in general ( Rashtrapati ,being the Chief of Nation).And he/she ( that is, MP) being chief of the Constituency- Household/ co-chief of State- Household, in particular and joint -chief of National-Household, wherein State is sub-Household and Constituency ,the Sub-sub-Household. Thence, MP bears all the Responsibilities of the Householder ,A to Z, for each and every requirement, of now and of the coming Future, near and far away .

In nutshell, the responsibility of a mother with few children is round the clock and it never ends in her life times . Then think of the Mega Mother, with 21 lakh children of her Constituency and another Plus Mega Mother with 45.6lakh children of her State, what then is to be the ambit of her responsibilities. Small hearted ,self centred , small minded, small spirited MP has no room to accommodate this mega huge responsibility. The MP is Pitamaha and Matamah both , in his/her one personage. MP is Mega Parent.

The outcomes of being an MP are entirely the Responsibility of MP . No one else, since all others of Constituency/State working in diverse walks of their life activities come under the leadership of MP. Similarly MP as Minister. Similarly MP as PM. Eventual and main Responsibility of outcomes of Constituency/State in particular ,Nation in general , depend on performance of MP, MP as Minister, MP as PM. These are top jobs of Nation .


Chief Operative Responsibility of MP: is to represent ,

the People of his/her Parliamentary Constituency, in particular , as Lok Sabha member or Territorial Constituency, of each Parliamentary Constituency, of each State( UT, NCT ) in particular, as Rajya Sabha member And to represent rest of Nation, in general. (((by FIRST being continuously present with voter during period of candidacy and later continually present with voter during tenure as MP))) To effect a dynamic and real Representation, the MP is required to invoke participation and partnership of People in Parliamentary processes [[ actually, factually and practically ,utilizable in the ground realities of the Real Life of each Polling Booth Locality as Lok Sabha member and of EACH Territorial Constituency( State Legislative Assembly Constituency) of State( UT,NCT) as Rajya Sabha member]] and in the consequential Governance transactions, by seeking a written agenda from each Individual(citizen), Family , Family Neighbourhood and resultant Polling Booth Locality and thence compose the eventual composite representational agenda ,and in likewise manner, assemble an integrated agenda of responsibilities, to be executed for larger denominations of populations (that is , of Territorial Constituency, Parliamentary Constituency, State/UT and Nation. In no case, the MP is to contravene his Oath of allegiance to Constitution of India , to uphold sovereignty and integrity of India, by being disregardful of his responsibilities towards people of remaining Parliamentary Constituencies and States( UTs) of India, carried away by his immediate preoccupations with the voters sending him to Parliament . His one Ballot in Parliament Has the Power to change a Yes into No and a No into a Yes, overturning mammoth plans, intentions and decisions of Governance. Her/His one Ballot can dismiss a Government.Her/ His   intention effects 115 crore People, and all the repercussions thereof .Hence , the need to view her/his Chief Responsibility with extreme seriousness and caution. Her/His one impulsive utterance in Parliament can effect the whole complexion and expression of Parliament and thence the Governance, effecting each and every citizen of Nation, whether a  

particular citizen sent him to Parliament or not. Hence, the onerous and delicate responsibility of MP. MP must assiduously cultivate the ingredients of aforesaid mindset, to be chief Patriarch of his parliamentary Constituency/State(UT) , to shoulder the onerous responsibilities of the office of Member of Parliament, from the day one of Candidacy.

Responsibility to realize full potential of Parliamentary Constituency

represented as Lok Sabha Member and of the State(UT,NCT) represented as

Rajya Sabha member.

