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May 7, 2010

POST 6:To get to Chapter VI on RESPONSIBILITIES AND DUTIES OF CANDIDATE/MEMBER PARLIAMENT, skip the section titled ‘Selection of MP for the 15th Lok Sabha’.

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Excerpts of    Selection of MP for the 15th Lok Sabha See POST 20 

April 21st, 2009

After 16th May 2009, Candidate is a bird that has flown out , having captured the fruit that it was after. Try and catch it? If he/she decides not to be MP for 16th Lok Sabha, then voter’s chance of catching his/her MP in constituency is next to nil. Else it is no earlier than April –May(30 days maximally) 2014.

‘SELECTION OF MP FOR 15TH LOK SABHA’ ,operative from 2nd June2009 to 1st June   2014 , for next 5 years.


Voter is about to part with his/her most precious possession.

And as a result:

What type of People will become MPs of the 15th Lok Sabha? To rule country from 2nd June 2009 to 1st June 2014.

What is the calibre and stature of such Candidates?

What have they done for Voter to deserve being Voter’s alternative duplicate self in Lok Sabha?


Above  text  recontinues towads the end  of  Bill 2009   ,paving  way  for  common  man  to his/her  rightful  seat  in Parliament.

The  reader  has  already  seen  and  experienced his/her MP’s  concern for People  of  his/her  Constituency/State particularly  for  People of  nation  generally in last  1   year.  Remaining 4years  till 16th Lok  Sabha  comes  in,  the  voter can  verify  the  veracity of  text of  ’ Selection of MP  for the  15th  Lok Sabha’.



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