Thence, first responsibility in this context is to make Parliamentary

Constituency/State progressively as the number 1 Economic Power

of the Neighbourhood and next of the Nation ,and eventually to provide stiffest competition to Global economic powers. Thence, it is MP’s Responsibility to take Parliamentary Constituency/State Gross Development Product to its highest quality and quantity , so as to be sought out by markets in India and abroad. The MP’s overall Economic Responsibility is to ensure that the Parliamentary Constituency/State(UT) he/she represents gets to maximize all of its CAPITAL(s)= ECONOMIC CAPITAL (Monetary Wealth, Properties, Possessions convertible to monetary wealth, Production Units etc.) INTELLECTUAL CAPITAL (INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY, MINDSET FORCES, CREATIVITY, POSITIVE FEELINGS………) , SOCIAL CAPITAL ((read FRATERNITY , LEADERSHIP , VIRTUE , HEALTH, CIVILITY with incremental associated positivities and decremental negativities with VICE as foremost decapitalising /annihilative factor)), CULTURAL & HERITAGE CAPITAL, FUTURE-CONTROL CAPITAL taken to be the major CAPITAL COMPONENTS , harnessed as the vital inputs for realizing the Objectives of Constitution of India. The MP must MULTIPLY the Wealth, Possessions, Production Units…of Constituency/State in particular and Nation in general . Thence translated into real life outputs, it is major burden of his/her thoughts and actions, to have in front of him/her : the detailed Self employment arrangements and consequent Economic ,social, political and cultural outputs of his Constituency/State in particular and Nation in general ,as the starting point of all his endeavours . His/her second responsibility is to arrange means to generate commensurate skills, practical trainings, education, information and related inputs into human resources to nurture and produce Enterprise, Entrepreneurship [[[ that starts with a typical (read poor, for nearly90%) Polling Booth Locality and limited resources ,for individual, for groups like Self Help Groups, Cooperatives etc., and then builds from strength to strength ]]] , Establishments to measure, control and propagate Quality in every sphere of activity, to realize aforesaid targets. His/her third responsibility is to obtain an Enlightened Civil Society by process of continuously creating awareness and providing commensurate education for each every citizen of his chosen Constituency /State. His/her fourth responsibility is to continuously and systematically monitor his outputs along with consequent outputs of his Constituency/State, grading them by International Standards or still better ones, minimally on weekly basis and wherever possible, on daily and hourly basis. As part of this responsibility he/she is to submit to the People, week by week , account of his activity transactions and of his constituency/state ,especially in respects of time expenditures , money expenditures and the kind transactions. Whatever he/she does, shall eventually be emulated by his/her electorate; especially , the young people. Thence, the MP has the Responsibility to be continuously in the anticipatory mode of thinking, planning and executing: for oncoming hours, days, weeks, months, years decades of present ; and at least, a century ahead of his/her contemporaries; to provide directions, guidelines, agendas, warnings, safeguards for a smooth passage through FUTURE, near and distant, visible or invisible—he/she has to be a guide, seer and prophet which People can turn to . That is the chief function of the Leader – the man who is ahead of others and has already visited the Future Activityscapes, well in advance. MP has to become closest relative of FUTURE. It (read FUTURE) is his Cardinal Responsibility to manage Future in a fixed Timetable of the Present , while continuously consulting the Past.MP must bring in a better tomorrow.

The MP has the Responsibility of maintaining continuity of effort from one Lok Sabha to next, one Rajya Sabha batch to next , maintaining same thread of effort and consequent progress from Lok Sabha Number 1 ( of 1952 ) to the 101th. Lok Sabha due ( in year 2444, with oncoming 86 Lok Sabhas of 5 years each ), The Rajya sabha is charged with this primary responsibility of perpetuating the Republic to obtain robust Controllability and Empowerment of Individual Citizen.


Criteria for determining the extent, depth, level, quanta, qualitative attributes thereof, specificity, spectrum and other correlative parameters & targets of Responsibilities of MP at any time minimally are:

a) the gap to be filled between present status and the required status (which need be in consonance to objectives of Constitution of India, on par with that of the ten best developed Nations),  and  to structure Agenda of nation Building  from Burdens, Negativities and pending Tasks of Past , plus  the Destinations of Future  to be fixed  in order to to materialize the objectives of Constitution of India  , never forgetting  basic goal of  establishing a robust harmonious  Welfare State, restoration of  pristine  Indian Glory, Wealth and Spiritual repute,  Contributions of India   to  a   safe, )prosperous and harmonious Global Community.

b)   masterly expertise in every aspect of the selected(at least) four ministries of Centre, one from each category** and additionally for Rajya Sabha member, of another three ministries of the State(UT) represented , **[[[[[ four Ministries (whichever he deems fit) from each one of the following categories: I) Category *I: Ministries related to obtaining Internal and external Security, making country Financial Power in the Globe( say, amongst the Top 5 Nations),making country the Global anchor,2) Category *II : Ministries for , that 115 crore Indians have adequate and decent household provisions; especially Food-clothing-housing and adjuncts, 3)***Category *III : Ministries generating avenues for incrementing jobs ,decently paying jobs( for decent standard of living),much greater in numbers ( man hours) than the 8 hour a day working of every one above-14, making a citizen Employment-worthy, to be Self Employed in a self initiated Enterprise---to be an Entrepreneur producing Products of Excellence, that are always in lesser supply, than demands generated worldwide ,4)Category *IV: To build Assets, Wealth and Capital(s); To build Intellectual Capital, Cultural Capital( read Behavioural Civility, Goodwill, Empathy –in social transactions, in family and at workplace; Social and Individual skills, arts and crafts  )  ,Spirit Capital (read intentional and motivational) , Services-to-Others Capital-------------- all Capitals , Wealth(s) and Assets need to be inbuilt into individual, Family, Family Neighbourhood, Polling Booth Locality, Territorial Constituency ,Parliamentary Constituency, State and Nation, and Nation vis-à-vis Globe.

The Rajya Sabha candidate ,in addition ,has to likewise select one ministry from each of above 3 categories for State(UT,NCT) Government Ministries /Administration Departments for UT

The Member of Lok Sabha / Rajya Sabha has to submit his/her final areas of specializations in descending order of importance , carried over from his/her National Services and Electioneering Presentation Document( for elucidation  refer Chapter VII Common Requirements for Candidates and Members of Look Sabah and Rajya Sabha, while as a candidate ,now modified to the final form as Representation National Service Document, in consonance to the role(s) being served /to be served by him/her in the Parliament as per Document 5A( refer Chapter VII: Leadership Transparency-Accountability National Services  and Electioneering Document).

*It is at the complete discretion and interpretation of the Candidate /Member Parliament , to name the Ministry he feels belongs to a particular category, having total freedom to devise new Ministries, modify existing Ministries, albeit keeping in mind ,the prevalent structure and function of each Ministry in the present set up of Governance. Each Candidate/Member Parliament has in his/her power, to change the current pattern ,if not 100%,very well, to an appreciable degree. Categorization , are to meet People’s aspirations, which need be the major objective of Candidate/Member in the Parliament.

***It is compulsory for each candidate/member Parliament to give detailed 5 yearly Nation Building 

Action Plan with concomitant  Work Schedule , extending into 4 more consecutive 5 yearly Nation

Building Action Plans with concomitant Work Schedules altogether blending into one integrated

holistic 25yearly Nation Building Action Plan for ensuring a) no one coming in the share of 21 lakh

People for the Lok Sabha seat and 45.6 lakh likewise coming in share of each Rajya Sabha seat

minimally is without decently paying ( and correspondingly work extracting) Employment, preferably

in nature of Self-employment, Enterprise ,Entrepreneurship . Thence, each candidate /member of

Parliament is compulsorily required to be an authority on employment for the Constituency/State in

particular and the Nation in general. That is each Candidate /Member Parliament need vigorously

prepare to head the Ministry of Employment, making it Number 1Ministry of Centre. Also this Ministry

is to cater to spare time management, especially for spare time income avenues , particularly for those

with part-time, seasonal employment avenues with special provision for housewives with spare time .

Thus mastery of Employment Ministry as the activemost Ministry is over and above preparing for 3

Central Ministries. When everyone is fully employed, decently paid and everyone’s spare time well

managed and well utilised, good deal of negativities shall have vanished by themselves. Hence this

compulsory requirement.]]]]]

.c) areas chosen [[[ in Parliamentary Constituencie(s) / State(s) ]]] for imparting multiplier effect to Productivity-Economy ,Entrepreneurship ,Enterprise that starts with Polling Booth Locality of limited resources ,for individual, for group like Self Help Group, Cooperative etc. and builds from strength to strength, Enterprise in represented Parliamentary Constituency/State(UT) in particular and Nation in general,

d) level of Excellence of outputs and quanta of specific outputs, especially the ones committed by MP, for each of the successive 6 months of his/her tenure, and in general for all departments and Institutions of Governance, and privately administered activities [in represented Constituency/State(UT) ] ,

e) carry over of burdens of Past, especially the yearly addition of 2.75 crore newborns to the population, inertia of colonial mindset and establishmentarian red tape, colossal litigation ,pendency of problems since 1947 ,

f) challenges of Future ,current tenure and consecutive four tenures,

g) miscellany, arising from particularities, peculiarities and singularities of represented Constituency/State( UT) and,

h) background and foreground of Global effects occasioned by climate, International Economy, Communications (Media, Internet, Culture, Lifestyles etc.), struggle for resources of others, Power equations ,

i) achieving Self Reliance, Self Sufficiency , Perpetual Inspection in pursuit of error, execution of ongoing Correction(s) and eventual Stability , Building Reserves, Abundance and Surpluses,

j) constantly raising the Character, Conscience, the Constructive Thought Processes and Spheres for Nation Building, Work Outputs(read for conventional Productivity and non-monetary Life processes) , Innovativity, Creativity, Welfare and Well Being of Constituency/State in particular and the Nation in general. And in the passing, his/her every expression facial and verbal, his/her actions impact everybody, meaning how controlled he/she need be ,especially for sake of under18 children and young People,

k) above all, constructively ,comprehensively ,coherently organising society for achieving objectives of Constitution of India . To achieve constructive cooperative Harmony, Propriety and Order, Productivity that raises Standard of Life for all ,Realisation of Individual’s Potential and Potential of Collectivity. To obtain united Common Purpose Society.

In his Parliamentary Constituency (as Lok Sabha member) or in his State(UT) as Rajya Sabha member)  to Identify status, needs, problems, resources ,possibilities etc.: to collect required data and necessary wherewithal; to formulate projects, schemes ,programs & concomitant Agenda, calendar of events, five yearly time tables and schedules decomposable into concise weekly easily implementable work schedules; to invoke inputs from all quarters, including the citizenry, to achieve his Promises/ Commitments/ Targets.

In Parliament to obtain a) overhaul of old legislation by needful amendments, repeals etc adapted to the current scenario and accommodative of anticipated future changes and challenges , b) formulation of new legislation commensurate to basic parameters of Democracy , enunciated in preamble to Constitution of India, c) miscellany, suiting particularities, pendency, deficits of governance, requirements of attaining economic potential of Parliamentary Constituency/ State, ( UT) in particular and those of rest of Nation in general.

In speeding up and rectifying Governance at Centre through Parliamentary proceedings as in Question Hour , by directly approaching Ministries by necessary paperwork inputs etc. .To own the responsibility of detecting Governmental oversights . To implement reform, eyes fixed on near and distant future. When in Governance (either on ruling side benches or in Ministries),  to decipher  and  own  irresponsibilities of all Governmental actions ,inactions and the staff (of Government), and make continuous corrections and amends, especially to the innocent Public (read Poor People first ,others later).

Responsibility for Social work projects and services in the Polling Booth Localities of the Parliamentary Constituency as Lok Sabha member or in the Territorial Constituencies of the state (UT) in particular and those of rest of the Nation in general. To unite and serve People by generating intensive and  extensive activities   through auspices of  Constituency *Democracy Centre, State(UT)*Democracy Centre, Polling Booth Locality *Democracy Centres , expertise(s) , materials, donations ,moneys, possessions etc. etc. for completing India( Nation) Building Projects etc. initiated during candidacy periods and others thereafter. To be leader, to grow leadership in each constituent, to lead everyone to excellence ,in day to day activities, in each Polling Booth Locality. *Democracy Centres are Venues for Connecting People to Parliament, People to Governance, People to People, in nutshell, an extension of Parliament in People in different populations ,starting from Polling Booth Locality. For details refer Amendment X , Part I, ChapterXI, of the propsed Bill titled ‘Letting Poor Man attain Seat of Parliament and related Laws ( Amendment) Bill 2009.’

To fulfill the objectives of Constitution of India , Candidate /Member Parliament is required to ascertain the burdens he will have to shoulder during his tenure as MP (carried over from preceding period of candidacy), well in advance by formulating detailed and exhaustive lists of Problems from, pendency, current and anticipated, in near and distant future. It will be his chief responsibility to obtain excellence in each sphere of life activity as one amongst the top 250 leaders of the Nation as a Rajya Sabha member or as the next 543 leaders of Nation as Lok Sabha member, the MP has the onerous responsibility of accomplishing his outputs as MP (which being synonymous to the outputs of Nation ) of an excellent grade, unsurpassable now by anyone else and later of posterity, thence a corollary responsibility of MP is to obtain/devise/produce/create/construct tests, measures, grades, self/else scores and verification techniques to quantify his( read Governance’s) outputs and specify the levels of their quality.

Practically, in  nutshell, he/she is required to continuously determine (minimally per week, if not by the day , by the hour, by the minute,…)and be consciously aware of the gap between his outputs and those expected as per aspirations ,objectives and directives of Constitution of India, at all times and at any instant to appraise himself of the quantum of responsibilities needing his exertions, all the times and at any instant.

Candidate/ Member Parliament has Responsibility for the following in ascending order of importance:.EACH Individual , Family , Family Neighbourhood,  Polling Booth Locality,  Territorial Constituency, Parliamentary Constituency ,  State(UT, NCT) onto  Nation ,each lower responsibility adding up to the next level unit. And to show his/her OUTPUTS to the People: Daily(optional),Weekly, Biweekly,Monthly,Quarterly,6-Monthly,1-Yearly,2-Years’Consolidated outputs ,3-Years’ Consolidated Outputs, 4Years’Consolidated Outputs, 4-Years 11months’Consolidated Outputs for Lok Sabha Candidate/Member and additionally for Rajya Sabha Candidate/member 5-Years’Consolidated Outputs,5-Year11months Consolidated Outputs. It is his/her Responsibility , to certainly succeed at materialising objectives of Constitution of India as evinced in his/her ongoing Outputs to People of his/her Constituency/State in particular and Nation in general.

The overall responsibility of MP is to manage overall resources of A) TIME, B) MATERIALS (read resources ,physical outputs of the Constituency/State ) ,C) ENERGIES ,D) INTELLIGENCE. INFORMATION & EDUCATION ,E) SPACE available to his/her Constituency/State(UT,NCT) in particular and Nation in general. This is in order to multiply outputs to the highest growth levels . His/Her inputs are Time ,his/her Energies and above all his/her Intelligence and its outputs. He/She has at his/her disposal as Lok Sabha member 5 Years that is, 5years×365 days×24 hours , and as Rajya Sabha member 6years ,that is , 6years×365 days×24 h ours . It is his/her basic responsibility to maximize, optimize the usage of aforesaid resources of Time, Materials, Energies, Intelligence and Space to materialise Welfare State in definite time bound phases, periodically checking the gains by reliable indices and measurements.

At—the—end—of—Day Final Summarising Responsibility, of MP, shall be discharged on behalf of each MP, through a formal declaration made each day of session, by the Speaker of Lok Sabha, and by the Deputy Chairman of Rajya Sabha. This declaration is to be put on internet, with a copy to media. It shall consist of statement giving List of attendance in minutes , of active and passive Participants in the proceedings of each day. It shall provide a summary/& text of each MP’s transactions to be submitted by each MP as he/she leaves Lok Sabha/Rajya Sabha Hall, within the Halls of Lok Sabha and the Rajya Sabha , during the Day. The MPs working as Ministers can submit likewise summary/text of their transactions outside of Parliament, besides others in Parliament ,if any for the day.

Non attendance , inattentiveness in the Lok Sabha/& Rajya Sabha , is

tantamount to violation of oath as MP (THIRD SCHEDULE, III B ,



The oath invoking the allegiance to Constitution of India as by law established, requires MP to uphold the *Sovereignty and *Integrity of India , thereby imposing the immense need to pay attention to all matters outside the interests of the Constituency/State he/she got elected from, by the MP, in order to uphold the Integrity of Nation, by providing his/her representational inputs for this pivotal thematic of Constitution of India , making it in the process, manifold demanding upon the Rajya Sabha , the permanent caretaker of the vitals of the Constitution of India. Thence , an MP is constitution bound , to provide his/her inputs to the minute by minute, proceedings of Parliament , to matters uniting, integrating and strengthening rest of Constituencies and States( UTs, NCT), to rendering a unitary One-India , in order to make all states and all constituencies indistinguishable from one another to the benevolent eyes, the maternal heart and paternal mind of the MP, providing his /her Parental care to the Nation with his/her Nation-first else-later perspective, governing his days of tenure in the Halls of Parliament, in the Corridors and Offices of the Governance. * The pre-Independence era was replete with Divide-and-Rule dictum operative for centuries . The hectic unifying, efforts to put together ,integrating months before the Independence could be switched on ,marathon efforts of putting in place, a union of disunited states( 539 of them and the singular steely resolve of Sardar Patel) weighed heavily on the Mind of Constituent Assembly to, frame the THIRD SCHEDULE and above all the masterpiece of a Preamble of the Constitution of India. The hectic efforts of Sardar Patel to cobble together the 539 disunited Nawabdoms, miniKingdoms, Riyasats, States …into a united integrated Democratic State of India had weighed heavily on the Mind and Psyche of Constituent Assembly in framing the Constitution of India . A Constitution that will not let past rehappen/recur come what may. The onus of responsibility not culminated in profit but loss to nation , shall remain with MP after his/her retirement. Let him/her( MP) never hit the **Hall of Shame , Misery and Negativity ,now ,or when future generation(s) arrive with the verdict of Time.** Refer Chapter XI,  Democracy Centre Hall of Fame, Hall of Misery ,Shame; Hall of Future etc of Amendment X

Above all, MP has the Supreme Responsibility of upholding Character, Conscience, Soul of India. At all costs. At all times. What he/she does ,gets copied and repeated, good, bad or ugly.

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